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Shirleys of Fauquier and Prince William Counties Virginia

These families did not migrate to SC or KY
DNA haplogroup R-M269


Lineages of:
James Shirley of Fauquier Co, born about 1795
Richard O. Shirley of Prince William Co, born about 1802

1. James Shirley of Fauquier Co VA, born about 1795 in VA, farmer. He died 5 December 1869 of cancer.

Death Record: Shirley , James White Male 5 Dec 1869 cancer; consort Elizabeth Shirley; birth about 1795

married Elizabeth Brister on 30 March 1822 at Fauquier Co VA

Death Record: Shirley , Elizabeth White Female 13 Feb 1876 paralysis; parents Thomas and Mary Bristoe; birth about 1801


2.i Thomas Sidnor Shirley born about 1823. Died during the Civil War, 16 October 1864 in Port Royal South Carolina..

Fauquier Co 1864 Register of Deaths - Thomas S. Shirley, white male, died Oct 16 1864 at Port Royal South Carolina fo chronic diarrhea at age 41. Son of James and Elizabeth Shirley of Fauquier Co VA. Thomas was a saddler, married and the brother of James M. Shirley

married 1) Mary Ann Elizabeth Deneale on 13 February 1850 at Fauquier Co VA. She died 5 May 1859.

Death Record: Shirley , Mary White Female 5 May 1859 consumption; consort Thomas Shirley; birth about 1835

married 2) Sarah M.______; lived with husband and step-children in 1860 census. Listed as widow in own HH in 1880 with neice Emma. Not to be confused with Sarah M. Shirley, sister of Thomas S. Shirley

children by Mary Ann Deneale:

3.i George William Shirley born 22 February 1851 Little Georgetown-Broad Run, Fauquier, Virginia; Death: 21 June 1935 Waterfall, Prince William, Virginia; Burial: 23 June 1935 , Prince William, Virginia

Married: Toy Annette Smith 07 October 1875 Antioch Church, Waterfall, Prince William, Virginia; daughter of James Smith and Ann Matilda Moore. Mentioned in her father's will.


4.i Joseph Woodford Shirley born 08 October 1876 Warrenton, Fauquier, Virginia. He died July 1900; age 23. Buried Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Haymarket Prince William Co VA

4.ii Anne Deneale Shirley born 01 March 1878 Warrenton, Fauquier, Virginia. She died January 1932. She never married

4.iii Carroll Sidnor Shirley born 15 November 1880 at Waterfall, Prince William, Virginia; listed as single and living in a boarding house in Washington DC in 1920 census; He died April 1925. Buried Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Haymarket Prince William VA.

Mr. Carroll Shirley of Washington spent Sunday with his father, Mr. G. W. Shirley, near Haymarket. Manassas Journal, May 25, 1906

4.iv William Herman Shirley born 19 Jan 1883 at Waterfall VA (source WWI draft registration card, age 35 in 1917-8) Occupation: Check clerk at Cristobal, the Panama Canal Zone; listed as married at the time. New York passenger data shows William Herman Shirley traveling to Cristobol Panama in 1920, 1924, 1929 and 1935. He died 20 April 1965 at Charleston South Carolina. He was buried at Daytona Beach, Volusia Co FL.

Photos of William Herman Shirley and wife [not named]
part of their passport application dated 21 August 1917
to travel to Panama to "visit relations"

married Mary Catherine Jordan on 28 November 1914 at Haymarket Prince William Co VA. She was born Haymarket Prince William Co VA, on 14 Apr 1882 (from NY passenger list)


5.i Anna Melville Shirley born Colon Panama 14 Nov 1919, age 0 in family's Canal Zone census household

5.ii Evelyn Shirley born Colon Panama 20 Feb 1923

4.v Agnes M. Shirley born about 1885. She never married Rosa M Shirley born 4 Oct 1886 Waterfall, Prince William, Virginia

4.vii James Irving Shirley born 10 October 1888 Waterfall, Prince William, Virginia; Death: 1892, age about 4 years

