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  Jonathon Shirley
b. 1810. Lived England and New York 

Info from John Shirley

Jonathon Shirley born Nov 10, 1810  Buckinghamshire, England, died Dec 29, 1893 Owego, Tioga Co NY. Likely the Jonathan Shirley who was christened at Akeley parish (next to Stowe) on 16 August 1812 to Jonathan and Edith Shirley He came from England with 2 brothers, William Shirley (Branch 60) and Riley Shirley (see below). Jonathan was buried at Gaskill Corners Cemetery, Tioga Co NY

From Family Records: Mother:  Edith Shirley b. ca. 1785, wife of Jonathon Shirley, labourer,  died Feb 22, 1840 Dadford, Stowe, Buckingham Co. England.

(Maury TN Democrat 1 Feb 1894) - Shirley, Jonathan, died 29 Dec 1893, age 83 on Lisle Road, Owego New York; had son Nathaniel Shirley. He was born 10 Nov 1810 in Buckinghshire England, where he was married and his first two children were born; came in 1836 to the United States and lives at Owego for 55 years; father of eight children; brother of William Shirley of Columbia, who had marble works in Columbia; had been Baptist for 33 years.

In his will he left no widow, but he left the following named persons, his children, heirs at law and next of kin, viz: Nathaniel Shirley, Jonathon R. Shirley, and your petitioner (Hannah E. Howe), residing in the said town of Owego; Edward Shirley and Abbie Dolen residing in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania; Charlotte Letts residing at ___ Missawkee Co. Michigan; Mary Ann Jane residing at Edgar, Clay Co. Nebraska and Samuel Shirley.

married Mary M. _____, on June 12, 1832 in England. (likely surname Milligan, according to 1909 marriage record for son John). She was born 16 January 1813. She died 5 January 1887 and buried at Gaskill Corners Cemetery, Tioga Co NY (tombstone)


1(i). Mary Ann Shirley born about 1834 England married ______Jane, lived at Edgar, Clay Co NE

1(ii). Abigail Shirley born about 1838 NY married John Dolen Apr 22 1869 at the 1st Baptist Church of Owego; lived in Susquehanna PA

1(iii). Samuel Shirley born 2 March 1839 (findagrave); died 12 July 1895. Auctioneer. Buried at Gaskill Corners Cemetery, Tioga Co NY.

Obituary - Samuel Shirley 1840 NY died in the town of Owego about the 12th day of July 1895, leaving his widow, Janet, and Andrew L. Shirley, Cora Le Grand, Carrie Shirley, Jennie C. shirley, Samuel J. Shirley, Abbie Winne, Mary M. Walters, Edwin Shirley, Oscar Shirley , Harry Shirley and Daisy Shirley, his children. His will proved in 1897.

married Janet _______


2(i). Andrew L. Shirley

2(ii). Cora Shirley m. Le Grand

2(iii). Jennie C. Shirley

2(iv). Samuel J. Shirley

2(v). Abbie Shirley m. Eugene Winne Jan 28 1891 at the 1st Baptist Church of Owego, Tioga, NY

2(vi). Mary M. Shirley m. Walters

2(vii). Edwin Shirley born about 1875; living Owego, Tioga NY

married Grace ______


3(i). Clayton Shirley born about 1904

3(ii). Floyd Shirley born about 1906

2(viii). Oscar Shirley

2(ix). Harry Shirley

2(x). Daisy Shirley

1(iv). Nathaniel Shirley born about 1842 NY, farmer; lived Owego, Tioga NY

married Ella F. Letts on Nov 20 1873 at the 1st Baptist Church of Owego;

children (1880 census)

2(i). Lottie Shirley born about 1874 NY (1880 census)

2(ii). Bertie Shirley (f) born about 1877 NY (1880 census)

2(iii). Annie Shirley born about 1879 NY (1880 census)

2(iv). George Shirley born about 1882 NY (1905 NY census)

2(v). Minnie Shirley born about 1884 NY (1905 NY census)

1(v). Jonathon R. Shirley born about 1844 NY, lived Owego, Tioga NY

Owego Marriage Book 1, John Shirley, 63, widower, born and lives Owego, Tioga County, NY, retired. Parents: Jonathan and Mary Milligan Shirley, both born England. To Mrs. Mary J. Dunham, 63, widow, born Nichols, NY, lives Owego, NY, housekeeper. Parents: G.H. (born NY) and Elzina Hibberd (born PA) VanDeMark. Applied 6/22/1909, married 6/28/1909 in Owego, by Rev. E.D. Cavanaugh. Witnessed by Grace Shirley and Hazel Campbell.

married 1) Mary A. _______

married 2) Mary J. Van de Mark, widow of ____Dunham; born Nichols NY, dau of G. H. Van de Mark and Elzina Hibberd.


