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William Shirley (continued)
b. ca1730. Lived in Frederick Co. Maryland. Family to Pennsylvania and Kentucky


Haplogroup E3b


1(iii). Richard Shirley born in 1755 according to records relating to his death. He died 1780, age 25. He was killed by an Indian raid in Woodcock Valley, Bedford Co. PA in 1780. He was a Ranger in Capt. Phillips company. He was named in the 1805 probate of the will of his father William Shirley. Although the 1805 probated will did not indicate Richard was deceased, the 811 probated will clearly indicates the bequest was to Richard's heirs.

married Rachael Moore. She was taxed in Hopewell Township, Bedford County as head of household upon the death of her husband in 1782 and 1783. She was taxed on 100 acres of land at the time. She remarried to Thomas Gartrel about this time. Rachel Gartrel finally probated her husband's estate in 1796 when on 26 August she was granted letters of administration as Richard Shirley's widow.

Rachel Gartrel, formerly widow of late Richard Shirly, states he (Richard Shirly) was a Private Soldier in a Company of Militia Rangers commanded by Capt. William Phillips and raised by order of the Lieut, of Bedford County. He was killed by Indians July 16, 1780 at a Station or Fort in Woodcock Valley, Bedford County. He was then about twenty-five years of age. William Shirly, born January 12, 1780 and Margaret, born December 23, 1777 were the two surviving children. The Court appointed Levi Moore and William Shirly guardians for said children


2(i). Margaret Shirley born 23 December 1777; She was named as an orphan child of Richard Shirley dec'd. She married  Abraham Welch in 1797 in Mason Co. KY. They went to Ohio

2(ii). William Shirley born 12 January 1780; He was named as an orphan child of Richard Shirley, dec'd. In 1810 they lived in Bracken Co. KY. In 1820 Harrison Co. KY and are in Monroe Co. Indiana by 1830.

married Jemima Taylor in 1801 Nicholas Co. KY.

children (the following lineage is confirmed by the published biography of Lieut. James A. Shirley (below)

3(i). Richard Shirley born 1802 KY They were living in Buchanan Co. MO in the 1850 census, next door to his brother Levi Shirley.

married Jerusha Buskirk on 17 February 1827 Monroe Co. IN.

children: (1850 census)

4(i). William Shirley born about 1830 IA

4(ii). Jane Shirley born about 1832 IA

4(iii). Mary Shirley born about 1831 IA

4(iv). Ruth Shirley born about 1838 IA

4(v). Jershua Shirley born about 1840 MO

4(vi). Stilwell M. Shirley born about 1843 MO; Lived in Holt Co MO in 1870. He was enumerated in the 1890 Missouri census of Union soldier veterans with wife Juretta in Holt County.

Oct 27 1899, Holt County Sentinal newspaper - Jan Term 1900 - Jessee Franklin Worley vs Jeretta J Shirley, Edwin W Shirley, Gertrude Dawson, Don L Shirley, Leroy Shirley, Queen Shirley and Grover Shirley, defendants [Don, Gertrude and Edwin not residents of Missouri]...contract of sale and purchase [of land] made between himself and one Stillwell M. Shirley, decease late of Holt Co

married 1) Jenia Logan on 1 April 1868 in Andrew Co MO. Wife in 1870 census

married 2) Juretta ______ She was living in El Paso TX in 1910 with daughter Gertrude Dawson and stepdaughter Bernice Shirley

4(vii). John Shirley born about 1847 MO

3(ii). John L. Shirley born 1803 KY; He lived at Van Buren, Monroe Co IN in 1850 census

married 1st Sarah Ashbrook June 2, 1825 in Nicholas Co. KY.

married 2nd Lucretia H. Hart on 16 October 1846 in Parke Co IN


4(i). Dulcinea Shirley born about 1833 IN, age 17 in 1850 census

4(ii). Paris Shirley (male) born about 1836 IN, age 14 in 1850 census

4(iii). Gerome Shirley born about 1838 IN, age 12 in 1850 census

4(iv). Homer J Shirley born about 1846 IN, age 4 in 1850 census

4(v). Sarah G Shirley born about 1850 IN, age 0 in 1850 census

3(iii). Elizabeth Shirley born 1804. She married William Alexander. They lived in Monroe Co. IN in the 1850 census.

3(iv). William T. Shirley born Mar 7, 1806 KY. They were living in Hendricks Co. IN in the 1850 census.

