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Valentine Shirley (cont.)
b. ca1740-50's. Lived in Augusta Co. Virginia. 


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1(ii). Jacob Shirley born Feb 9, 1774 VA, died Dec 2, 1859 IN. About 1814,

Jacob and Sally made the long journey to Indiana, bringing with them their infant daughter born in 1814.  Jacob first purchased land in Orange County Indiana on Feb 11, 1815.  He and his wife made their home on this land, which was adjacent to lands entered by his brother Henry and by Thomas Sewell, husband of his sister, Anna Shirley. After the death of  Anna and Thomas Sewell, Jacob Shirley was named guardian of their children. In 1816, the first school in Orangeville Township was established at the Shirley place. In 1837 Jacob and Sally deeded 3 acres of their land to the school district of Congressional Township for $1.00. Sometime between 1815 and 1820, a log mill was built by Jacob Shirley at the rise of Lost River, which was also known as the Big Spring. This mill was run by an undershot wheel which had one set of burrs on which corn was ground.    The top of the burr of this mill was one solid stone taken from the vicinity of Cave Spring. It is of flinty limestone. This was the first mill on lower Lost Rive, and it was greatly needed to grind the corn to make meal for the first settlers in this vicinity. Jacob died in 1859...nearly 7 years later and Sarah in 1861. They are buried in a cemetery on the property in Section 7 that they once owned and which Valentine Shirley had entered in 1811. Jacob's brother Henry had been buried there in 1847.  Jacob's Bible was printed in 1833 and is now located in the Museum of the Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell Indiana. It records the dates of births, marriages, and deaths of members of Jacob's family and also dates for the family of his sister, Anna Shirley Sewell. It is said that Jacob did not care to live in a log house. He built a house which was pronounced by travelers as the best house in the Ohio River Valley at that time.  A large part of the house was still standing and in use in 1920. It is also said that Jacob's personality was sometime arrogant and overbearing. One winder when the wheat crop had failed and the people were really suffering for want of flour, Jacob Shirley has a large quantity stored in his mill, but he refused either to grind or sell it except at an exorbitant price.  He hoarded the grain for two or three years, until it deteriorated and the crops were again plentiful and the prices consequently lowered. Jacob Shirley was a horse fancier. In his later days he went to Virginia and came back with a span of trotters, equipped with fine brass studded harnesses and hitched to a splendid carriage. The horses were a bit too much for the old gentleman to manage, however, and he sent back to Virginia for a Negro coachman. Since he could not hold the man as a slave in Indiana, he freed him and built a cabin for him and his wife, and allowed them a tract of land to cultivate as long as they lived. 

married Sally Cook Nov 22, 1810 Rockingham Co. VA. She was born Jan 9, 1791 VA and died Mar 30, 1861 IN.


2(i). Mary Ann Shirley born May 11, 1814 VA died 1879 married Robert Higgins Aug 16, 1839. 

Mary was about a year old when her parents moved to Orange Co. IN. At the age of 25 she married Robert Higgins, a farmer, living not far from her family. On Feb 25, 1853 Robert and Mary Ann bought 400 acres from her parents.  Mary Ann died in 1879 In the 1880 census Robert Higgins is listed as a liveryman living in the home of his daughter, Sarah Jane Pipher at Shoals in Martin Co. IN. Both Mary Ann and Robert are buried in the Higgins cemetery located on the land they had owned. In 1978 the property was owned by Carl and Mildred Gromer.

2(ii). Felix Shirley born July 11, 1815 IN died April 25, 1818

2(iii). Jane Shirley born Sept 7, 1817 IN died Nov 27, 1878, married 1st James Robert Hudelson who was born Jan 17, 1816 and died Aug 16, 1843. They had four children. She married 2nd Daniel Harrison Higgins June 14, 1846. He was born Mar 19, 1823 TN and d. 1894 IN. He was the son of William and Nancy Harrison Higgins. Jane and Daniel had one daughter.

2(iv). Peyton Shirley born Aug 2, 1819 died June 26, 1837, age about 18

2(v). Thomas S. Shirley born 2 March 1821 in IN, Lived at Orangeville Orange Co IN in 1860 census;They lived at Pleasant Hill, Cass Co MO in 1880 census, age 60; He died Feb 26, 1899,

married Mary Jane Lafferty April 14, 1844. She was born July 5, 1829 NC d. Dec 31, 1880.


3(i). Sarah E. Shirley born 3 September 1845 IN, age 14 in 1860 census; She died 1866 buried Higgins cemetery, married Francis M. Able Sept 3, 1865 son of William and Mildred Link Able.   

3(ii). Jacob P. (N) Shirley born 20 April 1847 IN, age 13 in 1860 census

married __________


4(i). Wilford T. Shirley born about 1871 in IN, age 9 in grandfather Thomas Shirley's 1880 census household

4(ii). Thomas Shirley born about 1873 in IN, age 7 in grandfather Thomas Shirley's 1880 census household

4(iii). Westley Shirley born about 1875 in IN, age 5 in grandfather Thomas Shirley's 1880 census household

4(iv). Ally Shirley born about 1878 in IN, age 2 in grandfather Thomas Shirley's 1880 census household 

3(iii). George W. Shirley born 13 August 1849 IN, age 11 in 1860 census, age 20 in parent's 1870 census household; He lived in Cass Co MO in 1880 census; He lived in Osage, Osage Co Kansas in 1900 and 1910 census; He died. April 9, 1917 Osage Co. KS,

married Margaret M. Denny on 26 November 1869. She lived with husband in her father-in-law's 1870 census household (Matilda Shirley) After George W. Shirleys death, Margaret married Mr. White.


