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Jonathan Shirley b. ca 1807. Lived South Carolina and Tuscaloosa Co. AL
Beverly Shirley b. 1807 SC, d. April 1850 Tuscaloosa Co. AL,
Moses Shirley b. 1811 SC; Lived Tuscaloosa AL
James Shirley
b 1809 SC; Lived Northport, Tuscaloosa Co AL
Wright Shirley b 1808 SC, Lived Tuscaloosa, Co AL

DNA Haplogroup R1b1 (descendant of Jonathon only) Need more DNA participants from these families


Jonathon Shirley 1807 South Carolina, He settled in Tuscaloosa Co. Alabama about 1831-1833. Living at Raleigh, Pickens Co AL in 1880 census; Family tradition says he is a brother of Moses Shirley who married Roena Shirley.

married 1st Sarah Savage, daughter of Zebulon Savage; She died before 1860

12 Aug 1862. Tuscaloosa Orphans Court Book 9 p 100, Zebulan Savage dec'd. Heirs:...the children of Sarah Shirley wife of Jonathan Shirley, the children of Elizabeth Shirley wife of Beverly Shirley...that Julius Shirley, Powell Shirley, Calpernia Shirley, and Narcissa Shirley children of Sarah Shirley and Bell Griffin, Susan Shirley and Ben Shirley the grandchildren of Sarah Shirley

married 2nd Eleannor Weir, daughter of Thomas Hamilton Weir and Nancy Smith McCord.


1(i). Nancy P. Shirley born 1827 SC., m. David B. Anders

1(ii). Virginia H. Shirley born 1833 AL

married Thomas Smithson Shirley, son of Joel Shirley

1(iii). James William Shirley born 17 December 1835 Tuscaloosa Co AL; died 17 April 1891 Tuscaloosa Co AL; buried Dunn's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Two

married Queen Esther McGee; she was born 1846 in Pickens Co AL


2(i). Allie Bama Shirley born 11 April 1866 Tuscaloosa Co AL; died 15 March 1973 Eufaula, Barbour, AL

2(ii). Alice Shirley born about 1868

2(iii). Amanda Shirley born 14 Sekptember 1870 Tuscaloosa Co AL

2(iv). Martha Ann Shirley born 16 April 1874 Tuscaloosa Co AL; died 11 February 1951

2(v). Emma Shirley born 25 December 1876 AL; died about 1903 Arcadia, DeSoto Co, FL

2(vi). Mary Shirley born 15 June 1879 Tuscaloosa Co AL; died 5 August 1904

2(vii). Zebedee Shirley born 1881 AL; died Jackson, MS

2(viii). Julia Shirley born 30 September 1883 Tuscaloosa Co AL; died 25 December1961

1(iv). Sarah C Shirley born. 1839 AL

1(v). Julius Winn Shirley born 1841 AL

1(vi). Narcissa Shirley born 1843 AL, listed in the family household in 1860 census; m. Bailey Skelton

1(vii). Calpurnia Shirley born 1845 AL; listed in the family household in 1860 census

1(viii). William Shirley born  1848 AL; listed in the family household in 1860 census, age 12 (same as William below?)

1(ix). Susan E. Shirley born 1851 AL; listed in the family household in 1860 census

1(x). William Powell Shirley born 1852 AL., m. Dovie Eliza Weir (younger sister of Elennora Weir. That would make her Dovie's step mother in law) 


2(i). Julius Ross Shirley born Dec 3, 1878 AL, d. April 7, 1965 Gordo, Pickens Co. AL,

married 1st Mary Bailey Benson b. July 17, 1881, d. May 17, 1920 (dau of James M. Benson and Amanda Catharine Wier),

married 2nd  Gladys Adell Harris (dau of John C. Harris and Theoadell Marlowe).


