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  William Shirley
b. 1804   Lived in Smith County Mississippi

Info from Anna Husbands

William Shirley b. 17 July 1804 in Va.; He first appeared in Scott Co MS tax records in 1837 with Philip Shirley. He moved to Smith County Mississippi and appears next in the 1839 county tax list (1 white poll) and then the 1841 MS state census (4 white persons), 1845 state census (6 white persons) and 1850 federal census; He died  16 May 1882 in Pineville, Smith Co., MS; He is buried  Carr Methodist Church, Pineville, Smith Co., Ms., 

married Nancy Rebecca Adams. She was born July 20, 1820  in Mecklenburg, Va., died Feb 6, 1893. buried Carr Methodist Cem. Pineville, Smith Co MS

Carr Methodist Church Cemetery, Pineville, Smith Co MS


1(i). Silas Shirley 1840 MS; he was killed in 1862 in the Civil War  

1(ii). Martha Shirley 1841 MS

1(iii). Nancy Rebecca Shirley 1842 MS  Died  6 JAN 1923  was single in 1870  Census

1(iv). Elizabeth Shirley born 3 DEC 1843  MS Died  6 JUN 1923. Married Alex Millian

1(v). Sarah Ellen Shirley 1847  MS  lived in Petal, Ms.

1(vi). Emily M. Shirley 1849 MS

1(vii). William Asa Shirley b. 24 MAY 1852  lived in Petal, Ms. Married  Susan Grimes. Asa worked in the RR shop in Vicksburg (son Robert was conductor from Meridian to Vicksburg).

1(viii). Robert Frederick"Bobby"  b. 1854 in Selma, Al. died 1936, Buried  Leaf  River Cem., Smith Co., MS. He was a  farmer in Pineville, Ms., and a peace officer many years. 

married 1st. Bettie Elizabeth Hammock b: 1857 in Al.

married 2nd Mattie Russum Jan 25,1930.


2(i). Kitty B. Shirley b. 15 JUN 1878

2(ii). William B. Shirley b. 1880

2(iii). Robert Leon Shirley b. 17 MAY 1883  He was christened at Leaf River Bapatist Church, died June 1, 1950 and is buried in Leaf River Cemetery.

married Maudie Everlena Roberts Shirley in 1902.


3(i). Golver George Shirley

3(ii). Modane Lilla Shirley

3(iii). Lodell Shirley

3(iv). Anna Shirley

3(v). R.F. Shirley

3(vi). Claurin Shirley

3(vii). Lee Etta Shirley

2(iv). Silas Bedford Shirley b. 10 OCT 1884

2(v). Anna Lucile Shirley b. 1887

2(vi). Lonnie Shirley b. 1888

2(vii). Eula Laverne Shirley b. 8 MAY 1892 in Smith Co., Ms.

2(viii). Maggie Etta Shirley b. 1 NOV 1895

2(ix).Walter Clayton Shirley b. 15 DEC 1897 in Smith Co., Ms.

2(x) Charlie Edgar Shirley b. 26 OCT 1899

1(ix). Andrew J. Shirley b. 11 APR 1856 (Twin).  Died  8 APR 1934   Buried Carr Church cem., Smith Co., Ms.

married  1st Eugenia Mae Weems  Dec 1880  She was born  1856.

married 2nd  Sallie Tatum b. 6 DEC 1859


2(i). Irma Lee Shirley  b: 3 SEP 1888

1(x). George W. Shirley 11 APR  1856 (twin)  Married Sarah Eudora Weems  8 DEC 1881. He worked in RR machine shop at Vicksburg 

1(xi). Fannie C. Shirley b. 1860 ____Windham .... no issue

1(xii). John Henry Shirley b. 1860 Died  26 JAN 1895 ... no issue.  Henry, a train inspector at Meridian   (killed by a stray bullet as he stepped from a train)

1(xiii). Annie Lenora Shirley b. 2 MAR 1862 in Pineville, Smith Co., Ms. Died  22 JAN 1946 in Yazoo City, Yazoo Co., Ms. Buried Newton Masonic Cem., Newton Co. Ms. Married 1st  John Derias Daniel b. 27 FEB 1854 in Selma, Dallas Co., Al.  Married  26 DEC 1876




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