John Shirley, (cont.)
b.  ca1735. Lived in Spotsylvania Co. Virginia. Family to Kentucky


DNA Haplogroup R1b

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2(iii). Col. John Warfield Shirley born Dec 28, 1787; He was a commander in the War of 1812; He lived in Adair Co KY in 1820 and 1830 census. He died Feb 27, 1837 SAR Certified, General Soc. of War of 1812 Certified

married 1) Patsy Young on Jan 26, 1809 in Barren Co Kentucky. She was the daughter of Philip Young. Patsey was born June 27, 1788 and d. Dec 9, 1828.

married 2) Mary York on July 14, 1830 in Adair Co KY


3(i). Merrymon Shirley born Oct 30, 1809 d. Dec 2, 1828, age 19

3(ii). Nancy Shirley born July 13, 1812 d. ___ 1888. She married Francis Henry on Jan 12, 1829 in Adair Co KY

3(iii). Lewis Shirley born Jan 24, 1814  KY; Lives Noxubee Co MS in 1850 with wife Leah Ann; Living at Oktibbeha Co MS in 1860 with 16 slaves and also in 1870; appears in the 1880 Clay Co MS census; d. Jan 22, 1888, West Point, Clay Co, Mississippi Shirley Family of Clay Co Mississippi

1888 Jan 4 - Clay Co MS WB 1 page 82 - LW&T of L. Shirley (at West Point Mississippi) 1st. Appoint B F McCrary executor. 2nd to be buried in Odd Fellows cemetery in the town of Columbus MS. 3rd. estate divided as follows: 4th to my wife Caroline B Shirley all household and kitchen furniture and all stocks etc. also $4,000. 5th to daughter Mary E Tipton 1/3 of remainder, bank stocks etc. 6th to daughter Margaret A Witherspoon 1/3 of remainder etc. 7th. to son John A Shirley the remaining 1/3. <L. Shirley> Wit: W T Trotton, C. B Cook, W. L. Falls Proven 27 April 1888.

married 1) Leah Ann Harris on April 12, 1830 d. July 2, 1840, (is this death date wrong). She was Leah D Harris as a legatee in the 1840 will of Evan Harris. She was a legatee "Mrs Lewis Shirley of Noxubee MS" in the 1853 will of Leodecia Harris, wife of Evan Harris. She is Leodicia in the 1860 census. Leah Ann Shirley is oddly listed after the children in the 1870 census household "keeping house".

married 2) Caroline ______ appears as wife in the 1880 Clay Co MS census

12 December 1892 - Clay Co MS WB 1 page 275 - LW&T of Caroline B Shirley. 1st debts and burial. 2nd nephew Wm P Burnett $1000. Otherwise to my brother Edwin Burnitt of Texas. 3rd to neice Mary Rufus Foster, wife of W. B. Foster now of Birmingham AL all residue of estate. 5th appoint neice Mary Rufus Foster executrix. < Caroline B Shirley> Wit: Fred Beall, Thos C White, S. B White


4(i). Mary Elizabeth (Minnie) Shirley born Nov. 2, 1853 West Point, Clay Co, Mississipppi d. March 3, 1905 (1860 census); She married John William Tipton. He was born Sept. 3, 1850, West Point, Clay Co, Mississippi, d. Feb 8, 1911

4(ii). John A. Shirley born abt 1855 in Mississippi (1860 census)

26 January 1915 - Clay Co MS WB 2 page 59 - LW&T of John A Shirley. 1st debts. 2nd to wife Susie E Shilrey all property. 3rd. appoint wife Susie E Shirley executrix. <Jno A Shirley> Wit: Paul Townsend, D.B. Miller. Recorded 12 November 1923.

married Susie E _______ She was named in the 1915 will of her husband John A Shirley

4(iii). Margaret A Shirley born abt 1863 in Mississippi (1870 census). She married Witherspoon

3(iv). George Shirley born May 14, 1815; living in Barren Co KY in the 1850 census

married Sarah A. M. Young, Lic: March 23, 1841 at Barren Co KY; Sur: William H. Young, consent guardian Thomas Depp, Wit: George Tunstall, William H. Young Md: March 30, 1841 by Ralph Petty


4(i). John P. Shirley born about 1842 KY (1850 census)

4(ii). William H. Shirley born about 1848 KY (1850 census)

3(v). Mary Ann Shirley born May 8, 1820. She married Edmund Walker on 6 November 1831 in Adair Co KY. He was a blacksmith.

