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Photo is from Fred Smith.

April 24th, 2006 we asked for help to identify this family and Margo replied. See her email below. 

I have a picture of Elijah, his wife Annis Bright, their children and grandchildren. I do not know the date the picture was taken, but I would estimate about 1920. There appears to be Eliah, Annis, Eight people of the next generation, (four males and four females) and 10 younger children.

On the back of the picture is written: "Grandpa Riley Bright's sister Aunt Anice Shirley, Uncle Leige Shirley and family." The picture has the name Armstrong and Roachdale, Indiana stamped on the back.

I think this Elijah is the son of Martin Shirley. He was born sometime around 1854 in Indiana and died after Feb. 1920. He is in the 1860 census in Jackson Twp. Putman Co., Indiana, the 1880 Perry Boone Co., Indiana census, the 1910 Jackson Twp, Putnam Co., Indiana census and the 1920 census of Eel River Twp. Hendricks Co., Indiana. He married Annis Susan Bright in Lebonon, Boone Co., Indiana on December 22, 1873.

The 1910 census states that Annie had 7 children, 5 of which were living. The children I have recorded are Cora A., Zada M., Louise and Terris E. All born in Indiana. I assume that these four are in the picture.

Annis Susan Bright is the daughter of Allen W. Bright and Sarah Elizabeth Smith. Allen is Fred Smith's Great Greatgrandfather.

April 29th, 2006 

Hi, Betty! It's Uncle Lige and Aunt Annis. He was the son of Martin and Nancy Jane (Shirley) Shirley. William Thomas (Margaret Beaman) Shirley was his brother and Levi Shirley my great grandfather, was his half brother. I have a picture of the three together, but it was copied so many times before I got it, it's very faint. I'll send you a copy and you can judge whether it's worth posting, but I doubt it. The name "Terris" on the back of Fred's picture should read Ferris Esta. I also have an old Shirley reunion picture (1919) with almost all of the people named and may be able to compare the two and tell you who some of the others are. What a great find! Give me a few days and I'll get back to you with more info in a better format to post.



Mar 2002


I just found a death record for Levi Shirley in Boone County, Indiana.  It lists him as the son of Martin and Malinda Shirley, who were both born in KY.  

Levi Born in Indiana 4/24/1844 Died 9/8/1929 in Perry Township, Buried in Fayette (Mount Tabor) Indiana.  This has his wife listed as Alice Shirley.  

Levi was  known in family circles to be married at least 4 times.  Other wives were Nancy J. Smith and Nancy Ann Smith.

There was no line of kinship in the Smith/Shirley line you have for Boone County.  Thought you might like to add this.  

The question of who Levi's parents were has been stumping me for quite some time.

Thanks for all your hard work!
Gayle Johnson,
Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana


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