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Shirleys of Highgate
Middlesex England

DNA Haplotype R1b

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James Shirley, Sr, grocer (wine merchant) at Highgate Middlesex; identified on son's birth certificate; named in son's 1844 marriage certificate.

Married Mary _______ (named on son James' birth certificate)

parents of:

1.i James Sherley, tin plate worker, baptized 29 Sept 1822 at Hornsey parish, Highgate, Middlesex (listed as born Barnet, Herts in 1851 census), baptisted at St Michaels Highgate, October 16, 1893 (at age 71). Family living in St Andrew Holborn in 1851. Father identified in his marriage certificate as James Shirley Sr, wine merchant.

Married Amelia Wood on Dec 26, 1844 Clerkenwell Green. She was born October 30, 1827 at Clerkenwell; died Feb 2 1905


2.i James Thomas Shirley, a photographer on wood, birth 24th October 1845, Baptism Nov 23, 1845 Westminister, St. Martin in the Fields; Died October 26 1930 Southgate living with Lottie when he died

Ancestor of DNA Participant: Haplotype R1b1 kit #114704

Married Louisa Wetenhall on November 5, 1866; Born May 8 1842; Died 1886


3.i James Charles Sherley baptised 11 October 1867 at Islington London, age 33 in 1901 census. Lived at Tottenham, Middlesex in 1901 census; Occupation: Plumber. He died 18 April 1940 at Maidenhead, Berkshire

married Minnie Snelling on 11 November 1889 at Islington. She was identified as spouse in 1901 census


4.i Charles Thomas Shirley born 4 May 1890 at Hornsey Upper, Holloway Middlesex (Islington), age 10 in 1901 census. He died 31 July 1917, age 27

4.ii Sidney Arthur Shirley born 5 July 1893 at Hornsey Upper, Holloway Middlesex (Islington) , age 7 in 1901 census

4.iii Henry J Shirley born 3 May 1896 at Hornsey Upper, Holloway Middlesex (Islington), He died January 1994 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, age 4 in 1901 census

married Nellie White on 1919 at Maidenhead, Berkshire, England


5.i Ronald Frederick Sherley born 29 September 1920. He died March 1997 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

married Bessie S. Farr


6.i Eileen M Sherley born 1942 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

6.ii Geoffrey D Sherley born 1944 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

6.iii Michael R Sherley born 1948 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

5.ii Harry Geoffrey Sherley born 14 December 1922. He died October 1986 at Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

4.iv Stanley E Shirley born about 1898 at Islington, London, age 3 in 1901 census

4.v Reginald Frank Augustus Shirley born 28 June 1899 at Hornsey Upper, Holloway (Islington) Middlesex, age 1 in 1901 census Minnie Ada Ella Victoria Sherley born 1901

4.vii Annie Winifred Sherley born 4 January1903 at London. Married John Charles Goebel in 1932 at Burnham Bucks. She died 19 April 1974 at Old Windsor, Berkshire

4.viii Alice Queenie Sherley born 1904

2.ii Amelia Harriet Shirley born July 15, 1847 Baptised 19 mar 1848

Married Henry Richard Pikelsy December 26, 1872 at St. Martin in the Field. (double wedding with brother Arthur W.W. Sherley)

2.iii Arthur Walter William Sherley, gas engineer, was born August 9, 1851,christened Jan 18, 1852 (birth on his baptism cert.).

Married Charlotte Simpson Dec 26, 1872 at St Martin in the Field Middlesex; died 1929.


3.i Arthur Thomas Sherley born about 1873

3.ii Charlotte Amelia Sherley born about 1875

3.iii Sarah Selina Sherley born about 1876

3.iv Etty Louisa Sherley born November 1st 1877 St Pancras Parish, Kentish Town; Died November 4 1942 Kentish town

Married John Alfred Potter Feb 27th 1904 St Martins in the fields

3.v Florence Elizabeth Sherley born about 1881 Walter Roy Sherley born about 1883

2.iv Alice Ellen Shirley born Dec 27, 1853 Baptised Dec 24, 1854 Hoborn, St. Andrew, London, died age 20 yrs at Holborn in 1874.

2.v. Frederick Shirley Born October 10 1856 St Andrews Holborn; Died March 1902 Holborn

Married Charlotte Mary Lines December 25 1877 Strand Holborn; Born 1857 St Giles; Died 1923 Willesden


3.i Charlotte Mary Sherley; Born 1878; Died 1955

Married Frederick Carter

3.ii Elizabeth Charlotte Sherley; Born 1879 Clerkenwell; Died Sept 1917 Islington

Married Frederick William Carter 1904 Islington

3.iii Frederick Albert Sherley; Born July 31 1882 Grays inn Lane London; Died Feb 15 1968 Kensal Green

Married Elizabeth Bean June 2 1906 Paddington; Born July 13 1880; Died May 14 1961


4.i Howard Frederick Sherley born May 24 1909

4.ii Irene Sherley born November 12 1906

4.iii Enid Murial Sherley November 23 1912

3.iv Harriett Amelia Sherley; Born 1889 Holborn/Clerkenwell; Died?

Married Arthur Edwin Moss 1907 Paddington; Born 1878; Died? Alfred Charles Shirley birth 6 August 1859 Baptised Aug 30, 1859

2.vii Harriet Sarah Shirley born June 13, 1861 Baptised Jan 12, 1862 Westminister, St. Martin in the Field

2.viii Sarah Elizabeth Shirley born 15 June 1861 Baptised July 16, 1861 (twins?)

2.ix Edward William Shirley born 4 June 1864

2.x Henry Septimus Shirley born 9 September 1866 Baptised Nov 4, 1866 Holborn, St. Andrew


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