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Moses Shirley
b. ca1769. Lived Laurens Co. South Carolina and Habersham Co. Georgia 


See Branch #1, John Shirley of Laurens SC

Haplogroup E3b


Moses Shirley was born about 1769 near Liberty, Laurens Co. South Carolina. He appeared in 1800 census for Laurens Co SC with wife and 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls). It is now apparent that Moses moved his family to Northeastern Georgia about 1803, appearing in an "Old Walton" county census in that year (Old Walton is not the same as the county of the same name currently. It was disputed territory between Georgia and NC). Georgia 1810 census is lost, but Moses lived in Habersham Co GA in 1820, 1830, and 1840 census; He died likely in Habersham Co GA prior to 1850, but exact ate of death and place of burial not known.

married Judah _____. 


1(i).  Judy Malissa Shirley born. ca. 1794 Laurens Co. SC m. Edward Meeks Nov 19, 1827 Habersham Co. GA

1(ii). Berryman Shirley was born March 18, 1795 in Laurens Co South Carolina and died March 3, 1875 Alto, Georgia. Buried Shirley Cem. Scroges Farm, Habersham Co. GA.

married Susannah Stearns July 13, 1818 Rabun Co., GA. She was born April 8, 1792 daughter of Ebenezer and Mary Ann Stearns of Laurens Co SC, she died July 13, 1877 Alto, GA.

1(iii). Riley Shirley born ca. 1799 Laurens Co. SC (may be this Riley Shirley Branch #45)

1(iv). John L. Shirley born 1801 SC, d. Feb 14, 1884,

married Mary Polly C.Y. Weeks April 4, 1824 Rabun Co. GA. She was b. ca. 1801/1803, Habersham Co, GA, d. Feb 9, 1898 Rabun Co, GA


2(i). Harrison T. Shirley born June 6,1826 Tullulah Falls, Rabun Co. GA d. Oct 14,1826 GA

2(ii) James Perry Shirley born Oct 7, 1831 Tullulah Falls, Rabun Co GA, d. Aug 5, 1893 m. Mildred "Millie" Jane Taylor in 1863


3(i). James Henry Shirley born Dec 14, 1866 Rabun Co. GA. d. June 30, 1919 Walton Co. GA,

married Josephine Selma Woodall Nov 24, 1887. She was born April 23, 1866 Rabun Co. Ga. d. April 6, 1931 Fulton Co. GA. Her parents were Jasper Jordan Woodall and Mary Eliz. Kerby.


4(i). Byron Shirley born June 12, 1888 GA, d. Oct 26, 1960,

married Maude Alice Holtzclaw Dec 12, 1912

4(ii). Maude Shirley born Jan 21, 1890 GA d. July 19, 1909 m. David Pinkney Nov 24, 1908

4(iii). Claude Shirley born Mar 20, 1891 m. 1st. Joe Cochran Sept 6, 1910

4(iv). Gertrude Shirley born Oct 29, 1892 GA m. Albert Smith Dec 18, 1912

4(v). Talley Henry Shirley born May 25, 1894

married Allie Florence Wood July 10,  1923

4(vi). Dee Shirley born Jan 17, 1896 d. May 25, 1898

2(iii). David N. Shirley born b. Jul 18, 1834 Tullulah Falls, Rabun Co GA, d. Sept 16, 1909, 

married 1st  Mary Martha Ellard who died of Milk leg fever after birth of 3rd child,

married 2nd  Rebecca A. Ivester Dyer, widow, August 17, 1865  She was born Sept 1840/44 GA. 


3(i). Tallulah S. Shirley born 1859 GA

3(ii). Harrison A. Shirley born 1860 GA

3(iii). Nancy M. Shirley born 1862 GA

3(iv). Jane Ellard Shirley born 1866 GA, m. Richard Warren Franklin

3(v). George Enloe Shirley born March 1868 GA

3(vi). Jonathan Keid Shirley born 1869 GA

3(vii). John Marion Shirley born 1871 GA

3(viii). Frances Newton Shirley born 1874 GA

3(ix). Rebecca E. Shirley born 1876 GA 

3(x). Joseph Edward Shirley born Dec. 1878 GA

3(xi). Solilliah Amanda (Lillie) Shirley born Sept 1882 GA 

3(xii). Ernest David R. Shirley born Aug 28, 1887 GA

2(iv). Jonathon Steven Shirley born July 18, 1834 Tullulah Falls, Rabun Co GA, d. Sept 6, 1863,He died in Civil War

married Hulda Stone.

one child

3(i). Sebastian Cabot Shirley born Oct 1860 Clarksville, Habersham Co, GA

married Eliza J Elizer Dover  Nov 24, 1883, Habersham Co, GA. She was born in Aug 1864.


