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2.viii Daniel Shirley b Mar 24 1717 at St Stephens Parish; died approx 1768

married 1) Martha ________ (likely Reaves)

married 2) Lishey Rice. Widow at time of husband's death. She was the dau of Elizabeth Rice and sister of Charles Rice of N'land Co.


3.i John Shirley b 16 Aug 1741 at St Stephens Parish , He was living in Norfolk County Virginia in 1784

21 Oct 1784 - Daniel, John and Keziah Shirley, children of John Shirley; Guardian John Shirley; additional security: Bennet Armstrong; Bond: L500 -Norfolk VA Guardian Bonds 1801-1850 (wife died?)

married _______. She apparently died before 1787 in Norfolk Co Va


4.i Daniel Shirley. Named as a minor in a 1784 Norfolk VA Guardian bond.

May be the Daniel Shirley born between 1765-85 who died in Pasquotank Co NC with children: John, Elizabeth, and Nancy Shirley

4.ii John Shirley. Named as a minor in a 1784 Norfolk VA Guardian bond

4.iii Keziah Shirley. Named as a minor in a 1784 Norfolk VA Guardian bond. She married Peter Cuthrell 2 April 1794 in Norfolk. Her father acted as surety.

3.ii James Shirley b 22 Aug 1745 at St Stephens Parish. Nothing more known.

3.iii Richard Shirley b 12 Jul 1748 at St Stephens Parish; Living in Norfolk Co VA until 1774.

May be the Richard Shirley who lived in Edgecombe Co NC, leaving a family there

3.iv Joseph Shirley. Named in estate records

3.v Daniel Shirley b 1 May 1754 at St Stephens Parish, (born to Daniel and Martha). He died 1815 at Princess Anne County VA

1814 Daniel Shirley, will Oct 22, 1814, probated March 17, 1815, wife Mary Ann, children: David Shirley, Jeanna Evans, Mary Shirley, Abby Shirley. Land in NorfolkCo. VA to three daughters and Sally Welborn. Ex. Daniel Shirley, wit. Mitchell Thorougood, Harman Banks, James Scafe. Will book 3 page 125 (from Updike book). Deed Book 3, page 125

married Mary Ann ______


4.i David Shirley. born 1794-1800 (census) He is named in his father's 1814 Norfolk will. Living in Princess Anne Co Va in 1820, 1830 census. Likely died before 1840.

married Frances "Franky" McCabe Apr 13 1816 at Princess Anne Co VA; She died between June 1849 and May 1850 (mortality schedule), age 51.


5.i male Shirley born 1810-1815 (1830 census)

5.ii male [Daniel] Shirley born 1815-1820 (1830 census); Daniel Shirley, b 1817 VA is living in the 1850 Princess Anne Co VA census, with sister Frances (no children)

The Daily Dispatch, Volume 10, Number 24, 28 July 1856 - Drowned —The Norfolk Argus says, we are saddened to hear that while Mr Daniel Shirly, an esteemed citizen of Princess Anne, was in bathing at Witch duck, in that county, on Tuesday, he was taken with the cramp and drowned

5.iii Fanny A Shirley born about 1829 (1850 census) in Princess Anne co VA. She was age 25, single, (age likely not correct) at marriage to James Borroughs (age 39), son of Anthony and Ann Borroughs on 5 Oct 1857 at Norfolk City Co VA (her parents named in marriage record)

4.ii Jeanna Shirley. named in his father's 1814 Norfolk will. Married ____ Evans

4.iii Mary Shirley. named in his father's 1814 Norfolk will.

4.iv Abby Shirley born about 1802 VA; Died 18 Jan 1858 NC. named in his father's 1814 Norfolk will.

Abby Shirley married William Swaim April 29, 1830, well known editor of the "Greensborough Patriot". A daughter, Mary Jane Virginia Swaim Feb 12, 1833, married Dr. Algernon Sidney Porter of Greensboro. Their son, William Sydney Porter Sept 11, 1862 North Carolina, was known as "O. Henry", the short story writer. Jane Shurley b 4 Jan 1758 (born to Daniel and Martha) at St Stephens Parish

3.vii Judith Shirley b 6 Sep 1751 at St Stephens Parish

1768 Nov 14, Judith Shurley , orphan of Daniel Shurley, dec’d made choice of Richard Rice for her Guardian who is approved by the court; He., the said Richard, together with John Rout and Neddy Barnes security, having entered into and acknowledged bond for th estate of the said orphan in penalty of 100 pounds.

