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Shirleys of Witney
Oxfordshire England

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The following lineage and image posted by Roy Shirley of Sheffield, Yorkshire to

This family lived Witney, Ascott under Wychwood and Hailey Oxfordshire and Hounslow Middlesex

1. Thomas Shirley, Born: 1764; lived Witney Oxfordshire in 1841 census; Died: 12 Jan 1848

married Elizabeth Harris; she was born: abt 1761 at Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, England; Died: 16 may 1851 at
Hailey, Oxfordshire, England


2.i William Shirley born: 12 july 1793; lived at Witney in 1841 census; Died: 21 march 1849 at Witney Oxfordshire

married Hannah Smith; born: 8 april 1796; Died: 19 march 1858


3.i William Shirley Born: 13 june 1819 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England; Died: mar 1910; Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

married Ann George on June 1843 Born: abt 1822 Crawley, Oxfordshire, England


4.i Eliza Shirley Born: abt 1843 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

4.ii George Shirley Born: 1845 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England; Died: oct 1906 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

4.iii James Shirley Born: 1845 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

married Sarah ______ Born: abt 1855 Heston, Middlesex, England


5.i Annie E Shirley Born: abt 1879 Hounslow, Middlesex, England

5.ii Amelia G Shirley Born: abt 1884 Hounslow, Middlesex, England

5.iii Kate M Shirley Born: abt 1887 Hounslow, Middlesex, England

4.iv William Shirley Born: 1853

4.v Thomas Christopher Shirley Born: aug 1854 Hailey Oxfordshire Died: 22 march 1913 Ascott under Wychwood Oxfordshire England

married Emma Brogden on 14 Oct 1878 Born: 15 august 1860 Died: may 1928 West Bromwich Staffordshire


5.i George William Shirley Born: sept 1879 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

5.ii Frederick Thomas Shirley Born: 5 june 1881 Hailey Died: 1935 Ascott under Wychwood Oxfordshire England

married Rhoda Blanche Hanks Born: 12 nov 1884 Kingstanding Oxfordshire Died: aug 1973 Ascott under Wychwood Oxfordshire England


6.i Arthur Fredrick Thomas Shirley Born: 3 Nov 1911 Died: May 1958
Cannock Staffordshire England

Arthur Frederick Thomas Shirley
(posted on

6.ii Francis Keith Shirley Born: 31 May 1914 Chipping Norton Oxfordshire

6.iii Mary A. V. Shirley Born: 16 March 1916

6.iv Ernest W. H. Shirley Born: Sept 1919 Ascott under Wychwood Oxfordshire England

6.v Hilda A. F. Shirley Born: Sept 1921 Ascott under Wychwood Oxfordshire England Owen George Shirley Born: 27 July 1923 Ascott under Wychwood Oxfordshire England; Died: July 1988 Ascott under Wychwood Oxfordshire England

5.iii Annie Shirley Born: 1883

5.iv Christopher Shirley Born: dec 1884 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

5.v Daniel Shirley Born: 1887 Ada M. Shirley Born: 1889

5.vii Elizabeth Shirley Born: 1890

5.viii Dorothy Maud Shirley Born: oct 1891 Hampton Gay, Oxfordshire, England

5.ix Louisa Emily Shirley Born: dec 1893 Hampton Gay, Oxfordshire, England

5.x Nellie Shirley Born: abt 1893 Crawley, Oxfordshire, England

5.xi Josephine Shirley Born: 1894 Hampton Gay, Oxfordshire, England

5.xii George Shirley Born: 1896 Hampton Gay, Oxfordshire, England

5.xiii John A Shirley Born: 1898 Water Eaton, Oxfordshire, England Mary Ann Shirley Born: 1857 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

4.vii Albert Shirley Born: 1859

4.viii Francis Shirley Born: 1864 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

3.ii Thomas Shirley Born: 1821 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

3.iii James Shirley Born: 1826 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

married Ann ______ Born: 1831 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England


4.i James William Shirley Born: abt 1850 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

