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Shirleys of New Hampshire
Branch #25 continued


It differs from the DNA result previous associated with the Shirleys of NH, but matches exactly Shirley families of NY and PA who are of a different Shirley group entirely (thus we have a problem)


This entire lineage needs to be further researched
2(iv). John Shirley
born 1735 Chester, Rockingham Co NH. He died 1826 Warren County Pennsylvania, buried on the old Marsh farm (Kinzua Cemetery), He was considered a great canoeist, carrying freight to Kinzua and other points on Allegheny River. While paddling a canoe up river at flood he could light his pipe and not lose headway.  

DAR Lineage Book 56 - John Shirley (1735-1826) enlisted, 1776 as a private in Capt Runnell's company, Col. Thomas Tasker's regiment. He was born in New Hampshire; died in Warren County PA

Note: James Shirley and Alexander Shirley served in Runnell's company and Tasker's regiment, not John Shirley

married Hannah Stevens. (named as wife of John Shirley in DAR Lineage Book 56)

children: (needs to be researched)

Editor: I doubt the following Daniel Shirley is the son of the above John Shirley. I believe he is the son of John Shirley (d 1764, m. Mary Miller) and the person who appears in Rockingham Co then later Grafton Co NH records until 1800. This Daniel Shirley served not only in the Rev'l War (consistent with the service record below) but also the War of 1812.

1775 Guardianship of Daniel Shirley (NH Archive files 4159, 4160) of the son of John Shirley, Chester, yeoman dec'd. PETITION: 3/15/1775. Of Daniel Shoulley. States that he has an estate which has fallen to him and no guardian. With the advice of friends he has chosen Joseph Lynn of Chester to be his guardian. Wit: Samuel Emerson. Oath 3/15/1775. Of Daniel Shirley to Saml. Emerson, JP Allowed 3/22/1775 and judge orders a Letter of Guardianship for Daniel Sharley. 3/22/1775 Of Daniel Shirley a minor over age 15. Guardian Joseph Lynn, Chester yeoman. Bond L1000. Sureties: John Webster and Samuel Emerson, Chester esqs. Wit: Saml Robie and Robt. Wilson. Rockingham Co NH Estates and Inventories

3(i). Daniel Shirley born 1760 Chester, Rockingham County New Hampshire. He enlisted for 3 years in the Revolutionary War at Londonderry Rockingham Co NH 15 Apr 1777 as a private under Capt Amos Emerson; He fought in the battle of Monmouth; He was first placed on the pension rolles when living at Clarence township Niagra Co NY on 30 May 1818, age 56. On 30 June 1820, he stated he was living with one of his children in the town and county of Chautauqua New York, also that his wife had died 7 years since and that his other children lived in different places and different states. On that date he admitted that he held 25 acres from the Holland Land company with no improvements and that $112 payment was now due on it. On 4 Mar 1826, he transferred his pension from Clarence township, which then was in Erie Co NY, to Warren Co PA where he died Sept 4, 1831; buried at Kinzua Cemetery. (However, the 1835 Pension roll listing soldiers in Warren Co PA says he is 73 years old, so did he die in 1831 or not?)

War of 1812 Enlistment Record: Daniel Shirley Private 11US Inf. under Capt W. Weeks; 5'6" Brown eyes, Grey complexion, dark hair. Age 53 (ed: b 1759). Occ: farmer. Born Chester NH. Enlisted 2 Sept 1812 at Haverhill NH (Grafton Co) by Lt Col Beedle through March 1814. Comments: Co Bk 227 Mo.Ret Nov - 1812. Absent unaccounted for. Book 672 page 37 Deserted

married ________ un-named in war pension record, but stated she died in 1813 with children alive in 1820.

children: it was assumed Moses and James are children because they appear in Warren Co records

4(i). Moses Benjamin Shirley born 1795. He was asssessed on 1822 Warren Co tax rolls for Conewango Township (which includes present day Glade Twp) as a single man. Enumerated in 1830 Warren Co PA census, same township as James Shirley (below). He lived for a time in Chautauqua Co. NY  what is the evidence for this claim? He died July 3, 1840.

married Sarah Cogswell in 1826 b. Aug 2, 1809 d. Feb 18, 1885 Warren Co. PA. 