2(i). John Shirley born about 1874 (in the 1910 census)

2(ii). Nat Shirley born about 1881 (in the 1910 census)

2(iii). Mabel Shirley born about 1891 (in the 1905 NY census)

1(vi). Ann (Hannah?) Shirley born about 1845 NY married _____Howe; lived in Owego, Tioga NY

1(vii). Edward William (Edwin) Shirley born about 1848 NY died 1935

Edward W. Shirley of Church street, who will soon observe his seventy-fifth anniversary of his birth, has the proud distinction of having served the Erie company fifty years and six months. At one time he had charge of all brass work on locomotives between Jersey City and Hornell. Years ago, Mr. Shirley was police chief of Susquehanna. In the past forty years, over three hundred good friends passed on the the "better world", and Mr. Shirley remembers the name of each and everyone of them, and speaks of them with affection, remembering only their good deeds.

Edward W. Shirley, former Chief of Police in Susquehanna, and one of the best known citizens in this section, died Tuesday night at his home in Susquehanna at 8:20 O'Clock at the age of 88 years.

Mr. Shirley was very well known to Forest City, Vandling and Carbondale. For many years he manufactured medicines and tonics which he personally distributed throughout his section. He was a physical giant and of commanding appearance. He became favorably known throughout this section as Dr. Shirley.

Surviving are his wife and two sons, Andrew J., at home, and E.W. Shirley, Jr.  of Sayre. The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at 2:30 O'Clock.

married Mary Valentine


2(i). Edwrd William Shirley b 1 Aug 1885 Susquehanna Pennsylvania

married Cora Westbrook


3(i). Ellsworth Westbrook Shirley b 4 Oct 1907

1(viii). Charlotte Shirley born about 1852 NY; married Isaac J Letts on Dec 10 1877 at the 1st Baptist Church of Owego; lived Missawkee Co. Michigan

Riley Shirley born 19 June 1819 (tombstone) presumably at Buckinghamshire England, brother of Jonathan Shirley of Tioga Co NY. He arrived at the Port of New York in 1851, age 33, laborer, on the ship Northumberland. He died on 1 March 1891 and was buried at Gaskill Corners Cemetery, Tioga Co NY. His will names only his wife Hannah as sole legatee.

1891 Estate of Riley Shirley; Date of Death 1 Mar 1891; Probate 31 Jul 1891; Letters C pg 96; WB N pg 229 [186]

married Hannah Stanton on 7 August 1854 at 1st Baptist Church of Owego, Tioga Co NY. She was born 28 March 1829 (census says in New York) and died 17 October 1901 (tombstone). She named no children in her will but bequeathed most of her estate to Reilly Stanton, son of Joseph Stanton "who has resided with me for many years". She was buried at Gaskill Corners Cemetery, Tioga Co NY (tombstone)

1901 Estate of Hannah Shirley; Date of Death 1 Nov 1901; Probate 23 Apr 1902; Letters D pg 42; WB T pg 245; Inventory filed 5 July 1902; Final Decree Bk E pg 229 [152]

children: (no children shown in 1875 NY census)

1(i). Riley ?Shirley born about 1872 in New York, age 8 in 1880 census (Likely real surname Stanton, see will of Hannah Shirley)

From a personal genealogical report posted online

This professional genealogical research suggests that William Shirley migrated to America, but that brother Jonathan did not. Thus we have some confusion.

169. JONATHAN SHIRLEY (Josephine's great-great-great-grandfather) was born in 1804 in

170. EDITH MAYNARD (Josephine's great-great-great-grandmother) was born in 1784 to John Maynard 184 and Mary Or or Elizabeth Maynard 185. She was baptised on 15 April 1785, in Akeley, Buckinghamshire.