4(i). Judge L. Shirley born June 1886 GA

4(ii). Lucinda Shirley born June 1888 GA

4(iii). Colonel B. Shirley born Dec. 1890 GA

4(iv). King S. Shirley born July 1893 GA

4(v). Frances Shirley born Dec. 1895 GA

4(vi). Sebastian L. Shirley born April 1898 GA

2(v). John Marion Shirley born July 22,1836 GA, d. June 3, 1865

2(vi). Arminda Shirley born May 17, 1839  GA,

married Bird Shirley Dec 29, 1865, son of Aaron P. Shirley


3(i). Georgina Shirley born 1868

3(ii). John Henry Shirley born 1869

3(iii). Clinton Monroe Shirley born 1873

3(iv). Mary J. Shirley born 1879

2(vii). Edward Wiley Shirley born May 16, 1841 Rabun Co. GA, d. Jan 31or Nov 12, 1927,

married Rebecca E. Price in Sept 26, 1864/6 who was b. April 1846 GA


3(i). John A. Shirley born March 1868

3(ii). James Shirley born 1870

3(iii). Charley E. Shirley born May 1872 GA

3(iv). Hannah La Dora Shirley born  Dec 1874

3(v). Escey Garnet Shirley born  Feb 1877

3(vi).  Eugene Oscar Shirley born April 1879 GA

3(vii). Rosco Shirley born Jan 1883 GA

3(viii). Ralph Shirley born June 1885 GA

3(ix). Patrick Shirley born Jan 1887 GA

3(x). Grover Shirley born April 1890 GA

2(viii).  Classa A. Malinda Shirley born b. July 2, 1849 Tullulah Falls, Rabun Co GA, d. July 20, 1849

1(v). Samuel A. Shirley born ca. 1805 SC d. 1870 Habersham Co. GA,

married Rachel Alinda Dyer July 12, 1854; She widow of James Wheeler and they had 3 daughters, Louisa, Mary Jane and Mary June (twins)


2(i). Rachel A. Shirley born 1855

2(ii).  Juda Lucinda Shirley born 1856

2(iii). Solomon David Shirley born Mar 5, 1858 

2(iv). Dial R. Shirley born 1861

1(vi). Aaron P. Shirley born ca. 1806 SC. He died in 1856 Habersham Co. GA,

married Eleanor Wheeler on Jan 12, 1832 in Habersham Co., GA. She was widowed and head of household in the 1860 Habersham Co GA census.


2(i).  Nancy C. Shirley born 1833 m. James M. White Jan 25,1853

2(ii). Hezekiah D. Shirley born Sept 1836

married Hannah M. Crow  Feb 11,1857


3(i). Ruth Caroline Shirley born 1858

3(ii). Rebecca A. Shirley born 1861

3(iii). Martha J. Shirley born 1864

3(iv). Eliza A. Shirley born 1868

2(iii). Bird (Birdy) Shirley born May 3, 1842  in Habersham Co., GA. Age 17 in mother's 1860 census household

married 1st Amanda Ann Shirley on Dec. 29, 1865 in Habersham Co., GA, daughter of John L. Shirley.

married 2nd Rebecca L. Ramey on June 5, 1892 in Habersham Co., GA, d. 1918 or 1919. 


