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  Thomas Shirley
born say 1761, lived Halifax NC, family moved to Guilford, Randolph and Davidson Co NC

Thomas Shirley born say 1761. He died about 1796 in Halifax County, was of Bertie Co NC when he purchased land in Halifax Co in 1791

1797 Admin of all and singular goods of Thomas Shirley deceased is granted to Nancy Shirley his widow. She entered bond with Samuel Gaynor and James Davis, securities.

1806 The petition of William Shirley indicated that Thomas Shirley died this year owning 100 ac in Halifax joining Little Swamp, leaving Anne Shirley who has her dower in said lands and his children William Shirley now age 21 and Rebecca Shirley a minor petition to divide land.

married Nancy (Ann) _______. She was widowed in 1800 and 1810 Halifax Co census


1(i). William Shirley born about 1785, age 21 in 1806 Halifax Co petition. According to some, he lived in Warren Co NC in 1818. He was married with 5 children in the 1820 Halifax Co census. Also enumerated in Halifax Co in 1830. He died sometime prior to the 1840 census.

married Drucilla_______ [?Brown] probably about 1805 in Halifax Co NC. She is widowed by 1840 Halifax Co census. She moves to Guilford Co NC in 1850 living with (presumably) her daughter Mary McCandless.

children: (some females may not be accounted for, possible multiple families in 1830 census)

1820 William Sherley 200100 - 12010 (age 16-26, b 1794 to 1804)

1830 William Shirley 1m 0-5, 1m 5-10, 1m 15-20, 1m 40-50... 2f 0-5, 1f 10-15, 2f 20-30, 2f 40-50.

1840 Drucilla Shirley 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30,... 1f 5-10, 1f 20-30, 1f 30-40, 1f 50-60

2(i). Mary Shirley born 1806 in Halifax Co NC. She married Robert McCandless on 23 February 1823 in Halifax Co NC. They moved to Guilford Co NC

2(ii). Female Shirley born between 1804 and 1810, age 10-16 in 1820 census

2(iii). Female Shirley born between 1810 and 1820, age 0-10 in 1820 census

2(iv). Male Shirley born between 1810 and 1820, age 0-10 in 1820 census; age 15-20 in family's 1830 census, age 20-30 in mother's 1840 census household

2(ii). Thomas Shirley born 1819 in Halifax NC according to the 1850 census, age 5-10 in family's 1830 census (age 10), age 15-20 in mother's 1840 census household. His estate was probated in 1857 in Guilford Co NC.

1857 May Term. Estate Settlement of Thomas Shirley, dec'd Vol X-23 pg 199. I Thomas Hodgin adminr of Thomas Sherly deceased do return as a final settlement to wit: that the commissioners allowed the whole estate to widow Mary Sherly and that I have paid over the whole estate to her as follows [list of possessions]

married Mary Whitaker on 3 August 1840 in Halifax Co NC; She is widowed and living with children in nearby Randolph Co NC in 1860 and 1870 census


3(i). Mary E. Shirley born about 1841, age 9 in 1850 census, age 30 in mother's 1870 household

3(ii). Henry W Shirley born about 1845 in Guilford Co NC, age 5 in 1850 census; age 16 in mother's 1860 census; not enumerated with mother in 1870, married and living in Guilford Co NC;

married Mariam Beckrel on 14 October 1866 in Randolph Co NC


4(i). Mary Shirley born about 1867 in NC, age 3 in 1870 census

3(iii). Gilbert Shirley born about 1846 in Guilford Co NC, age 4 in 1850 census, age 21 in mother's 1870 household

3(iv). Emily Ann Shirley born about 1849 in Guilford Co NC, age 1 in 1850 census, age 20 in mother's 1870 household

3(v). Nancy Ann Shirley born 25 June 1849 at Guilford Co NC; age 20 in mother's 1870 household; She died 31 March 1915 at Back Creek, Randolph Co NC, age 65y 9m 6d. Buried Dair's Chapel Cemetery. She was widowed to Benjamin Redding (parents named in death certificate)

3(vi). Thomas C Shirley born about 1850, age 0 in 1850 census; age 6 in mother's 1860 census; age 18 in mother's 1870 household

3(vii). Sarah Shirley born about 1855, age 5 in 1860 census; not found in mother's 1870 census household

3(iii). Robert Henry Shirley (aka Robert Shirley, R. H Shirley in son's marriage record) born about 1824 in Halifax NC according to the 1850 census, age 0-5 in family's 1830 census, age 10-15 in mother's 1840 census household. He lived at Silver Hill in Davidson Co NC in 1860, 1870, and 1880 census.

married Pheraby Ashbrook (surname according to son James' death certificate). She was born in 1818.


3(i). Lavinia A Shirley born about 1844 in Granville Co NC, age 6 in 1850 census, not in family's 1860 census. She is possibly the Luvinia Shirley b 1845 who was the spouse of Lindsey Johnson in the 1870 Davidson Co census (surname in child's death cert)

3(ii). Benjamin G (or T) Shirley born 1847 in Guilford Co NC, age 3 in 1850 census, not in family's 1860 census

3(iii). William Jefferson Shirley born 26 June 1850 (tombstone), age 9 in 1860 census; Lived at Silver Hill Davidson Co in 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920; He died on 30 May 1927 at Silver Hill, Davidson Co NC, age 76; Buried Holloways Baptist Church Cemetery

married Phebe Briggs


4(i). James W Shirley born 1872; He died 1878

4(ii). Alice L Shirley born about 1875 in NC, age 5 in 1880 census

4(iii). Emma L Shirley born about 1878 in NC, age 2 in 1880 census, age 32 in parent's 1910 census

4(iv). Minnie B Shirley born about 1880 in NC, age 20 in parent's 1900 census

4(iv). William Edgar Shirley born about 1885 in NC, age 25 in parent's 1910 census; He married Octavia Geer on 20 May 1917 at Davidson Co NC (parents named in marriage record)

4(v). Essie Maude Shirley born 4 August 1888 in NC, age 21 in parent's 1910 census; She died 29 September 1972 at Lexington Davidson Co NC, buried Macedonia United Meth Cemetery; She married Homer V Surratt (parents named in death cert)

3(iv). James A Shirley born about 1852, age 8 in 1860 census

3(v). Robert Franklin Shirley born 11 January 1856 (tombstone), age 6 in 1860 census, lived with parents in 1880 census; He lived with Clark brother in law in Pulaski Co Virginia 1910 census. He died 9 July 1934, buried at Holloways Baptist Church Cemetery, Southmont, Davidson Co NC

married Nancy Clark on 22 December 1897 at Pulaski Virginia dau of H C and N W Clark


4(i). Henry C Shirley born about 1899 at Virginia, age 11 in 1910 census

4(ii). S May Shirley born about 1903 at Virginia, age 7 in 1910 census

4(iii). Fariba L Shirley born about 1906 at North Carolina, age 4 in 1910 census

4(iv). Robert F Shirley Jr born about 1908 at Virginia, age 2 in 1910 census

3(vi). Martha C Shirley born about 1856, age 4 in 1860 census

3(vii). Farabee Adeline Shirley born about 1859, age 1 in 1860 census. Lived with parents in 1880 census; She died 24 March 1937 at High Point NC, age 77, a widow of E H Dickens (parents named)

1(ii). Rebecca Shirley born between 1790 and 1800 (1800 census). She was still a minor in 1806.. She married Robert Brantley on 18 May 1826 in Halfax Co NC


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