William T. Shirley, born 1806 KY and Mary "Polly" Hitch Worrell were married in Claysville, Harrison County, Kentucky on December 26, 1829. In 1832 they moved to Gosport, Monroe County, Indiana. From there they moved in 1839 to a farm near Bellville, Hendricks Co. Indiana. Later they moved to Pecksburg, Hendricks County, where William, previously a tailor by trade, ran a store, was postmaster, and railroad station agent. William T. Shirley married a second time to a neighbor, Lucinda Taylor. They had a daughter, Georgia. Ola Marshall Hubbard, who had grown up in Pecksburg, pictured Pecksburg in 1845 in a "History of Pecksburg" written in 1938-39 for a Pecksburg (Hendricks County Indiana) homecoming. "(Pecksburg) boasted of two churches, Methodist and Lutheran, blacksmith shop, schoolhouse, two stores, gristmill, two doctors, post office, picture gallery, shoe shop, and millinery store.....Uncle Bill Shirley's (William T.) store was on the south side of the railroad and west side of the road. He handled everything that anybody wanted, especially peppermint stick candy for the children. He was the postmaster too! There was a long platform between the railroad and the store where the passengers could alight, and naturally when Uncle Billy would flag down a train, all eyes were open. A man with long whiskers or a lady with a long dress and hoop skirt might get off the train, climb in a buggy, and drive away. There were no telephones or radios in existence then. When there weren't any passengers to get on the train, Uncle Billy would fix the mail bag on a crane and the clerk would gracefully hook it in and with a friendly wave go on...." We had a town pump, the flagpole raising, loyal church members, good schools, town hall, town crier, prize fighters, pretty women, fast horses, hog callers, horn tooters, coon hunters, hounds and horse doctors. In those days we went to Sunday School and Church and our choir carried off honors with Bill Shirley (William T.) as the leader." I assume that there was one thing you couldn't get at Uncle Billy's store. My mother told me that her father-in-law, William R. Shirley got his wedding suit at Springtown. About 1975 the schoolhouse was completely destroyed and the bricks incorporated into a modern home and in 1982 the railroad tracks were taken up. Since then there has been no visible sign of the town that was Pecksburg, home of the William T. Shirleys, including my grandfather, William R. Shirley. - Submitted by Lois Crayton, gr-grandaughter of William T. Shirley

married Polly (Worrel) Hitch on 13 December 1829 in Harrison Co. KY.


4(i). Lt. James A. Shirley born Sept 26, 1830 Harrison Co. Kentucky. James served in the Union Army from July 6, 1861 to Jan 10, 1866. He was severely wounded, somewhat disabled, and nearly blind the rest of his life.

