Jordan Sanders Will (1863) 

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                             Surname: Sanders, Shirley, Cox, Payne, Mitcham

Wil1 Book 3 Page 136(?)

Jordan Sanders Will
The State of Alabama
Chambers County

In the name God ___,I Jordan Sanders of this county, being of sound mind and memory; and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do make, ordain, publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, that is to pay first after my funeral expenses and all other of my lawful debts are paid and discharge the residue of my Estate both real and personal, I divide and bequeath as follows, to wit;

lst I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Sarah the following ___ Estate, to wit, the North West quarter of the North West quarter of Section 19, Township 23, Range 25, situated and lying in Chambers County Alabama, the East half of the North East quarter of Section 24, Township 23, Range 24, situated and lying in Tallapoosa County. Excepting and reserving 3 acres, including the Gin house and lot and water privileges. Also the following  household furniture, to wit, 3 beds, 3 bedsteads and furniture, all the cooking utensils and kitchen furniture that she may think needed, 4 chairs, 1 work table, 1 safe and one looking glass, also the choice horse in my lot, all of  my  hogs, 3 of my choice milk cows, also the following slaves 1 negro boy named Hen, and negro woman named Maria. The foregoing named property I desire to be for the use & benefit of her during her natural life or widowhood, and at her death or in the event of her marriage to revert back again to my children, and be equally
distributed amongst all of them.  

2nd I give and bequeath to my son Jasper T. Sanders a qood horse bridle and  saddle, 1 cow and calf, 1 bed and furniture and two hundred and fifty dollars, and to my son Jesse B. Sanders a  qood horse bridle and saddle, 1 cow & calf, 1 bed and furniture and two hundred and fifty dollars. and to my son  Wilson W. Sanders 1 bed and  furniture, and 1 cow and calf, and to my son Rufus F. Sanders, 1 bed and furniture,   and 1 cow and calf, to make  them equal with my other children that are married, whom I have heretofore advanced  property to.

3d The residue of my property which I die seized and possessed of both real and personal, I desire to be sold and an equal distribution be made amongst all of my children, to wit;

     Mary Ann L. Shirley, wife of Joel H. Shirley, to have an equal part.

     Wilson W. Sanders, to have an equal part.

     Julius H. Sanders, to have an equal part.

     Rufus F. Sanders, to have an equal part.

     Susan A. Cox, wife of Henry M. Cox, to have an equal part.

     Sarah E. Payne, wife of James L. Payne, to have an equal part.

     Jasper T. Sanders, to have an equal part.

     And Jesse B. Sanders, to have an equal part.

Excepting, and I make the following reservations to wit; the part of my estate that I bequeath to Susan A. Cox, wife of Henry M. Cox, I desire to be received by the following Trustees, viz: Joel H. Shirley and Wilson W. Sanders, and should the said named trustees fail to act, I hereby appoint George W. Mitcham to act in their place, to be paid to her as they think her necessities may require, but in the event of her becoming a widow then to pay her over the whole amount that may re-main in their hands.

4th I do nominate and appoint Joel H. Shirley, Julius H. Sanders and George W. Mitcham to be the Executors of this my last Will and Testament, Mitcham to act in case of the failure of Shirley or Sanders. In testimony where of,  I have to this my last Will and Testament contained on one sheet of paper subscribed my name and affixed my seal, this 11th day of December AD 1862.


Land Patent Info  Patentee Name State Issue  Date Doc. Nr. Accession or Serial Nr.

SHIRLEY, HEZEKIAH AL 03/01/1858 12887 AL4420__.240

SHIRLEY, HEZEKIAH AL 10/10/1840 7529 AL4320__.479

SHIRLEY, HEZEKIAH AL 04/01/1837 994 AL1340__.404

SHIRLEY, JOEL H AL 03/01/1858 12841 AL4420__.197

SHIRLEY, JOEL H AL 03/01/1858 12842 AL4420__.198

SHIRLEY, JOEL H AL 03/01/1858 13374 AL4430__.177

From Susan at Lindsus1@aol.com in July 2009

Joel Henry Shirley, b. 4-20-1828 in Laurens, SC and died 2-21-1910
The 1900 Census shows them living in Shelby, Alabama (Wilsonville County)
On the application for a pension dated 6-9-1899, it indicates that he was shot in the arm on 8-31-1864 and was discharged in April 1865. He was a Sergeant. The application was witnessed by two of his brothers-in-law, J. R. & F. F. Sanders. He enlisted as a Private in the 34th Alabama Infantry Reg. Co. D. in April 1862.

His first marriage was to Martha Copeland on 12-11-1849 in Chambers Co., Al. The marriage was performed by Wm. M. Mitchell. They had no children. She was born in 1828 and died in 1851.

His second marriage was to Mary Ann L. Sanders on 10-17-1849 in Chambers Co., Al. She was born 4-2-1831 in Monroe County, Ga. She died July 24, 1909. Her nickname was "Mal". They were married 10-17-1852 in Tallapossa County, Al. Their children were (1) Elonza Duke William Shirley, (2) Sarah "Sally" J. Shirley, and (3) Elizabeth "Lizzy" Virginia Shirley.

He had land records in Montgomery, Alabama in March 1858.

His father is Hezekiah Shirley and mother is Margaret Shirley. Hezekiah's mother is Easter.

Joel Henry Shirley performed marriages for: (1) Allen G. Ware and M. E. Shirley 10-9-1876, (2) Sallie F. Payne and William G. Stephens on 10-12-1876. I have several others too.

He is buried in the Crumpton Cemetery 23 miles off the Charles Cox Highway near Clanton. I have the exact directions to this old Cemetery and each year we visit it.

He began preaching in 1871 and was ordained in 1872 and served 4 churches regularly. He moved to Shelby around 1890 and lived in Chambers & Tallapoosa Counties until about 1890. On one Census, he listed is labor as a farmer, but also performed marriages as a minister of the Gospel.

His son, EDW (Elonza Duke William Shirley) is my grandmother's father. EDW was married 3 times.