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  Shirley Families of
Slough Buckinghamshire
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1(i). John Shirley of Upton cum Chavley (Slough, near Windsor), Buckinghamshire

married Elizabeth ________


2(i). John Shirly chr 23 Jun 1715 at Upton cum Chavley, Bucks

1751 - Gentleman's household account book [unknown owner] - The names and addresses of tradesmen supplying goods [list of suppliers] Mr Eells apoty [apothecary] of Richmond and John Shirley of Slough (Nov 1751) . . . [etc] - Surrey History Centre, Woking Item ref: 2479/1

Jun 2-4 1761 The London Chronicle - "John Shirley, a butcher at Slough in Berks, bought nine oxes of one man, which carried 290 stone and six pounds of weight of fat.

married Anne ______; She died about 1774 at Slough, Bucks. Her sister was Mary Adams

1774 Aug 2 PCC Will of Ann Shirley of Slough in the county of Bucks widow. Dated: 8 Apr 1772. I give to my son John Shirley L600. I give to my sister Mary Adams L10. I give to my son Edward Shirley residue of estate and named executor.<s> Ann Shirley Wit: Wm Nash, Wm Nash atty John Sharpe, Mansion House.


3(i). John Shirley chr 1 Sep 1747 at Upton cum Chavley, Bucks; named in his mother's 1772 will

3(ii). Edward Shirley chr 17 Jul 1750 at Upton cum Chavley, Bucks; executor of his mother's 1772 will. Occupation: Butcher. His died about 1804 in Slough Bucks.

1804. PCC Will of Edward Shirley of Slough, Bucks, butcher. Dated 6 July 1802. To my dear wife Margaret all my messuages gardens buildings and appurtances now in the occupation of Mrs Cooper and Mr Leanard situate in the parish of Stoke Poges Berks. I give to my son Edward Shirley all my messuages in the parish of Upton cum Chalvey Bucks in the occupation of Mr Oanctheson. I give unto son John Adams Shirley all my messuages closes of meadows which I purchased of Thoams Baldwin, the copyhold hereditaments which I purchased of Basil Woodhouse and all the residue of my freeholds copyholds and messuages lands tenements whatsoever at or near Slough. I give to my wife Margaret all my household furniture wearing apparel ornaments plates etc in or about my dwelling house. All to wife until my youngest or youngest surviving child shall attain the age of twenty one years. I give L5000 unto my said children living. Appoint wife guardian of children. Pay out to my daughter Mary Ann Shirley L800 and to my son Edward the sum of L300. I appoint John Goodwin of ?Dalcret Bucks gentleman and my wife's brother William Ellerbeck guardians of my said children during their minority. Appoint wife executrix. <s> Edward Shirley Wit: richard Bannister servant to the testator, Charles Griener, ?replieve Round, Windsor. Codicil. Dated 17 Apr 1804. whereas daughter Mary Ann is lately married to Mr Davenport, legacy divided between my two said sons. Appoint Mr Isaac Kitchen of Peter wardour Street MDX, leather cutter a truestee and guardian of my two sons during their minority. Wit: Richard Bannester, Francis Rance, servant of testator, Stephen Round, Windsor.

married Margaret Ellerbeck; named in her husband's 1804 will; sister of William Ellerbeck as named in her husband Edward Shirley's 1804 will. She died about 1809 at Slough Bucks.

1809 May 6. PCC Will of Margaret Shirley of Slough Bucks widow relict and executrix of LW&T of late husband Edward Shirley of the same place butcher dec'd. Whereas my late husband by his will directed that when the youngest of his children should attain age twenty one the sum of L5000 should remain in trust to be placed out at interest for my use and after my decease to be given out in proportion....annuities at the Bank of England. I give unto my son John...part of the L3000 unto my son Edward. L1000 lent unto my son John. I give to my son John Shirley all my messuages opposite my late husbands dwelling house and the garden with the buildings etc in the occupation of my tenant situate at Slough in the parish of Stoke Poges Bucks. I give to my son John all my goods chattels furniture at my decease the messuage buildings and ground of my son John in Slough in the parish of Upton cum Chalvey. Also the silver driking cups namely a pint with the initials of the names of his late grandfather and grandmother in C[ ]oher therein and two cups of a smaller size and all residue. I give the same to my son Edward and appoint my son John sole executor 4 Dec 1806. <s> Margreat Shirley Wit: Mathias Moull of Slough, glover, Francis Luff of teh same Innholder, Stephen Rounds of New Windsor attorney at law. [additions] that my son John's names are John Adams Shirley and that omissions of Adams is hereby supplied. [addition] I give my horse chaise and harness to my son John Adams Shirley. I direct my son Edward within three mos after my decease to give his brother a general release of all matters.

