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Jonathan Shirley
born about 1801 in Augusta Co Virginia, lived Preble Co Ohio


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__________ Shurley
(likely surname) Likely resident of Augusta Co Virginia, father of Jonathan Shurley. He may or may not have been dead soon after son Jonathan Shurley was born in 1801, depending upon whether Jonathan was born out of wedlock or not.

?married Christana Gray - Mother of Jonathan Shirley according to 1875 biography of son Jonathan Shurley published in his lifetime. She married Charles Armantrout in Montgomery Co OH in 1807. Later her son Jonathan Shurley deposed that he lived in their household "as family". Christana (or Christiana) was the sister of Susanna Gray who married John Neff in Rockingham Co Virginia in 1798. The Neffs and Christana and son Jonathan migrated from Virginia to then Montgomery (later Preble) Co Ohio either 1801 or 1805 (conflicting accounts)

children: (may have been born in or out of wedlock, this is unknown)

Jonathan Shurley born 27 January 1801 in Augusta Co VA. Lived in Monroe Township, Preble Co Ohio in 1815. Farmer. Received several BLM land warrants in the late 1820s and 1830s. Enumerated in Preble Co OH in 1850, age 49; In 1853, Jonathan Shurley signed a deposition on behalf of Christina Armantrout (nee Gray) for the purpose of her securing a widows pension for the service of her deceased husband Charles Armentrout "...we lived together as a family..." (See 1875 bio below for significance). Jonathan was also enumerated in Preble Co OH in 1860, age 59 and in 1870, age 69; He died in Peble Co OH in 1879. His will was probate in Preble Co Ohio in 1879.

Jonathan Shurley was born in Augusta County, Virginia in the year 1801. He came to Ohio in 1805, with his uncle, John Neff, and his mother. In 1826 he married Mary PENSE, who was born in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1810. Eleven children were born to them. Annie, Julia, Mary, Clinton, Jane, Eliza, Harriet, Josephine and Sarah are the only ones now living. In 1815 he moved to Monroe township, and settled on section sixteen, where he lived until his death in 1879. Mr. Shurley was justice of the peace for twelve years, up to 1868, and also filled many other offices in the township. He owned one hundred and seventy-one aces in Monroe township, all of which he had helped to clear. At one time he owned over nine hundred acres. Before his death he gave each of his children a start of eighty acres. Mr. Shurley was always identified with the improvements in the township.From "History of Preble County, Ohio 1798-1881"

JONATHAN SHURLEY. Mr. Shurley was born in Augusta county, Va., Jan. 27, 1801. He and his mother, accompanied by his uncle, emigrated to Preble county, in the autumn of 1805, and settled in the woods four and a half miles southeast of Eaton, on or near the present Franklin road. His uncle entered 160 acres, and immediately after, commenced clearing a farm. Mr. Shurley, his mother, and uncle's family, all lived together. In 1807, his mother married Charles Armentrout The name of the uncle was John Neff; his surviving sons are now residents of Winchester, Indiana-Col. Henry Neff a man of considerable reputation, and John Neff, a grain dealer. A nephew of Col. Neff is now secretary of State of Indiana. Mr. Armentrout, the step-father of Mr. Shurley, entered the tract of land now known as the Stelley farm, close by the Forty-foot Pitch. In regard to the origin of the latter name, pioneers have given different versions. According to Shurley's statement, when the army under Gen. Wayne reached this declivity, they hitched horses to the hind ends of the wagons, and let them down gradually, and the supposition is that some of the army then gave it the name, which it has borne up to the present time. Mr. Armentrout remained on this place about 8 years. They then moved into the woods, upon a tract of land near three miles northwest, and cleared nine or ten acres, and remained until 1818. In December of that year they removed to Monroe township, on the farm now owned by Mrs. Margaret Armentrout, and heirs of George Armentrout and Mr. Shurley; the land being a tract of woods-and woods being far and near a grand forest in its native state, they had to "blaze" trees in order to reach the required location. Land, in primitive times, was laid off in sections, and at each corner, a tree marked S. for section, R. for Range, and T. for township, and sometimes the initial name of the Surveyor. Mr Shurley remained with his step-father-or had his house for a home until 1827, when he married Miss Mary Pence, a farmer's daughter, about three miles distant. In 1825 he entered 80 acres adjoining the Armentrout farm and swapped 40 of his entry. for 40 of the homestead place. He afterwards, in two purchases, bought 86 acres more. Thus by industry, perseverance and economy, he was steadily rising in the world. He now owned 166 acres, and erected buildings on the forty he obtained from his step-father-first a log house, built in 1827. His first table was a puncheon slab, with four legs. He was in advance of some other pioneers; for he and his young wife had two "split-bottom chairs," which they could occupy of an evening, after a day of toil, and converse in regard to their future prospects, and look forward with bright anticipations. They also had stools and puncheon benches. For cupboard shelves holes were bored in the wall, pins introduced and slabs placed upon them. He erected a substantial frame residence in 1855, in which he continues to reside. Mr. Shurley has been a hard workmg man, having got his first start by continuous labor. He remarked that he had made rails on as many farms as any man in the township. Like other pioneers he had a desire to possess fertile lands in different localities-and at one time owned nearly a thousand acres, in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. The remarkable success which has crowned the efforts of this aged pioneer is well worth a careful consideration by those who are younger. He is now in his 75th year, his wife being ten years younger. They have raised a family of eleven children, and adopted and raised one child-Wm. Camp-who was taken at the age of two years; he is now a promising young man in Missouri, and graduated at Kirksville in that State. Their son, Clinton Shurley, Esq., is a prominent farmer in that township, and takes considerable interest in politics. J. Shurley was a Justice of the Peace for years. About the time Mr. Shurley came into Monroe township no other settlers were nearer in distance than three miles. In this connection the following persons may be mentioned as among the early pioneers and settlers of Monroe:-Charles and James Armentrout, Isaish Adams B. McCowen, John Jellison, Moses Ireland, David Fudge, Benjamin Stump, Peter Swerer, and Moses Thompson. - 1875 Directory of Preble County, page 81