3(vi). Benjamin Warfield Shirley born Jan 15, 1822; living in Barren Co KY in 1850 census. Living Metcalfe Co KY in 1860 census; He died Dec 6, 1900 SAR Certified

married 1) Maria Tunstall on June 13, 1843 at Barren Co KY; She was b. Mar 17, 1820 d. 1870,

married 2) Kate Hord in 1871

children by 1st wife:

4(i). Lewis Merrymon Shirley born Mar 6, 1844 Summer Shade, Metcalfe Co., KY d: June 28, 1878 in Humboldt, Richardson Co., NE

married Laura Grinstead. She was born March 20, 1844 Glasgow, Barren Co., KY d: 1922 in NE Father: Mr. Phillip Wade GRINSTEAD Mother: Ms. Angelina JONES

5(i). Mary Lina Shirley

5(ii). Wade Grinstead Shirley

5(iii). Lewis Merrymon Shirley II

5(iv). Maria T. Hubert Shirley born April 1872 Glasgow, Barren Co., KY

5(v). Irvin Shirley born April 1872 Glasgow, Barren Co., KY d: 1942 in Humboldt, Richardson, NE

married Della M._____ b: October 1876 Ne. Married: Abt. 1897 Humboldt, Richardson Co., NE d: 1961 in Humboldt, Richardson Co., NE


6(i). Mildred Shirley born September 1898 Humboldt, Richardson Co., NE d: Aft. 1910 in Humboldt, Richardson Co., NE

6(ii). Suella E. Shirley born Abt. 1906 Humboldt, Richardson Co., NE d: Aft. 1910

5(vi). Hubert Shirley born April 1872 KY d: Aft. 1900 in Humboldt, Richardson Co., NE

married L. Pearl Unkefer. He was born about 1875 Humboldt, Richardson Co., NE d: Aft. 1940 in OR Father: Mr. Adolphus P. Unkefer Mother: Ms. Malinda Catherine Lynch


6(i). Rofs? Shirley born May 1900 Humboldt, Richardson Co., NE d: Aft. 1900

4(ii). Edward Hill Shirley born Mar 8, 1846  d. Jan 21, 1899, buried Nunn Cem, Metcalfe Co KY

married Mary Nunn, she was b Dec. 21, 1846; died May 5, 1892; buried Nunn Cem, Metcalfe Co KY; dau of Winchester Nunn


5(i). Underwood S. Shirley born Dec 2, 1867 d. 1943

married Nora Belle Whilow


6(i). Walter Merrymon Shirley born Sept 10, 1888  d. Sept 5, 1962.

Ancestor of DNA Kit #13515

married Pearl Pedigo

6(ii). William Earnest Shirley born Jan 19, 1891  d. Nov 1961.

married Myrtle Bridgwater

6(iii). Aubrey Chester Shirley born July 19, 1893  d. Dec 1953.

married Mae Hughes

6(iv). Dennis Raymond Shirley born Jan 27, 1895  d. Dec 21, 1947.

married Estelle Reed

6(v). Emory Hill "Jack" Shirley born Oct 10, 1899  d. Oct 1961.

married Ruth Lane

6(vi). Mary Coyle Shirley born July 7, 1901  d. Jan 10, 1977. She married Edward w. Alley   (no children)

6(vii). Bessie Lee Shirley born Feb 20, 1906  d. ___. She married George M. Botts   (1 son)

6(viii). Delsie Mae Shirley born Dec 12, 1907  d. ___. She married Aaron McMahon (2 dau)

6(ix). Mattie Pearl (Boots) Shirley born Sept 14, 1912. She married Dick Shepherd  (1 son)

5(ii). Mattie F. Shirley born July 22, 1876. She married William Martin  (no children)

5(iii). Nannie H. Shirley born April 1, 1877  d. May 10, 1944. She married John Smith (3 children)

5(iv). Annie Joe Shirley born Feb 14, 1885 in Metcalfe Co, KY d. Feb 6, 1945. She married Andrew Garmon (1 child).

4(iii). Jerelda Tunstill Shirley born December 19, 1847 Summer Shade, Metcalfe Co., KY d: April 18, 1894 in Wellington, Sumner Co., KS. She married Capt. John Philip Grinstead, moved to Humboldt Nebraska (7 children). SAR Certified

4(iv). Laura Tunstill Shirley born March 21, 1850 Metcalfe Co., KY d: August 30, 1899 in Lexington, KY. She married Hon. Virgil H. Grinstead, (no children).

4(v). Benjamin Shirley Jr. born 25 Mar 1858 in Barren Co, KY, and died 8 Feb 1922 in Metcalfe Co, KY 

married Lizzie Story 


5(i). Dora Shirley. She married Robert Gorman

5(ii). Buford Shirley. He married Caroline Pursley

5(iii). Carilee Shirley. She married Underwood Beauchamp

children by 2nd wife

4(vi). Alice Shirley. She married George Depew 

4(vii). Hewitt Shirley He died in California. He married Dorothy Green (2 children).