4(i). Flora B Shirley born about 1872 in IN, age 8 in 1880 census, age 29 in parent's 1900 census

4(ii). Robert Allen Shirley born about 1874 in IN, age 6 in 1880 census; He died 1916 This family is untraced in census records

married Mary May _____ before 1900 census; She married next Frank Martin

Eureka Humboldt Standard on January 24, 1959 - Obituary: Mrs. Mary May Martin, 84, died early this morning in a local hospital after a lengthy illness. She was a native of Pennsylvania and had resided in Eureka since 1920. She was the wife of the late Frank Martin. Survivors include daughter, Mrs. Lucille Metcalf, Los Angeles; sons, Harry J. Shirley, Hollywood; Robert N. Shirley, Arcata; Edward Shirley, Topeka, Kansas; John Shirley, Idaho; Gilbert Shirley, Eureka; 15 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Funeral services tentatively have been arranged for Tuesday afternoon from the Pierce Mortuary. Interment will follow in Sunset Memorial Park.


5(i). Harry John Shirley born 25 December 1898. He lived in Hollywood CA at the time of his mother's death in 1959. He died 23 December 1987, age 87, buried Forest Lawn Mem. Park, Los Angeles Co CA; He was a barber in Hollywood, CA.

5(ii). Edward Victor Shirley born 2 July 1902 in Osage Co KS. After the death of his father, he were adopted out. He took back the Shirley name when he became of age. He lived in Topeka KS at the time of his mother's death in 1959. He died 2 October 1987, buried Maplewood Memorial Lawn Cem, Lyon Co KS

married 1st. Frances Duane Hunt

married 2nd Bessie Ruth Jones.   

5(iii). Gilbert Glen Shirley He lived in Eureka KS at the time of his mother's death in 1959.

5(iv). John Wayne Shirley  After the death of his father, he was adopted out. He kept the surname name of his adopted family. Name not known. He lived in Idaho at the time of his mother's death in 1959.

5(v). Lucile Lilly Shirley; She married Metcalf and lived in Los Angeles at the time of her mother's death in 1959

5(vi). Bessie Sadie Shirley

5(vii). Robert N Shirley He lived in Arcata KS at the time of his mother's death in 1959.

4(iii). Lydia A. Shirley born about 1876 in IN, age 4 in 1880 census; Not living with parents in 1900 census

4(iv). James H. Shirley born about 1878 in IN, age 2 in 1880 census, age 23 in 1900 census, age 31 in parent's 1910 census household

4(v). William Arthur Shirley born about 1882 KS, age 18 in 1900 census, age 28 in parent's 1919 census household

4(vi). Charles Leroy Shirley born about 1885 KS, age 17 in 1900 census, age 25 in parent's 1910 census household

4(vii). Jesse May Shirley (f) born about 1887 KS, age 13 in 1900 census

4(vii). Fred F. Shirley born about 1890 KS, age 10 in 1900 census, age 20 in parent's 1910 census household; He lived Kansas City, Missouri

4(viii). George Thomas Shirley born about 1892 KS, age 7 in 1900 census, age 18 in parent's 1910 census household; He lived Pittsburg, Kansas

4(ix). Harry A. Shirley born about 1898 KS, age 3 in 1900 census, age 12 in parent's 1910 census household

4(x). Sadie Shirley not found in parent's 1900 nor 1910 census household

3(iv). Hester Ann Shirley born 12 May 1852 IN, age 9 in 1860 census

3(v). John C. Shirley born 5 November 1854 IN, age 5 in 1860 census, age 15 in 1870 census

3(vi). Eliza Ann (J) Shirley born 21 February 1856 IN, age 3 in 1860 census, not in parent's 1870 census household, died young?

3(vii). Margaret E. Shirley born 27 April 1859, age 1 in 1860 census, age 10 in 1870 census, age 21 in parent's 1880 census; She married Frank Burns, an undertaker in Lebo Kansas

3(viii). Mary (Molly) Shirley born 6 May 1862, age 7 in 1870 census, age 18 in parent's 1880 census;   m. Nina Griggs

3(ix). Thomas Wilbur Shirley born 4 August 1867, age 2 in 1870 census, age 12 in parent's 1880 census; d. Dec 19, 1935 They lived Osage City KS  

married Maggie Mae Keller Sept 1898.    


4(i). Arley Calvin Shirley born Oct 22, 1898 d. April 30, 1970

married Winona Mae Branning

4(ii). Lillian Victoria Shirley born Oct 29, 1902 m. 1st. Ralph L. Baxter Feb 17, 1920, m. 2nd Emery Sunday, m. 3rd Carl R. Bruner

2(vi). Eliza Ann Shirley born Oct 16, 1824 died Oct 3, 1905 married Zimri Henson Mar 19, 1840. He was born 1818 Ohio and died April 15, 1873. Zimri Henson was a farmer in Orangeville. He died in 1873 at age 55. Eliza Ann was living with her daughter and son in law in the 1880 and 1900 census.  

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