A Portrait and Biographical Record of Hendricks County (Chicago: A.W. Bowen & Co., 1895)--pages 982-983 - Lieut. James A. Shirley, of Pecksburg, Hendricks County, Ind., is one of the officers of the Civil War, who served through the entire struggle. He is a native of Harrison County, Ky., and is the son of William T. and Mary (Worrel) Shirley. The great-grandfather of our subject, Richard Shirley, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and was burned at the stake by the Indians in New York or Pennsylvania. James A. Shirley was born September 26, 1830, and received a good common education for his day. He has come to Indiana with his father, William T. Shirley, in 1832, who settled in Monroe County; in 1839, came to Hendricks County and settled in Liberty township. James A. learned the trade of a carpenter and house painter and grainer, and in 1854 married, at Belleville, Priscilla Jackson, and settled at Clayton, when he enlisted on July 6, 1861, in Company E, Twenty-first Indiana Infantry, and was transferred to the First Indiana Heavy Artillery in March, 1863, and veteranized in January, 1864, in the same organization, and served until January 22, 1866, and was honorably discharged at Indianapolis, having been mustered out Janaury 10, 1866, at Baton Rouge, La. From March, 1862, to March, 1865, Mr. Shirley was color bearer of his regiment and carried the colors at the battle of Baton Rouge, where the spear-head was shot off the flag-staff. He was next at New Orleans, under Gen. Banks; in October, 1862, his company was put on a gun-boat to serve in the bayous of Louisiana and the gulf coast, on scouting duty, and in this line of duty was in many skirmishes and did good service; he was next transferred to the heavy artillery and was in a battle with Gen. Dick Taylor, called the battle of Corney's Bridge, on Bayou Teche. He was in charge of the gun-deck on the gunboat Diana, and the tackle of one of the guns being out of order, he got under the gun to make repairs, and it was loaded and discharged before he could get out, and the concussion rendered him senseless and injured his eye-sight so that he became nearly blind—one eye being now entirely covered with a cataract. On May 24, 1863, he was in the siege at Port Hudson, during which time he was under fire with his company forty-five days, and had the honor to fire the first shot from a land battery at the port. On the surrender of Port Hudson he was taken sick, and the following October his eyes became inflamed and he laid six weeks at Baton Rouge in a dark tent. The latter part of 1863 he was detailed as ordnance sergeant at Fort Williams, Baton Rouge, and remained there until he went to New Orleans to veteranize in January, 1864. He was home on furlough sixty days, and was commissioned lieutenant. His service after this was at Baton Rouge until the surrender of Kirby Smith. On October 17, 1864, he was mustered as first lieutenant, and had charge of dismantling the two rebel forts at Alexandria. In May, 1865, his company was ordered to Alexandria, La., where he was sick ten days, and was detailed assistant paroling officer, served until September, and assisted in paroling Kirby Smith's army. On October 7, 1865, he left Alexandria and went to Baton Rouge, and detailed from his company to command the One Hundred and Sixty-fourth Company, Second Battalion, Veterans' Reserve Corps, and commanded this company two months, and mustered them out, and this concluded his service, having served altogether four years, six months and fifteen days, one of the longest services rendered by any soldier from Hendricks County. But one man had a longer service—Oliver Boyd, of Stilesville. Mr. Shirley had also the longest record of any soldier of Hendricks County in the Jesse s. Ogden post, G.A.R., of Danville. After the war Mr. Shirley settled in Clayton. He and wife have had two children, Orville G. (died aged twenty-one years, seven months), and Maggie B. Mr. Shirley followed mechanical work until 1877, moved to Pecksburg later, lived four years in Danville, and then returned to Pecksburg, and now lives a retired life, disabled from the effects of his army service. Mr. Shirley is an honored citizen, who enjoys the respect of the people. His long record of enduring and persevering service to his country speaks for itself. When he went into the army he weighed about 180 pounds, and when discharged he weighed but 135 pounds, was greatly disabled, and has never since been able to do much work.

married Prescilla Jackson on 19 April 1854.


5(i). Orville G. Shirley he died at age 21 years, 7 months

5(ii). Maggie B. Shirley named in the published biography of her father.

4(ii). Lucinda Shirley born Feb 20, 1833 Gosport, Monroe Co. Indiana. Died Sept 23, 1906. She married James Worrell.                   

4(iii). Sarah (Sallie) Shirley born Oct 20, 1833 Gosport, Monroe Co. Indiana. She married Robert N. Harvey.

4(iv). Meranda J. Shirley born Sept 8, 1838 Gosport, Monroe Co. Indiana. She married Himelius Kendall

4(v). Robert Eldridge Shirley born Oct 6, 1845 Gosport, Monroe Co. Indiana. He died July 23, 1937, age 91.

4(vi). William R. Shirley born Aug 15, 1845 Pecksburg, Hendricks Co. Indiana. In 1871, two years after William R. Shirley's marriage to. Sallie Phillips, Sallie acquired 40 acres of land on the south end of the present Shirley farm. (A dowry?). There the young couple built their first home, a log cabin and a barn. Later they built a brick house a little farther north, where all children, except Ettie were born.Died Aug 4, 1902

married 1st Sallie Maria Phillips on Sept 22, 1869 (4 children),

married 2nd Ruth Masten Hodson Sept 20, 1898;


5(i). Etta Lenore Shirley born April 1, 1852

5(ii). Fred Grant Shirley born Feb 2, 1873   (father of Lois Crayton)

