Thomas Shirley
b. 1744-1749 in Prince William Co VA. Lived in Prince William Virginia. Family moved to Abbeville Co South Carolina and Barren Co Kentucky

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Thomas Shirley born between 1744 and 1749 in Prince William Co VA; He died 1835 Barren Co. Kentucky. They came from Prince William County Virginia to Abbeville Co. South Carolina, then to Harrison and Scott Co. Kentucky (adjoining counties). By 1798 they were in Barren Co. KY. where they helped to organize the Dripping Springs Baptist church in Wisdom. They built a house which stood until 1885 when it was destroyed by fire. Thomas and Mollie are buried near to where the house stood. Their graves have rectangular stones but no dates are visible.

Treasury Warrent #6917 is granted to Thomas Shearly and Dan Neale __ of Robert Johnston and George Newman, a certain tract or parcel of land containing five hundred acres  bearing date of December 9, 1794 lying and being in Scott Co. on the waters of Raven Creek.

married Mollie Grubbs May 7, 1770.


1(i). Richard Shirley born Feb 22, 1771; He died 1846. They had a large plantation in Barren Co.  The land adjoined that of his father. The house was large 4 story brick structure having a full basement, main floor, upstairs and attic that went over the entire house. In each end there was a design made of light colored and dark colored bricks, contrasting with the read of the main wall. A great crack came in one of the walls which made it necessary to wreck the house. In the early days, the stage that ran through this part of the country made a regular stop at the Richard Shirley plantation. The story told was about great stacks of dried pies that were kept ready to serve the travelers and of the great beauty of their youngest daughter , Fanny.

"On the headwaters of Marrowbone, Skegg's, No Bob and Glover's Creeks, settled ... [names] ... and Richard Shirley, who killed two panthers on his plantation; others were heard day and night, screaming around his home. In those days--1800 to 1804--persons carried their guns with them everywhere, even to meeting to protect themselves against Indians and wild animals." - The Times of Long Ago, Barren County, Kentucky, by Franklin Gorin. Published by John P. Norton, Inc. Louisville, KY 1929. - originally a series of articles in the Glasgow Times about 1876 p. 25:

married Nancy Green. 

1(ii). Elizabeth Shirley born May 1782; she died 1830 

married Robert Shirley, son of James Shirley and Mary McMekin, Branch #8.

1(iii). William Shirley born March 15, 1773; he died 1833 Never married.

1(iv). Nancy Shirley born Nov 1, 1779; She married Thomas Smith. They are living in Hendricks Co. Indiana in the 1850 census.

1(v). Thomas Shirley, Jr. born June 15, 1779; he died April 9, 1851 at Hiseville Barren Co. KY,

m. Hannah Dale. She was born January 15, 1779 and died Jan 20, 1859. She was the sister of Rueben Dale

Hannah Dale Shirley
Photo from Margo Elmhorst

1(vi). Lettice Shirley born about 1785; she died July 1859; she married William Cullins in 1813 Barren Co. KY

1(vii). Sarah Shirley born about 1786; she died Mar 18, 1831 Barren Co. KY; she married  Isaac Dale, Jr. Sept 2, 1817

1(viii). Elijah Shirley born Oct 1, 1777; he died 1807, age about 30

1(ix). Fannie Shirley born Oct 1788 nothing more known

1884 Monroe Co KY
Letter from Lettice Shirley to brother James Shirley



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