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2nd Shirley Convention July 26 & 27th, 1980 San Jose CA

California was selected to hold the 2nd Shirley Convention because I could not travel out of state. My grandfather was living with us and was not in good health and I could not leave him alone.

We had a nice turnout of Shirleys even though there was no Shirley place with historical value to visit as there are in the South, or North or even the mid-west states. 

Esther Shirley came from Hamburg Iowa, Harriet Shirley from Missouri, Fred and Alice Collins from New Mexico, Dale Shirley and Joy Bixby both from Oregon, Kay Shirley and her brother, Gary Shirley, from Washington and others from various locations in California. I may have left out a few, but since this is many years later, I am trying to recall the names of those attending in 1980.

After the weekend, I took a few of those from out of state to San Francisco to show them the tourist attractions and also to the Redwood trees. That is the best I could offer with out any locations in our area relating to past Shirleys.

Here are some photos of that event in 1980.


              Harriet Shirley of Missouri                                                 Debbie, Harriet and Esther Shirley

             Right: Betty Shirley (yours truly) 

Note: Harriet Shirley is descended from the Michael and Katie Franz branch #30 and Esther's husband (deceased) was descended from the Walter Shirley branch #19.


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