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James Shirley (cont.)
b. 1730's. Lived in Culpeper Co.  Family moved to Kentucky



DNA Haplogroup R1b
DNA Haplogroup R1b1a2

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1(x). William Shirley
born Aug 4, 1772 Culpeper Co. VA. Enumerated in the 1850 Oldham Co KY census, age 78; He died March 24, 1854 Ky, His will was probated in Oldham Co. KY with a copy filed in Madison Co. VA.

1854 April Term. Court. Oldham Co KY WB 4 pg 20; Dated 18 Sep 1849; LW& T of William Shirley of Oldham Co KY; To my bloved wife Elizabeth Shirley tract of land which I now reside 150 acres also as much house furniture and stock of any kind as she may choose to have and two negroes of her own choosing to wait upon her during her life time and at death my son Joseph Shirley is to have the 150 acres of land for $2000 but if she lives to age of 80 he is to have it for nothing for taking care of his mother and at her death the property except the land to be divided equally among the six children hereafter named. To my son Lawrence Shirley $1500 in money, negroes and other property which he already in possession of; To my daughter Margaret Field $1500 in money negres and other property which she is already in possession of; To my son William Shirley dec'd $1500 in money negroes and other property which he is already in possession. To my daughter Nancy Gill $1500 in money negroes and other property which she is already in possession of; To my daughter Lucy Garrett $1500 in money negroes and other property which she is already in possession of; To my son Joseph Shirley $1500 in money negroes and other property which he is already in possession of; and remainder to my six children [list again, except William appears to be Waller Shirley, deceased]. Appoint Lawrence Shirley and Joseph Shirley my sons executors. 18 Sept 1849 <s> William Shirley; Wit: Robert Mason, Isaac R. Smith. Proven April Term 1854.

married Elizabeth Clore on 1 January 1796 in Madison Co Virginia; She was widowed and living with youngest son Joseph Shirley in Oldham Co KY in 1860 census, age 82 (born VA)


2(i). John E. Shirley born 7 November 1800 in Madison Co VA; He died September 1831 in Jefferson Co Kentucky Shirleys of Jefferson Co KY

1831 Jefferson Co KY WB 2 page 456 - Dated Sept 9 1831, recorded Nov 8 1831. Will of John Shirley To wife Jane B. Shirley during widow-hood possession of all the ballance of my real and personal estate during natural life. To support and educate my three children to wit: William Lewis, Andrew Elias, and Arthur Wallace, and in case of my wife Jane being now pregnant then child has an interest. Should wife marry she is to have only one third property. Executors: appoint my Brother Lawrence Shirley and Francis Snowden. Wit: Alfred Luckett, Will M. Taylor. Codicil. To the widow of Jacob Zearing $2. To wife Jane Shirley for life in case of remarriage, two slaves Milly and Caroline and their increase over and above her third. Wife to act with above executors. Jane Shirley and Lawrence Shirley qualified with John Scott and Lewis Shirley as securities.

married Jane B. Sherley, (daughter of Lewis Sherley and Eliz. Harris Broaddus), June 7, 1825 in Jefferson Co. KY; She was born 10 Jun 1809 in Madison, Virginia,


3(i). William Lewis Shirley named in his father's 1831 will; untraced

3(i). Rev. Andrew Elias Shirley born 4 May 1829 at Oldham KY. Named in his father's 1831 will; He died 10 June 1912 at Harrods Creek, Jefferson Co KY. Buried at Shirley Cemetery Brownsboro, Oldham County, Kentucky

married Nannie B. Whitlock on 24 June 1862 in Oldham Co, Kentucky; She was born 17 Nov 1839 in Jefferson Co, Kentucky


4(i) Jane Barsheba Shirley (source?)

4(ii) William Force Shirley born 18 January 1865 KY (tombstone); living with parents in 1900 census, age 32, clerk, single; He died 30 July 1945; Buried at Cave Hill Cemetery
Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky unmarried

4(iii) Mary Whitlocke Shirley born about 1867 KY; She married James Helm

4(iv). Jenny B. Shirley born about 1869/74 KY; living with parents in 1900 census, age 26; She married John Carslaw, and ___ Smith 2nd?