It is a well authenticated fact that success comes as the result of legitimate and well applied energy, unflagging determination and perseverance in a course of action when once decide upon. She is never known to smile upon the idler or dreamer and she never courts the loafer, only the men who have diligently sought her favor being crowned with her blessings. In tracing the history of the influential farmer and representative citizen of Clay Township, Hendricks County, Indiana, whose name forms the caption of this review, it is plainly seen that the prosperity which he enjoys has been won by commendable qualities and it is also his personal worth that has gained for him the high esteem of those who know him. Fred G. Shirley, the proprietor of one hundred and twenty acres of fine land in Clay Township, this county, was born on the farm where he is now living February 2, 1873. His parents were William R. and Sallie M. (Phillips) Shirley, his father being a native of this county, born in 1845, and his mother also a native of Hendricks County, her birth having occurred in about 1855. William R. Shirley received a good common school education and when a young man engaged in the general merchandising business at Pecksburg, Clay Township, in connection with his father. He continued with his father in the store until his marriage, and shortly afterwards he bought forty acres, part of this land being included in the farm of Fred G. Shirley. He continued to reside on this farm until about 1900, when he retired from active farm life and moved to Danville, where he remained until his death, August 4, 1902, his wife having preceded him in death some years previous in 1898. Sallie M. Phillips, wife of William R. Shirley, was the daughter of Samuel and Rachel (Newman) Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Shirley were the parents of four children: Etta L., who married Wilson J. Shaw, of Danville, and they are the parents of five children, Erver, Ina, Merrill, Ralph and Phillip; Fred G., the immediate subject of this sketch; Alva R., who married Elizabeth Hadley and has one children, Mildred, and one who died in infancy. Mr. Shirley attended school for two years in the village of Pecksburg and completed his common school education in the Dover school house in Liberty Township. After finishing the common school course he entered the Central Normal College at Danville, where he made a very satisfactory record as a student. Upon the completion of his educational training he returned to his home and worked with his father until his marriage, which occurred on March 16, 1898, to Elnora Hadley, the daughter of Mathias and Matilda (Bringle) Hadley, and to this union there have been born three children, Wendell, Lois and Geneva. Mathias Hadley was a native of Hendricks County, Indiana, and to him and his wife, who was the daughter of Solomon and Cynthia (Suits) Bringle, there were born eleven children, two of whom died in infancy. The other nine lived to maturity and all of them married: Leora, married James Harvey; Alzora became the wife of Dr. William Marshburn; Loretta married Perry Hunt; Orlando married Eva Dickerson; Ozella married Miles Furnas; Orien married Mary Stanley; Ozro married Rossilee Garrison; Orvis married Catharine Cosner; Elnora married Fred. G. Shirley. Mrs. Hadley died in 1894, and her husband the year following. John Hadley, Mrs. Shirley's paternal grandfather, was a native of North Carolina, and married Elizabeth Johnson, who also was born in that state. They reared a very large family of children. Mr. Shirley allied himself with the new Progressive Party in the fall of 1912, because he felt that this new party had a platform which, if properly carried out, would redown to the welfare of the country at large. In his religious affiliations he has been a member of the Friends Church since 1912, and has always taken a very active part in the affairs of this denomination, being a trustee in the church at the present time. The life which Mr. Shirley has led stamps him as a man who has the interest of his community at heart, and one who is not only concerned with his individual advancement, but takes a keen interest in the welfare of his friends and neighbors. Such men are a help to the community in which they live, and because Mr. Shirley is such a man he has won the esteem of a large circle of friends and acquaintances. - The History of Hendricks County

5(iii). Alva Roy Shirley born Jan 1, 1875. He died _____

3(v). Leason Shirley born about 1811 KY They were living in Bean Blossom, Monroe Co. IN in the 1850 census.

married 1st Letisha Dowden July 4, 1831 in Owen Co. IN.

married 2nd Tabitha___ sometime prior to the 1850 census

children: (1850 census)

4(i). James M Shirley born about 1833 IN, age 17 in 1850

4(ii). William P Shirley born about 1836 IN, age 14 in 1850

4(ii). Mary Shirley born about 1844 IN, age 6 in 1850

4(iii). John L Shirley born about 1846 IN, age 4 in 1850

3(vi). Rachel Shirley  She married Emanuel Yoder in 1839 Monroe Co. IN.

3(vii). Ruth Shirley born about 1815 KY. She married John J. Wright. In 1835 they were living in Monroe Co. IN and in 1850 they were in Buchanan Co. MO.

3(viii). Mary Shirley born about 1817 KY. She married 1st David Asbaugh in 1840 Monroe Co. IN, m. 2nd B. Secrest.

3(ix). Levi Shirley born about 1818 KY. Levi was a farmer for most of his married life; however, he led an extremely interesting life before he got married. He worked on riverboats and had many adventures before settling down. They lived at Center, Buchanan Co Missouri in 1850 census. The family remained in the same location in Iowa at least until the time of the 1870 census. By the time of the 1880 Census, they had moved to Fairview Twp., Russell County, KS. He died in 1903. They are buried in the Lucas Town Cemetery, Russell County, KS.

married Rhoda Fletcher Feb 3, 1839 Bloomfield, Green Co. Indiana. She was born  Jan 24, 1819 in Indiana and died 1897 in Russell County, KS.  Rhoda was the first child of Abraham Fletcher. It is not completely clear at this time who Rhoda's mother was. When Abraham moved the Fletcher clan to Missouri in 1841, Rhoda and Levi followed. In 1854, they moved to Fremont County, Iowa, near Plum Hollow (later Thurman), where they are listed in the 1860 US Census of Scott Twp, Fremont Co., IA. The family moved to IA to get away from the stirrings of the unrest which would become the Civil War and which was especially evident in Missouri in the 1850's & 1860's.