3(i). Vernon Boddy Shirley born Feb 25, 1903, m. Tillman Holly Moncrief

3(ii). Charlie Lawton Shirley born Feb 18, 1905, d. Nov 21, 1978, m. Sarah Nell Fife

Ancestor of DNA participant #34335

3(iii). Inez Shirley born Aug 14, 1906, d. Nov 2, 1906

3(iv). Lucy Edith Shirley born Nov 20, 1907, d. Jan 22, 1992, m. Ed Norton 

3(v). George Curtis Shirley born Aug 15, 1910, d. Sept 25, 1925

3(vi). Roscoe Hamilton Shirley born Dec 7, 1912, d. Aug 7, 1927

3(vii). Christine Shirley born May 28, 1914, d. Dec 29, 1914

3(viii). James Powell Shirley born Dec 27, 1918, d. June 23, 1944 in Frances, WWII

3(ix). Mary Opal Shirley born Mar 6, 1920 , d. May 12, 1974

children by 2nd marriage

3(x). Peggy Shirley m. a Mr. Marlowe

3(xi). Faye Shirley m. J.L. Marlowe

3(xii). Jean Shirley m. Ronnie Clark

3(xiii). Robert Archibald Shirley born Aug 6, 1939, d. Dec 1, 1988

3(xiv). Ellis Shirley

3(xv). Wayne Shirley

3(xvi). Winifred Shirley

2(ii). James M. Shirley born June 30, 1886 Tuscaloosa Co. AL, d. Sept 14, 1965 Levelland, Hockley Co. TX, m. Flossie Myrtle McNiell b. May 26, 1891 Paul's Valley (Indian Terr) OK d. Aug 13, 1982 Levelland. (dau of James Lewis McNiell and Sarah Ingram), 


3(i). Ruby V.  Shirley born June 22, 1909  d. Oct 19, 1947 

3(ii). Hazel L. Shirley born Sept 13, 1910  d. Aug 1921 Tribby, OK 

3(iii). Glaydce Shirley born Feb 25, 1912 Gordo Co. AL m. Mr. Story

3(iv). Anita Shirley born Oct 17, 1913 Gordo Co. AL, d. Feb 1914

3(v). Edna D. Shirley born April 25, 1915 Tillman Co. OK

3(vi). Clifford W. Shirley born Feb 28, 1917 Tillman Co. OK , d. Jan 31, 1969 Live Oak, CA

3(vii). Norma L. Shirley born July 28, 1922 Tillman Co. OK 

3(viii). James W. Shirley born July 22, 19__ Tillman Co. OK, d. July 8, 1933

3(ix). Glen Shirley born Tillman Co. OK

3(x). Rita Faye Shirley born Nov 24, 1926 Tillman Co. OK, d. Oct 19, 1947

3(xi). Judith Rare Shirley born Levelland, Hockley Co. TX 

3(xii). Jack G. Shirley born Levelland, Hockley Co. TX 

2(iii) Willie Porter Shirley born Nov 29, 1890 Gordo, Pickens Co. AL, m. Eugene Blocker McKee,  Dec 13, 1908 Fredricksburg, Tillman Co. OK. She died April 9, 1972 in Levelland, (son of William Henry McKee and Nancy Ann Turner)

children by 2nd marriage of Jonathon Shirley with Elennora

1(xi). Thomas Jonathon Shirley born  Dec 11, 1864 AL died  May 24, 1931; Thomas Jonathan Shirley moved from Tuscaloosa County to Birmingham, Alabama where he rose through the ranks of the Police Department to Chief of Police.  He was later elected to two terms as Sheriff of Jefferson County.

married Mary Etta Ellege


2(i). Thomas Troy Shirley

2(ii). Howard Sholl  Shirley (ancester of Jim Shirley)

2(iii). Robert Byron Shirley

2(iv). Jessie Lillian Shirley

2(v). Mary Edna Shirley

2(vi). Thomas Jonathon Shirley Jr.

2(vii). Erline Cornelia  Shirley

1(xii). Robert Kelsey Shirley born 1866 AL;

1(xiii). Rufus Henry Shirley born 1868 AL

1(xiv). George Cameron Shirley born 1870 AL

married Jessie Mitchell

1(xv). Emma Shirley

Beverly Shirley 1807 SC, He died April 1850 Tuscaloosa Co. AL, They settled in Tuscaloosa Co. Alabama about 1838. (Beverly Shirley not likely a brother of Moses Shirley, because Moses by marrying Beverly's daughter would have been marrying his own neice?)