children: (note: the same children chr with mother Susanna, different dates)

4(i). John Adams Shirley chr 18 mar 1776 at Upton cum Chavley, Bucks; named in his father's 1804 will; mentioned in mother's 1806 will. Occ: Butcher. he was buried 7 Aug 1837 at Upton Cum Chalvey;

London Gazette 6 Apr 1811 p 719 - Mr John Adams Shirley of Slough Bucks, butcher require all persons who are indebted to me to pay the amount of such debts.

married Ann Penney on 2 Sep 1804 at Upton cum Chavley. She was buried 12 Mar 1835 at Upton Cum Chalvey

4(ii). Anne Shirley chr 26 May 1777 at Upton cum Chavley, Bucks; not mentioned in father's will (unless the same as Mary Anne)

4(iii). Edward Shirley chr 3 Aug 1779 at Upton cum Chavley, Bucks; named in his father's 1804 will. Mentioned in mother's 1806 will. He was apparently a butcher of Slough as well. In 1813, he sent Lord Wellington the rump and sirloin of a famous local ox for a Christmas present. The reply letter written by Wellington to Shirley is extant.

According to an 1897 story in the Evening Telegraph, Shirley placed Wellington's coat of arms above the door of his butcher shop in Slough 'Butcher to the Marquis of Wellington'. "The butcher was a dashing young fellow in his way. His father, wishing to make him 'genteel' had placed him with an attorney, and he duly served out his articles, But in course of succession, the patrimonial inheritance of the butcher's shop became his, and young Shirley thought that a thriving trade and a spirited hack, who could bear him gallantly in a day's hunt, were to be preferred to the drudgery of a country lawyer's office. He accordingly flung aside his rusty black office-coat adn exchanged it for a suit of light brown, with blue linen apron and sleeves, a steel, and a purple-satin waistcoat with gold button drops for Sundays. If he abandoned all design of shining in the law, he was determined to make a figure in some other way,a nd do something worthy of note. [more about Shirley's gift of the meat to Wellington and the letter of thanks]...and that they had all drunk to the health of Edward Shirley, the patriotic donor."

4(iv). Mary Anne Shirley chr 4 Jun 1787 at Upton cum Chavley, Bucks; named in her father's 1804 will; She married James Davenport 9 Feb 1804 at Upton cum Chavley.

2(ii). Elizabeth Shirly chr 25 Aug 1717 at Upton cum Chavley, Bucks

2(iii). Catherine Shirly chr 25 Aug 1717 at Upton cum Chavley, Bucks



Upton cum Chalvey

John Shirly John Shirly Elizabeth 23 Jun 1715
Elizabeth Shirly John Shirly Elizabeth 25 Aug 1717
Catharine Shirly John Shirly Elizabeth 25 Aug 1717
John Shirley John Shirley Anne 1 Sep 1747
Edward Shirley John Shirley Anne 17 Jul 1750
John Adams Shirley Edward Shirley Margaret 18 Mar 1776
Anne Shirley Edward Shirley Margaret 26 May 1777
Edward Shirley Edward Shirley Margaret 3 Aug 1779
Elisabeth Shirley Edward Shirley Susanna 17 Jun 1780
Edward Shirley Edward Shirley Susanna 26 Jan 1784
John Adams Shirley Edward Shirley Susanna 26 Apr 1785
Mary Anne Shirley Edward Shirley Margaret 4 Jun 1787 d


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