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  James Shurley
born about 1804 in South Carolina, Lived Benton Co Tennessee

Original source: Barbara Sullivan posting to on November 15, 2001

James Shurley b: 1804 in South Carolina (census); Migrated to Benton Co TN by 1836; He d: February 01, 1875 in Benton Co, TN (possibly the son of Thaddeus Shurley of York Co SC)

April Term 1882 Supreme Court of Tennessee - GEO C CAMP, Adm'r de bonis non, v WM and JAS SHERLEY et al AND Jos R HAWKINS et al v WM SHERLEY et al - CHANCERY PLEADINGS AND PRACTICE Insolvent estate; In August, 1875, Jas Sherley departed this life, and at September term, 1875, of the county court of Benton county, his sons, the defendants, James and William Sherley, were qualified as his administrators The intestate lefi at his death a small personal estate and threc tracts of laud, in said county On the 23d of September, 1875, the administrators, who, 'with the minor children of a deceased sister, were the heirs at law of said intestate, filed their petition in the county court of said county of Benton, for a sale for partition of said three tracts of land In their petition they allege that the widow was entitled to dower, and that their sister, in her lifetime, had been advanced by their deceased father in lands and personalty in an amount greater than either of them could receive out of the remainder of his property, and it is propably true she had been so advanced The heirs of the sister were made parties, a guardian ad litem appointed for them, and a decree rendered, upon proof taken, directing a sale of the land, after allotting dower to widow The land was sold and James Sherley bought one tract for $400, and William bought the other two tracts at $450 This sale was confirmed and title vested in the purchasers, retaining a lien for the purchase money Ten per cent was paid before confirmation, and nothing has becn paid since [court ruling continues]

married 1) ________

married 2) Mary Barnes on Jan 6 1849 at Benton Co Tennessee; She was b: Abt 1804 in Tennessee d: January 1889 in Benton Co, TN


2(i). Mary Shurley b: 1836 d: Bef 1880

married Moses Barnes b: 1827 d: Abt 1873 Mother: Mary

2(ii). Unknown Daughter Shurley b: 1837 d: 1841

2(iii). William M Shurley b: May 1838 in Tennessee d: 1901

married 1) Elizabeth R Camp b: 1838 in Benton Co TN d: 1877 in Benton Co TN Father: George Sr Camp Mother: Thursey Camp

married 2) Lydia Emmaline Cravens b: December 1852 d: Aft 1900


3(i). Nancy Crockett Shurley b: October 29, 1860 in Benton Co TN d: January 07, 1938 in Benton Co TN

married Samuel Alexander Terry b: 1845 in Tennessee d: September 1899 in Benton Co TN

Query 1997: Researching Samuel Alexander TERRY b. abt 1845 and d. 1899 Benton Co. he m. Nancy Crockett SHURLEY 1881 Holladay, TN. Children are Pearl Smith TERRY b. 1886, George Thomas TERRY b. 1896, Marvin TERRY , William Kibble TERRY b. 1889. By researching this Terry family I hope to find the ancestors of my Julia H. TERRY b. Sept , 1860 in Decatur Co. TN ( mother listed as a Terry and birth father Lud DAVIS) Julia H. Terry and George Thomas Terry are cousins. Trying to prove that both sets of families are desc. of Moses Terry (b. abt 1730) and Sarah Keeble of VA. and that Julia is a granddaughter of Kibble Terry of Bedford Co., Marshall, Co. and Decatur Co. Julia m. Joseph J. Conrad in 1883 and most of their desc. live in Benton Co

3(ii). Ada Shurley b: 1862 in Benton Co TN d: 1942 in Benton Co TN

married Perry Allen Dowell b: 1848 in Tennessee d: 1931

3(iii). Elias L Shurley b: June 27, 1865 in Benton Co TN d: March 20, 1944 in Oklahoma

married Mary Saunders Unknown - b: Unknown


4(i). Izora Shurley b: Abt 1903

married Dukay b: Unknown

4(ii). Archie Green M Shurley b: Unknown

4(iii). James W Shurley b: Unknown

4(iv). Sallie Elizabeth Shurley b: Unknown

married Commsus b: Unknown

4(v). William Coleman Shurley b: Unknown

3(iv). Flavius Shurley b: 1868 in Benton Co TN

3(v). George Shurley b: 1870 in Benton Co TN

3(vi). Coleman Shurley b: 1873 in Benton Co TN

3(vii). Alfonso W Shurley b: February 1876 in Benton Co TN

2(iii). James W Shurley b: May 16, 1844 in Benton Co TN d: 1905 in New Mexico

married Elizabeth Ann Phifer b: January 01, 1844 in Tennessee d: August 20, 1891 in Collinsville, Grayson Co TX Father: Peter Phifer Mother: Elizabeth Sayles Phifer


3(i). Iverson Lafayette Shurley b: November 09, 1868 in Camden, Benton Co, Tenn d: June 24, 1950 in Weleetka , Okla

married 1) Lura F Thompson b: January 17, 1872 d: March 29, 1914 in Collinsville, Grayson Co, Texas Father: Albert Thompson Mother: Mary Smith Thompson

married 2) Susan Ann Rebecca Jane Patterson b: April 11, 1898 in Morrilton, Conway Co, Ark d: September 07, 1981 in Okmulgee, Okla Father: Enoch Wisdom Thomas Patterson Mother: Mary Holcomb Patterson


4(i). Ona Shurley b: December 18, 1892 d: September 07, 1963 in Weleetka, OK(?)

married _____ Duncan Unknown - b: Unknown

4(ii). Homer Lee Shurley b: April 07, 1905 in Collinsville, Tx d: May 18, 1981 in San Luis Obispo, CA

married Ollie Mae b: Unknown

4(iii). Willa Mae Shurley b: November 20, 1922 in Weleetka , Okla d: November 10, 1997 in Hominy, Okla

married Carl Logan Loving b: December 18, 1904 in Calvin, Okla d: August 21, 1968 in Hominy, Okla Father: Mack Avery Loving Mother: Eva Wall Loving

4(iv). Fred Lafayette Shurley b: February 05, 1928 in Weleetka, OK d: November 11, 2000 in Weleetka OK

married Margaret Williams b: July 16, 1931 in Weleetka, OK

3(ii). Mary Shurley b: September 05, 1873 in Tennessee

married George Murray Unknown - b: Unknown

3(iii). Lela Lee Shurley b: July 02, 1878 in Camden, Benton Co, Tenn d: April 03, 1960 in Phoenix AZ

3(iv). Fleta Ann Shurley b: January 01, 1880 in Benton Co, TN d: July 21, 1955

married John William Dickey b: 1878 in Tennessee d: in Phoenix AZ


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