19 July 1848. Tuscaloosa Orphan Court Book. Special Term Beverly Shirley (dec'd). Moses Shirley this day applies for letter of administration. The other heirs of age requesting him to take the letters. Granted. Bond $6.00

19 Apr 1850. Tuscaloosa Orphans Court Book ? pg 495 Moses Shirley in right of wife of Beverly Shirley, dec'd. Heirs being 10 in number: Charles R Pate in right of his wife Polly; Moses Shirley in right of wife Rowena; William B. Shirley; D. Shirley; Jehu Parker in right of wife Bethia; Oney Shirley; James Shirley; Kelsey Shirley; Cornelia Shirley; Emily Shirley

married Elizabeth Savage.

12 Aug 1862. Tuscaloosa Orphans Court Book 9 p 100, Zebulan Savage dec'd. Heirs:...the children of Sarah Shirley wife of Jonathan Shirley, the children of Elizabeth Shirley wife of Beverly Shirley...that Julius Shirley, Powell Shirley, Calpernia Shirley, and Narcissa Shirley children of Sarah Shirley and Bell Griffin, Susan Shirley and Ben Shirley the grandchildren of Sarah Shirley


1(i). Mary Shirley born 1819 SC, m. Robert Pate

1(ii). Roena Shirley b. Sep. 11, 1822 d. Jul. 30, 1880; buried Backbone Cem. Elrod Tuscaloosa Co AL

married Moses Shirley

1(iii). William B. Shirley born 1825 SC, farmer; The 1850 Ag census shows he owned 40 acres of land; brothers James and Kelsey lived in his 1850 census household

Note: He appears to be the same person as "Wiley Berry Shirley"

married Elizabeth Shirley Feb 11 1846 in Tuscaloosa Co AL (listed as "Ellen" in 1860 and 1870 census)


2(i). Alfred B. Shirley b. Mar. 9, 1853 d. Jun. 16, 1882; lived in Tuscaloosa in 1880 census working in the cotton factory. Buried Shirley Cem, Tuscaloosa AL

married Mary ______; she apparently married _____Freeman next.


3(i). Charles Shirley born 1875 AL; living with mother and stepfather in 1900 census

3(ii). Lilly Shirley born 1878 AL

3(iii). Bulah Shirley born 1879 AL; living with mother and stepfather in 1900 census

possibly others born after the 1880 census

2(ii). Thomas Shirley b 1855; not listed in the family 1870 census (died young?)

2(iii). Mary E Shirley b 1858

2(v). John D Shirley b 1859; not listed in the family 1870 census (died young?)

2(vi). Wiley K Shirley b 1864

2(vii). Fannie B. Shirley b 1866

1(iv). Zebedee Shirley born 1826

married 1st Jane H. Tool 4 Mar 1858 at Tuscaloosa

married 2nd Virginia Elizabeth Morgan 9 Oct 1860 at Tuscaloosa

1(v). Berthia Shirley born about 1829; Her (modern) tombstone at Old Bethel Cemetery at Elrod, Tuscaloosa Co says she was born 1825 and died 1880; She married Jehu D Parker on 31 Dec 1845; His tombstone reads b 1824- d 1879.

1(vi). Oney Shirley born 1830 SC, m. Solomon Webb

1(vii). Rev. James S. Shirley born 6 August 1837 SC, farmer; Living at Mrs Bells PO in 1860; living in Sipsey, Tuscaloosa Co AL in 1870 census; Northport Tuscaloosa in 1880. He died 16 August 1895. Buried at Backbone Cemetery, Elrod Tuscaloosa Co AL

married Ann Webb 28 Nov 1854 at Tuscaloosa. She died in (est) 1920 "Ann Webb wife of Rev J S Shirley age 80 years" (tombstone). Buried at Backbone Cemetery, Elrod, Tuscaloosa Co AL

children: 1860 census; No children are listed in either 1870 or 1880 census households

2(i). Ben A. Shirley born 1855; died young?

2(ii). Mary Shirley born 1857; died young?

2(iii). Andy Shirley born 1858; died young?

