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Jacob Camplin Shirley
d 1850 Shannon Co MO (merged with Branch #74)


DNA Haplogroup R1b1


Pictures and info from Gary Shirley

Kelly Shirley born probably Lenoir or Greene County NC; Fought in War of 1812; Lived Stokes Co NC; died 19 Feb 1815 according to his military service record; Estate probated in 1815 in that county. New Finding by Gary!

1815-1823 Estate File of Kelly Shirley of Stokes Co NC (pdf)

married Triphenia _________ ; She was administrator of the 1815 estate of Kelly Shirley; married 2) David Williams on 1 September 1816 in Stokes Co NC; Triphenia Williams died 27 Feb 1855 likely in San Joaquin County CA "Tryphena Williams departed this life on Tuesday February the 27th 1855" (See James Madison Williams bible record)


(Proven by 1815 estate records in Stokes Co NC, Another possible sister is Elizabeth, b. ca 1801, NC, d. July 12 1877, Dent County, MO, m. John Brooks.)

1(i). Thomas Jefferson Shirley (See branch #74) born abt. 1810-11 in Stokes Co NC; a minor child of Kelly Shirley in Sept 1817; died Nov 13, 1859 probably in Tuolumne Co. or possibly San Joaquin Co. California

View 1817 Guardianship papers for Thomas Jefferson Shirley,
minor child of Kelly Shirley of Stokes Co NC (thanks to Gary)

1(ii). Mary Hill Shirley a minor child of Kelly Shirley in Sept 1817; She may be Mary Shirley, age 50-60 in 1840 Federal Census for Crawford County, MO.

View 1817 Guardianship papers for Mary Hill Shirley,
minor child of Kelly Shirley of Stokes Co NC (thanks to Gary)

1(iii). Jacob Camplin Shirley b. ca 1810-1811 probably Stokes County NC, a minor child of Kelly Shirley in Sept 1817; First known location of Jacob is Warren County, TN, 1830. Departs TN ca 1838 and relocates to Crawford County, MO. (The area becomes Dent County in 1851). Jacob is listed in the 1850 Shannon Co MO Census mortality schedule, died March, age 40; He applied to purchase federal land in October 1849. but d Saturday 2 March 1850 Shannon Co MO (according to the bible of James Madison Williams of Butte Co Calif), 

View 1817 Guardianship papers for Jacob Camplen Shirley,
minor child of Kelly Shirley of Stokes Co NC (thanks to Gary)

View 1822 Guardianship papers for Jacob C. Shirley,
minor child of Kelly Shirley of Stokes Co NC (thanks to Gary)

married 1) Sophia ________, who died 18 Sept 1845 (Williams bible). [see email at bottom of page regarding this date of death]

married 2) Lucinda Brooks ca 1846 MO who was b. ca 1819 NC d. ca 1850s, daughter of John and Nancy Brooks. Nancy b. ca 1784 NC.

children: by first marriage: [See a page from the Hodges Bible showing children's birthdates]

2(i). Elizabeth Shirley born January 31, 1835 TN. 

2(ii). William Kelly Shirley born February 18, 1837 TN.

2(iii). Charles Calvin or Carroll Shirley born September 24, 1839, TN (?) d. February 21, 1906 Butte County, CA

Posted by Dee Sardoc - Charles C. SHIRLEY was the nephew of my gr-gr-grandfather, T.J. SHIRLEY. T.J. and Mary SHIRLEY helped raise their nieces and nephews, the children of Jacob SHIRLEY, while living in MO and after they came to CA in 1852. Charles is listed in the San Joaquin Co census in 1860. He seems to have moved to Jamestown, Tuolumne Co. as there is a very interesting story in the Sonora newspaper in 1865, where it describes him being shot, though not fatally, after an argument between his brother-in-law, H.W. WILLIAMS and the man owning the next claim, there on Whisky Hill. This story is also told in the book, "The Saga of Old Tuolumne."

2(iv). Mary Jane Shirley born March 29, 1842 Crawford County, MO d. August 25, 1910 San Benito County, CA.  m. James Isaac Hodges November 28, 1860 CA who was James b. September 30, 1830, Wilson County, TN (?)   