1879 Oct 2 Preble Co OH Wills, Vol E pg 524 (page 526) Will of Jonathan Shurley of Preble County. to my beloved wife in lieu of her dower the farm on which we now reside situated in Nevuror Township containing 126 acres....and my town land being 160 acres in Audubon County. Item one thousand dollars to Harriet Ayns late Harriet Shurley. Item the second thousand to go to Sarah Shurley. Item To Anna Petry late Anna shurley two hundred dollars Item. To Jane Harshman late Jane Shurley three hundred dollars. Item I give to Clinton Shurley two hundred dollars. Item I give Julia Day late Julia Shurley land which she sold for one thousand dollars. Item I gave Eliza Spitlar late Eliza Shurley land which she sold for one thousand dollars. Item I give to Mary Beckel late Mary Shurley three hundred and fifty dollars. Item I give to Josephine Bennett late Josephine Shurley six hundred dollars . Item I give to my grandson Jonathan Shurley and Shurley Harshman each twenty five dollars. [upon sale of property] balance is to be equal divided between all nine of my children. Item appoint Clinton Shurley to assist his mother to manage her domestic affairs . Dated 24 March 1872 <Jonathan Shurley>

married Mary Pense on 14 January 1827 in Preble Co Ohio.


1(i). Annie Shurley. She married Solomon Petry on Dec 24, 1846 in Preble Co OH. Named in her father's 1879 will

1(ii). Julia Shurley She married Joseph Day on April 15, 1840 in Preble Co OH. Named in her father's 1879 will

1(iii). Christiana Shurley born about 1832, age 18 in 1850 census. Died prior to death of her father.

1(iv). Mary Shurley, born about 1834, age 16 in 1850 census. She married William C. Beckel on 27 October 1859 in Preble Co OH. Named in her father's 1879 will.

1(v). Clinton Shurley, esq. born in 1836, age 14 in 1850 census. Served in the Civil War. Named in his father's 1879 dated will. Enumerated in Preble Co OH in 1880, age 43. Family moved to Wayne Co Indiana by the 1900 census, age 64; Lived with daughter Julia in 1910 census.

Clinton Shurley was born in Preble county in 1836. In 1864 he married Minerva Delavan, born in 1844, in Montgomery county. They have five children, namely: Jonathan, Jerome, Julia, Minerva and Clinton. Mr. Shurley has been a justice of the peace for eleven years. In 1868 he succeed his father, and has held the office ever since. He served in the war in the One Hundred and Fifty-sixth Ohio volunteer infantry. He now farms forty-five acres part of the old homestead and also lives in the old house." From "History of Preble County, Ohio 1798-1881"

married Minerva Delavan on 25 December 1864 in Preble Co OH, age 56 in 1900 census


2(i). Jonathan Shurley born about 1866, age 4 in 1870 census, age 14 in 1880 census, age 35, single, living with parents in 1900 census.