1(viii). Kelsey Shirley b. Oct. 16, 1838 d. Aug. 23, 1878; Living at Mrs Bells PO in 1860 next to brother James Shirley; Sergeant 41st Regiment, Alabama Infantry, CSA; listed in the 1870 Sipsey, Tuscaloosa Co census as Keley Shirley (living near brother Wiley Berry Shirley and next door to brother James Shirley) A Jackson Parker age 8 is living with the family; Buried at Backbone Cem. Elrod, Tuscaloosa Co. Tombstone inscription reads "Married Miss R. M. Parker"

Tuscaloosa Orphans Court Book 5 pg 775, Kelsey Shirley a minor heir of Beverly Shirley, dec'd. C.N. Pate represented said Kelsey. Had property in Tuscaloosa Co. Required to have a guardian. His schooling was neglected. Ordered Kelsey Shirley to appear and choose guardian.

married Rebecca M. Parker after 1860; she is widowed in the 1880 Tuscaloosa census. Her sisters Susan and Martha Parker are living with her in that census.


no children in the 1860 or 1870 census household.

1(ix). Cornelia Shirley born 1839 AL, m. Atlas Slaughter 27 Jan 1855 at Tuscaloosa

1(x). Emily Shirley born 1842 AL, m. Mort B. Jordan Jan 08 1859 at Tuscaloosa

Moses Shirley 1811 SC; merchant, farmer and 1st City Clerk of Northport AL; He died before 1880 when wife was listed as widowed; Family tradition says Jonathon 1807 and James 1809 are brothers of Moses. Family tradition also says that their mother was Elizabeth Shirley who b. 1789 and died October 12, 1865 and is buried in the Old Northport "Robertson" Cemetery in Northport. (Ed: caution, an early genealogy work group existed for these families, so "tradition" might have been created from census research by this group, etc). An Elizabeth is living in the household of ?son James Shirley in 1850 and 1860 census.

married Roena Shirley, daughter of Beverly Shirley. b. Sep. 11, 1822 d. Jul. 30, 1880; buried Backbone Cem. Elrod Tuscaloosa Co AL


1(i). Martha Shirley born 1840 m. Steve Darden

1(ii). Zimri Shirley b. Jan. 10, 1843 d. Oct. 5, 1923 (read his biography published in the magazine "Friends of Historic Northport"). Mayor of Tuscaloosa in 1910; Partner with brother in law Dr James Williamson in the Shirley and Williamson drug firm; lived in a large ante-bellum house on Queen City Blvd until his death on October 5, 1923; buried Williamson Cem., Northport, Tuscaloosa Co

(Back L-R) Joe Shirley, Mae Shirley Daniel, Zimri Shirley, Conway Brasfield Shirley, Addie Shirley Foster, and Albert Shirley, Sr. (Front L-R) Albert Shirley, Jr., Louise Shirley, and Marie Shirley. The family is standing in front of their house on Queen City Avenue which now faces Dearing Place in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Photo taken ca. 1920.

married Cherry Williamson, daughter of Dempsey and Rebecca Baugh Williamson. She died January 13, 1912


2(i). Vels Shirley (male) born 1870 AL

2(ii). Katie Swan Shirley born 1873 AL

2(iii). Joseph Bolin Shirley born 1876 AL

2(iv). May Grace Shirley born 1879 AL

2(v). Ludie Baugh Shirley

2(vi). Addie Eggleston Shirley

2(vii). James Searcy Shirley

2(viii). Lewis Albert Shirley

2(ix). Marie Lenore Shirley

2(x). Mattie Shirley died young according to the Zimri biography

1(iii). Mary Shirley born 1844, never married

1(iv). Joseph Shirley born 27 Jun 1846 Tuscaloosa Co; farmer; was living at Richland Parish, Louisiana at the time of his father's death (see Zimri biography); Living at Mrs Bells PO Tuscaloosa Co in 1880; died 18 Feb 1927 at Northport, age 80y 7m 21d; buried Williamson Cem. Northport, Tuscaloosa Co AL

married Sarah "Angeline" Archibald; alive in the 1920 census, age 74


2(i). Roena Shirley born 1868 AL

2(ii). Bulah Shirley born 1871 AL

2(iii). Luthis A. Shirley born 1873 AL

2(iv). Mattie Shirley born 1876 AL

2(v). Velma Shirley born 1884 AL

1(v). William Shirley born 1848, never married

1(vi). Amanda Shirley born 1850 m. Samuel Berry

1(vii). Julia Shirley born 1854 m. Wesley Sloan

1(viii). Addie Shirley born 1856 m. John Williamson

1(ix). Abner W. Shirley born 1858; he was a patient at Bryce Psychiatric Hospital in 1900 census

married Mattie Whitson

1(x). George Shirley (not sure of the source for this child; no George appears in family census in 1870, may have died young)