3(iii). Arthur Wallace Shirley named in his father's 1831 will; untraced

2(ii). Lawrence Shirley born 17 June 1804 in Oldham Co KY (bio); He lived in Oldham Co KY in 1850 census, age 47 and in 1860, age 57; Widowed living in Oldham Co KY in 1870, age66 with daughter Laura Shirley; He died on 2 January 1891 at Oldham Co KY Shirleys of Oldham Co KY

Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 6th ed., 1887, Oldham Co. LAWRENCE SHIRLEY was born in Oldham County, Ky., June 17, 1804, a son of William and Elizabeth (Close) Shirley, natives of Virginia, the former coming to Kentucky in 1800. Lawrence was reared on a farm, has always been engaged in agricultural pursuits, and now has a farm of 256 acres in LaGrange Precinct. He married, in 1826, Laura M. Overstreet, of Oldham County, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Hawkins) Overstreet. Mrs. Shirley died in 1868, the mother of the following children: William S., John T., living, and Albert and Zachary, deceased. Politically Mr. Shirley is a Democrat. He has been a member of the Missionary Baptist Church for ten years.

married Laurinda Montreville Overstreet Nov 9, 1826 in Oldham Co. KY.


3(i). Albert Gallatin Shirley born 29 December 1829 Oldham Co. KY, age 20 in parent's 1850 census household; Married and living in Oldham Co KY in 1860 census, age 22 (sic); Also enumerated in Collin Co Texas in 1860, age 30; Lived in Collin Co Texas in 1870 census; He died 12 July 1879 at Collin Co Texas Shirleys of Collin Co Texas

married Rebecca Shirley on 23 January 1856 at Oldham Co. KY. She was born 22 Feburary 1837 at Oldham, KY; She was widowed and living in Collin Co TX in 1880 census


4(i). Margaret J Shirley born 24 October 1856 at Collin Co Texas, age 3 in 1860 census, age 15 in 1870 census, age 23 in widowed mother's 1880 census household

4(ii). Andrew Lewis Shirley born 19 June 1858 at Collin Co Texas, age 2 in 1860 census, age 11 in 1870 census, age 21 in widowed mother's 1880 census household

4(iii). Benjamin Lawrence Shirley born 23 April 1860 at Collin Co Texas, age 0 in 1860 census, age 10 in 1870 census, age 20 in widowed mother's 1880 census household; He died 8 February 1922 at Metcalf Co. KY

4(iv). William Meredith Shirley born 5 January 1866 at Oldham Co KY, age 4 in 1870 census, age 14 in 1880 census household

4(v). Matilda Shirley born 27 June 1868 at Oldham Co KY, age 1 in 1870 census, age 11 in 1880 census; She married Joseph Clark Watts on 2 March 1887 Collin Co. Texas

children (Editor: not sure why these children carry the Shirley surname?)

5(i) Edith Watts Shirley born Dec 4, 1887

5(ii). Alma Watts Shirley born Aug 12, 1890  

4(vi). Fred Henderson Shirley born 8 July 1871 at Oldham Co KY, age 8 in 1880 census household

4(vii). Anna Louise Shirley born 15 September 1875 at Oldham Co KY, age 5 in 1880 census household

4(viii). Laura Pauline Shirley born 15 September 1875 (twins?) at Oldham Co KY, age 5 in 1880 census household

4(ix). Anna Belle Shirley born 15 October 1878 at Oldham Co KY, age 1 in 1880 census household

3(ii). Mary Eliza Shirley born about 1832 KY, age 18 in 1850 census household

3(iii). Margaret Catherine Shirley born about 1835 KY, age 15 in 1850 census household

3(iv). William Samuel Shirley He was born 6 September 1836 in Oldham Co KY, age 13 in 1850 census household. Moved to Morgan Co Indiana where he practiced as an attorney; Lived Martinsville, Morgan Co IN in 1860, age 25, and in 1870 census, age 33 [skipped in 1880 census?] He died 1924. Buried Hilldale Cemetery, Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana Shirleys of Morgan Co IN

