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Michael Shirley (cont.)
b. ca1740. Family lived in Virginia and Kentucky 


Family Connections to Branch #29, 31
DNA Haplogroup R1b1 (matches Branch 29)
See this Shalle Family pedigree for the likely ancestry of Michael Shirley


1(vi). Charles Shirley born about 1771 in Augusta Co. VA; They lived Clark Co. IN and MO. He died 1817 in MO,

married Rebecca Collier Nov 15, 1795 Madison Co. KY, born April 21, 1778. She was was the daughter of John Collier and Millie Vaughn.


2(i). Nancy Shirley born Aug 1797 m. Robert Alcorn in 1812 Clay Co. KY

2(ii). Mary A. Shirley born Nov 1798  m. David Wise Daily Aug 29, 1818 Clark Co. IN born Aug 16, 1798 d. Aug 22, 1873

2(iii). Lucy Shirley born June 1800  m. William F. Foster - A prominent member of the bar of Edwards County, was born in Clark county, Indiana, May 3, 1840. His father, William Foster, was a native of Yorkshire, England.  He was educated at Ackworth in an institution under the asupices of the Quakers, or Friends.    

2(iv). Rebecca Shirley born Nov 1801  m. Aaron Johnson Mar 24, 1828 Clark Co. IN

2(v). George Shirley born June 1804 He never married

2(vi). Jincey Lydia Shirley born June 1808, d. Nov 11, 1932 m. James Huckleberry May 12, 1828 Clark Co. IN

2(vii). Silas ?George Shirley born Dec 11, 1806 Boones Fort, Kentucky. He died Dec 30, 1895 Bandera Co. Texas. Charles died when his son, Silas., was 10 years old. In court records of Howard Co. Missouri, Silas was apprenticed to Joseph Tolly to learn a trade by his guardian, Nicholas Proctor, who was a cousin. He is buried at Pipe Creek Cem, Bandera Co TX (Note: many records identify Silas' middle initial as C, not G, including his tombstone)

Silas ?George Shirley, his 2nd wife Catherine Green (seated),
and their daughter Lydia Shirley Buell

married 1st. Mary Mott,

married 2nd Catharine Green who was born Jan 26, 1822 and d. Oct 3, 1893. She is buried at Pipe Creek Cem, Bandera Co TX


3(i). George Franklin Shirley born Jan 10, 1841 TX d. Nov 16, 1916, m. Ann Olivis McElroy Sept 1880. She was born Mar 29, 1846 Meridan, Lauderdale Co. MS d. Dec 9, 1916. She was married first to John White. Ann was the daughter of John M. McElroy and Martha Gains.


4(i). John Bladen Shirley born Sept 20, 1881 TX, d. Oct 12, 1941, m. Etta Marie McVey

4(ii). Kate Maud Shirley born May 4, 1883 TX m. S. G. Price July 12, 1905

4(iii). Edgar Warick Shirley born Nov 10, 1887 TX

4(iv). Joe Willie Shirley born Dec 24, 1889 TX, d. Mar 8, 1943, m. Bessie Kelley June 5, 1912

3(ii). Oliver Silas Shirley born Jan 24, 1844 Jasper Co. TX d. Oct 4, 1928 Austin, Travis Co. TX,

Oliver Silas Shirley

married 1st. Emslee Andress in 1862, born Aug 31, 1846 Pipe Creek, TX; She died May 3, 1872

married 2nd Mary Simpson in 1873

married 3rd Lavina Dunlap on April 30, 1879; She was born Oct 26, 1853 Harrison, Cass Co. TX; She died Aug 3, 1935 St. David, Cochise, AZ.  


4(i). George Franklin Shirley born Jan 16, 1863 Bandera Co. TX

married Francis ___.