Elizabeth Shirley, b. 1789 and died October 12, 1865 and is buried in the Old Northport "Robertson" Cemetery in Northport. Elizabeth is living in the household of ?son James Shirley in 1850 and 1860 census. (However, rather than the mother of James Shirley shown below, she is more likely the widow of Beverly Shirley who died in Tuscaloosa in 1840s, in other words, she's James Shirley's widowed sister-in-law, not mother)


James Shirley b. Jan. 31, 1809 d. May 21, 1866; buried at Old Northport Cem. Tuscaloosa Co; prominent builder and merchant of Northport; Northport city surveyor; Built a covered toll bridge over the Sipsey River in 1835 known as the "Shirley Bridge" and also Northport's first brick commerical buildings in the 1850s; Also in 1838 built and lived in the historic Northport house known as "Shirley Place".

1868 June 6 Tuscaloosa Co Guardian Book p 111. James Shirley estate. William Chastain, Jonathan Shirley, Moses Shirley administrators. Application for a partial settlement. p 124 (same book) - 1868 June 27: Settlement made.


Shirley Place House, Northport, Tuscaloosa Co AL. Built by James Shirley about 1838.
Ownership passed to the Christian family through a sister (of James or Mary?).

married Mary Ann Christian on Sep 14 1837 at Tuscaloosa Co AL; She was b. Sep. 15, 1821 d. Sep. 30, 1873 buried at Old Northport Cem. Tuscaloosa Co


no children

Wright Shirley born about 1808 in South Carolina. Moved to Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama between 1840 and 1850. He was enumerated in the 1829 Laurens Co SC census (3 person in HH), although not enumerated in the federal census. Living in Laurens Co SC in 1840 census with wife and 5 daughters. In 1855, he was enumerated in the Alabama state census with 5 people in the HH, including his wife, 2 sons 1 daughter below age 21. He obtained a BLM land warrant in 1858 for land near Lewis Shirley, Rowland Shirley, Wade Shirley, Robert Shirley and Aaron Shirley in Tuscaloosa Co AL. In 1860 and 1880 census, he and his wife were living in Marion County AL. He died in Alabama in 1883.

married Rebecca _____ about 1825. She was age 79 in the 1880 census. (Supposedly her maiden name is Mayfield, but don't know the source)


1(i). Julia Ann Shirley born about 1825 SC. She married Elijah Webb about 1844 in Alabama. She died October 1897 (does anyone have proof Julia Ann is the daughter of Wright Shirley?)

1(ii). Martha Jane Shirley born 22 Feb 1827 in SC, however age 14 in 1850 census. She married William Marshall Mullinex on 11 Feb 1851 in Tuscaloosa AL. She died 15 Jul 1891 in Marion AL.

1(iii). Caroline Shirley born about 1828, age 22 in 1850 census

1(iv). Peachy Elizabeth Shirley born about 1832 SC. She married James Lafayette Powell on 15 June 1846.

1(v). Sarah Shirley born about 1840, age 10 in 1850 census. She married James T. Mayfield on 26 November 1857 in Tuscaloosa Co AL

1(vi). William Shirley born 14 April 1844, age 6 in 1850 and age 16 in 1860 census. He lived in Marion Co AL. He died 30 July 1920 at Marion Co AL. Buried at Center Cemetery, Brilliant Marion Co AL

married Alcey M Taylor


2(i). George N Shirley born about 1866, age 14 in 1880 census

2(ii). Margaret J Shirley born about 1868, age 12 in 1880 census

2(iii). Joseph F Shirley born about 1870, age 10 in 1880 census

2(iv). Sabra E. Shirley born about 1871, age 9 in 1880 census

2(v). Cordelia Shirley born about 1873, age 7 in 1880 census

2(vi). Rebecca E Shirley born about 1876, age 4 in 1880 census

2(vii). Rosellah Shirley born about 1878, age 2 in 1880 census

2(viii). Lusiller Shirley born about 1880, age 1 month in 1880 census


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