Robert Shirley
born in 1735. Lived in Pennsylvania


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This family branch lived in Indiana and Armstrong Co. PA in the early 1800's. The family lineage long posted here has recently (2010) been supplemented by the excellent published family history by Carol Hopping found at the BYU Family History Archive

Robert Shirley born May 15,1735 in eastern Pennsylvania; died Sept. 1, 1834. Robert came from Conocohague Valley  PA  and settled on Black Leggs Creek, about 2 miles from Saltsburg, PA.  When route 80, now 286 was built, the old home was torn down.

See 1871 map of Conemaugh TWP, Indiana County showing the location of grandson Christopher Shirley's land
(son of Thomas) near Black Leggs Creek a few miles from Saltsburg

Robert SHIRLEY (born May 15,1735 in eastern Penn.) married Susannah BAKER (born May 11, 1742)about 1773. Robert died Sept. 1, 1834 and Susannah died June 9, 1843 in Conemaugh Township, Indiana County, Penn(lOly). Robert served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War, came to Indiana County in 1792 from Conococheague Valley and settled in Conemaugh Township, two miles from Saltsburg. He lived there until age of 99 and his widow survived to age 101. Their oldest son, John lived to 103 years. Dolores Ellis says Susannah's maiden name may be spelled Backer. There is a will listed for a George Bacher of York County published in the Indiana County newspaper who has a daughter Susannah dated 1768 (2 years before possible marriage to Robert). Robert Shirley is in list of in habitants in 1807 in Conemaugh Township, Indiana County, Penn. - Shirley Family compiled by Carol Hopping

1775 - Bucks County, Penn (tax)
1778 - Bucks County, Penn (tax)
1778 - Springfield Twp, Bucks County, Penn (Sr and Jr oath of Allegiance) (Boyd Powell believes this is not our Robert Shirley, he thinks this one went to Virginia)
1779 - Springfield Twp, Bucks County, Penn (tax 2 times with one listed as estate)
1784 - Springfield Twp, Bucks County, Penn (list of inhabitants)
1790 - Cumberland County, Penn (census) p82 (6 male and 6 female)(Boyd Powell lists Franklin County, Penn)
1792 - from Conocoheague Valley to Conemaugh Twp settling on Black-leg Creek(Caldwell and Fendrick) listed in History of Armstrong County by Smith and as original settler of Kiskiminitas Twp but no dates(Kiskiminitas Twp issued first warrants in 1773 and was formed in 1831)
1800 - not in census
1810 - Conemaugh Twp, Indiana County, Penn (census) p245 2 boys 1 girl
1820 - Indiana County, Pennsylvania (census) pl40
1830 - Indiana County, Penn (census) pl97

married Susan Baker. She was born May 11, 1742 and of German descent, according to family researchers.


1(i). John M. Shirley born Dec 14, 1771 in Bucks County PA. Died July 27, 1875. Married Elizabeth Taiser

1(ii). Jane Shirley born 1774, Bucks County PA. Married Hugh MULLEN born 1755 in Ireland. Moved west. supposedly to Ohio and died there. - from "Shirley Family" compiled by Carol Hopping

1(iii). Thomas Shirley born November 11, 1776, Bucks County, Penn; died May 11, 1875 at age 99. Married Mary Miller

1(iv). Robert R. Shirley born 1777, Bucks County, Penn. Married Elizabeth.

1(v). Mary Shirley born about 1780 (only record is from sister Elizabeth Shirley's family tree submission to the LDS church) may have died young.

1(vi). Ephraim Shirley born about 1783 (only record is from sister Elizabeth Shirley's family tree submission to the LDS church) may have died young.

1(vii). Elizabeth Shirley born June 11, 1785.

Elizabeth submitted a family tree to the Church of Latter Day Saints listing her parents as Robert Shirley and Susan Baker. She stated she was born June 11 1785 in Chambersburg Franklin Co PA. She married Peter Wimmer about 1800 in Inidana County PA and died 31 August 1862 in Springville Utah. - from "Shirley Family" compiled by Carol Hopping

1(viii). Joseph Shirley born May 11, 1787 in Chambersburg, Franklin County PA. He and wife are buried in Olivet Cemetery near Elder Ridge, PA. Married Catherine [Crawford or Fulmer - 2 sources]

1(ix). Ann Shirley born 1790 in Conemaugh, Indiana County PA. Married William BASH    

Info on this family is desired by Mary Jane Martin



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