James Shirley (cont.)
b. ca 1778 Virginia. Lived South Carolina and Arkansas

DNA match to Kit #39124 (a Shirley family currently living in Ringgold Georgia)

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2(iv). James Shirley born Sept 3, 1809 [?Anderson Co. SC]. He is living in Lawrence Co AR in the 1850 census; He is living in Piney Fork Sharp Co Arkansas in 1870 and in Sullivan Sharp Co in 1880; He died Aug 18, 1887 and is buried at Maxville Cemetery. Shirleys of Sharp Co Arkansas

married Sarah (or Savina) Whisenant Aug. 17, 1836 in Ashville, St. Clair Co. AL. She was the daughter of Adam Whisenant and Mary Magdalene Helms. She appears as James Shirley's wife in the 1850 Lawrence Co AR census.

"One of her children, in the AR Confederate Census) listed her parents as Adam Whisenant and Mary "Polly" Erwin (or Irvin)" - Genforum posting


3(i). Benjamin Pinkney Shirley born April 13, 1838 AL Ashville, St. Clair Co. AL; Living with parents in 1850 Lawrence Co AR census, age 12; Living in Piney Fork Sharp Co AR in 1870 census; Living in Sharp Co AR in 1880; He died after 1912 Sullivan Town, AR

married Mary A. Goodman Jan 17, 1861 in Lawrence Co. AR. by B. S. Shirley, JP


4(i). William F. Shirley born 1864 AR

4(ii). Selina Elizabeth Shirley born 1867 AR

4(iii). Cordela Harriet Shirley born 1868 AR

4(iv). Serrena C. Shirley born 1870 AR

4(v). Joseph L. Shirley born 1872 AR

4(vi). Alfa C. Shirley born 1874 AR

4(vii). Pinckney H. Shirley born June 3, 1879 AR d. Mar 13, 1903

4(viii). Tabitha E. Shirley born 1880 AR

4(ix). Cleveland Shirley born 1885 AR

3(ii). John Shirley born 1840 AL d. Aug 30, 1863 Ft. Delaware, New Castle Co. Delaware. Cause of death was Brain Congestion. He was buried at Finn's Point (Salem), New Jersey 

married Martha Carpenter April 18, 1861 Lawrence Co. AR. She was born Jan 30, 1842 d. and buried April 8, 1866.


4(i). James Clayton Shirley born Mar 17, 1862 d.  Feb 17, 1941. Buried Powells Chapel Cemetery, Sharp Co AR

3(iii). James Adam Shirley born 1842 Ashville, St. Clair Col. AL; Living in Piney Fork Sharp Co AR in 1870 census (a Thomas C Shirley age 18 b TN living in HH); He died 1911 Moorefield, Independence Co. AR  Shirleys of Independence Co Arkansas

married 1st. Mary Vance Feb 28, 1867 Lawrence Co. AR She was born Jan 30, 1842 TN d. Nov 2, 1874, m. 2nd Octavia D. Driskill Sept 18, 1876 Independence Co. AR


4(i). Amanda Shirley born 1869 AR

4(ii). Eliza Shirley born  Mar 1870 AR

4(iii). James T. Shirley born 1873 AR

4(iv). David A Shirley born 1874 AR

4(v). Nancy L. Shirley born 1876 AR

4(vi). Benjamin F. Shirley born 1876 AR

4(vii). Clarinda Shirley born 1880 AR

3(iv). Mahulda Katherine Shirley born 1844 Ashville, St. Clair Co. AL m. William J. Kent Jan 17, 1861 in Independence Co. AR

3(v). William Henry Shirley born 1847 St. Clair Co. AL; Living in Piney Fork Sharp Co AR in 1870 census; He died Evening Shade, Sharp Co. AR

married Leethee Ann Green Jan 21, 1866. She was born 1842 TN


4(i). Mary Ellen Shirley born Nov 8, 1864 d. Nov 28, 1949

Appears to have gone to Walker Co. Texas

3(vi). Marion Franklin Shirley born 1848 St. Clair Co. AL; He appears in his parent's household in 1850 census, age 2; Living in Sharp Co AR in 1880; He died 1886 Sharp Co. AR

married Mary E. Boyce


4(i). David E. Shirley born 1869 AR

4(ii). Sarah C. Shirley born 1870 Sharp Co. AR

4(iii). John William Shirley born May 1, 1873 AR d. Mar 15, 1938

4(iv). Daniel Youel Shirley born Sept 16, 1875 d. Aug 2, 1923

4(v). Armond Druscilla Shirley born 1877 AR

4(vi). Laura Alice Shirley born Mar 3, 1880  Sharp Co. AR d. Mar 17, 1965 Wynnewood, Garvin Co. OK m. George Albert Halsey Dec 2, 1897

4(vii). Marion Overton Shirley born Feb 28, 1882 Batesville, Independence Co. AR d. Oct 14, 1956 Batesville, Independence Co. AR m. 1st. Ada Mae Hotchkiss. m. 2nd Cecelia Jane Huff Jan 10, 1909 Independence Co. AR