5(i). Benjamin Shirley born 1827 in New York (census). He lived at Glade Township Warren Co PA. Named as an heir at law of Mary Shirley Hooks in 1877 Warren Co land sale. He died April 4, 1907.

married Hannah H. Shirley on 14 August 1848 in Corydon PA. They are both buried in Warren Co. PA

Mr. Benjamin Shirley and Miss Hannah H. Shirley, both of Glade, were married Aug. 14, 1848 in Corydon by Mr. Combs, Esq. - Source: "Allegheny Mail" newspaper, Warren, Pa., Tues., Aug. 22, 1848;


6(i). Moses B. Shirley born 1849 PA; Lived Warren Co PA in 1880 census.

married Phoebe _____


7(i). Desdmonia Shirley born 1873, age 7 in the 1880 census

7(ii). Melvin Shirley born 1875 PA, age 5 in the 1880 census

6(ii). Emory R. Shirley born 1851 PA

6(iii). James F. Shirley born 1853 PA

6(iv). Albert Shirley born 1855 PA

married Etta _____


7(i). Albert A. Shirley born 1886 PA

6(v). Cynthia T. Shirley born 1857 PA

6(vi). Richard Shirley born 1861 PA

6(vii). George Shirley born Oct 18, 1865 PA. He lived in Warren Co. PA

married Ada Harvey in NY


7(i). Ruth Shirley

7(ii). Lela Shirley She married Ralph Thurston 

6(viii). Lillie Shirley born 1868 PA

6(ix). Aletha Shirley born 1871 PA (in 1870 the name is Adelphia)

6(x) Livingston Shirley born 1872 PA

6(xi) Harry Shirley born 1876 PA

6(xii) Alice Shirley born 1877 PA

4(ii). Stephen W. Shirley born Mar 12, 1832 Warren Co. PA. He died Jan 27, 1895 Chicago, IL. He was living in Porter Co. IN 1850 census with John and Martha Wolfe. Named as an heir at law of Mary Shirley Hooks in 1877 Warren Co land sale. Shirleys of Lake Co Indiana

married Mary Allen on 4 Dec 1853; she was born on 24 Mar 1835; she died on 8 Oct 1913 at Lowell IN

children: (1880 census of Lake Co. Indiana)

5(i).  Eva Shirley born 1863 IN

5(ii). Liza Shirley born 1866 IN

5(iii). Anna Shirley born 1868 IN

5(iv). Wilson Shirley born 1870 IN

5(v). Elsie Shirley born 1872 

5(vi). Eunice Shirley born 1874 IN

5(vii). Vinnie Carrie Shirley born March 6, 1877 Lowell, IN d. June 6,1977 Lowell, IN m. John Mayhurst Feb 16, 1898

5(viii). Minnie Shirley born 1880 IN

4(iii). Elizabeth Jane Shirley born Dec 24, 1833 Warren Co. PA d. Dec 12, 1880 Hebron, Indiana. She married William Henry Starring on Dec 24, 1853

3(ii). James Shirley born 1796 in New Hampshire, age 54 in 1850 Warren Co census. He is enumerated in 1830 Warren Co PA census, age 40-49 in 1840 census with 4 sons, a wife and 2 daughters. Age 62 born New Hampshire in the 1860 census.

married Sarah ________ born about 1796 in CT according to 1850 census.