January 31, 1795 - The will of Richard Rice who died around 1799, states; "I give to my son Thomas Shurley, born before wedlock, my land in Northumberland county, formerly belonging to Robert Sibbles. Should Thomas Shurley die without lawful heir, my desire is, that his sister, Ann Rust Shurley whould have all his part of my estate, being born before wedlock." (Note: The rest of Rice's estate was given to his legitimate children). A George Shirley was mentioned in probate of Richard Rice.

Children born out of wedlock with Richard Rice

4.i Ann Rust Shirley. May have married 1) William Efford and 2) Samuel Hudson

4.ii Thomas Shirley born about 1773. Apparently livng about the time of an 1808 lawsuit when he and his sister appealed a ruling regarding their inheritance spelled out in the will of Richard Rice, their father. Nothing more is known.

Legitimate children

4.iii Richard Rice b Apr 28 1777 (born to Richard Rice and Judith)

4.iv Betty Rice b Nov 28 1778 (same)

4.v Sally Rice b Apr 25 1782 (same)

3.viii George Shirley (likely the son of 2nd wife Lishey Rice). George is named with his mother in calculating estate portion implying he is a minor in 1769.

Some descendants of this family view this George as another iligitimate son of Judith named George Middleton [Shurley] born Feb 2 1772) at St Stephens Parish. A George Shirley who appears in later tax and census lists with a family died about 1827

married 1) Sarah Rice 20 Dec 1791 at St Stephens Parish, Jonathan Abbay, sec. She died before 1797

married 2) Sally Edmonds 6 Jan 1797, Richard Routt, sec. (George listed as "widower"). She died after 1814.

married 3) Elizabeth______ ? An Elizabeth Shurley, widow married William Walker 1833

Likely had 7 male children (1810,1820 census)

4.i John Shirley b Apr 15 1793 St. Stephens Parish to George and SaraAnn

4.ii Sally Shirley (possible dau). She married William Headley 3 Jan 1816, consent of George Shirley as to Sally

4.iii Polly Shirley (possible dau). She married John Lewis 21 Dec 1819, consent of George Shirley as to Polly

4.iv Robert Shirley (likely son) died October 1848 according to Northumberland Chancery suit. He left no will but his widow Elizabeth claimed he died seized of 2-3 tracts of land and 6 slaves, an old woman and 5 children aged 3 to 14 years old. Robert "died leaving 4 infant children: Alice, Mary, Ann and Martha."

married Elizabeth Rice 8 Jan 1838 in Northumberland Co VA; She was the ward of William Rice at the time of their marriage.


5.i Mary Shirley. named as a child of Robert in 1848 Chancery suit. Supposedly married William Hershey 4 Dec 1855

5.ii Alice Shirley born about 1839 at Northumberland Co VA; named as a child of Robert in 1848 Chancery suit. She married Joseph Headley Dec 1855 at Richmond Co VA

5.iii Ann C. Shirley born about 1843 at Northumberland Co VA; named as a child of Robert in 1848 Chancery suit. She married James E. Tallent 9 August 1860 at Northumberland Co VA

5.iv Martha Shirley named as a child of Robert in 1848 Chancery suit.

4.v George H. Shirley born about 1805 died 1 July 1887 at Northumberland Co VA

1887 Jul 1 - Died. George N. Shirley (wm) farmer in N’land of diarrhea age 82. Son of George and Eliz Shirley. Born N’land. Wm H. Shirley reported

married Elizabeth Elmore 9 Dec 1844 at Northumberland Co VA; Daniel Shirley sec.


no children in 1850,1860 1880 census Daniel Shirley born about 1808 died 6 November 1884 at Northumberland Co VA

1884 Nov 6 - Died. Daniel Shirley (wm) in N’land of old age 76 years. Son of George and Eliz Shirley. Born N’land. George D. Shirley, son reported

married Ann E. C. Brickly - Mar 18, 1844 at Northumberland Co VA; George H. Shirley, Sec. She was born about 1829 dau of James and Eliz Brickly of Richmond Co VA.