Jonathan Shirley 169 married Edith Maynard in 1801. They had two children:

Jonathan Shirley 140 born about 1812 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire; died in 1886 in This is wrong. This guy is son of Joseph and Elizabeth Shirley of Calverton Bucks. He was christened in 1814 at Calverton.
William Nelson Shirley 147 born on 24 March 1826 in Buckinghamshire; died on 2
February 1903


147. WILLIAM NELSON SHIRLEY (Josephine's great-great-great-uncle) was born on 24 March 1826 in Buckinghamshire to Jonathan Shirley 169 and Edith Maynard 170. William was a Stone stone cutter, and carver. In 1834, he iemmigrated to the USA. William died on 2 February 1903 and was buried in .
William was buried in Columbia, TNTennessee.

The following information is also recorded for William: Nationality: English.
o Left England in 1834 with his uncle.uncle. and L landed in New YOrkYork. Later brought over Hhis brothers Jonathon and Riley followed later.. ; tThe rest of the family remained in England. He married an Indian woman, said to have been an herb doctor. (Aunt Eva said she had a cure for anything that troubled you.) Their children were SamualSamuel, William, Alfred, Rosie, Elizabeth, Edith .

Married his second wife in Columbia, TN Tennessee - Anna Elizabeth Morrow, b. Sept 26, 1864 in MMurray


Wrong family linked in internet genealogy

Joseph Shirley (this is the correct father and mother of Jonathan Shirley of Calverton)

married Elizabeth


JONATHAN SHIRLEY (Josephine's great-great-grandfather) was born about 1812 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire to Jonathan Shirley 169 and Edith Maynard 170. He was baptised on 16 Au-gust 1812, in Akeley, Buckinghamshire. WRONG. Jonathan was chr 13 February 1814 at Calverton Bucks to Joseph and Elizabeth Shirley. Census profiles for this Jonathan and Ann HH consistently show him born c.1814 at Calverton, not 1812 etc. See Calverton Parish MI below also

married ANN ______(Josephine's great-great-grandmother) was born about 1814 in Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire

They had eight children:

William Shirley 100 born about 1835 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire
Elizabeth A Shirley 85 born about 1837 in Westonbury, Northamptonshire; died in 1876 in Cheshire
Joseph Shirley 101 born about 1841 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire
Samuel Shirley 102 born about 1843 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire
George Shirley 103 born about 1845 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire
Frederick Shirley 104 born about 1847 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire
Hannah Shirley 105 born about 1850 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire
Edward Shirley 106 born about 1853 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire

Calverton MI

In loving memory of Ann SHIRLEY
born July 1st 1813 died Sept 7th 1882
also of Jonathan SHIRLEY
born Dec 27th 1813 died Jan 11th 1886
Not lost but gone before: Affliction sore long time we bore
Physicians were in vain
God did please to give us ease
and freed us from our pain.

Note: Jonathan Shirley chr 16 Aug 1812 at Akeley cm Stockholt Bucks to Jonathan Shirley and wife Edith (This christening does not match the MI)

Children of Jonathan Shirley and Ann of Calverton Bucks

100. WILLIAM SHIRLEY (Josephine's great-great-uncle) was born about 1835 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire to Jonathan Shirley 140 and Ann Shirley 141. In 1861, he was an engine fitter and had married Maria Smith, a lacemaker,, in 1856. They had one daughter, Ann (b 1858), and lived in Middle Weald, a hamlet near Calverton. The family moved to Crewe sometime before 1871 and lived at iIn Flag Lane, Coppenhall MonksMonks Coppenhall. William worked as a machinist and by then had had three more children, Samuel (b. 1864), John (b. 1867) and Albert (b. 1869). They were still in Flag Lane in 1881 and by thenat that time Samuel was an apprentice in an iron works, and John was an apprentice grocer. In 1891 John and Albert were still living with their parents, John having become a grocer's assistant whilst Albert was a steam engine fitter. The 1901 census shows that Maria had returned to Calverton following the death of her husband in 1894 and lived with her father, William Smith - who by was then was 94.

