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  Shirley Family of
Northumberland Virginia


Rice's Hotel (aka Shirley Hotel) was once leased and run by George Daniel Shirley

Shirley Hotel - Legend is that John and Felicia Rice converted the property into a fashionable establishment. John died in 1892, but his wife continued to operate the hotel into the first decade of the new century. Before her death, about 1909, the hotel was leased to her cousin George Daniel Shirley, a Northumberland farmer and businessman. More >>

Introduction - The term Shirleys of Northumberland County Virginia requires a certain amount of clarification before continuing. It is theorized that the ancient family who lived in Northumberland County and whose children were christened in St. Stephens parish church were the ancestors of several Shirley Association family branches. Those include the Shirleys of Prince William County Virginia and the Shirleys of Edgecombe North Carolina to name two. (also see DNA results for this group)

A family of Shirleys exist today in and around Northumberland County. However, this family (the only remaining of this surname at this locale) originates from a Judith Shirley of the ancient Shirleys of the county, who gave birth out of wedlock. Descendants of this event bore the name of Shirley.  

St. Stephens Parish Church

Shirleys have been christened at St. Stephens since the early 1600s. The Shirley Association has records of these christenings up through 1790s and they are available to members. View the records here.


Family of George Daniel Shirley (as submitted to by a descendant of a daughter named Garnet Olivia Shirley)

Annie C. Shirley Turberville, daughter of George Daniel Shirley and wife Samela A. Rice

 Garnet Olivia Shirley, daughter of George Daniel Shirley and wife Florence Ada Burroughs "with uncles" "Taken in Heathesville, VA c1909. garnet's uncles returned from ut west wealthy"

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