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  Thomas Sherly
b. 1746. Lived in Allegheny Co. Pennsylvania. 
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Editor: The origin of this lineage is unknown to the current editor in 2010. But the dates identified for the above Thomas Shirley may be referring to Thomas Shirley, Revolutionary War soldier who applied for a pension from Franklin Co PA. Thomas Shirley said he was born July 10, 1749 in Springfield Twp. Bucks Co PA. Enlisted in 1776 while residing in Bucks Co. Fought at battles of Brandywine and Monmouth. Soon after the Revolution, Thomas moved to Franklin Co PA where he made his application for a pension in the 12 June 1833. No children are mentioned in the application. 

Thomas Sherly July 11, 1746 Maryland, died 1804. This family was of Allegheny County Pennsylvania.

married Eliza Altman.

Only the name of one child is known:

1(i). George Shirley born about 1795 at Franklin Co PA, living at Pine Twp (1820) and Indiana Twp, Allegheny Co PA (1830); died 1847 Allegheny Co. PA. 

[1796 birth date] US Enlistment Records - George Shirley privt 22nd US Inf 5'10" grey eyes fair hair fair complx age 18 mason, born Franklin Co PA enlisted July 9 1814 Lt Brooke for duration of war; [mustered at Pittsburg a few times] discharged March 25 1815.

March 20, 1847. WB 6 pg242 - Will of George Shirley of Pine Township - Names wife Margaret Shirley and children (un-named) Executors: Son George Shirley George Allison Wit: Robert Wallace, William Wallace Recorded May 14, 1847

married Margaret Allison in 1819. She was born 2 March 1800. She died March 25, 1876 Nortonville, Kansas. Buried at Nortonville in Jefferson County, KS


2(i). Susannah Shirley born April 2, 1820, died Aug 13, 1898, married John A. Willey

2(ii). George Shirley, Jr. Sept 25, 1827; moved to Jefferson Co KS about 1868; Lived Jefferson Co Kansas in the 1870 census; died Feb 4, 1903 Nortonville, KS, George enrolled in Feb 1865 as a Private in SA Wm. Graham Co. I, 61 Reg't PA Inf. and was honorably discharged July 1865. Buried at Nortonville in Jefferson County, KS

married Isabel Edgar on Oct 18, 1860 Etna, PA. She died Jan. 9, 1916


3(i). Phila Anna Shirley born  July 17, 1861 Pittsburgh, PA, age 8 in 1870 census (Fannie); She died  Aug 3, 1943 Newton KS, married James Robert Eshom  May 1876.

3(ii). John Shirley born Nov 28, 1864 Allegheny Co. PA, age 5 in 1870 census; He died  Sept 8, 1897 in train accident near Emporia, KS. He suffered head injuries. He was a railroad fireman.

married Alice Frost in California. He left two sons. 

3(iii). Laura Shirley born  about 1869 KS, age 1 in 1870 census (Louan J), She married  ___ Ellis

2(iii). Eliza Shirley died July 1854

2(iv). Thomas Shirley died Jan 10, 1855

2(v). Margaret Shirley born 1832, died Jan 12, 1910 Topeka, Kansas, married Joseph Rice Aug 13, 1862

2(vi). John Shirley born 1837, died Aug 5, 1883,

married 1st Mary Davis,

married 2nd Martha Davis Kramer.

2(vii). Harriet Shirley born June 16, 1843 Allegheny Co. PA, died Aug 19, 1911 Topeka Kansas, married George Walter Oct 1, 1861.



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