4.viii Philip Wyatt Shirley born 07 August 1893 Waterfall, Prince William, Virginia; He died 1894, infant

Note: the lineage of George William Shirley likely died out in the male Shirley line

3.ii Mary E. Shirley born about 1853; She married Presley Nevil Lawrence 11 February 1875

3.iii James Woodford Shirley born 3 Jul 1856 at Haymarket Prince William, Virginia; Occ: Lumber Merchant; Res: Warrenton VA; Death: 1945 in Warrenton, Fauquier Co, VA Burial: 1945 Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, Fauquier Co, VA

Married: Janetta Adell Brodie on 18 December 1877 in the District of Columbia by Rev Thomas G. Addison, rector of Trinity Church, Wash DC; She was born 13 November 1860 and resided Warrenton VA;

children: (updated Jan 2012)

4.i Mary Brodie Shirley born 28 March 1884 in Warrenton, Fauquier Co, VA; Death 30 April 1884 in Warrenton, Fauquier Co, VA

4.ii Molly Shirley born 1 February 1887; Death 20 SEP 1892 in Warrenton, Fauquier Co, VA

4.iii Josephine Shirley born 12 November 1888 in Warrenton, VA; Death 11 November 1892 in Warrenton, VA

4.iv Lotte Adele Shirley She never married

4.v Irene Shirley Ruth Shirley

4.vii Ethel Shirley born in 1882; She died 1973 She married _____Anderson

4.viii Pauline Shirley She marreid _____ Rupp

4.ix Blanche Shirley She married ______Maxheimer.

Note: the lineage of James W. Shirley died out in the male Shirley line

3.iv Susan Shirley

2.ii James Marshall Shirley born about 1831, Clerk of Gainesville, Prince William VA; Confederate Civil War soldier Co A 4th Regt VA Cav. He died March 14 1907 (source pension records) Ancestor of DNA Kit #847866

married Laura V. Bell on April 12 1869 by Rev Jno A. Ware (source pension records) received a widow's pension for her husband's Civil War service. She was the daughter of Moses Bell and Lovinda Meeks


3.i Ernest Sydnor Shirley Birth about 1871; He died on 7 May 1937. never married

3.ii Laura Marshall Shirley Birth 26 Jan 1873 (1874?); She married Edwin Lyle Robertson on 6 May 1892.

3.iii Mary E. "Betty" Shirley Birth about 1877, age 24 in parent's 1900 census household. She died 29 August 1945 at Manassas Prince William Co VA. She never married

3.iv Frederick Bell Shirley born 6 Jun 1881 according to WWI draft registration card. Age 19 in parent's 1900 census household. Residence in 1918: Calverton Fauquier; occupation: lineman; wife: Ever Mabel Shirley. Living at Cedar Run in Fauquier Co in 1920; He died May 1939 at Charolottesville Albemarle Co VA

married Eva May Kinsel on 7 December 1904 at Washington City, District of Columbia. She died in August 1962.


4.i James Leroy Shirley born 13 October 1905 in Calverton Fauquier Co VA; living and head of household in Washington DC in 1930 census. He died on 21 July 1931 in Silver Spring Montgomery Co MD

married Pearl Fletcher on 20 June 1927. She was born on 22 Sept 1904 in Fauquier Co VA. She died on 22 April 1992 in Warrenton Fauquier Co VA


5.i James Leroy Shirley; born 20 Jul 1928 at Washington City, District of Columbia; Death: 24 Nov 1992 - Manassas, Manassas City, Virginia, (source: SSDI)

married Lois Brown on 2 August 1958

5.ii Julia Ann Shirley born 28 January 1930 at Washington City, District of Columbia. She married Lair Breckenridge Reister on 21 June 1953 at Calverton VA.