5.i Robert James Shirley b Jan 1848, died May 1868

5.ii George Daniel Shirley b 23 Oct 1863 at Northumberland Co VA; died 19 Sep 1935 (s/o Daniel and wife Ann C. Brickly according to her death listing)

Obituary - GEORGE DANIEL SHIRLEY - Mr. George Daniel Shirley, 72, prominent business man , farmer and churchman, passed away at his home near here Thursday night of last week at 9'o'clock, following a stroke of paralysis a few days previous. Funeral services were conducted from Coan Baptist Church Saturday afternoon in the presence of a large concourse of people from the Northern Neck and other parts of the country. Interment was in the church cemetery. The service was conducted by his pastor, the rev. Wales B. Ingram. He was one of the oldest members of Coan Church. The pall bearers were: Active, Dr. R. E. Booker, L.J. Rice, Fletcher Barnes, T. Edward Hall, John Lewis, and James Humphries, honorary, Millard Booth, E. E. Booth, Gladstone Lewis, Talmadge Lewis, H. Staughan, Dr. T.S. D. Covington, H.Hurst, J.Dawson, T.W. Headley, Sonny Headley, Ben davis, W.B. Crowther, F. Slaughter, S. barnes, and C. Slaughter. He is survived by his widow, who before her marriage was Miss Essie Lewis, daughter of mr. and Mrs. M. C. Lewis, of farnham; five daughters, Mrs. E. Warren Edwards of Baltimore; Mrs. George r.L. Turberville of Fairfax; Mrs. D.E. Gillies of New York; Mrs. Philip Lewis, of Lilian; and W.E. Rowe, of Heathesville; and four sons, Otis Shirley, of Washington; Wellington and George d. Shirley of Heathesville.

married 1) Samuela A. Rice on 23 November 1882 at Coan Church, Northumberland Co VA; She died 25 Dec 1886; Daughter of Samuel and Catherine Rice

married 2) Florence Ada (Smith) Burroughs. She died 28 Feb 1909

married 3) Essie R. Lewis of Farnham VA on 1 Jun 1910 by T. B. Hill at Washington DC. She was born about 1890 (age 20 on her marriage license Appl #49139)


6.i Margaret Adlee Shirley b 7 Mar 1886, died 5 July 1973. She married William Rowe

6.ii Annie Catherine Shirley b 1886 married George Turberville

6.iii Doswelle Joyce Shirley b 19 Jan 1885 married Warren Edwards

6.iv Robert J. Shirley b 27 Jul 1888, died 4 May 1933

6.v Otis Guy Shirley b 1890 lived Prince Georges Maryland Lelia L. Shirley b 4 Mar 1892 married Phillip Lewis

6.vii George Daniel Shirley b 25 May 1895, died 29 Mar 1974

6.viii Raymond J. Shirley b 1897, died Feb 1917 at Baltimore

Raymond J. Shirley, aged 20 years, son of Mr. G.D. Shirley, died in Baltimore on Tuesday afternoon at 12;30 o'clock of leaky heart. His remains were brought to Northumberland on Thursday's steamer, accompanied by Mr. Ernest Bryant. Funeral was conducted from Coan Baptist Church Thursday afternoon at 2'o'clock, and interment made in Coan cemetery. Rev. A.J. Reamy conducting the services. He is survived by his father, five sisters, Mrs. Geo. R. Lee Turberville, Jr. , of Fairfax, Va., Mrs. E. Warren Edwards, fleeton; Mrs. Philip Lewis, Farnham; Mrs. W.E. Rowe and Miss Garnett Shirley, Heathsville and five brothers, Robert, Otis, Geo. D., John M. and Wellington Shirley.

6.ix Garnet Olivia Shirley b 28 Nov 1900 at Heathsville Northumberland Co VA, died 21 Oct 1986 at Naples Collier Co FL; She is buried at St Charles Cem in Suffolk Co NY; She married Duncan Gillies

6.x John Meredith Shirley b 1912

6.xi Wellington Hill Shirley b 1915

4.vii James Shirley born 1814 at Northumberland Co VA, son of George Shurley and Sarah Edmonds (marriage record). He is enumerated as single in 1850 census with 3 slaves; Died 21 Apr 1880 at Heathsville, Northumberland Co

married 1) Catherine Jane Pearson; She died 9 Apr 1865 at Northumberland Co

married 2) Elizabeth A. Jacques, widow on 1 July 1866 at Northumberland Co VA; She was the daughter of John Hughes and Nancy Dawson; She married next Thomas Pullen in 1882


5.i William H. Shirley born about 1854 VA, living in family 1870 household; He died 1 Aug 1889

married Maria Pitman on 12 Mar 1888 at Northumberland Co VA; daughter of Joseph Pitman and Elizabeth Stott; she married next Joseph L. Conoly in 1892 (either incorrect Maria Shirley m Conoly, or wrong date)


6.i Emma Shirley born about 1891; married W.C. Brann in 1918 in Northumberland Co VA

5.ii Emma E. Shirley born about 1856 VA living in family 1870 household; married Theoderick C. Dawson on 8 Jun 1876 in Northumberland Co VA

5.iii Joseph Shirley born about 1858 VA living in family 1870 and 1880 (age 23) household.