3(vii). Lucinda Shirley born April 15, 1850 Piney Fork Town, Lawrence Co. AR d. May 23, 1919 Maple Springs, Independence Co. AR m. Francis Marian Pridmore Aug 19, 1866 Lawrence Co. AR. He was born Feb 10, 1847 AL d. Oct 31, 1932 Oil Trough, AR

3(viii). Alvin C. Shirley born May 15, 1852 Piney Fork Town Lawrence Co., AR; He is living with parents in the 1870 census, age 18; He died Jan 8, 1930 Maple Springs, Independence Co. AR Shirleys of Independence Co Arkansas

married 1st. Mary Catherine Wolfe. She was born May 19, 1849 Maple Springs AR daughter of John D. Wolfe,

married 2nd Frances Darnell


4(i). Arkansas Alabama Shirley m. James R. James

4(ii). Armiritha Shirley m. Loan Pollard

4(iii). Ginny Shirley m. Herbert Diew

4(iv). Lillian Shirley m. Henry H. Shipp

4(v). Virgie Shirley m. James Milam

4(vi). Jasper N. Shirley

4(vii). Mary Elizabeth Shirley born Feb 16, 1889 d. Oct 5, 1979

3(ix). Lorinda D. Shirley born April 1854 died as infant Sept 1854 Evening Shade, Sharp Co. AR 

3(x). Eliza Emily Shirley born 1855 Piney Fork Town, Lawrence Co. AR; Living with parents in the 1870 census, age 16, but not with parents in 1880.

3(xi). Andrew J. Shirley born June 1857 Piney Fork Town, Lawrence Co. AR; Living with parents in the 1870 census, age 12, and also in 1880, age 22.

married Sarah A. Norman on Aug 18, 1881 Sharp Co. AR 


4(i). Casell Norman (aka Shirley) born May 3, 1875 as Casel Norman at Maxville, Sharp County, Arkansas. He was age 3 living in the household of Isaac Norman and wife Clarinda, named as their grandson in Sharp Co AR 1880 census. One source claims his paternity is Vance. Isaac Norman's daughter Sarah E. Norman married Andrew J. Shirley six years after the birth of Casel on 7 August 1881 in Sharp Co AR. Casel adopted the name Shirley before his marriage in 1896. Casel lived all of his life in the Maxville area where he farmed for a living. The cause of death was listed as pneumonia, after a 2 year illness. He died Apr. 17, 1932 at Bono Craighead County Arkansas.

Casel Norman, aka Shirley
(source: findagrave.com)

married Jean Nettie Ring on 8 October 1896 in Sharp Co Arkansas. Nettie died Jan.10,1969 and is also buried in Maxville Cemetery.


5(i). William Clarence Shirley

married Sarah Goodman


6(i). John W. Shirley

6(ii). Charles Roland Shirley

6(iii). Ruby Shirley

6(iv). Effie Shirley

6(v). Delmer Olden Shirley born Cave City Arkansas

Ancestor of DNA participant #342354 Haplogroup R1b

Results show 2 DNA markers off from Shirley Branch 39, DNA Kit #39124. However, the near match is likely a coincidence (Will a larger marker test confirm no match?)

UPDATE Aug 2017 - A descendant of a Shirley not in this lineage has generated a 5th cousin match via an Autosomnal DNA test with DNA Kit #342354. Is this yet another coincidence, or is Cassel Shirley really a Y-chromosome Shirley? Is the "cousin" via a female line (autosomnal tests can ID a cousin from anywhere in the ancestry up to a few generations back). Is 5th generation too far back for testing accuracy?

However....2nd great grandmother of the autosomnal DNA test participant was a Mary Elizabeth Norman of Alabama. So, the 5th cousin link to Cassell Shirley descendants may have come via the Norman family?

5(ii). Eathel Shirley

5(iii). Alberta (Bertie) Shirley

5(iv). Columbus Ozro Shirley

5(v). Audie Shirley

5(vi). Carbit N. Shirley

5(vii). Ioney Shirley

4(ii). Lorinda Shirley born Aug 1883 Independence Co. AR

4(iii). Shelby M Shirley born Feb 1886 Independence Co. AR

4(iv). Nancy L. Shirley born April 1887 Independence Co. AR

4(v). Melissey E. Shirley born Jan 1889 Independence Co. AR

4(vi). Floyd H. Shirley born Jan 1890 Independence Co. AR

4(vii). William S. Shirley born Mar 1893 Independence Co. AR

3(xii). George Washington Shirley born 1858 Piney Fork Town, Lawrence Co. AR; Living with parents in the 1870 census, age 12, and also in 1880, age 22.

married Mary T. Norman Jan 16, 1881 Sharp Co. AR

3(xiii).  Nancy J. Shirley born Dec 1861 Evening Shade, Sharp Co. AR died Sept 1862  infant; Buried Maxwell Cemetery in Sharp Co. AR


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