4.ii Wallace Edward Shirley born 25 Apr 1907; he is listed as a boarder in Washington DC at age 24; Died: 19 Aug 1990 in Columbia Missouri (source: SSDI)

married Wilma Hammer Barnes on 30 September 1934 in Morgantown Monongahilia West VA. She died on 10 August 1996 in Montgomery Co MD


5.i Frederick William Shirley born 25 July 1939 in Washington City, District of Columbia. He married Judith Gail Kerr on 27 July 1968 at Carmel Monterey CA

5.ii Edward Wallace Shirley born 6 August 1943 in Washington City, District of Columbia. He married Pamela Keys Duncan on 21 June 1969 at Washington City, District of Columbia.

5.iii Elizabeth Margaret Shirley born 21 July 1945 in Washington City, District of Columbia. She married David Dewey McIntire on 17 June 1967 in Silver Spring Montgomery Co MD.

4.iii Elizabeth Estelle Shirley born 4 June 1909. She died on 20 Sept 1990. She married Carl Bryan Hildebrand on 9 October 1971 at Charlottesville Albemarle Co VA

3.v Clarence Darrell Shirley born 2 Dec 1883 according to WWI draft card, son of Laura V. Shirley of Manassas; He was a border in Prince William Co VA in 1900 census, age 17. Lived with mother and single siblings Ernest and Mary in 1930 Prince William Co VA census, single. He died 28 January 1962. Buried at Manassas Cemetery, Prince William Co VA. never married James Shirley born 2 Dec 1883 (twin?), not found in parent's 1900 census household. died young?

(l to r) Miss Betty Shirley, Miss Lilliam Gilbert, home demonstration agent, Mrs Shirley,
Moseby the horse, Mr Clarence Shirley


2.iii Sarah M. Shirley Birth: about 1833; She was unmarried

1. Unknown Shirley

married Synthia _____ (she was named in son Richard O. Shirley's death record)

2.i Richard O. Shirley, tavern keeper of Prince William Co VA; born 1802 died 1857; buried at the Shirley Cemetery at Gainesville Prince William Co VA

Shirley Tavern: "Taverns sprang up to accommodate the travelers. One of these - kept first by Richard Shirley and later by his widow was somewhat the prototype of the modern tourist home in that its guests were restricted to stage passengers and other transients." Note: the property of this family was just down the road from the 2 battles of Manassas/Bull Run during the Civil War.

1830 Prince William Co census: Newly married with no children

Richard O. Shirley owned the following slaves in 1850

1. age 37 male mulatto
2. age 25 female black
3. 16 m b
4. 18 f b
5. 6 f b
6. 3 m b
7.1/2 m b

1857 Last Will and Testament of Richard O. Shirley - 17 Nov 1857. I have given my two daughters Ann Virginia Clark and Mary Catherine Burghalter $100 each. and sundry household and kitchen furniture. I desire that my daughter Susan Emily Rattie shall have the like sum of $100. I give to my daughter Alveda Jane Shirley the sum of $100 and a similar amount of furniture as her sisters were given, and a cow when she is 21. I give to my son John R. Shirley the black mare and as soon as he returns from school to take charge of my farm and live with his mother as her natural protector. My son James Dallas Shirley shall be kept at school in this neighborhood to work the farm for two years. Afterward to be sent to a good boarding school for 1 year or 2 years if he desires another year. He shall have a horse saddle and bridle when he comes of age. at which time he shall have $100. To my beloved wife Susan Shirley during her widowhood to be used by her in the support and maintenance of herself and our children. At the death or marriage of my wife I wish my estate both real and personal...equally among my children. I now own 7/9 of a tract of land of 200 acres formally owned by R Thomas P. Hereford which I hold in possession for his lifetime. Appoint my friend Dr J.B. Grayson my sole executor. Wit: James W. Jordan, John R. Shirley. Proven 4 Jan 1858 by James W. Jordan and John R. Shirley.

