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Young Shirley
born 1822 South Carolina           


DNA Haplogroup E


Young Shirley born Aug 17, 1822 South Carolina, He was enumerated head of household in the 1855 Alabama State Census, only 1 son (under age 21) and no wife or daughters in the household. He was enumerated (without son Benjamin) in the household of Lewis B Shirley in the 1860 Tuscaloosa Co Census. He was 38 at the time and occupation listed as blacksmith. Both are living next to Eli Shirley, age 63. Young was a soldier in the Civil War being in a camp of instruction at Talladega Alabama in July 1864. On October 25, 1864 he died of Dropsy. He was 42 years old.

16 Mar 1866. Tuscaloosa Co AL Orphans Court Book 9, p 489 Young Shirley dec'd. J.M. Chism appointed administrator.

[date?]. Tuscaloosa Co AL Orphans Court Book 9, p 547 Robert Shirley appointed guardian of Cimantha Shirley, daugther of Young Shirley

5 Jan 1867. Tuscaloosa Co AL Orphans Court Book 9 p 595 Young Shirley dec'd. J.M. Chism administrator filed vouchers for final settlement.

married 1st Rebecca Jean Jordan April 8, 1847. She was born Dec 22, 1826, died May 24, 1851 probably related to complications from childbirth of her daughter Laresa Shirley.

married  2nd Nancy Lou South Dec 20, 1860 in Tuscaloosa Co AL. She was born Nov 11, 1838, daughter of Elijah South,  and died June 19, 1863


1(i). Benjamin Franklin Shirley born April 29, 1847/9. He was about 16 when his stepmother Nancy died and and 17 when his father Young Shirley died 1 year later. He is married and enumerated as head of household in Itawamba Co MS in 1870 census. He died Aug 9, 1926,

"Benjamin was raised by an uncle. He lived for sometime in Lee Co. Mississippi. This is where he met and married his 1st wife. Their son, Lando, said that his father was out walking in the country when he came to a house where Martha lived. He made up his mind that this was the girl he wanted to marry and later he did. She was part Osage Indian. They lived in Lee Co. MS and in Williamson Co. Texas by 1881.(note: 1880 census shows the family living in Lee Co Texas) Benjamin was a member of the Methodist Church. His one great aim and purpose was to live the Christian life. He was an active member of the Masonic Lodge. He died in 1926 after a few weeks of illness.

married 1st Martha I. Humphrey on Dec 15, 1867 at Lee Co Mississippi

married 2nd Naomi Landrum May 18, 1890. She was born Mar 6, 1842.


2(i). Lando Young Shirley born 5 September 1870 Lee Co. MS. He was enumerated as age 1 in 1870 census, thus born in 1869. He was enumerated with his family in Milam Co Texas in 1900 census. He moved his family to Los Angeles California, enumerated in the census there in 1930 and 1940. He died April 27, 1966. Buried in Los Angeles California. His California death certificate names his mother as "Lee", no father named. Ancestor of DNA Kit #15806

married Martha Caroline Foust on 17 (or 19) September 1889 at Williamson Co TX. She was born Nov 7, 1871 Yalobusha Co. MS, died Jan 3, 1950 Temple City, CA.  Her parents were Enos Milton Foust and Margaret Lee.


3(i). Kenneth Young Shirley born June 19, 1890 d. April 11, 1917 at Atlanta, Cass Co TX

married Minnie Roberts

3(ii). Ella Shirley born Jan 22, 1892, m. Claude Kizer

3(iii). Esta Shirley born Dec 22, 1894, m. Minyard Lloyde Dec 16, 1920

3(iv). Enos Shirley born Feb 10, 1896, m. Esther __.

3(v). Clyde Shirley born May 28, 1900, m. Virginia Felan

3(vi). Marvin Shirley born Mar 17, 1903 d. Mar 17 1904 (One year to day???)

3(vii). Grady Shirley born Jan 30, 1905 m. Le Clair McIntire 

3(viii). Winfred Shirley born June 14, 1907 d. July 7, 1967 m. Grace Baker

3(ix). Merle Shirley born Sept 20, 1909 m. Bart Cook

3(x). Glenn Moody Shirley born Mar 20, 1912.

married Margaret Denise Black Sept 17, 1934

2(ii). William Oscar Shirley born Nov 5,  1871 Texas d. Aug 29, 1952

2(iii). James Irving Shirley born Feb 17, 1873 Texas d. Mar 26, 1917. Buried Macedonia Cemetery Williamson Co TX

married Dora _____ She was age 22 in 1910 census. Divorced. She remarried to Tom Daniel and they lived in Carlsbad New Mexico in 1930. She had one child.

2(iv). Martha E. Shirley born Dec 16, 1874 Texas d. July 27, 1956

2(v). Rufus Max Shirley born  Dec 12, 1876  Clay Co. Texas, died Jan 29, 1935 Los Angeles, CA,

married Lou Vicie Nanney April 13, 1902. She was born died Dec 1939 Los Angeles, CA.


3(i). Ward Shirley born Mar 2, 1903 Marble Falls, Burnet Co. TX, m. Flora Proless

3(ii). Monta Wayne Shirley born Sept 1, 1907 Marble Falls, Burnet Co. TX, m. Irma Neville July 1933.

2(vi). Minnie Lee Shirley born Feb 1, 1879 Texas d. Nov 21, 1961

2(vii). Emma Tennessee Shirley born  Jan 28, 1882 Granger, Williamson Co Texas d. Feb 22, 1956

2(viii). Alice Bertz Shirley born Nov 1, 1883 Granger Williamson Co, Texas d. Nov 18, 1962

2(ix). Walter Scott Shirley born 14 January 1886 Granger, Williamson Co Texas. he lived in Harris Co TX in 1920 census. He died 18 November 1935 at La Porte, Harris Co TX. Buried at La Porte Cemetery.

married Rachel Huggins. She was born in 1888 and died in 1935


3(i). Bessie B Shirley born about 1907, age 13 in 1920 census

3(ii). Frederick T Shirley born about 1909, age 11 in 1920 census

3(iii). Wesley Young Shirley born 10 April 1910. He died 3 June 1988 at San Patricio Texas

3(iv). Jesse W Shirley born about 1913, age 7 in 1920 census

3(v). Zeddie I Shirley born about 1915, age 5 in 1920 census

3(vi). Ila Bernice Shirley born 20 June 1917, age 1 in 1920 census. She died 23 November 1978 at La Porte Harris Co TX. She married Jesse Lee Brumley.

2(x). Frances May Shirley born May  Aug 17, 1887 Granger, Texas. She married James Osborn Browning. They settled in Lomax, Texas. She was 15 years old when she married. She died in 1925 during childbirth when she was 37.

1(ii). Laresa Ann Shirley born May 8, 1851 died June 19, 1851

children of Young Shirley and 2nd wife Nancy South

1(iii). Samantha C. Shirley born Nov 18, 1861; Robert Shirley of Tuscaloosa Co AL was appointed her guardian after her father and mother's deaths in 1863 and 1864. She died 25 Apr 1941 at Vernon Lamar Co AL age 80y 6m 7d; She married Alexander Perkins

[date?]. Tuscaloosa Co AL Orphans Court Book 9, p 547 Robert Shirley appointed guardian of Cimantha Shirley, daugther of Young Shirley


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