Mary Jane Shirley Hodges
Submitted by Lynn Hodges (May 2010)

2(v). Margaret Shirley born December 2, 1845 Crawford County, MO. [see email at bottom of page regarding this date of birth]

Note: In the 1850 U.S. Census for Crawford County, MO, the above children are found in the family of Thomas Jefferson Shirley. This mergered family then relocates to CA ca 1852; see Family # 74. Other names associated with these Shirleys are David and Tryphena (Shirley) Williams, John Lemon, John L. Spear, and Jotham Clark.

children by 2nd marriage: 

2(vi). Alexander Shirley born December 6, 1847 Crawford or Shannon County, MO d. July 17, 1926, Dent County, MO

Alexander Shirley's family, ca. 1899
Front row: Sarah Jane (Wells) Shirley and Alexander Shirley. Second row left to right: George Shirley, Elizabeth Shirley, Mary Alby Shirley and William Franklin Shirley.

married Sarah Jane Wells March 4, 1869 Dent County, MO who was  b. September 2, 1847 MO d. November 29, 1923 Dent County, MO, daughter of Thomas H. Wells and Mary Elizabeth Jarvis.


3(i). Thomas Jefferson Shirley born October 30, 1871 Dent County, MO d. September 9, 1945 Dent County, MO 

married Caroline Miller February 22, 1893 Dent County, MO who was b. April 9, 1865 OH d. January 14, 1942 Dent Co. MO, daughter of John Miller and Maria.


4(i) Etta F. Shirley born m. 1st  James W. Eads m. 2nd Arthur Hodges

4(ii) Clarence B. Shirley born   April 18, 1894 Dent County, MO d. July 15, 1952 Dent County, MO  m. Mae Bridget Maledy  

4(iii) Inez Blanch Shirley born November 29, 1895 Dent County, MO  d. January 6, 1985 Dent County, MO m. Victor Gilbert Ball  September 10, 1919 

4(iv) Ella Virena Shirley born May 20, 1898 Dent County, MO d. December 24, 1898

4(v) Wilma Jane Shirley born July 27, 1905 Dent County, MO d. July 16, 1917

3(ii). William Franklin Shirley born June 9, 1876 (another source has 1873) Dent County, MO d. January 9, 1962 Marysville, Yuba County, CA 

William Franklin Shirley's family, ca 1912
Left to right: Delbert F. Shirley, William Franklin Shirley, Dora Elizabeth (Sherrell) Shirley, Addison Lemuel Shirley

married Dora Elizabeth Sherrell March 23, 1899 Dent County, MO  who was b. November 22, 1881 d. August 12, 1956 Great Falls, Cascade County, MT daughter of Silas Washington Sherrell and Mary Matilda Gill.


4(i) Mabel Dean Shirley

4(ii) Delbert F. Shirley born September 19, 1899 Dent County, MO m. Anna Alvina Sarzin, June 16, 1926 in Stockett, Cascade County, MT who was the daughter of Joseph Sarzin and Alvina Louise Memke.

4(iii) Addison Lemuel Shirley born August 4, 1905 Belt, Cascade County, MT d. June 16, 1969 Seattle, King County, WA  m. Margaret Milda Connell May 11, 1932 Butte, Silver Bow County, MT  who was born February 22, 1911 Lewistown, Fergus County, MT d. June 2, 1975 Bellevue, King County, WA daughter of Timothy Henry Connell and Agnes Loretta Murphy.

3(iii). Mary Alby Shirley born April 9, 1878 Dent County, MO d. February 21, 1953 Dent County, MO m. Marion Russell Mowery February 23, 1899 Dent County, MO.  He was born February 6, 1871, Iron County, MO d. July 3, 1948 Dent County, MO.

3(iv). Elizabeth Shirley
born June 1881, m. ? Hill and moved to MT.