Prince William Death Record: Shirly, Richard - White Male 12 Dec 1857 consumption; parents Scynthia Shirley; consort Susan Shirley

married Susan _______ born 1813; married shortly before 1830; died September 1880; buried Shirley Cemetery at Gainesville, Prince William Co VA

1860 Slave Census enumerated for Susan Shirley, widow

age 37 Female Black (possibly slave named Jane)
age 20 Female Mulatto
age 18 Female Black
age 16 Female Mulatto
age 13 Male Black
age 10 Male Black
age 8 Female Mulatto
age 6 Female Black (likely Lucy, d/o Jane born 16 July 1855)
age 4 Male Black (likely Peter, s/o Jane born 23 July 1857 )
age 2 Male Mulatto
age 1 Male Mulatto (likely Randolph, s/o Jane born 7 Jul 1859)
age 1 Female Mulatto

1880 Prince William Co Mortality Schedule: Susannah Shirley b abt 1816 Age: 64
Month of Death: September; Cause of Death: Pneumonia; Place of Death: Gainesville, Prince William, Virginia


3.i Ann V. Shirley born about 1830

3.ii Susan Emily Shirley born about 1833

married _____Rattie

3.iii Mary Catherine Shirley - born about 1836; either was widowed or left her husband and lived with her mother by 1870. Mentioned in depositions as living with mother in family's chancery court cases.

married Leonard Burghalter

From a descendant 2011: "She was married to Leonard Burghalter of Germany . He set sail for Germany for some family business and was never heard from again. My dad (now deceased) always said that they thought he perished at sea, although there is no proof of that."

3.iv John Richard "Dick" Shirley - born about 1839; probated his father's will. Died 14 May 1873 of heart disease

1878 -81 Prince William Chancery Court -(Library of VA Digital Images). Administrators of the estate of John R. Shirley dec'd vs. CC Graham and Taylor Holtzclaw (debt)

married Martha L Graham, on Aug 29 1865 in Washington DC; She was the daughter of Richard and Evaline Graham; Martha was living in their household in Washington DC in 1880 with her children


4.i Susan Evaline Shirley born 23 Sep 1866

4.ii James Dallas Shirley born Nov 30 1868, unmarried and living in Washington DC in 1910; printer of a newspaper in the District of Columbia in 1920 with family. Business directory lists his location in 1891 as 1245 8th Street NW; He died at Takoma Park MD Apr 28 1951, age 82. Buried Glenwood Cem. Occ: printer, Washington Post (death cert says father: John "H" Shirley)

married Cecilia E. ______, widow of ____Deming (with children)

5.i J. Dallas Shirley born 7 June 1913 District of Columbia; died 1 Mar 1994 at Fairfax VA (source: SSDI)

Washington Post March 2, 1994 - J. Dallas Shirley Dies
J. Dallas Shirley, 80, a retired D.C. school principal and one of the area's most prominent basketball referees and supervisors, died March 1 at George Washington University. He had pulmonary fibrosis. Over 33 years, Mr. Shirley, a Washington native, officiated more than 2,000 games. In addition to local contests, he was a National Basketball Association official during the league's first season, in 1946-47, and for the remainder of the 1940s. He also officiated at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome and was chief official at the 1959 Pan American Games in Chicago. He also had officiated numerous college games and, as a member of a rules committee, had helped establish the three-point shot in college basketball. He was a supervisor emeritus of the old Southern Conference and an observer of officials for the Atlantic 10 Conference and the Colonial Athletic Association. At the time of his death, Mr. Shirley was commissioner of the 12-team high school Washington Catholic Athletic Conference, which now includes girls teams. He had been commissioner of one of its predecessor groups, the Washington Metropolitan Athletic Conference, which was composed of boys teams, for 16 years. He also ran numerous basketball clinics, both here and abroad. To officials at those camps, The Washington Post reported last year, he used to say, "Watch the NBA game. Enjoy it. Greatest skills in the world. But. Don't look at the referees. Not that they're not good. It's just that their rules are so different. Steps. Contact. All that kind of stuff." In 1979, Mr. Shirley was elected to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. He did fund-raising work for the hall, served as a trustee and had been chairman of its veterans committee. He also was a member of the Virginia Sports and Washington Metropolitan Basketball halls of fame. James Dallas Shirley, who lived in Reston, was born in Washington and graduated from Eastern High School. He was a 1936 graduate of George Washington University, where he also received a master's degree in education. He joined the D.C. public schools in 1937 as a health, social studies and physical education teacher at Alice Deal Junior High. He was chairman of the physical education department at Eastern High School in 1942. Then, from 1943 until retiring in 1968, he served as principal of Gordon Junior High.