4(i). John Simpson Shirley, born Sept 3, 1842, Buchanan Co., MO; John enlisted at age 19, against his father's wishes, in 1861 with the Iowa Volunteers. His father came and got him (lucky thing, because the unit he enlisted with was later ambushed and wiped almost completely out!), and John was at home until he became "of age" (which was 20). At age 20, he re-enlisted in Sept. of 1862, joining the 4th Iowa Cavalry, the same unit as his uncles Hiram and James G. Fletcher. After that enlistment ran out, he re-enlisted in the 4th Iowa Veterans Vol. Cavalry in Dec. 1864. He was shot the day the war ended, in Wilson's Cavalry raid, and was hospitalized in Macon, GA. He later received a Federal Pension (Certificate No. 153,446) for gunshot wounds to his left side and head. John was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic. After the War, John returned to Plum Hollow, where he worked as a carpenter.   Around the year 1880, John and his family, including his parents, moved to Russell County, KS. He is shown as a native of Missouri in the 1880 Census of Fairview Twp, Russell Co., KS. John S. died  Sept 7, 1910 at the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, in Atkinson, KS, and was buried in the Lucas, KS, town cemetery.He died Sept 7, 1910, Atkinson, KS.

married Margaret Ann Van Scyoc  Nov 9, 1867 in Fremont Co., IA, dau of John Van Scyoc and Julia Winters. She was b. between 1846 and 1851 in Missouri.




5(i). William A. Shirley was born  Sept 17, 1868 in Fremont Co., IA, William was a master carpenter. He was also a musician. He traveled sometimes with a group of disabled musicians. He was born without most of the fingers on one hand but became an accomplished violinist, using a specially made strap to help hold the bow. He died about 1937 in Kansas.


William A. Shirley

married Elizabeth McDonald  Jul 2, 1899 in Sylvan Grove, Lincoln Co., KS. She was b. in Ireland, and died about 1957 in Wichita, KS.


6(i). Juverna Shirley, b. Mar 27, 1900 in Lucas, Kansas. She taught school in Kansas, worked for a children's book publisher, and after retirement from teaching until age 78 worked as Residence Director of the Asbury Hospital School of Nursing at Salina, Ks. Verna was killed in an auto accident near Geary, Oklahoma, May 1, 1988. She is buried in the Clearwater Cemetery, which I believe is at Haysville, KS. Verna was never married and had no children.

6(ii). Levi (Lee) Edward Shirley was born April 27, 1901 in Lucas, Kansas, died 1 Jun 1980 at the Mitchell County Hospital in Beloit, KS.

married Berniece Morgenson of Vesper, KS. They were married June 14, 1935 in Osborne, KS. They were both teachers and also had a farm.

6(iii). Violet Marie Shirley was b. Sept. 13, 1907 in Lucas, KS., died in Cuba, NM,  Nov. 17, 1998.  She had musical talent and her first job was playing the piano at the silent movies. Marie and Doctor Everett Stohr, an osteopath, were m. at Lucas, KS  April 13, 1941and lived in Meade, KS. Their daughter Janet Lola was born  May 5, 1942. Their last residence was at Cuba, NM. Dr. Stohr retired in 1977 and died Jan 17,1980. Marie was one of the women who started a monthly newspaper for the Cuba area, the Cuba News. She was featured on 60 Minutes and interviewed by Time Magazine,  Oct 20, 1986 edition, pages 9 and 10.

6(iv). Ralph Sylvester Shirley was born Oct 19, 1909 in Lucas, KS.Ralph was a welder and welding instructor for Kansas Nebraska Natural Gas Co. for many years. Later he worked as director of personnel for the same company. He died in Loveland, Larimer Co. CO April 11, 1996. 

married Myreta Jordan in Sept. 1941 in Hastings, Adams County, NE.

6(v). Gwenneth Elizabeth Shirley was born Nov 28, 1911 in Lucas, KS. She weighed three pounds at birth! She died Jan 30, 2000, prob. in KS.  After high school she attended the Salina Business college. She married Harry Alderson, a brakeman and conductor for the Santa Fe Railroad. They were m. in July 1933.

