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  Shirleys of New Hampshire
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1(viii). Thomas Shirley, wheelright - born 1710 in Ireland; He lived Auburn Village, Rockingham Co NH. He died in 1776. He was a half brother of John Shirley and Captain James Shirley. He lived in several places. He first lived on Add. lot No. 51 Chester, Rockingham Co where John Smith first settled. In one deed he is said to be of Timberlane (Hampstead), but his final settlement was at what is now Auburn Village, Rockingham Co NH, his cellar yet being open in Amos Chase's field. In 1750 Thomas Shirley sold a quarter of a saw mill, commonly called Nutt's Mill standing on Cohas Brook in Auburn township to James Wilson. In 1764 Thomas Shirley purshased 15 acres at the north end of Lot no 123, the west side of the brook from Jesse McFarland and reserved the privilege of building half a saw mill on the land (supposedly not built). . He died in consequence of a blow from John Patten. He and Patten met at Capt. Underhill's tavern and had some altercation. Patten had an old scythe in his hand which he was carrying to a blacksmith, and probably without any intention of inflicting any serious injury, struck Shirley with the tang of th escythe, making a wound in his head. The wound was not considered serious at first. It was inflicted Dec 25 1775. Shirley went ot Londonderry to Dr. Wood for treatment and died there Feb 1 1776. Patten was indicted and tried at the Sept term and convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to be branded in the hand which was executed. He had a surgeoun in attendance to apply some remedy, but it was so slightly done that he thought his services needless.

1748 Attested copy of a list of the Provence tax due for the year 1747 from the inhabitants of Haverhill [Essex Co MA, list of names] - Shirley, Thomas (Sharley)

Rockingham Co NH - Grantee
1747 June 27 - DB 33/325 - Eleazar Burbank of Bradford Essex Mass to Thomas Shirla, late of Chester now of Haverhill Essex Mass, land in Chester 100 acres Lot #74
1755 Dec 12 - DB 48/351 - Mary Gambling wid to Thomas Shirla, 50 acres, Lot #40
1755 Sep 10 - DB 50/200 - Daniel Weare to Thomas Shirla, part of a 50 acre tract (no lot #)
1756 Feb 7 - DB 49/200 - Christopher Bartlett to Thomas Shirla, 50 acres, Add Lot #14
1764 Dec 11 - DB 84/406 - Jesse McFarland to Thomas Shirla, 15 acres, Lot #123
1766 Nov 5 - DB 104/261 - John Mills to Thomas Shirla, 60 acres Lot #77
1772 Aug 31 - DB 164/441 - John Nay to Thomas Shirla,
100 acres Lot #115

married Mary Hunter, daughter of James Hunter who owned a farm in the township of Londonderry Rockingham Co NH. She and husband Thomas Shirley sold the land in 1745 and 1747

1745 Mar 24 DB 31/259 Thomas Shirla to James Quenton "...a certain tract of land lying in the town of Londonderry being part of a farm bought by James Hunter dec'd it was laid off to his daughter Mary Hunter alias Shirela...31 acres" <s> Thomas Shirela, Mary Shirela


2(i). John Shirley - named as a brother of Alexander Shirley in 1776 when he petitioned as a soldier in the Revolutionary War for compensation for a lost coat when fighting at Bunker Hill. He served in Capt Samuel Sprague's Company 9th Company in the 37th Regiment commanded by Lt Colo Baldwin with Alexander Shirley, Alexander Shirley Jr and James Shirley, all then living at Chelsea [Noodles Island] in Suffolk Co MA at the time. Served in Capt. Aaron Kinsman's Company with brother Alexander Shrirley, on muster roll for 10 June 1776. He is untraced after this time. (Did he move to Warren Co PA?)