"...he is survived by his wife Peggy and two children, Constance and James Dallas..." Basketball Biographical Dictionary

married Ruth _______


5(i). Constance Shirley born about 1935, age 5 in 1940 family census household

5(ii). James Shirley Jr born 22 May 1942 in Washington DC. Died 28 November 2014 at Berwyn Heights Maryland, age 72.

JAMES SHIRLEY, JR. - “Pete” (Age 72) - On Friday, November 28, 2014, of Berwyn Heights, MD. He was born in Washington, DC on May 22, 1942 to the late James Dallas Shirley Sr. and Ruth L. Shirley. Pete is predeceased by his wife of 49 years, Marie V. Shirley. Pete is survived by his sister, Constance S. Green of Frederick, MD; nieces, Wendy R. Dulieu (John) of Dickinson, ND, Kelly E. Green of Greenbelt, MD, Cindy M. Morrison (Scott) of Mt. Airy, MD and nephews, David A. Green, Jr. (Gail) of Sykesville, MD and Charles A. Green (Ellen) of Keedysville, MD. Also survived by nine great nieces and nephews. Relatives and friends may call at Collins Funeral Home, 500 University Boulevard West, Silver Spring, MD, (Valet Parking), Wednesday, December 3, 2014, from 10 to 11 a.m., with Funeral Service at 11 a.m. Interment Cedar Hill Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions in his memory may be made to National Parkinson’s Foundation, P.O. Box 5018, Hagerstown, MD 21741. - Collins Funeral Home Obituary

4.iii Martha M. "Mattie" Shirley born 20 Oct 1870; Not in family's 1870 census; but identified in 1874 chancery suit as infant of deceased father

3.v Alveda Jane Shirley born about 1842; She married J. A. Potter Or Patter on 28 ep 1869 in Prince William Co VA; She was age 27 and single born PW Co, and he was 35 and single, born in Culpeper Co VA son of J.T Potter or Patter and wife E. James Dallas Shirley born about 1846

1. George Shirley born about 1783; lived in Prince William Co in 1840 and 1850 census. died at Prince William Co VA 27 Jan 1858 of asthma

Prince William Co Death Record - Shirley, George White Male 27 Jan 1858 asthma; consort Rosanna Shirley; birth about 1783

married Rosanna _______


This lineage was submitted to Genforum by Brenda Joann Shirley Vervynckt in 2001
[Website editor's note: The Shirley Association has not verified the link between the family and Prince William Co VA. Certainly, Ohio is an odd place for a Prince William Co family to migrate to during this period; however, the Bell family plays a prominent roll in the other Shirley families of Prince William Co - so it's possible]

1. James Shirley, Born in Gainsville, Prince William county, Virginia, 1799, died before 1858

Married Matilda Bell on 12 July 1837 in Knox Co Ohio; born in 1817 and died 2/9/1890. She was the daughter of James Bell and Mary (maiden name unknown). They lived in the Warsaw, Indiana area and she later remarried to Joseph Pellett in Sept. 1858; buried in the Pleasant View Cemetary, Koscuisko Co. IN

1850 Franklin, Morrow County Ohio Census (enumerated in Franklin, then Knox Co OH in 1840 101001000...- 0000100....)

James Sherly 51 b VA blacksmith
Matilde Sherly 35 b MD
Laben Sherly 13 b Ohio
Albert Sherly 6 b Ohio
Ephraim Sherly 4 b Ohio
Peter Sherly 2 b Ohio
Harriet Sherly 1 b Ohio

note: a Henry Shirley is also living in Morrow Co in 1850, age 37


2.i Ephraim Shirley born 18 April 1844 OH, died 6 Oct 1913, buried Palestine Cemetery Koscuisko Co. IN

married Sarah A Rupe 5 Jan 1869; she was born 16 June 1848, died 3 May 1906. buried Palestine Cemetery Koscuisko Co. IN