3(i). Georgina J Shirley born 1868

3(ii). John Henry Shirley born Nov. 15, 1869 or 1870 in Tallulah Falls, GA,

married Emma Lee Utley on Oct. 24, 1911 (??), d. Dec 24, 1942 in Richmond, VA

3(iii). Clinton Monroe Shirley born 1873

3(iv). Mary J. Shirley 1879

3(v). Nora Shirley born 1892  dau of Rebecca, 2nd wife

2(iv). Samuel Allen Shirley born 1844. Age 13 in mother's 1860 census household

married Sarah C. Martin  Oct 15, 1867 Habersham (no children)

2(v). Solomon H. Shirley born 1846  (didn't marry). Age 12 in mother's 1860 census household

2(vi). George Robert Shirley born 3 August 1852 in Habersham Co Georgia. (tombstone says 1838 in error). Age 8 in mother's 1860 census household. Age 18 in mother's 1870 census household. He is enumerated as "Robert" and is married and living at Liberty Hill, Habersham Co GA in 1880 census. Lived at Poplar Springs, Belton Town, Banks Co GA in 1900 census. He was enumerated as age 62 in the same location in 1910 census. Age 74 in the 1920 census, living in the household of his youngest daughter Ellen Barton in Cordova Walker Co AL. He died 27 July 1931 at Cordova Walker Co AL. Buried Union Chapel Cemetery, Jasper Walker Co AL

married Adaline Florence Ivie on 24 May 1871 Habersham. She was born May 5, 1856. Enumerated as Florence in 1880 census. Enumerated as Addaline F Sherley in 1900 census. Christian Ivie, enumerated as George R Shirley's mother-in-law lived with the family in 1900. He, wife Adelaid F. and daughter Etta Wright lived at Black Pond, Winston Co AL in 1910 census. Enumerated as Florence Shirley in 1920 census, age 68. He died 30 June 1920. Buried Union Chapel Cemetery, Jasper Walker Co AL


3(i). Martha V Shirley born April 23, 1872, age 6 in 1880 census. She died 1930 at Hall Co GA

3(ii). Milton Green Shirley born 24 July 1874, age 5 in 1880 census. Married and living at Black Pond Winston Co AL in 1910 census. Died 29 July 1951. Buried Union Chapel Cemetery, Jasper Walker Co AL

married Sarah Ida Waldrop about 1904 (married 6 years in 1910 census, her surname given in son James' marriage record.)


4(i). James R. Shirley born about 1906, age 4 in 1910 census. He married Pollie Walker on 21 June 1947 at Etowah Co AL

4(ii). Milton Green Shirley born about 1909, age 5/12 in 1910 census

3(iii). Henretta Shirley born 7 May 1876, age 3 in 1880 census, age 24 in 1900 census household of parents. She apparently married a man named Wright. She and two children lived with her parents in 1910 census. She died 1968 at Hackleburg, Marion Co AL

3(iv). Mary Cleo Shirley born May 12, 1879, age 1 in 1880 census, age 21 in 1900 census household of parents. She died 21 August 1955 at Cordova Walker Co AL

3(v). Joseph William Shirley born 5 September 1880, age 19 in 1900 census. He is married and living in Walker Co AL in 1930 census. He was enumerated in Mobile Co AL in 1940. He died on 1 December 1960 at Semmes Mobile Co AL, age 80 (parents and wife named in death certificate). Buried Wilson Annex Cemetery, Mobile Co AL.

married Exer Flore Moore (last name found in son Robert's death certificate ). She was born 31 December 1881 and died 25 July 1961.


4(i). Robert Franklin Shirley born 1903, age 68 at time of death on 24 September 1971 at Mobile Co AL (parents named in death certificate). He married Winnie Bell _____

4(ii). Troy Shirley born about 1911, age 19 in 1930 census

4(iii). Daisy Shirley born about 1914, age 16 in 1930 census

4(iv). Auvel Shirley born about 1916, age 14 in 1930 census

4(v). Berdie L. Shirley born about 1919, age 11 in 1930 census. She married Edgar E. Watts. She was married and lived with her parents in 1940 census, age 20.

Email Sept 2016 - "I've traced lineage of the Shirley family and remember visiting my Great Uncle Auvel Shirley in Sylacauga Alabama near Montgomery. My deceased grandmother was Birda L. Shirley and she married my grandfather Edgar E. Watts..."

3(vi). George Flem Shirley born 3 November 1882, age 17 in 1900 census. He died 24 January 1960 at New Holland Hall Co Georgia. He married 1) Icie Phenia Cheek in 1904, then 2) Sally Estelle Wright on 4 August 1929 at Friendship Church, White Co GA.

