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John Shirley
b. 1818 South Carolina. Lived Pickens Co Alabama  


Haplogroup E3b


Info from: James M. "Mitch" Shirley,  Jerry Shirley, Shirley Sanders

John Shirley born May 3, 1818 South Carolina.  Died Dec 17, 1883 in Pickens Co AL, 

married 1st Lydia Williams b. 1824 SC. died April 13, 1863, 

married 2nd Nancy Ann Corr b. Aug 18, 1839 d. Sept 3, 1895.

Known children

1. Julett Shirley born  Aug 24, 1843 AL   d. Gordo, AL

2. Julius Shirley born June 22, 1845 AL  d. Gordo, AL

3. Christopher Columbus "Bob" Shirley born April 14, 1847 Gordo, AL, d. June 1, 1918 Gordo, AL.

married 1st  Ophelia Howell,

married 2nd  Ada Howell

4. Thomas S. Shirley born June 25, 1848  Gordo, AL d. 1918 Gordo, AL. Bur.Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

married Roanne Elmore Feb 5, 1880   

5. George Shirley born June 30, 1850 Gordo, AL. Died Sept 7, 1889 Gordo, AL.

married Edinetta (Syney) Jones Feb 5, 1880

6. Mary Ann Shirley born Jan 19, 1852 Pickens Co. AL d. May 25, 1911 Platt City, AL. Married Joel Elmore Apr 10, 1873 Pickens Co. AL. He was b. 1847 d. 1887 Walker Co. AL. He was the of John Elmore and Nancy Odom. John Elmore was the son of Elijah Elmore and REBECCA SHIRLEY. 

7. Sarah A.. (Sallie) Shirley born May 13, 1854 AL d. Jan 29, 1928 Gordo, AL. Married Warren D. Howell Dec 14, 1876

8. Savannah (Babe) Shirley born Oct 24, 1856 Gordo, AL d. Mar 18, 1907 Gordo, AL.  Married J. Simpson Lancaster Jan 3, 1884

9. Margaret Shirley born May 18, 1858 Gordo, AL. Died Feb 3, 1891 Gordo, AL. Married William W. Hall Jan 19, 1882

Children from John's 2nd marriage to Nancy Carr

10. John Shirley born 1870 AL

11 Henrietta Shirley born 1873 AL

12 Viola J. Shirley born 1877 AL

13 Wiley Virgin Shirley born 1879 AL 

Email addresses of those of this branch...  James "Mitch" Shirley

Posted by Mitch Shirley on July 04, 1999 at 12:25:16:

I am trying to locate all of the the descendants of John Shirley (b. SC 1818-d. Pickens County, AL 1883) and his two wives. His first wife was Lydia Williams (children Juliet died as a teenager, Julius died in the Civil War, Columbus married Ophelia Victoria Howell, Thomas S. married Roanne Elmore, George married Sydney Jones, Mary Ann married Joel Elmore, Sarah Ermery "Sallie" married Warren Howell, Savannah "Babe" married Joseph Simpson Lancaster, Margarett married Will Hall. His second wife was Nancy Ann Corr (children Ada Loucressa married John Oscar Brown, Emily Ella married Elisha Thomas Hannah, John Clark married Dovie McAteer, Henrietta married Charlie W. Holman, Viola Jane married Henry Fulgham, Willie Mae presumably died young, and Arkie married Lorenzo Dow Fair called "Bud".

I would like to make contact with any descendants of these people. Mitch (James M.) Shirley, 2811 Noble Fir Court, Woodbridge, VA 22192.


Posted by Kim Cantrell on May 31, 1999 at

My earliest known Shirley ancestor is Eli Shirley who married an Odum. I have no info on this Shirley, except that he had a son John Shirley born May 5, 1818 in South Carolina. John died December 17, 1883 in Alabama. John was married to Lydia Williams first. He then married Nancy Ann Corr. Any info on John's father, Eli, would be greatly appreciated. 


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