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Peter Shirley
b. ca1750's. Lived in Washington Co. Maryland and Augusta Co. Virginia 


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Peter Shirley born about 1750s He is recorded as a miller in Washington Co. MD Dec 20,  1785. After his removal to Augusta Co. Virginia, he was ordered to repay 28 pounds he had borrowed in Washington Co. MD plus 5 pounds in damages. In 1799 Peter Shirley bought land in Madison Co. KY and was living there by 1800. Peter was living in Jessamine Co KY by 1806 and Harrison Co IN by 1813.

In court file #458 in Augusta Co. VA, in 1797, a suit was brought against Peter Shirley by John Canote Jr., (brother of Roseanna, wife of Christian Shirley), about the ownership of a bay mare. The depositions in the suit show some of the members of Peters family. Christian Shirley, lately married to a daughter of John Canote, Sr., son, Balser, daughter, Mary (of age). Also deposing was a Sally Argenbright and a Henry Harmon (of age), who were living at Peter's house, (file #458). In a report of this suit in Chalkley Volume #1 page 412, it is said that Sally, Henry and Christian are about to remove to Kentucky. The final judgement in the suit was in favor of Peter Shirley.

NOTE: George Argenbright who married Ann Baer, sister-in-law of Valentine Shirley, (branch #29), had a daughter named Sally Argenbright.

married ______________

Known children:

1(i). Christian Shirley born Feb 12, 1773 Washington Co. MD.  He died Dec 12, 1858 Floyd Co. IN. and is buried on the Woods farm near Edwardsville, IN. He came to Madison Co. KY where he bought land Aug 1799 from William and Mary McGuire. Mary was the daughter of Michael Shirley, (branch # 30).   By 1810 he had moved to Harrison Co. IN, a portion that later became Floyd Co. IN.  and he lived there until his death.

married Roseanna Canote Nov 28, 1796. She was born July 27, 1776 MD and died Jan 9, 1861 Floyd Co. IN.  Her parents were John Canote born May 12, 1725 Hagerstown and Rosannah born 1730 Hagerstown, Maryland. (NOTE: The Canote family also was in Madison Co.KY when Peter and Christian Shirley were there).

1(ii). Jonathon Shirley born Oct 4, 1774 MD, drowned fording the Wabash River in Vigo Co. IN April 24, 1862. In 1801 he bought land in Madison Co. KY from his father.  It appears he only lived there a short time as he soon sold the land to James and Frances (Shirley) Runkle. In 1841 he served as administrator to his father's property. He can be found in the 1850 census of Augusta Co. VA where  he is listed as a farmer 74 years of age, born in Maryland.   

married 1st Nancy Reif on April 8, 1801 daughter of John Reif of Augusta Co. VA,

married 2nd Esther Swope; she was born 1778 died 1854.

1(iii). Frances Shirley

married James Runkle May 26, 1796 Augusta Co. VA (See Runkle family pedigree in the More Info link at the top of this page)

1(iv). Balser Shirley born 1780-90 (1830 and 40 census). He appears in the Grainger Co TN census in 1810, 1820 (tax), 1830 and 1840. Note: this family was previously listed in the branch for Patrick Shirkey of Botetourt Co VA

married 1st Catherine Peters April 26, 1808 Augusta Co. VA.

married 2nd Magdaline Kerns Feb 1, 1814 Knox Co. Tennessee.


2(i). Mary Magdaline Shirley born about 1809 Grainger Co. TN  Never married

2(ii). Rachel Shirley born about 1810 Grainger Co. TN m. __ Morgan

2(iii). John C. Shirley born about 1811 Grainger Co. TN

2(iv). Patrick Allen Shirley born May 10, 1820 Grainger Co. TN  died March 27, 1897. 


Patrick Allen Shirley, Tabitha Shirley and their granddaughter Mary

married Tabitha E. Curl,  March 18, 1840 in Grainger Co TN


3(i). Cordelia Shirley born about 1842; She married Prior F. Ellis on Nov 21, 1861 in Grainger Co TN

3(ii). George A. Shirley born about 1848

married Sarah L. Livingston on Nov 1, 1866 in Grainger Co TN

2(v). Balser Shirley, Jr. born about 1822; nothing more found

married Mary Magadelina Childress on 7 April 1842 in Knox Co TN

2(vi). female Shirley born about 1825

2(vii). female Shirley born about 1829

2(v). Mary A. Shirley; She was mentioned in the 1797 Augusta Co VA lawsuit;


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