1776 June 8 [R. 189] Petition of the Shirleys, Bunker Hill Soldiers. - To the Honbl Council & House of Representatives in General. Assembly convened — Humbly Shew's, Alexander Shirley in behalf of himself & his Brother John Shirley Both of Chester in the county of Rockingham, that the said John & Alexander ware in the Battle at Bunkers hill in Cap' Kinsmans Company where they ware so unfortunate as to Loose one coat & jacket of Johns valued at Eight Dollers and one Coat of Alexanders valued at Eight Dollers & one Knapsack valued at half a Doller — to the am' in the whole sixteen Dollars, which your Petitioner Prays your honors would be Pleased to order them Pay therefor or Relieve them in any other w^ay your Honors sliall think Proper — and your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray &c. Alexander Shirley '' Dismissed " Exeter June the 8th 1776

2(ii). Samuel Shirley born December 25, 1748. He died January 7, 1832 in Sanbornton, NH at his son John's home,  He lived on Lot #123, 2nd part of 2nd division in Chester, New Hampshire. 

After having been an extensive business man in that part of Chester which is now Auburn, owning mills at the upper end of Massabesic Lake, building the first grist mill at Auburn Village, carrying on large lumber operations with Haverhill, Newburyport, etc., and running a well known country hotel at Auburn, he became the victim of unjust litigation, which he fought against till his property was much reduced. He then moved to Sanbornton with his oldest son and most of his other children in 1801. He lived first in Northfield then for three years, 1802-05 in what is now Franklin, and finally at Union Bridge where he became known as the "reed maker"

married 1st Margaret Graham in 1774. She died of cancer 1793,  

married 2nd Anna Dearborn Oct 1793, daughter of Master James Hazard. She died at the birth of her 3rd child (his 12th) Dec 9, 1798, 

married 3rd Eliza McDuffee in 1799, daughter of Hugh McDuffee. She died in 1843 age 80. 

2(iii). Alexander Shirley born 1748. Revolutionary War Soldier; Died May 15 1814 age 66; "said to have married a daughter of James Hunter." He and James Shirley owned the Oswego Mill and were involved in numerous real estate sales of Chester Lots #87 (with mill) #91, #115, #116 and #128.

married Mary Hunter on Oct 12 1787. She was born Nov 13 1762; She was alive Feb 1 1839 and living at Peeling Grafton Co NH when she applied for a pension on behalf of her husband's Rev'l War service.

"...I am a claimant for a pension do certify and declare that I was married to the said Alexander Shirly in Chester in the county of Rockingham in said state of New Hampshire by the reverend Isaac Flagg of said Chester on the twelfth day of October in the year 1781. We were married in the said Flagg's house in said Chester and before marriage my name was Mary Hunter and I lived with my said husband until his death...." - Pension Application of Mary Shirley

children (needs further research)

3(i). John Shirley born January 18 1788 - nothing more known

3(ii). Mary Shirley born January 5 1789

3(iii). Thomas Shirley born May 3 1791; He and possibly his widowed mother are living in Bow (later Merrimack Co) in 1820 and 1830 census; Thomas moved to Woodstock Twp, Grafton Co by 1840; living in Woodstock, Grafton Co NH in the 1850 and 1860 census with wife; His will was probated in Grafton Co NH in 1866.

"I Thomas Shirley of Peeling in the county of Grafton and state of New Hampshire aged forty eight years and son of Alexander Shirley the revolutionary soldier and of Mary Shirley the widow of said Alexander Shirley which Mary Shirley is now a claimant for a pension do testify and say that my said father Alexander Shirley died in bow in the county of Merrimac in this state on the 15th day of May in the year 1814 and that I attended his funeral and to the best of my recollection he was buried the day following his death an the widow the said Mary Shirley my mother has never since intermarried with any other person but has ever since remained single and unmarried and so still continues <Thomas Shirley> 7 May 1839." - Pension Application of Mary Shirley

1866 Grafton NH Probate Thomas Shirley of Woodstock; Will Bk 47 pg 43; Admin 46/34; Ex bond- I give to my wife Lydia Shirley all my etate and property. wife Lydia sole excutix. 10 Sept 1866 <s> Thomas Shirley Wit: Jacob B Demerett, Enoch W. Jordon, Alario B Demerritt.

married Lydia McDuffie on October 15 1838


Apparently none according to census records. None mentioned in his 1866 will.

