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  Lawrence Shirley (Sutherland)
b. ca 1710-15  Lived Burlington, Bergen Co. New Jersey, Rockland Co NY

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Lawrence Surley/Soerle married in 1738 in Burlington Co NJ (surname "Surley"), Moved to Orange Co NY (later Rockland Co) by the next year 1739 baptism of daughter Jacomyntje (surname "Soerle") Note: a Francis Surley was married at about the same time in Burlington NJ, a relative?

married Mary Van Horn on June 12, 1738 at Burlington New Jersey, St. Mary's Church, formerly St. Ann's Church


1(i). Jacomyntje Soerle (female) born 13 July 1739, bapt. Nov 4, 1739. She married Nicholas Lozier

Jacomyntje Soerle was born in Near Tappan, NY [Orange Co] on 13 July 1739 to Leverents Soerle and Maria Van Horn. ?church

Is there proof the following children are from the above marriage?

1(ii). James Shirley Nov 8, 1741 Orange Co. NY,  bapt. Dec 6, 1741. Surname was Jurlie (Surlie) in 1766 at time of son's baptism (if the same person?). He was living at Haverstraw Precinct, Orange Co New York (as James Shirley) when he took the General Test of Association in 1775. Lived in Orange (later Rockland Co) NY at the time of his enlistment into the Revolutionary War in 1776

married 1) Marytje_____ She was named in the 1766 baptism record of presumed son Lawrence (Lourens) at Paramas NJ

married 2) Ann Quick She was identified as the mother of daughter Catherine in 1775 in church records

Conflict? Lawrence "Shurly" (lineage shown below) fits the 1810 census, John "Sutherland" barely fits census, but not James "Sutherland", who is he, maybe an un-named son of James "Shirley" (above)?

1810 Rockland Co NY Census

Haverstraw Twp

Lawrence Shurly,  11001-00001 (born before 1765, having children late in life?)

John Sutherland 20010 - 11010 (age 26-45, born 1765-1784, young family)

James Sutherland 11010 - 30010 (age 26-45, born 1765-1784, young family)


2(i). Lawrence Sutherland born on  June 12, 1763 Harrington, Bergen Co. NJ, He is claimed to be the Lourens Jurlie (or Surlie) baptised at Paramus Reformed Dutch Church on 30 March 1766, to James and Marytje Jurlie/Surlie. Witnesses Teunis and Grietje Helm. He was enumerated at Haverstraw Rockland Co NY (as Lawrence Shurly) in 1810 census. He applied for a Revolutionary war pension in 1832 (as Lawrence Sutherland). Enumerated in 1830 Ramapo Twp, Rockland Co NY census (as Lawrence Sutherland), age 60-70 (born 1760-70). He died 9 October 1846. Buried at Ramapo Reformed Church Cemetery, Mahwah Bergen Co NJ

Rev'l War Penstion Application: ------------------------------"...He thinks in the year 1776, he, his father and his brother John enlisted at the house of one Coleman in the now town of Clarktown in the now county of Rockland (then Orange), company commanded by Capt Abraham for the term of 5 months. That his father received the Bounty, his brother and himself being under age, that they were marched to Haverstraw....They were known as the Shurly Gang"

married Elizabeth _____


3(i). Mary Feb 11, 1788 Franklin Bergen Co. NJ, m. Samuel Stillwell Mar 9, 1805 Paramus   Bergen Co. NJ, died about 1865.

3(ii). Ann Aug 11, 1789 Franklin, Bergen Co. NJ, died Jan 3, 1872 Ramsey, Bergen Co. NJ, m. Richard Straut Jan 3, 1809 Rockland Co.  NY.   [NO CHILDREN]

3(iii). Hannah Aug 18, 1791 Franklin, Bergen Co. NJ. died Nov 9, 1855, m. David Hermion Dec 10, 1808 Rockland Co. NY (7 children)

3(iv). John Lawrence April 17, 1793 Franklin Bergen Co. NJ, m. 1st Catherine Goetschius Dec 5, 1812 Rockland Co. NY, m. 2nd Hannah Pulis. He may be the John "Sutherland" enumerated at Ramapo Twp Rockland Co NY census in 1830, age 30-40, and age 40-50 in 1840 census for Ramapo, Rockland Co NY.

3(v). Catherine Oct 15, 1800 Franklin Bergen Co. NJ

3(vi). Lawrence Sutherland, Jr. born 15 November 1805 (source: tomstone), Enumerated in Rockland Co NY in 1840 census, age 30-40; Enumerated at Ramapo Rockland Co in 1850 census, age 45 (born New York). He died Sept 19, 1865 at Ramapo, Rockland Co. NY. Buried Airmont Lutheran Cemetery Suffern Rockland Co NY (source: tombstone, surname Sutherland)

married Ann Van Houten Jan 26, 1826 at Ramapo Rockland Co. NY. Age 40 in 1850 census household. She was the daughter of Joseph Dircks Van Houten and Catherine Gerritson

2(ii). John Sutherland born ca. 1767. He was identified as John Sutherland at the time of his daughter Rebecca's baptism in 1796 at the Reformed Dutch Church of West New Hemstead, New York. Enumerated in 1810 Rockland Co NY census, not found in 1820 nor 1830 (different John in that year)

married Elizabeth Johnson. Named as mother of daughter Rebecca in 1796 baptism record.

2(iii). Antje  Bapt. Dec 6, 1770 ... father listed as James Sutherland

2(iv). Catherine Shirley baptised 14 June 1777 at Machackemeck, Orange Co. New York

1775 Jun 14 Catharina baptised to James Shirley and Ann Quick. Wit: Benjamin Rosenkrants, Mary McGee - Records of Baptism of the Reformed Church at Machackemeck (Deerpark)

2(v). [possibly] James Sutherland - born 1770-1780; enumberated in 1810 census at Haverstraw Rockland Co NY, age 26-45. Enumerated in 1830 census at Haverstraw, Rockland Co NY age 50-60 (b 1770-80), wife age 40-50. Enumerated in 1840 census at Haverstraw Rockland Co NY age 60-70

Caution, there is an elderly William Sutherland also enumerated in 1830 Rockland Co NY, age 60-70, but Clarktown Twp; Who is he?

1(iii). Lawrence (Lowrens) Shirley - He was enumerated at Bergen Co New Jersey in 1790. Taxed in Franklin Township Bergen Co NJ in 1793 (as Lawrence Shirley). Lived in Bergen Co NJ in 1800, and in 1820 (as Lawrence Shirley) Are these New Jersey tax lists for this Lawrence Shirley or for the above (son of James)

married Maria Demarest

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Hannah Shurley was also known as Hannah Sutherland. her parents were Lawrence J and Elizabeth Sutherland Her dads dad James faught in the Rev war under the name Shurley. She was born 1791 in Bergen Co NJ died Nov 9 1855 in Suffern Ny she married David Hemion (B oct 23,1785) on Dec 10, 1880.




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