Spotsylvania Co. VA  Deed Book )page 203

"Know all men by thse presents that I, John Shirley, Sr. of the County of Spotsylvania Co. VA had this day bargained and sold to William Anderson of Cumberland Co. VA one negro woman named Bess for an in consideration of the sum of thirty pounds to me in hand paid by him and said Anderson which negro woman slave I am to have the use of during my life and then to be delivered to the said Willaim Anderson, his heirs, executors or administrators or assigns and I do hereby warrant and defend the right of the said negro woman slavae against the claim or claims of any person or persons whatsoever. Given under my hand this the 13th day of September 1794.

Test: John Shirley, Jr., Henry Dodd, James Crawford.   John Shirley, Senior

"At a court held for Spotsylvania County December 2nd 1794 this bill of sale from John Shirley Senior to William Anderson was proved by the oath of two witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded."


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Descendants of: Thomas Shirley to Robert Thomas Mann

1 Thomas Shirley b. 1636 Northumberland Co., Va. d. 1696 Northumberland Co., Va. m. Unknown Spouse

2 John Shirley b. 1668 Spottsylvania Co., Va. d. 1737 Spottsylvania Co., Va. m. Unknown Spouse

3 John Shirley II b. 1694 Spottsylvania Co., Va. d. July 1764 Spottsylvania Co., Va. m. Elizabeth Blanton

4 John Shirley III b. ca 1733 Spottsylvania Co. Va. d. ca 1782 Spottsylvania Co. Va. m. Elizabeth Thomas

5 John Shirley IV b. 01 Apr 1760 Berkeley Parish, Spotsylvania Co., Va. d. 12 Mar 1840 Adair County, Ky. m. 25 Nov 1782 Caroline County, Va. Frances G. Yates b. 1759 Fredericksburg, Spottsylvania, Va. d. 22 Sep 1843 Adair County, Ky.

6 Captain John W. Shirley b. 28 Dec 1787 Spottsylvania County, Va. d. 27 Feb 1837 Barren County, Ky. m. 26 Jan 1809 Barren Co. Ky. Martha Young b. 27 Jun 1788 Va. d. 09 Dec 1829 Barren Co. Ky. M2. 14 Jul 1830 Kentucky Mary York

7 Benjamin Warfield Shirley b. 15 Jan 1822 Barren Co. Ky. d. 09 Oct 1900 Summer Shade, Metcalfe, Ky. m. 15 Jun 1843 Barren Co. Ky. Maria Temple Tunstall b. 17 Mar 1820 Barren Co. Ky. d. 21 Mar 1870 Summer Shade, Metcalfe, Ky. M2. ca. 1871 Summer Shade, Metcalfe, Ky. Katherine "Kate" Hord , Shirley b. ca. 1847 Ky. d. AFT 1880

8 Zerelda Tunstall Shirley b. 19 Dec 1847 Summer Shade, Metcalfe, Ky. d. 18 Apr 1894 Wellington, Sumner, Ks. m. 13 Sep 1866 Summer Shade, Metcalfe, Ky. Captain John Phillip Grinstead b. 15 Jun 1846 Metcalfe Co. Ky. d. 03 Apr 1915 Salem, Richardson, Ne.

9 Lina Cora Grinstead b. 19 Nov 1871 Apple Grove, Monroe, Ky. d. 09 Sep 1898 Humboldt, Richardson, Ne. m. 25 Oct 1888 Falls City, Richardson, Ne. Thomas McClellen Allen b. 29 Dec 1864 Clinton Co. In. d. 15 Oct 1934 Colorado Springs, Co.

10 Helen Grinstead Allen b. 20 Nov 1890 Humboldt, Richardson, Ne. d. 27 Mar 1978 Lancaster, LA., Ca. m. 28 Jan 1910 Falls City, Richardson, Ne. Charles Gird Mann b. 13 Jun 1881 Humboldt, Richardson, Ne. d. 03 Oct 1960 Lancaster, LA., Ca.

11 Robert Thomas Mann b. 17 Sep 1914 Humboldt, Richardson, Ne. d. 16 Apr 1979 Camarillo, Ventura, Ca. m. 13 Jun 1934 Manhattan, Riley, Ks. Hazel Alice Merrill b. 29 Jan 1916 Cedar Rapids, Linn, Ia. d. 07 Jun 1991 Lincoln, Lancaster, Ne.

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