3(vii). Norman Shirley born May 6, 1824; living in Adair Co KY in the 1850 census

married Malinda H.Collier on December 14, 1846 in Barren Co KY; she was born about 1824 KY


4(i). M.E. (female) Shirley born about 1827 KY (1850 census)

4(ii). Ann M. Shirley born about 1849 KY (1850 census)

3(viii). Elizabeth F. Shirley born Dec 11, 1826  d. Nov 28, 1828

3(ix). John Warfield Shirley born July 13, 1812 in Metcalf Co KY; died Feb. 6, 1915

married Martha Jane Walker on July 11, 1839 Adair Co. KY; She was born July 4, 1829; died Oct. 7, 1913; Martha Jane was a sister of Edmund Walker who married Mary Ann Shirley, sister of John Warfield Shirley.


4(i). Elizabeth Ann Frances Shirley born Dec 13, 1840. She married Alfred Walker Blaydes

4(ii). Mary Margaret Shirley born Nov 7, 1845 d. 1864, age about 19

4(iii). Maggie Shirley born 1846. She died 1860, age about 14 (is this a duplicate of Mary Margaret)

4(iv). Nancy Jane Mary Shirley born 1851 d. 1854 age about 3

4(v). Lou Belle Shirley born Oct 15, 1855 d. 1876 age about 21

4(vi). Bell Shirley born 1856. She died 1870, age about 14 (is this a duplicate of Lou Belle)

4(vii). John Alexander Shirley born about 1862 at Beechville, Metcalf Co KY. He died 1939. Buried in Union Chapel Cemetery, Bridgeport, Metcalfe Co, KY.

Ancestor of DNA Kit #310083

married 1) Alberta Lindsey Duke Buckner b. ? in Green Co, KY. She died 1889

married 2) Ora Lee Wallace b. Oct 10, 1875 at Beechville, Metcalfe Co, KY. She died Feb 6, 1947


5(i). James Henry "Jim" Shirley b. Sept 12, 1883 d. Sept 18, 1960 m. Zola. Jim & Zola Shirley Buried in Union Chapel Cemetery, Bridgeport, Metcalfe Co, KY (3 daughters)

5(ii). John Will Shirley b. Jan 11, 1886 at Metcalfe Co, KY d. Jan 20, 1976. Buried in Union Chapel Cemetery, Bridgeport, Metcalfe Co, KY

married 1) Myrtie Bennett. She died during Childbirth;

married 2) Lucille Knight b. Aug 27, 1888 at Metcalfe Co, KY) d. May 31, 1967

children: (by Myrtie Bennett)

6(i). Alberta Shirley

6(ii). Clifton Shirley

6(iii). Child died during birth

children: (by Lucille Knight)

6(iv). John Will Shirley b.1911 d.1973 He married Ella (buried at Society
Hill, Metcalfe Co, KY) (1 daughter)

6(v). Mary Irene Shirley b. Nov 27, 1913 d. Dec 29, 2004 buried Union Chapel Cemetery, Bridgeport, Metcalfe Co, KY. She married German Bell b. June 2, 1916 d. Sept 22, 1978 (2 sons)

6(vi). Edwin Paul Shirley b. Sept 30, 1915 d. May 9, 2004 buried Union Chapel Cemetery, Metcalfe Co, KY. He married Dorothy (2 daughters, 1 son)

6(vii). Rolin Dewalt Shirley b.1918 d. 2001 buried in Memorial Gardens, Edmonton, Metcalfe Co, KY. He married Haskin Estes d.
2001 (1 son)

6(viii). Nancy Elizabeth Shirley b. Aug 28, 1922 d. June 3, 1942 buried
at parent's old homeplace Bridgeport, Metcalfe Co, KY

6(ix). Curt Alexander Shirley b. Jan 3, 1925 d. Nov 8, 2002 married Ann
Mary Blaydes b. Jan 14, 1931 d. Oct 9, 2005 (Lived & is buried in Indiana) (3 daughters)

6(x). Dora Virginia Shirley b. Nov 15, 1926 d. May 23, 1989 buried
Union Chapel Cemetery, Metcalfe Co, KY. She married
Pat Partyka b. July 11, 1918 d. Aug 28, 1973 (no children)

6(xi). Charles Henry Shirley b. Feb 28, 1928 (Adair Co, KY, grew up in
Bridgeport, Metcalfe Co, KY. Occupation: barber.

married Bonnie Dorthula Atkins on Sept 28, 1959. She was b. Feb 12, 1940 (3 daughters)

6(xii). Ida Gertrude Shirley b. 1931 married L.V.Scott (no children)

5(iii). Louis Shirley

5(iv). Wallace Shirley

5(v). George Shirley

5(vi). Nanny Shirley

5(vii). Belle Shirley

4(viii). Edward Shirley b. 1863 d. 1929

4(ix). Lewis Edmond
Shirley born Dec 11, 1864 never married

4(x). Nanny Shirley


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