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William Shirley (continued)
b. ca1730. Lived in Frederick Co. Maryland. Family to Pennsylvania and Kentucky


Haplogroup E3b


1(vii). Robert Shirley born about 1775. He was named in the 1805 will of his father William Shirley as residual heir upon the death of his wife Margaret. He served in Capt. Jacob Peacock's Company, 13th Reg't of KY Militia, commanded by Col John Davis at Battle of New Orleans. He served from Oct 1814 to April 1815. Robert Shirley died Nov 16, 1832 Bullitt Co. KY.

married Elizabeth Cardwell Dec 28, 1811 Scott Co. KY, born about 1773. She lived in Jefferson Co. KY in the 1850 census. Living with her son George in the 1860 census of Clark Co. IN (age 87 in census). Her father was William Cardwell 1760 d. 1780 Bullitt Co. KY who served in the Rev War and her mother was Famariah Fields 1760 d. 1843. They were married Mar 1781 Culpepper Co.  VA.


2(i). Harriet Shirley born about 1812 m. John Bass Sept 17, 1828

2(ii).William Cardwell Shirley born about 1813 KY  They are living in Jefferson Co. KY in the 1850 census.

married Rebecca Bishop May 20, 1835 Bullitt Co. KY.  [Info from: Margaret Rabb June 1985]


3(i). Malinda Shirley born 11 March 1836. She died Dec 9, 1926 Jefferson Co. KY m. James R. Martin Dec 6, 1859 Bullitt Co. KY

3(ii). William H. Shirley born about 1838

married Amelia Gentry


4(i). Mary B. Shirley born about 1862 Jefferson Co. KY

4(ii). Laura K. Shirley born about 1863 Jefferson Co. KY

4(iii). Joseph A. Shirley born about 1865 Jefferson Co. KY

4(iv). Mignonette Clay Shirley (Nettie C.) born on Oct 15, 1871 d. April 14, 1938 Atlanda GA  m. 1st.  George E. Holman Sept 8, 1889  Clark Co. IN, m. 2nd Charles Dusenberry

3(iii). Francis Shirley born about 1840

married Mary Thixton

3(iv). Amanda Shirley born about 1844. She married 1st Christopher Martin May 14, 1860 Jefferson Co. KY, m. 2nd Frank Johnson

3(v). John H. Shirley born about 1845

married Rosella Cornell Jan 22, 1868 Bullitt Co. KY

children: (1880 Census Bullitt Co. KY)

4(i). John Shirley born about 1869 KY

4(ii). Anna Shirley born about 1871 KY

4(iii). Erastis Shirley born about 1872 KY

4(iv). Mollie Shirley born about 1874 KY

4(v). Samuel Shirley born about 1877 KY

4(vi). Katie Shirley born about 1879 KY

3(vi). Newton Shirley born about 1849 KY

married Elizabeth Cornwall

children: (1880 census)

4(i). Ophelia Shirley born about 1871 KY

4(ii). Joseph Shirley born about 1876 KY

4(iii). Ann Shirley born about 1877 KY

3(vii). Elizabeth Shirley 1850 m. John Spenser 

2(iii). America Shirley born about 1814 Bullitt Co. KY. She married Parkenson O'Curry Aug 25, 1834

2(iv). Louis Johnson Shirley born on June 16, 1816 Jefferson Co. KY. They lived in Buillit Co. and Jefferson Co. IN. In the 1870 census of Jeffersonville, Clark Co. Indiana, Louis is listed as a City Policeman. Was a soldier in the Texan War of 1836.

married 1st Mary E. Mill,

married 2nd Cora___.

children: (1850 census of Bullitt Co. KY and 1870 census of Clark  Co. IN)

3(i). Sarah Elizabeth Shirley born December 1844 Bullitt Co.  KY

3(ii). Martha Alice Shirley born about 1846 KY

3(iii). James W. Shirley born on Nov 13, 1850 Bullitt Co. KY d. Dec 25, 1936 Rhea Co. TN

married Elizabeth Vandergrift


4(i). James William Shirley born on July 1, 1879 Dearborn Co. IN

married 1st. Elizabeth Nepher d. 1895 Hamilton Co. OH

married 2nd Eleanor Sadie Lester in 1929


5(i). George William Shirley b.  d. June 4, 1976 m. 1st. Dorothy Hickey, m. 2nd Mabel Rea (Mabel lived San Jose CA)

5(ii). Claudia Shirley   m. Charles Betts

5(iii). Beatrice  Shirley

5(iv). Virginia Shirley m. Mr. Meshot

5(v). Virgil Shirley   (twin of Virginia)

5(vi). Charles Robert Shirley (retired probation officer, lived San Jose CA)

4(ii). Claudia Shirley born March 1881 Dearborn Co. IN m. Robert Crane. NO children

4(iii). George Edward Shirley born on April 30, 1883 at Dearborn Co IN

married Catharina Schottenberg


5(i). John "Jack" Shirley (father of Deanna Jefferies)

5(ii). George Shirley

4(iv). Frankie Cleveland Shirley born March 23, 1885 ditto  m. George Scrambling, NO children

4(v). Hampton Houston Shirley born in 1889 d. young

3(iv). George Thomas Shirley born July 4, 1856 Bullitt Co. KY

3(v). Luella Shirley born Mar 16, 1861 Jeffersonville, Clark Co. IN

3(vi). Edward Howard Shirley born Oct 24, 1863 Clark Co. IN

3(vii). Louis Kyle Shirley born Mar 29, 1866 Clark Co. IN    

3(viii). Charles Augustes Shirley born Nov 27, 1869 Clark Co. IN

2(v). George Edward Shirley born about 1819 KY Living in Jefferson Co. KY in the 1850 census, Clark Co. IN 1860 and 1870. Only one child shown in 1850 and 1860 census. Mother Elizabeth Shirley lived with the family in both censuses.

married Sarah Ann Cardwell Mar 22, 1841 in Bullit Co KY


3(i). Martha Shirley born about 1843, age 7 in 1850 census, age 17 in 1860 census. She may be the Martha Jane Shirley who married James T McKenzie on 8 September 1861 in Clark Co IN

2(vi). John Shirley born about 1823. He was liviing in home of George Murphy and family, listed as a mechanic, also listed in another home same census, with Joseph W. Mitler and family in the 1850 census of Jefferson Co. KY. He was 27 and single.


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