4(i). Hiram  C. Shirley born 1832 PA, (age 30 at time of 1862 Warren Co Militia Census, living Glade Twp.) Served in Co D, the 10th PA Infantry during the Civil War. He was a carpenter and a lumberman. Named as an heir at law of Mary Shirley Hooks in 1877 Warren Co land sale. He died Sept 20, 1878; He was killed in a steamboat "Shirley Bell" when the boiler exploded. Buried Oakland Cem. (Thanks to Corrine for sending info on this family)

married Esther Carter, daughter of Zoar Carter


5(i). Anson H. Shirley 1855 PA m. Sadie 1900 census and Susan in 1910 census. Lived Warren Co. PA 

children: In 1900 & 1910 census

6(i). Andrew C. Shirley born 1890 PA

5(ii). Edwin W. Shirley born 1858 PA

5(iii). Fred M. Shirley born 1860 PA; moved to Des Moines Iowa

married Mary Elizabeth Hoskins;

children in 1910 census of Warren Co. PA

6(i). Ray Shirley born 1893 PA

6(ii). Joe Shirley born 1894 PA

6(iii). Etta Shirley born 1907 PA

6(iv). Esther Shirley born 1908 PA

5(iv). Dora E. Shirley born 1862 PA. She married A.J. Rowley; lived Youngstown OH

5(v). Grant Shirley born 1864 PA

5(vi). Minnie Shirley born 1867 PA. She married ____ Morse

5(vii). Carrie Bell Shirley born 1869 (says Clara in 1870 census, Carrie B. in 1880)

5(viii). Herbert G. Shirley born 1879 PA. He died in 1946 Warren Co. PA

married Myrtle ______

children in 1910 census

6(i). Dorice Shirley born 1901

6(ii). Louis Shirley born 1905

6(iii). Roumaine Shirley born 1907

4(iv). Francis (Franklin) Shirley born 1832 PA. Named as an heir at law of Mary Shirley Hooks in 1877 Warren Co land sale.

married 1) Charlotte ____ named in 1860 census

married 2) Rosabel ______ named in 1880 census

married 3) Josephine______ named in the 1900 census


5(i). Rose May Shirley born 1859 PA. She married a Miller

5(ii). Clarence Shirley born 1864 PA

married Cynthia _____

children in 1900 census

6(i). De Forest Shirley born 1886 PA

6(ii). Hattie Shirley born 1892 PA

6(iii). Nellie Shirley born 1893 PA

5(iii). Minnie Shirley born 1865 PA

5(iv). Elmer E. Shirley born 1872 PA

married Cora Parker, dau of Henry Parker of Farmington Twp. Warren Co PA

children (according to the Warren Co PA Gen. Soc Card File)

6(i). Harry Shirley

Ancestor of DNA Kit #516361

6(ii). Herman Shirley

married Florence Jean Walter

5(v). Franklin Shirley born 1875 PA

married Melvina


6(i). Henry B. Shirley born 1903 PA

6(ii). Daisy Pearl Shirley born 1904 PA

5(vi). Amanda Shirley born 1878 PA

5(vii). Stella M. Shirley born 1883 PA

5(viii). Daisy P. Shirley born 1887 PA

4(v). Mary Shirley born 1834 PA. She married Isaac Culbertson and they were living in Glade Co. Warren Co. PA in 1877. Named as an heir at law of Mary Shirley Hooks in 1877 Warren Co land sale

4(vi). Samuel Huston Shirley born 1838 PALiving in Conewango, Warren Co. PA. Named as an heir at law of Mary Shirley Hooks in 1877 Warren Co land sale

married 1) Rebecca Elliot, died in child birth with Lillian. 

married 2) Hannah ______ sometime before 1877.


5(i). Emily Jane Shirley born 859 PA. She died. 1922. She married Thomas S. Farrell (11 children).

5(ii). Eugene Shirley born 1860 PA. He died age 4 years  trying to get a pumpkin out of the pond and fell in and drowned.