3(v). George Shirley
born ca April 1885 m. Bertha ? moved to Yucca Valley, CA 

2(vii).  Sarah Jane Shirley born January 15, 1849 Crawford or Shannon County, MO d. February 19, 1917 Dent County, MO m. William Sparks November 4, 1875 Dent County, MO  who was born  October 10, 1846 Wilkes County, NC d. February 11, 1917 Dent County, MO son of Rubin Sparks and Belindah Gray

William Sparks, a wealthy agriculturist and stock raiser of Dent Co., Mo., has resided on his present fine farm of 440 acres since his marriage, which took place in 1875. He has 120 acres under cultivationand is now completing a large, two story frame residence at a cost of $1,500. He has a thrifty orchard of 700 trees, and is considered one of the successful farmers of the county. He was born in Wilkes County, N.C., in 1846, and when twenty-nine years of age was married to Miss Sarah J. Shirley, who was born in Dent County, Mo., January 15, 1849, a daughter of Jacob and Lucinda Shirley, both of whom died when Mrs. Sparks was quite young. She is the mother of six children, and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Sparks has always been a Democrat in politics and is a son of Reuben and Blineld (Gray) Sparks, who were born in Wilkes County, N.C., about 1812 and 1829, respectively. The father was of German descent, a farmer by occupation, and in 1868 immigrated with his family to Dent County, Mo., where he died in 1881. He and wife became the parents of ten children, eight of whom are living. Six reside in Dent County, one in Douglas County, and one in Kansas. - "History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps and Dent Counties, Missouri" The Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1889.


From an email thread with Gary Shirley in 2010:

"Jerald, we are very interested in your research, regarding Tryphena Shirley. There appears to be a very strong connection between her and my g g grandfather Jacob Shirley b. ca 1810 most likely NC and Thomas Jefferson Shirley, presumed to be his brother, b. ca 1810 NC. David Williams appears with them in Warren County, TN in the 1830s, in Crawford County, MO in 1840 and both David and Tryphena are in Shannon County, MO. with Lucinda Shirley, Jacob's second wife in 1850."

"We don't know what became of Jacob Shirley after 1849 but his children from his first marriage are with Thomas Jefferson "Sherley" in Crawford County, MO in 1850. Shortly thereafter this combined family leaves MO for CA. Thomas Jefferson Shirley is killed in 1859 probably in Tuolumne County, or maybe San Joaquin County, CA. His widow Mary Simmons Shirley is listed in the 1860 census in Castoria, San Joaquin County, CA. And living next door to her are James and Lucinda Williams along with some of Jacob Shirley's children!"

Ron Womack, a Butte Co California historian, sent this from the James Madison Williams family bible (Butte Co California) in 2010:

The death Date for Jacob Shirley is March 2, 1850

"Sopha Shirley departed this life on Thursday the 18th of September 1845".

"Tryphena Williams departed this life on Tuesday February the 27th 1855." (nee Shirley)

"Tryphena Williams emmigrated from North Carolina to Tennessee in 1817 from Tennessee to Missouri in 1837."


Email May 2010 from

I am currently working on my husband's family tree. His Shirley family connection is from his great-great grandmother who was Mary Jane Shirley, daughter of Jacob (Branch #53) and Sophia Shirley. She was born 3/29/1842 in Crawford Co., MO and married James Isaac Hodges.

The question I have concerns the date of death of Mary Jane's mother Sophia. Until the 4/10/2010 posting of the Williams' family Bible, Sophia's date of death was unknown. I see that someone has read her date of death as September 18, 1845 from the Bible record. However, I am not sure if anyone has noticed that there is a problem with that date, since Sophia and Jacob's youngest daughter, Margaret, was born in December 1845. If Sophia died in Sep 1845, it would have been impossible for Margaret to have been born 3 months later.

It is my belief that Margaret's birthdate is correct and was December 1845 (as stated on the Branch #53 page) since I have a copy of the Hodges' family Bible in which someone (I am assuming that it was Mary Jane herself judging by the ink and style of handwriting used) has listed the birthdates of Jacob and Sophia's children and it shows that Margaret was born on December 2, 1845.

Additionally, I enlarged the photo that is on the website of the Williams' Bible and if you look closely, it looks like the left side of the number actually has ink completing the circle, which would make it a "6", not open as in a "5" and her date of death should be 1846, which would agree with Margaret's birth of Dec. 1845 (she would have been 9 mos old at the time of her mother's death).

Thank you for your help with this.

Best regards,
Lynne Hodges


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