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The Shirley Families of Jamaica
Book is Printed - Available June 10, 2006
Notes: Only a limited quantity of books has been printed.
Paperback, has 448 pages and is 6 X 9 inches.
No re-printing is planned.

Most Jamaican Shirley's are descended form two English aristocrat brothers who went to Jamaica in the 18th century. The book gives an in-depth biography of the brothers, Henry and Bernard Shirley, and their antecedents.

Henry Shirley, had a son with a free mulatto woman named Sally Skiers. The majority of Shirley's who have lived in Jamaica since the 19th century, descend form that son, Edmund. The book gives a detail listing of many of Edmund's descendants to the present day.

Most of the Jamaica's Trelawney Shirleys, however, descend from Bernard Shirley. In addition, Bernard had three children with his German maid whose surname was Schardsmidt. The book contains Schardsmidt records and family tree.

There are over 200 pages of Jamaican birth, baptism, marriage and death records and wills from 1790 to 1920. You should be able to use these records to trace your family roots. Our researchers traveled across Jamaica collecting every Shirley record that we could find on that island. This book will be treasured by all the Shirley's of Jamaican heritage. It is the work of 6 researchers: Two full time researchers in Jamaica labored more than a year to collect the Jamaican records, Two researchers in England and France traveled extensively around those countries to uncover your ancestor's pedigree to as for back as the 1400s, and two researchers in Salt Lake City, Utah were employed.


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