2(ii). Jerome Shurley born about 1867, age 3 in 1870 census, age 13 in 1880 census; Married and living with wife in Wayne Co Indiana in 1900 census, age 34. He lived at Wayne Co IN in 1920, 1930, and 1940 censuses.

married Anna Rich on 31 December 1895 at Wayne Co Indiana


3(i). Lucile M Shurley born about 1901 IN, age 9 in 1910 census, age 19 in 1920 census; She married Hartup

3(ii). Dorothy Jerome Shurley born about 1904 IN, age 6 in 1910 census, age 15 in 1920 census; She married Edmund Bernard Williams on 10 September 1928 at Wayne Co IN

3(iii). Jonathan R. Shurley born 22 November 1905 IN, age 4 in 1910 census, age 14 in 1920 census; He married in 1925 in Fayette Co IN (parents named), although wife is not present with him in parent's 1930 census household, marital status: single; He died 12 June 1940, age 34 at Richmond Wayne Co IN; Buried at Earlham Cemetery.

married Evelyn Warfield on 30 November 1925 at Fayette Co IN, daughter of James Warfield and Nettie Heflin She was not enumerated with husband in 1930 census, why?

3(iv). Corneal B. Shurley born 1 October 1908 IN, age 1 in 1910 census, age 11 in 1920 census, age 21 in parent's 1930 census; He was a bartender and tavern keeper. He was arrested twice, once for running a numbers game in his bar and once for using vulgar language in public. He moved to Chicago around 1950 and became a painter. He died at his home in Chicago and was buried in Lithuanian National Cemetery on 24 October 1974.

married 1) Mabel ____

married 2) Nellie Barcus

Any male Shirley surnamed descendants willing to take DNA test?

3(v). Ralph Kinsey Shurley born 10 March 1911 at Richmond Indiana (death cert), age 8 in 1920 census, age 19 in 1930 census; He died on 27 December 1966 at Chicago, Cook Co IL occupation: advertising (burial on the 30th, source: death cert, parents named), Buried on 30 December 1966 at Resurrection Cemetery, Justice Cook Co IL

married Frances Avery on 15 November 1936 at Chicago, Cook Co IL

Any male Shirley surnamed descendants willing to take DNA test?

2(iii). Julia Shurley born 29 February 1868 in Preble Co OH, age 12 in 1880 census

2(iv). Minerva Shurley born about 1870, age 10 in 1880 census, age 10 in 1880 census

2(v). Clinton Shurley Jr. born 3 May 1872 in Preble Co OH, age 8 in 1880 census; Lived in Cook Co IL in 1910 census, age 37; Lived at Moline, Rock Island Co IL in 1920; He died at Chicago, Cook Co IL on 14 December 1928 (parents named) He was buried at Galva IL

married Emma Valentine on 5 May 1894 at Cinncinatti Hamilton Co Ohio


3(i). Florence Julia Shurley born 25 December 1894 at Cinncinatti Hamilton Co Ohio, age 15 in 1910 census

3(ii). Ima Shurley born about 1899 IL, age 1 in 1910 census, age 20 in 1920 census

3(iii). Jerome J. Shurley born 25 July 1907 at Chicago Cook Co IL (source: death cert), age 2 in 1910 census, age 12 in 1920 census; He died 20 December 1954 at Skokie Cook Co IL, age 47, occupation salesman (death cert, parents named). Buried Memory Gardens Cemetery

married Ruth ______. She was named as spouse in husband's death cert.

Any male Shirley surnamed descendants willing to take DNA test?

1(vi). Nancy Jane Shurley born about 1838, age 12 in 1850 census. She married Lewis J. Harshman in Preble Co OH. Named in her father's 1879 will.

1(vii). Eliza Shurley born about 1840, age 10 in 1850 census. She married John Henry Spitler on 8 September 1864 in Preble Co OH. Named in her father's 1879 will.

1(viii). Isabella Shurley born about 1842, age 8 in 1850 census. Died prior to death of her father.

1(ix). Harriet Shurley born about 1844, age 6 in 1850 census. She married Isaac L. Ayres on 12 September 1867 in Preble Co OH. Named in her father's 1879 will

1(x). Josephine Shurley born about 1847, age 3 in 1850 census. She married Martin Bennett on Sept 7, 1869 in Preble Co OH. Named in her father's 1879 will.

1(xi). Sarah Shurley born about 1849, age 1 in 1850 census. She married B. H. Gordon on May 6, 1882 in Preble Co OH. Named in her father's 1879 will


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