101. JOSEPH SHIRLEY (Josephine's great-great-uncle) was born about 1841 in Calverton, Buck-inghamshire to Jonathan Shirley 140 and Ann Shirley 141. In 1861, he was an engine smith. He moved to Coppenhall MonksMonks Coppenhall, Crewe before 1871 and was an engine turner. By then he had married Eliza Meacham from Stony Stratford and had three children, William George (b. 1864), Rose Emma (b. 1866) and Frances (b. 1870). The 1881 census shows them living 210 West St, Crewe, with William having become an apprentice engine fitter and Rose Emma working as a finisher in a clothing factory; n the meantime another child had been born, Ada Hannah, in 1877. Sadly, Ada died in 1883 and by 1891 all the other children had left home, and so Joseph and Eliza lived alone at 41 Ford Lane, Crewe. Both Joseph and Eliza died in 1910.

102. SAMUEL SHIRLEY (Josephine's great-great-uncle) was born about 1843 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire to Jonathan Shirley 140 and Ann Shirley 141. In 1861 he was a carpenter and still living with his parents. In 1864 he had moved to London and married Elizabeth Rosina Francis, from Pimlico. In 1891 they lived in 18 Anhalt Rd, Battersea and had two children; Frederick (b. 1881) who was a whitesmith and Annie (b. 1885) who was a florist.

103. GEORGE SHIRLEY (Josephine's great-great-uncle) was born about 1845 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire to Jonathan Shirley 140 and Ann Shirley 141. In 1861, he worked as a general servant. In 1870 George married Sarah Pritchard Mann in London and they both worked as launderers in Chelsea, Unfortunately Sarah died in 1872, possibly whilst giving birth to their son, George. George Senior, ,, clearly not a man to stay single for long, married, married Rose Faulkner on 22 Mar 1873. Rose came from Oxted in Surrey but it's interesting to note that they shared the same address on the wedding certificate - Montgomery House, Glebe Place, Chelsea. In 1891 they were still in Glebe Place but by then had had two more children; Arthur (b. 1874) and Mary Margaret (b. 1879). Rose's father, Edward, also lived with them. By 1901 they had moved to Jasmine Villas, Datchet, Berkshire with their daughter. George is recorded as having no occupation in the census. Both Rose and George died in 1902.

104. FREDERICK SHIRLEY (Josephine's great-great-uncle) was born about 1847 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire to Jonathan Shirley 140 and Ann Shirley 141. In 1871 he was a coachman for the Earl of Carysfort at Elton Hall, Cambridgeshire. Frederick married Caroline Gawthorp Kitchingman (who was born in Leeds and the daughter of a bookmaker) on 24 Aug 1875, when they both lived at Montgomery House, Glebe Place, Chelsea (the same address as Frederick's brother George). The 1881 census records them as having two children; Harry (b. 1879) and Minnie (b. 28 Dec 1879). By thenBy then Frederick was working as a licensed victualler at the Devonport Arms, Devonport Mews, Paddington, London. One more child, Lizzie was born in 1884 but tragically Frederick died the same year. The 1891 census shows that Caroline moved to 21 Marville Rd, Fulham with the children, and the pub was taken over by Spencer Chaplin - the grandfather of Charlie Chaplin. Caroline found employment as a needlewoman and the 1901 census records her as still at the same address, but now employing her daughter Lizzie as a dressmaker. Caroline died in 1910 and Lizzie went on to marry Eli Lingfield, a travelling salesman, on 11 Apr 1914. Harry became a carpenter, and Minnie became a dressmaker. She, who is last recorded in the 1901 census when she was visiting her uncle, Edward Shirley, in Stoke Prior, Worcestershire.

105. HANNAH SHIRLEY (Josephine's great-great-aunt) was born about 1850 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire to Jonathan Shirley 140 and Ann Shirley 141. She is recorded in the 1871 census as living with her brother George and his family at Montgomery House, Glebe Place, Chelsea and working as a domestic servant. By 1881 she had moved to Pinner and was living and working as a domestic servant at the Royal Commercial Travellers School at Hatch End.

106. EDWARD SHIRLEY (Josephine's great-great-uncle) was born about 1853 in Calverton, Buckinghamshire to Jonathan Shirley 140 and Ann Shirley 141. In 1871, he was a schoolteacher in Calverton. Edward married Charlotte Lydia Hobbs in Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire in 1878 and the 1881 census records him working as a toll collector at Stoke Wharf, Worcestershire, on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. They They had six children:

Lilian Mary (b. 1879).
George (b 1883)
Frederick (b. 1886)
Martha (b. 1887)
Bessie (b. 1889)
Dorothy (b 1898)





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