1890-94 Calif Great Register - living at Hollister, San Benito Co CA

1900 Oakland City, Alameda Co CA

Head Joseph Shirley M 40 Virginia
Wife Mary Shirley F 36 Canada Eng
Daughter Mary N Shirley F 2 California

1910 Silver Peak Esmeralda Co NV

SELF Joseph Shirley M 52y Virginia
WIFE Mary E Shirley F 43y Canada
DAU Mary N Shirley F 12y California
DAU Margaret Shirley F 9y California
SON John Shirley M 4y California

1920 Lindsey Twp, Tulare Co CA

SELF Joseph S Shirley M 62y Virginia
WIFE Mary Shirley F 54y Canada
DAU Mary N Shirley F 22y California
DAU Margaret Shirley F 19y California
SON Jack Shirley M 14y California

Name: Joseph S Shirley
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 08 Jun 1941
Event Place: Tulare, California, United States
Birth Date: 22 Nov 1858
Birthplace: Virginia

5.iv John Shirley born about 1860 VA living in family 1870 and 1880 (age 20) household

Univ Nevada Oral History Project: "...Anna Cleary married John Shirley. And what do you know of John and Anna? John originally was from Virginia. He came out West when he was about eighteen with a brother. And John came from Virginia to Silver Peak . . . . Right, to work the mines, or he bought some of the mines. He was in his forties when he met and married Anna. She was sixteen at that time...Will you name the other children. There was Louis Shirley; Ernie Shirley who married Ruby, the postmaster; and Ada Louise and Cora both died when they were two or younger. Anna had five miscarriages. And then there was my mother, Jane Shirley."

Genforum: "John Shirley and his brother, Joseph were my grandmother's uncles [sic]. My grandmother, Garnet Olivia Shirley, was born in Heathsville, VA, daughter of George D. Shirley and Florence Ada Burroughs. John and Joseph survive in my family's legacy because of a wonderful photo taken of these two men with my grandmother around age 9. They had returned to Heathsville for a visit, maybe a wedding, or maybe my great grandmother's (Florence A. Burroughs Shirley's) funeral. These uncles had returned from Nevada after striking it rich in silver mining."

Marriage John Shirley and Anna Cleary 13 Dec 1900

1907/8 Polk Directory Goldfield, Esmeralda Co NV

Ingalls-Shirley Co on Main and SE corner of Crook Ave; John Shirley Pres, Nace Grant V-Pres, W A Ingalls Sec and Treas, Proprietors of the Palace Saloon

1910 Silver Peak, Esmeralda Co NV (now a ghost town, except for cemetery)

SELF John Shirley M 49y Virginia; Bartender, saloon
WIFE Anna Shirley F 26y California
SON Earnest Shirley M 8y Nevada
DAU Ethel Shirley F 6y Nevada
DAU Virginia Shirley F 3y Nevada
DAU Ada L Shirley F 1y Nevada

Gold Mines in Esmeralda Co NV (year discovered: 1920)

Shirley Property - John Shirley And Frank Cleary - Surface/ Underground - Gold, Copper, silver

1920 Esmeralda Co NV

ELF John Shirley M 59y Virginia; Miner, Silver Mine; Owner
WIFE Anna F Shirley F 35y California (father : Ontario Canada)
SON Ernest J Shirley M 18y Nevada
DAU Ethel B Shirley F 16y Nevada
DAU Noral Virginia Shirley F 13y Nevada
SON Lewis H Shirley M 8y Nevada
DAU Jane C Shirley F 4y4m Nevada
Benjamin F Cleary M 24y Nevada
Edward J Cleary M 22y Nevada
James P Cleary M 34y California
Roy L Cleary M 21y Nevada

John Shirley
Birth: Aug. 17, 1860
Northumberland County
Virginia, USA
Death: May 28, 1939
Silver Peak
Esmeralda County
Nevada, USA

5.v Cora Lee Shirley born about 1865 VA; married James B. Kent in 1885


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