Pioneers of Morgan Co Indiana - William Sherley was elected joint representative in 1872. Always taking part in elections, and often giving much time to campaigning, and while an earnest and conservative Democrat, through all the ups and downs of that party he has not been much of an office- seeker, preferring the remunerative certainty of the law practice to the whimsical nature of politics. He is self-respecting and dignified, whether in court or the Legislature, and commands the respect of those whom he addresses. As an attorney he is diligent and painstaking as well as successful. He is a safe counselor, often saving his client much cost and vexation when he sees he has no case, by advising him to compromise. He has been more or less engaged in farming and stock feeding for several years, but has made the practice of law a specialty, and is still a prominent member of the Martinsville bar. Mr. Sherley was born on a farm in Oldham county, Kentucky, September 6, 1836. He worked on the farm and attended the country schools as was the custom in those days, completing his education at Lagrange College in Lagrange, the county seat of Oldham. After his college course he attended the law school at Louisville, Kentucky, where he graduated in March, 1858. He was county surveyor of Oldham for two years. Being now well equipped for his life's work, he determined to try his fortune among live Hoosiers, and selected Martinsville as the beginning point. He arrived here in November, 1858, finding about seven hundred inhabitants. He soon found plenty of lawsuits, present and prospective. In time he formed a law partnership with G. M. Overstreet, a good lawyer of our neighboring city, Franklin, and thus glided smoothly into a permanent practice. His next partner was W. R. Harrison, of our city. This firm began in 1862 and continued until 1874, doing a very large per cent, of the practice of Morgan and adjoining counties. Succeeding Attorney Harrison as partner was Judge John C. Robinson, of Spencer, from 1874 to 1876. From this date until the fall of 1895 he was practically alone. At that time he and our present judge, M. H. Parks, formed a partnership which continued until Judge Parks took the bench, November, 1900. Mr. Sherley has been twice married. His first wife was Miss Martha J. Meginnis, of Bloomington, Indiana, to whom he was married November 28, 1861. She was a daughter of Rev. William Meginnis, a prominent minister in the M. E. church and a member of the Indiana conference. Mrs. Sherley died November 20, 1867, leaving two daughters, Anna (Mrs. Howard Prewitt), and Margaret. January 14, 1869, he wedded Miss Sarah N. Conduitt, daughter of Hon. A. B. Conduitt, of Indianapolis. To them were born four children — Mabel (Mrs. J. W. Rose), Bernice, Georgia (Mrs. Ed Kriner), and Richard. Mr. and Mrs. Sherley have been fortunate and reasonably successful in the affairs of life, but in nothing more so than the training and education of their children. The Sherley home is a model of parental training and filial devotion — a home that will never be forgotten by those who first saw the light therein. Mr. and Mrs. Sherley have a valuable farm joining our city border and a handsome residence on North Jefferson street, where the "old folks," in all probability, will be at home to their many friends until life's labors are over. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal church and highly esteemed citizens.

married 1) Martha J. Meginnis, of Bloomington, Indiana, on November 28, 1861. She was a daughter of Rev. William Meginnis; She died November 20, 1867

married 2) Sarah N. Conduitt on January 14, 1869, daughter of Hon. A. B. Conduitt, of Indianapolis.


4(i) Anna Shirley born about 1862 IN, age 8 in 1870 census. She married Howard Prewitt

4(ii) Margaret (Maggie) Shirley born about 1864 IN, age 6 in 1870 census, age 36 in parent's 1900 census household

4(iii) Mabel Shirley She married J. W. Rose

4(iv) Bernice Shirley born about 1873 IN, age 27 in parent's 1900 census household

4(v) Georgia Shirley She married Ed Kriner

4(vi) Richard Alexander Shirley born 29 June 1885 IN, age 15 in 1900 census household; Died 1956. Buried at Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

married Ethyl Thornburg

3(v). Melissa Shirley born about 1839 KY, age 11 in 1850 census household

3(vi). Alice Shirley (Laura?) born about 1842 KY, age 8 in 1850 census household; living in parent's household in 1870 census, likely the Laura Shirley age 12 living in parent's 1860 household. age 21 living with widowed father in 1870 census (Laura A)

3(vii). John Thomas (Doc) Shirley born July 1843 in Oldham Co KY (source: Pension record), age 7 in 1850 census household, age 17 in parent's 1870 census household; served in the KY 10th confederate infantry during the Civil War. He was captured and paroled from Camp Douglas, Chicago IL in May 1865; Applied for a pension for his war service in the 1913 (his wife was dead). Lived in Morgan Co IN in 1880; Lived Buckner, Oldham Co in 1913; He moved to Idaho to live with his son in 1913 until 1916 when he returned to KY.

married Elizabeth ______ born about 1852


4(i). William Shirley born about 1872 IN, age 8 in 1880 census

4(ii). Dudley Shirley born about 1875 IN, age 5 in 1880 census

4(iii). Arthur Shirley born about 1877 IN, age 3 in 1880 census

4(iv). "babe" Shirley born about 1880 IN, age 0 in 1880 census

3(vii). Zackry Shirley not enumerated in parent's 1850 census household (source?)

