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  Lucas Shirley
b. ca1740's. Lived in Tennessee 


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Lucas Shirley, (Luke Abe Shirley) died in 1792 Greene County Tennessee.

married Margaret_________. She married 2nd, John Muckleroy/McElroy.

21 April 1816 LW&T of Margaret Mackleroy of Green Co State of TN being very weak in body but of sound mind and memory and calling to mind the mortality of my body knowing that it is appointed for all men to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following - first of all I recommend my body to the earth from whereas it was taken to be buried in decent christian burial at the descretion of my executor my soul into the hands of almighty God who gave it. Item I will that all my just debts and funeral charges to be paid out of my estate. Item I give and bequesth to my granddaughter Martha Shirley daughter of Adam Shirley all my land and plantation on which I now live to be had in possession by her at her marriage or at her coming to the age of 21 years by her and her heirs to be enjoyed for ever. Item I will that my son Adam Shirley may enjoy all and singular the benefits of said land and plantation until my said granddaughter shall come as above to enjoy it herself and forever said son Adam to live on said land if he chooses. Item I give unto my granddaughter Nancy Shirley one black man called Kate now in my possession, one cow called Mott; one heifer called Brindle also anothe rheifer called Sid likewise one bed and furniture and the dressware all of which bby her to be enjoyed forever after my decease together with one bedstead to be possessed as above Item I appoint my son Adam Shirley and George H. Gillespie the sole executor of this my last will and testament. Item I give unto my son Adam Shirley one horse a sorrel called Monk by him to be enjoyed forever after my decease. Item I give unto my daughter Margaret Emmert and my sons Michael, George, John and Frederick Shirley an equal division of my estate after all the above legacies are paid up by them to be enjoyed forever after my decease. In witness whereof the said Margaret McElroy hath herunto set her hand and seal notifying this and this alone to be her last will and testament and disannulling all other former will or wills, declaring them void and that this and this alone is her very last will and testament. Signed sealed pronounced and declared to be her last will and testament in presence of each other have subscribed their names as witnesses the twenty first day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen. Thoams Doane, Isaac Collet, Geo. H. Gillespie. Signed Marg X Mackleroy.


1(i). Michael Shirley He was identified as living in neighboring Hawkins Co TN at the time he and brohter Frederick Shirley sold land in Greene Co TN to their mother Margaret McElroy in 1796. He is presumed to be the Michael Shirley living in McNairy County Tennessee in 1830 census, age 60-70, with wife and young female age 10-15 in household. In 1850, This Michael, then aged 79 born VA was enumerated in the McNairy census household of James and Sarah Tedford.

married Sarah Parkhouse on Feb 21, 1791 Greene Co. TN.

Presumed child:

2(i). Sally Shirley married James M. Tedford

1(ii). George Shirley born Sept 15, 1770 PA, died 1824 TN.

Johann George Schalle chr. Dec 27, 1772 Salem German Reformed Church, Cearfoss, Conocheague District, Washington Co. MD is believed to be this George Shirley.

married Elizabeth Polland Nov 23, 1804 Carter Co. TN. She was born Oct 3, 1783 VA and died Oct 12, 1858 Fayette Co. IL. She married Jeremiah Evans in 1830 and he died before 1840. Elizabeth is living with her son John Shirley in Fayette County Illinois in the 1850 census.

1(iii). Adam Shirley born about 1780. Executor of the 1816 will of his mother Margaret Mackleroy of Greene Co TN. Was appointed master of a coverlid weaver's apprentice named Richard Mills in 1816 in Greene Co TN. Left Green County by 1830 census. In 1820, Adam and son-in-law Jacob Barnhart jointly sold 125 acres in Green Co TN to Ira Green, land where both Adam Shirley and Green then lived. Age 50-60 with wife living in Buroise Towsnhip, Gasconade Co Missouri in 1840 census.He was age 80, living in Osage, Miller Co Missouri in the 1860 census. Living with widowed daughter in Miller Co Missouri in 1850 census, age 73. He lived with his daughter Martha Barnhart. According to family tradition, he lived to be 114 years old. 

married Sarah Brown Nov 4, 1804 Greene Co. TN.


2(i). Martha Shirley born about 1800. Named as child of Adam Shirley in 1816 will of Margaret Mackleroy of Green Co TN. She married Jacob Barnhart on 27 October 1820 in Green Co TN. They moved to Miller Co Missouri.

1(iv). Frederick Shirley born about 1785. He lived in Cooper County Missouri  

"Frederick Shurley" the mightiest hunter in all the land round about Otterville, in 1827, settled the place now owned by his son Robert Shurley, southeast of Otterville. He was with General Jackson in the Creek war, and was present at the memorable battle of the Horse Shoe Bend, where the Indians, by the direction of their prophets, had made their last stand. He used to recount, with deep interest, the thrilling incidents connected with this muzzle to muzzle contest, in which over half a thousand red-skins were sent, by Jackson and Coffee, to their happy hunting
grounds. History of Cooper Co Missouri

1(v). John Shirley Named in the 1792 will of his father Luke Shirley of Greene Co TN. Taxed with brother Adam Shirley in Capt Stansfield District, Greene Co TN in 1809 He purchased items from the estate of Isaac Collet Sr in 1812 in Greene Co.. Named again in the will of Margaret McElroy of Greene Co in 1816. Nothing more known

1(vi). Maria Elizabeth Shirley chr June 24, 1779 First Reformed Church Lancaster Co. PA

married Malachia Cleek on May 6, 1795 Greene Co. TN

1(vii). Margaret Shirley born about 1760-65. She was named in the 1816 will of her mother Margaret Mackleroy of Green Co TN.

married George Emmert on Jan 8, 1785 Greene Co. TN. He was born 1757 



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