Welcome to the Shirley Association web site!

I am so pleased that you have stopped in for a visit. If you are NOT a Shirley descendant and have just stopped by to see what this site is about, we hope you will enjoy your visit. Perhaps it will stimulate your interest in researching your own family of ancestors. If you ARE a Shirley descendant, you have come to the right place to learn about the history of the Shirley family and to search or inquire about your very own Shirley ancestors.

The web site is going to take time to develop because of the amount of information to be inputted. Please check in often to see what is happening.

There is a site we have set up to keep you informed about changes on the web site... THE SHIRLEY ASSOCIATION MESSAGE CENTER. When new additions have been added, we will list the pages updated. This will save you time by not having to search the entire site for the changes.

Enjoy your tour of Shirley Town in Cyberspace and please come back. More Shirley material will be appearing soon!

Remember, The Shirley Association web site belongs to ALL Shirley descendants. Do tell other family members about this web site.






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