4.ii David Shirley Born: abt 1852 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

married Ann ______ Born: abt 1857 Burderop, Oxfordshire, England


5.i Ada Shirley Born: abt 1878 Longford, Berkshire, England

5.ii Walter Shirley Born: abt 1882 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England


4.iii Joseph Frederick Shirley Born: abt 1854 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

married Martha ________ Born: abt 1860 Hammersmith, Middlesex, England


5.i Emma Shirley Born: abt 1882 Hounslow, Middlesex, England

5.ii Charles Shirley Born: abt 1884 Hounslow, Middlesex, England

5.iii Martha hirley Born: abt 1886 Hounslow, Middlesex, England

married James Nicholas Wicks

5.iv Frederick Shirley Born: abt 1889 Hounslow, Middlesex, England

5.v Thomas Shirley Born: abt 1890 Hounslow, Middlesex, England


4.iv John Frances Shirley Born: abt 1857 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

4.v Mary Ann Shirley Born: abt 1860 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England


3.iv Elizabeth Shirley Born: 1829 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

3.v Esther Shirley Born: 1831 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England Eliza Shirley Born: 1833 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

3.vii Emma Shirley Born: 1836 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

3.viii Rachel Shirley Born: 1839 Hailey, Oxfordshire, England

Thomas Shirley born about 1808 at Witney Oxfordshire (1861 census). Lived at Witney Oxfordshire in 1841 and 1851 census. He and wife lived in son Thomas Shirley's household in Birmingham Warwickshire in 1861 census; occupation: retired baker . He likely died before the 1871 census, when his wife was enumerated alone in her son Thomas' household.

Martha ______ She was age 53 in 1861, born Upton on Severn, Glocucestershire (1851 census)


1(i). Ann Shirley born about 1835 at Witney Oxfordshire, age 16 in 1851 census

1(ii). Maria Shirley born about 1836 at Witney Oxfordshire, age 15 in 1851 census

1(iii). Elizabeth Shirley born about 1837 at Witney Oxfordshire, age 14 in 1851 census

1(iv). Thomas Shirley born about 1839 at Witney Oxfordshire (1881 census). He lived at Birmingham Warwickshire in 1861 census. His ather and mother lived in the same household. He was a journeyman baker in Reading St Giles Berkshir ein 1881 census

married Louise____, age 40 in 1881, born Lemington Spa Warwickshire


2(i). John Shirley born about 1863 at Birmingham Warwickshire, age 19 in 1881 census

2(ii). Nancy Shirley born about 1866 at Reading Berkshire, age 15 in 1881 census

2(iii). Polly Shirley born about 1871 at Reading Berkshire, age 11 in 1881 census

2(iv). Thomas Shirley Jr born about 1872 at Reading Berkshire, age 9 in 1881 census

2(v). George Shirley born about 1874 at Reading Berkshire, age 7 in 1881 census

2(vi). Richard Shirley born about 1876 at Reading Berkshire, age 5 in 1881 census

2(vii). Elizabeth Shirley born about 1877 at Reading Berkshire, age 4 in 1881 census

2(viii). Emily Shirley born about 1879 at Reading Berkshire, age 2 in 1881 census

2(ix). Ellen Shirley born about 1881 at Reading Berkshire, age 4 mos in 1881 census

1(v). Sarah Shirley born about 1840 at Witney Oxfordshire, age 11 in 1851 census

1(vi). George Shirley born about 1842 at Witney Oxfordshire, age 9 in 1851 census. He was age 39 living at Early, Berkshire in 1881 census, occupation butcher

married Jane _____, age 41 born Bray Berkshire


2(i). George Shirley born about 1868 at Waltham Berkshire, age 13 in 1881

2(ii). Anne Shirley born about 1871 at Waltham Berkshire, age 10 in 1881

2(iii). Elizabeth Shirley born about 1875 at Waltham Berkshire, age 6 in 1881

1(v). John Shirley born about 1843/4 at Witney Oxfordshire, age 7 in 1851 census, age 18 in 1861 census. He lvied with his brother Thomas Shirley and his parents in Birmingham, Warwickshire in 1861 census.




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