3(iv). James Hunter Shirley born November 29 1793 - nothing more known

3(v). Peggy Shirley born August 1 1795

3(vi). Caty Shirley born February 20 1797

3(vii). Alexand Shirley born [ ] 1799 - nothing more known

3(viii). Samuel Shirley born July 23 1802. Living at Bow, Merrimack Co NH in 1830 census; Died May 1837.

married _________


4(i). female Shirley born 1825 to 1830, age 0-5 in 1830 census

4(ii). female Shirley born 1825 to 1830, age 0-5 in 1830 census

4(iii). male Shirley born 1825 to 1830, age 0-5 in 1830 census

3(ix). Silas Shirley born April 23 180[4]. Died October 26 1825.

3(x). Lydia Shirley born August 8 180[1]

2(iv). James Shirley born about 1753, He and Alexander Shirley owned the Oswego Mill but sold to the Rays in 1806. Revolutionary War veteran. Enlisted Apr 1775 at Chester NH (and several more times). James was working at Noodle Island in Boston harbor when the war broke out in April 1775. Was in the battle of Lexinngton and Bunker Hill. He continued to serve until peace was declared in 1783. He and Alexander Shirley were involved in numerous real estate sales of Chester Lots #87 (with mill) #91, #115, #116 and #128. He died November 1810 at Chester

married Susan Archibald McDuffie in 1789 at Chester NH. She later married Richard Greenough in 1811. She was granted a pension for the service of husband James Shirley [see pension documents]. Living at Salisbury, Merrimack County NH in 1843

1843 May 17 - Pension application of Susan Greenough, [nee McDuffee] of Merrimack Co NH, age 74, widow of James Shirley "that she was married to her late husband James Shirley late of Chester NH deceased, in the year 1789 at said Chester that her said husband the aforesaid James Shirley was a soldier in the war of the revolution as she believes a great portion of the time from April 1775 until war was declared in 1785. It is her belief that her said husband served first in the Massachusetts troops for she recollects to have heard him say that he was at work on Noodles Island in Boston harbor when the revolutionary war borke out in April 1775 and that he went immediately into the American army and was in the battle of Bunker Hill in that year.....That her husband the aforesaid James Shirley died at said Chester in November 1810." Six children 'births were recorded in the family bible the possession of her son in Nashville NH': James born Aug 17, 1790; Batey born Jan 4 1793; Sarah born Sept 4 1795; Mary An born Feb 23 1798; [name illegible] born June 18, 1800; William born Oct 29, 1802.

children (from bible page found in pension records) (children need further research)

3(i). James Shirley born 17 August 1790 - nothing more known; he may be the James Shirley who lived in Colechester, Chittendon VT b 1789 listed in 1850 census

3(ii). Betsy Shirley born 4 January 1793

3(iii). Sarah Shirley born 4 September 1795

3(iv). Mary Ann Shirley born 23 February 1798. She married Reuben Greely at Salisbury Township, Merrimack Co NH on 22 November 1823.

Reuben Greely made written testimony in 1843 in support of the Revl War pension application of Susan Greenough, widow of James Shirley, that he married a daughter of Susan Greenough.

3(v). [Charley] Shirley born 18 June 1800 - nothing more known

3(vi). William Shirley born 29 October 1802- provided an afidavit for his mother's pension application in 1843. William possessed the family bible and was living at Nashville [Sic], Hillsborough NH in 1843. He may be the William Shirley b 1802 who appears with his family in the 1850 Middlesex Co Mass census (wife Sally)

1840 Nashua, Hillsborough Co NH census - William Shirley 0010010000000 - 0110010000000 (He age 30-40)

2(v). Thomas Shirley born 1756, In 1778 Thomas enlisted in Capt. James Aiken's Company for service in Rhode Island that year. 

married Mary Ann Wilson, daughter of James Wilson.

children (needs further research)

No Info Known

2(vi). Anna Shirley No info is known 


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