6(vi). Stella Aileen Shirley was born in Lucas, KS Feb 14, 1914. She was the valedictorian of her graduating class of 1932. She taught country school for one year, then attended the Wichita Business College. After 5 or 6 months of school, she was hired by Gulf Oil and worked there until her retirement. She died 4 May 1988 of injuries from a car accident near Geary, OK. Aileen was never married and had no children.

6(vii). Russell Marvelle Shirley was born May 16, 1916 in Lucas, KS. He worked during the depression for the Civilian Conservation Corps, then later was drafted for WWII and spent over four years in the Army in Europe. At the end of the war, Russell was the First Sgt. of Company A, 593rd Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion. He and some of the other men who were musically inclined also had an "official" army dance band called the Continentals. Russell attended Wichita Business College. He worked for Boeing and Cessna aircraft companies until his retirement in July, 1981.

married Maxine Gray in July, 1957. Maxine has two sons, James McPherson and John McPherson. Maxine died 1 Jun 2000 in Wichita, KS. 

5(ii). Luella Shirley born 1877, Fremont Co., IA; d. 1893, KS. A pretty girl! She was never very strong, though, and unfortunately died of typhoid at age 16.

5(iii). Daisy Shirley born Sept 25, 1882 in KS. She was born without the lower part of her legs (below the knee), but otherwise healthy. Was working as a telephone operator in 1910.  d. Jan 3, 1969, Santa Barbara, Co., CA; m. SIMS.    Last residence: Santa Barbara, CA. Probable granddau or granddau-in-law is Nancy Sims, b.  Oct 5, 1952, d. Oct 1983 in Santa Barbara.

4(ii). Rhoda C. Shirley, born 1845, MO, d. 1881, Soloman Rapids, Mitchell Co., KS.   She m. William Hewitt Rider Dec 20, 1862 in Fremont Co., IA, son of Ephraim RIDER and Margaret McCloud. He was b. Apr 3, 1841 in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH, and d. Oct 25, 1921 in Denver, Denver Co., CO. William was in the Civil War with the 15th Iowa Vol. Cav., Co. D. Later he was a farmer and wagon maker.

4(iii). Robert N. Shirley born 1848, MO. He died after 1880.

married Sarah ____. She was b. abt 1853 in MO, and d. aft 1880.


5(i). Effie Shirley, b. abt 1869 Iowa.

4(iv). Bathilda Shirley, b. 1851 MO 

4(v). Mary E. Shirley, b. 1853 MO  m. Thomas J. Doyle, 17 Mar 1873, Fremont Co., IA.

4(vi). Sarah Shirley, b. 1853 MO 

NOTE:  May not have been Levi's daughter as she is listed after Levi's children (along with Effie) in the 1870 Iowa census.

4(vii). Lewis Worth Shirley, born Nov 4, 1855, Thurman, Fremont Co Iowa. Lewis died Aug 15, 1936 in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co. CA.

married Alice Jane Thorpe about 1877 in Solomon Rapids, Mitchell Co., KS, dau of John Thorpe and Amanda Garrett. Alice d. Apr 22, 1927 in Hanford, Kings Co., CA.


5(i). Roscoe Garrett Shirley, b. Mar 27,  1880 Lucas, Russell Co. KS; d. Oct 3, 1945, Los Angeles Co., CA. 

5(ii). John Elmer Shirley, b. Dec 2, 1881 Lucas, Russell Co. KS d. Feb 7, 1948, Tulare Co., CA.

5(iii). Marcina Belle Shirley, b. Aug 24, 1885 Lucas, Russell Co. KS d. Nov 10, 1962, Fresno, Fresno Co., CA; m. Edward Lewis Cullens, Nov 19, 1905 Russell Co., KS.

5(iv). Nina V. Shirley, b. Apr 1888, Lucas Russell Co. KS.

5(v). Orval Riley Shirley b. Oct 2, 1891 Lucas Russell Co. KS.

5(vi). Lela Hazel Shirley, b. Dec 9, 1895 Parsons, Labette Co., KS; d. Jun 3, 1980 Prob. Oregon, m. Don SILSBY Sep 2, 1919 Visalia, Tulare Co., CA.

 4(viii). Emma Louisa Shirley, b. 5 May 1860 Thurman, Fremont Co. Iowa d. May 1946 Lucas, Russell Co., KS, m. Frank Harris, aft 1880.



Descendants of William A. Shirley
Russ Shirley and wife Susan, Katy, Myreta and Levi 

(photo taken in 2002)




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