2(iii). Nancy Shirley born 7 April 1808; She died 1 April 1882; She married James Gill in Oldham Co. KY

2(iv). Margaret Shirley born 9 September 1815; She died 19 March 1833; She married John Fields Mary 19, 1833

2(v). George Waller Shirley born 26 March 1817 at Madison Co. VA; He died 9 August 1849 

married Elizabeth Herrington on 21 January 1838 in Shelby Co. KY; She apparently remarried to John Ross prior to the 1860 census; She was born 20 Feb 1819 Shelby co. KY


3(i). Alfred Elias Shirley born 30 November 1838 at Jefferson Co. KY, age 21 and living in the household of his mother and Ross stepfather in Oldham Co in 1860 census; Lived at Johnsontown, Jefferson Co KY in 1880 census, age 40; He died 13 February 1885

married Annie M. Tieth Taylor on 20 July 1859 at St. Louis, MO; She was born 13 Jan 1837 AR


4(i). James Bly Shirley born 13 May 1860 at Arkansas, age 20 in 1880 census. He died 15 Sept 1916 Harrods Creek, Jefferson Co. KY,

married 1) Mary Jane Harrahan on 6 June 1889 at Clark Co. IN, She was born 16 Mar 1870,

married 2) Sarah Eunice on 7 February 1897 at Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY She died 25 May 1970 Louisville KY

4(ii). Alfred W Shirley born about 1866 KY, age 14 in 1880 census

4(ii). Lillie Shirley born 15 December 1868 KY, age 12 in 1880 census

4(iii). Henry Elias Shirley born 30 November 1870 KY, age 9 in 1880 census

4(iv). Florence Leigh Shirley born 7 August 1875 KY, age 5 in 1880 census

4(v). Joseph Pete Shirley born 1 January 1878 KY age 2 in 1880 census

4(vi). Lettie Ammie Shirley born 21 April 1881 (sic) KY, age 0 in 1880 census

3(ii). Sarah Elizabeth (Emma?) Shirley born 23 May 1840 Shelby Co. KY age 19 and living in the household of her mother and Ross stepfather in Oldham Co in 1860 census (as Emma Shirley); ; She died about 1880; She married John Lewis Gill Nov 24, 1859 Oldham Co. KY born June 20, 1836 Oldham did 1880 Bedford, Trimble Co. KY

3(iii). Dr. Joseph William Shirley born 7 August 1843 Shelby Co. KY age 17 and living in the household of his mother and Ross stepfather in Oldham Co in 1860 census; He died 30 May 1876 Watford, Canada (tombstone inscription); Buried at Harrods Creek Cemetery, Brownsboro, Oldham County, Kentucky

married Mary Elizabeth Hamilton on 28 August 1865 at Jackson, IN. She was born Jan 25, 1847


4(i). Hamilton J. Shirley born 8 September 1867; He died 1920

married Nettie Burrell

4(ii). Esther Elizabeth Shirley born 6 December 1869; She married Hugh A. Burrell on 27 June 1907 Jackson, IN 

3(iv). Henrietta Barber Shirley born 13 January 1846 Shelby Co. KY, age 14 and living in the household of her mother and Ross stepfather in Oldham Co in 1860 census; She married John McDonald Oct 14, 1868 Oldham Co. KY, He was born Aug 18, 1845

3(v). George Shirley born about 1847 KY, age 13 and living in the household of his mother and Ross stepfather in Oldham Co in 1860 census;

2(vi). Lucy Shirley born 20 June 1819; She married Evan Garriott on 10 October 1837 in Oldham Co. KY

2(vii). Joseph Shirley born 2 November 1821 in Oldham Co KY; lived Oldham Co in 1860 census, age 38; living in Brownsboro Oldham Co KY in 1880. Shirleys of Oldham Co KY

married Lucy A. Austin on 1 August 1846 in Oldham Co. KY


3(i). Jane E. Shirley born about 1847 KY age 13 in 1860 census; living with parents in 1870 cenus, age 21

3(ii). Martha Shirley born about 1849 KY, age 11 in 1860 census

3(iii). Florence Shirley born about 1853 KY, age 7 in 1860 census

3(iv). Lewis Shirley born about 1855 KY, age 5 in 1860 census; living with parents in 1880 census, age 24.


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