3(vii). Janie Louise Shirley born Mar 2, 1886, age 14 in 1900 census. She died 28 June 1955 at Tuscaloosa Co AL

3(viii). Lonnie H. Shirley born 21 January 1889, age 11 in 1900 census. He died on 9 March 1935 at Winston Co AL. Buried Union Chapel Cemetery, Jasper Walker Co AL

married Allie Lee on 15 March 1914 at Winston Co AL (they had 6 children)

3(ix). Ellen Christine Shirley born 9 September 1892, age 8 in 1900 census. She died 15 November 1971 at Jasper Walker Co Alabama. She married Daniel H Barton and lived in Walker Co AL in 1920 census

2(vii). Sophia A. Shirley born 1854. Age 6 in mother's 1860 census household. Age 16 in mother's 1870 census household

2(viii). Lonnie Shirley born 1856. Not found in mother's 1860 census household. died young?

1(vii). Moses Shirley Jr. born ca. 1807 SC

married Nancy Smith 


2(i). Joel M. Shirley born Dec 13, 1833 Habersham Co. GA,  d. 1911, 

married Arminda Weaver


3(i). Sophia Shirley born 1860

3(ii). Ascenith Shirley born 1864

3(iii). Fannie C. Shirley born 1870

2(ii). Aaron Shirley born Aug. 1834, d. 1906

married Sarah Ivester b. 1845, d. 1916


3(i). Fred S. Shirley born 1868

3(ii). William Washington Shirley born 1869

3(iii). Nancy R. Shirley born 1870

3(iv). Georgian Shirley born 1873

3(v). Lizzie Shirley born 1875

2(iii). Rebecca Shirley born 1839

2(iv). Roland  Shirley born Mar 28, 1840 Deep Creek District Clarksville Habersham Co. GA, d. 1911

married Hannah Wheeler in 1861


3(i). Berryman Shirley born 1863

3(ii). James Marion Shirley born 1865

3(iii). Victoria Shirley born 1870

3(iv). Alpharetta Shirley born 1879

2(v). Benjamin Shirley born 1842 Habersham Co. GA,

married Mary A. ___


3(i). Georgian J. Shirley born 1868 

3(ii). John J. Shirley born 1870

3(iii). Chister M. Shirley born 1873

3(iv). Mary J. Shirley born 1879

2(vi). Harriet A. Shirley born 1845  (never married)

2(vii). Melvina Shirley born 1847  (never married)

2(viii). Mary Shirley born 1848 m. Pickney Ivester 

1(viii). Hardy Shirley born ca. 1809 Habersham Co. GA. He was living in Rays District Habersham Co GA in 1840 and Warren County GA in 1850, Richmond Co GA in 1870 (as Harry), and Columbia Co GA in 1880

married Amanda Blakely Anderson sometime prior to 1841 likely in Georgia (named in daughter's death cert)


2(i). James Shirley born about 1840 in GA, age 10 in 1850 census

2(ii). Mary A Shirley born 8 Novmeber 1841 in Habersham Co GA (death cert, parents named). She died 10 October 1922 at Blythe, Burke Co GA, age 81y 1m 15d. She married Joseph Gaines who died prior to her death. She was age 9 and living with Mary Anderson age 57 in Richmond Co GA in 1850 census.

2(iii). Thomas Shirley born about 1844, age 6 in 1850 census (may be son Floyd T Shirley age 12 in 1870 and Floyd age 20 in 1880 census)

2(iv). Sarah Elizabeth Shirley born 17 February 1848 at Richmond Co GA (death cert, parents named). She died 6 March 1930 at Grovetown, Richmond Co GA, age 82 . She married Emanuel Isiah King who died prior to her death. She was age 4 in 1850 census,age 14 in 1870, age 21 in 1880 census

2(v). Amanda Shirley born about 1848, age 2 in 1850 census, age 27 in 1880 census

1(ix). Charles S. Shirley born 1813 Habersham Co. GA d. May 4, 1894 Turnerville, Habersham Co. GA, 

married Mary Curtis Dover April 2, 1837 Habersham Co. GA. She was born ca 1813 d. Mar 11, 1854 Turnerville.


2(i). Beverly Wyley Shirley born Dec 30, 1837

2(ii). M.A. Shirley (female) born 1840

2(iii). T. Shirley (female) born 1842

2(iv). Louisa J. Shirley born 1845

2(v). George W. Shirley born 1846 GA

2(vi). H. Shirley (female) born 1847

2(vii). Floyd W. Shirley born 1849 GA

2(viii). Elizabeth Shirley born 1852 GA


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