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Shirleys of Northumberland Co

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Thomas Shirley - Estate probated 1696 at Northumberland Co. VA

married Frances ________

[A deed of gift to Thomas Shirley by John Kent of North'land might indicate Thomas married a daughter of Kent; but the deed also might be payment for the end of Shirley's indentured service to Kent? Nothing more known]


1.i Thomas Shirley chr Oct 22, 1666 St Stephens Parish. Nothing more known.

1.ii Richard Shirley chr Aug 6, 1669 St Stephens Parish. Died about 1728 at Northumberland Co VA

married Ann _____ She apparently married 2) Nicholas Nowland (A Nicholas Nowland later appears in Prince William VA records)

1728 Order book 1719-1729 page 284 Jan 25, 1728 Nicholas Nowland and Anne, his wife, came into court and made oath that Richard Shirley departed this life without making any will as far as they know or believe, and on their motion and giving security for their just and faithful adm. Of the said deceased’d estate, certificate is granted them for obtaining letters of Administration in due form.

This family may have moved to Prince William Co and Fairfax Co VA and established Shirley families there


2.i Thomas Shirley chr 1 Feb 1701 at St Stephens Parish

2.ii Ann Shirley chr 31 Mar 1703 St Stephens Parish

2.ii Richard Shirley chr 20 Jan 1705 at St Stephens Parish. Likely died young

2.iii Richard Shirley chr 9 July 1712 at St Stephens Parish

1.iii Phebus Shirley (dau) chr 14 April 1673 at St Stephens Parish

1.iv Mary Shirley chr 8 June 1676 at at St Stephens Parish

1.v John Shirley born ca. 1671. Will probated 17 Jan 1737/38 Northumberland Co. VA.

1737 Jan 17. Will of John SHIRLEY To my son John Shurley and lawfully begotten heirs of his body- my home plantation. To my son Daniel Shurley and the lawfully begotten heirs of his body- all my lands at the Coach Road adjoining to the lands of my brother, Richard Shurley, dec’d. To my son John Shurley- one feather bed and etween. To my son Daniel Shurley- one feather bed and furniture. To my son Argaland Shurley- one feaher bed and furniture. To my son Joseph -same...To my daughter Grace- one feather bed and furniture. To my daughter Elizabeth- one feather bed and furniture. Th rest of my estate to be divided equally between the above children. Executor son John Shurley. Wit: John Foushee. Probated April 10, 1738

married Unknown


2.i Ann Shirley chr 31 July 1706 at St Stephens Parish. She received a bequest of clothing from the will of Rebecca Price, written Dec 12, 1709 and probated at Northumberland County.

2.ii John Shirley Jr. chr 27 Sep 1708. Owned 100 acres of land near the head of the Coan River (near Westmoreland Co border). Will probated at Northumberland Co April 12 1742.

1742 March 30. Will of John Shurley Jr. my wife Betty Shirly and the child she is now with- all my movable estate of any kind whatsoever to be equally divided and if the child should die- its part to go to my brother Archland Shirly. Wit: Peter Bearcroft, Susan Greensteed, Robert Clark, Jr. Will Probated Apr 12, 1742.

married Betty______

3.i Winifred Shirley. In 1766, she chose Samuel Steele as her guardian

2.iii Grace Shirley chr Feb 17 1710 at St Stephens Parish

2.iv James Shirley chr Feb 8 1712 at St Stephens Parish. He is not named in his father's 1738 will. Nothing more known

2.v Newman Shirley chr Feb 11 1719 at St Stephens Parish Mary Shirley chr Aug 1 1722 at St Stephens Parish

2.vii Joseph Shirley born after 1720 not chr. St Stephens but named in father's 1738 will. Records imply he was a minor at the time. He may be the Joseph Sherlee who appears in the 1747 Prince William Co VA tithe list with a John Shirley

2.viii Daniel Shirley chr Mar 24 1717 at St Stephens Parish; died approx 1768

married 1) Martha ________ (likely Reaves)

married 2) Lishey Rice. Widow at time of husband's death. She was the dau of Elizabeth Rice and sister of Charles Rice of N'land Co.

2.v Argeland Shirley born about 1721; mentioned in the 1737 will of his father John Shirley and was of majority age in 1742 when he acted as co-executor of his brother John Shirley Jr's estate. In 1772, he sold by mortgage 105 acres of land in Northumberland Co whereupon he lived. After a large gap of time, he and wife Elizabeth had two more children in the early 1770s each christened at St Stephens Parish. In 1778, the mortgage purchase of his land was apparently paid off. His wife Elizabeth co-signed. An Arjalon Shirley appears in the 1787 Richmond Co tax list and an Arjalon Sharley (7 whites) appears in the St Stephens parish Northumberland Co tax list in the same year.

married Elizabeth _____ (possibly Walker)


3.i Arge Shirley chr 20 Feb 1756 at St Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co VA (dau of wife Elizabeth). An Argeland Shirley (son or father?) continues in Northumberland tax records through 1800.

may be the Argeland Shirley who married Susannah and moved to South Carolina and then Kentucky

An Argelin Shirley married Behethaland Kirtley in 1791 in Northumberland Co VA who was apparently a widow by 1810 census, showing she was born between 1765 and 1784.

3.ii Ruth Shirley chr 28 Aug 1771 at St Stephens Parish Northumberland Co VA (dau of wife Elizabeth)

3.iii John Shirley chr 18 Aug 1774 at St Stephens Parish Northumberland Co VA

3.iv Hannah Shearley chr 3 Aug 1777 at St Stephens Parish Northumberland Co VA (bastard child born to Argland) Grace Shirley. Mentioned in the 1737 will of her father. Nothing more known

2.vii Elizabeth Shirley. Mentioned in the 1737 will of her father. Nothing more known


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