3.i Charles Shirley born 8 Feb 1869, died 20 Dec 1952, buried Palestine Cemetery Koscuisko Co. IN

married Julia Messersmith (most spell it the German way -Messerschmidt) born Dec 24, 1872 died Feb 2, 1953 buried Palestine Cemetery Koscuisko Co. IN


4.i Granvil Shirley born 31 July 1897, died 13 Sept 1934, buried Palestine Cemetery Koscuisko Co. IN; Private 93 Eng, US Army WW1, 1896-1934

married Opal Viola Peterson born 29 Sept 1899, died 12 July 1989.

(On 10 Sept 1934 Granvil and Opal were doing chores in the barn during a thunderstorm. Granvil was stuck by lightening, also knocking Opal down, Granvil died three days later. Opal remarried to Earl Sylvester LaCrone and they had one son together, Frank LaCrone born 7 Nov 1939, married & divorced, married 20 Nov 1971 to Carole Andrea Fox, born 14 July 1944. Earl died and Opal married Ernest Elden Thomas. He too preceided her in death.)


5.i Jack Roger Shirley born 24 Sept 1923, died 7 May 1990, married 8 Feb 1946 to Sandra Louise Hodson born 8 Feb 1946.

5.ii Max Leland Shirley born 6 Sept 1925, 30 July 1948 married Mary Agnes Fluckey born 12 Dec 1930. (parents of the person who posted the information)

5.iii Donald J. Shirley born 12 Dec 1929, married 8 Aug 1952 to Patricia May Fox born 4 March 1934.

5.iv Jerry Wade Shirley born 23 March 1931, married 28 Nov 1952 to Nancy Jayne Pugh born 22 July 1934.

5.v Dean Shirley born 5 June 1933 married 25 Feb 1952 to Norma M. Workman 3 Nov 1933.

4.ii Gordon Hamlet Shirley born 18 Oct 1893, died 1949; buried Palestine Cemetery Koscuisko Co. IN

married Sarah Zartman.1892-1952 buried Palestine Cemetery Koscuisko Co. IN

4.iii Charles Shirley Kannard married Inez Kannard (Charles moved away, married and later went by his wife's family name Kannard)

3.ii Lulu Shirley born 1873 married "Doc" Thompson.

3.iii Hattie Shirley born 1878

2.ii Laban Shirley born 1837.

2.iii Albert Shirley born 15 April 1843, died 1 Dec 1867 Albert Shirley served in the Union Army in the Civil War and was wounded. He was inducted in Indianapolis and discharged at Louisville Kentucky. He was hit by a train and died Dec 2, 1867 IN. He and his mother are buried in the Pleasant View Cemetary, Koscuisko Co. IN [This info was provided by Jane Norman of Virginia.]

married Margaret Plummer Jan 1, 1866. Knox Co. Ohio (portion annexed into Morrow Co. Ohio)


Albert M. Shirley and wife Margaret Plummer

2.iv Sarah Shirley born 1848.

2.v Harriet Shirley born 1849, died 1850.

Another researcher of this family: [posted on Sept 2000] Sandra Louise Shirley 208 Taylor Dr.West Unity, Ohio 43570 419-924-5677 I am searching for any information concerning James Shirley who married Matilda Bell. James was born in 1799...She was born in 1817 and died 2/9/1890. She was the daughter of James Bell and Mary (maiden name unknown). They lived in the Warsaw, Indiana area and she later remarried to Joseph Pellett in Sept. 1858. James Shirley and Matilda Bell were married in 1837. I can find nothing on when or where James died or where he is buried. I believe they were married either in Knox Co., Ohio or Kosciusko Co., Indiana. Any help would be appreciated New email as of 2008:



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