4(ii). Oliver Silas Shirley born April 4, 1865, d. Mar 9, 1909 unmarried

4(iii). Kathryn Theresa Maria Shirley born Aug 18, 1868 Bandera Co. TX, d. June 5, 1949, m. M.T. or Bill Sapp

4(iv). Effie Jane Shirley born May 7, 1870 Bandera Co. TX, d. April 12, 1944, m. William Irby Mar 20, 1886

4(v). John William Shirley born May 24, 1872 Bandera Co. TX, He lived with his two sisters Effie Thompson and Theresa Sapp in Kerrville in the 1940 census. He died 17 April 1956 in San Antonio Bexar Co TX. He was almost 84 years old at the time of death. Buried Oakley Cemetery in San Antonio TX. (parents not named on death cert.)

married Martha (Mattie) E Campbell on 16 February 1902 at Uvalde TX. She was born 12 November 1878 at Posita Bexar Co TX. She died in 18 March 1906, apparently in child birth.


5(i). Eula Shirley born September 1902 at Posita TX. She died of Typhoid Fever on 2 September 1922 at Posita Bexar Co TX. Parents named in death certificate

5(ii). Frank Lee Shirley born 18 March 1906 in San Antonio Bexar Co TX. He died 23 September 1952 at Galveston, Co TX. Parents named on death certificate

married Alice Matilda Hannsmann on 2 December 1925 at Bexar Co TX


6(i). Raymond Fritz Shirley

6(ii). Dallas Edward Shirley born 24 October 1930 at San Antonio, Bexar Co TX

ancestor of DNA participant

4(vi). Edward Shirley (son of 2nd wife, Mary Simpson)

4(vii). Silas Archibald Shirley born May 4, 1882 Vanderpool, Bandera Co. TX, d. Sept 30, 1956 South Springs, TX,

married Elizabeth Fairchild who was born Feb 4, 1889 Gillespie Co. TX She died May 7, 1948. (child of Lavina Dunlap)


5(i). Leslie Shirley born Feb 23, 1907 Gillespie Co. TX, m. Martha ___

5(ii). Lorena Shirley born Feb 19, 1908 Gillespie Co. TX, m. Vernon Sanders 

5(iii). Sadie Shirley born July 13, 1909 Gillespie Co. TX, m. 1st. Jack Rickey

5(iv). Linnie Shirley born Mar 1, 1911 Gillespie Co. TX, m. Eugene Williams 

5(v). Velma Shirley born Mar 3, 1913 Bandera Co. TX, m. John Smiley

5(vi). Gerald Shirley born May 16, 1922 Bandera Co. TX, m. Esther Smith

5(vii). Gladys Shirley born Feb 10, 1924 Johnston City, TX, m. Laurence Moritz

5(viii). Homer Ishmael Shirley born May 14, 1927 d. May 10, 1931

4(viii). Albert Elias Shirley born Dec 26, 1884 Vanderpool, Bandera Co. TX

4(ix). Henry Shirley born Nov 3, 1885  Vanderpool, Bandera Co. TX

4(x). Wiley Shirley born Oct 30, 1888 Vanderpool, Bandera Co. TX

4(xi). Lillie Shirley born Mar 3, 1892 Vanderpool, Bandera Co. TX

4(xii). Rosae Shirley born Mar 3, 1892 Vanderpool, Bandera Co. TX (twins) (Louise Tilton's mom)

3(iii). Felix G. Shirley born 1848

3(iv). Lydia Shirley born Oct 25, 1863 (dau of Catharine, 2nd marriage), d. Feb 10, 1953, m. Gay Buell Feb 26, 1877  

2(viii). Felix Cabron Shirley born Sept 1811

married Lavonia Yaden


3(i). James Johnson Shirley born Dec 17, 1843

3(ii). William Shirley born July 9, 1845 m. Mary  Sheffner

3(iii). Rebecca Indiana Shirley born 1848

3(iv). Mary Jane Shirley born 1854 m. George Cox

3(v). Emily Ann Shirley born June 25, 1856 m. Nathaniel M. Neely June 10, 1912 

2(ix). Charles Shirley born June 1813

2(x). Seth Shirley born 1815


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