5(iii). Charles S. Shirley born 1860 PA. He died age 16 of poison ivy that went internal 

5(iv). Jerome Bonepart (John) Shirley born 1863 PA. In 1900, he lived in Wood Co. Ohio and in 1910 census they are living in Nowata Co. OK (8 children)  In 1898 Jerome and his wife Sarah of Prairie Depot, Ohio deeded undivided 1/2 interest in Lot #30 originally deeded to the children of Samuel H. Shirley. Shirleys of Nowata Co Oklahoma

married Sarah Elizabeth Dern.


6(i). Della Rebecca Shirley died at birth

6(ii). Robert Elliott Shirley born 1905

6(iii). Joan Delilah Shirley (Byers)

6(iv). Jennie May Margaret Shirley (Cox)

6(v). Georgia Frances Shirley (Devasher)

6(vi). Kitty Helen Shirley (Lamberson)

6(vii). Janet Alice Shirley (Sullivan)

6(viii). Anna Sarah Kansas Shirley (Hill)

6(ix). Umatilla Virginia Shirley (Smith)

6(x). John Nickle Shirley

5(v). Lillian Shirley died as an infant

4(vii). Hannah Shirley born 1839 PA. She married John Grawbadger and were living in Glade, Warren Co. PA in 1878. Named as an heir at law of Mary Shirley Hooks in 1877 Warren Co land sale

4(viii). Nancy Shirley born after the 1850 census. Married David Soucks and were living in Glade, Warren Co PA. Named as an heir at law of Mary Shirley Hooks in 1877 Warren Co land sale

3(iii). Mary Shirley born 10 April 1796 at Chester, Rockingham Co NH, age 53 born in 1850 census, age 68 in 1860 census (born 1792). She and husband Francis Hook went to Warren Co. PA in 1826.  On a deed dated Sept 15, 1873 (Warren Co. DB41 page 90) Francis and Mary Hook deeded lot #30 of their farm in Glade Twp Warren Co. PA to Emma J., Charles M. and Jerome B. minor children of Samuel H. Shirley.  She died 26 February 1877 Warren Co. PA, buried Oakland Cemetery, Warren Twp, Warren Co PA

"According to Warren Co PA probate records, Mary Shirley Hook refers to Samuel H. Shirley and his wife Hannah. Names her brothers as Benjamin Shirley and wife Hannah, Hiram Shirley and wife Esther, Francis Shirley and wife Rose, and names her sisters as Mary Shirley and husband Isaac Culbertson, Hannah Shirley and husband John Grawbadger and Nancy Shirley and husband Daid Loucks. She also names nephews and neices Stephen Shirley and wife mary a of Lake Co Indiana, Nancy Shirley widow of Truman Peck of Wabaska Co MN, maria Shirley and husband John Elkins of Racine Co WI, Emily Shirley and husband Henry H. Elkins of Dodge Co WI, Betsey Shirley and husband William Sterling of Browd MN and Mary Shirley and husband G.M.H Verbeck of Glade, Warren Co PA" this doesn't make sense

An 1877 deed involving all of the above heirs implies Mary Hook died intestate, so not sure what the source is for "brother" and "nephews" etc stated in the above paragraph, other than an earlier researchers editorial. The deed just says "heirs at law"

Update: Warren Co Intestate Register 1 page 120 "Mary Hook late of the Twp of Glade died leaving no legal heirs nearer than nephews and neices...appear by application of CWH Verbeck (one of the heirs) for letters on descendants estate."

3(iv). Hannah Shirley  She married John Nesmith who was originally from New Hampshire. John and his brother James moved their families first to Buffalo Erie Co NY, then to Maryville Chatauqua Co NY, then Jamestown, Chatauqua Co NY, then to Warren Co PA in 1825 (did the Shirleys also mirror this trek?)

"John Nesmith married Hannah, daughter of John Shirley, of New Hampshire. Shirley was also a pioneer in Warren, had served in the war of the Revolution, and died here about the year 1826. John Nesmith died at Warren about 1829 and was followed by his widow in one year." - History of Warren County Pennsylvania (1887)


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