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Shirleys of Ote Hall
Sussex, England


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13(ix). William Shirley, esq of London born c: 11 Dec 1638 at Preston, Sussex, England; Nothing more known about this William Shirley - Shirleys of Ote Hall, Sussex

married Ann Oglander on 14 Jul 1664 at St. Benet Fink, London


14(i). William Shirley, esq of London He was living in the parish of St Mary Bothaw (with St Swithin after 1666) London in 1695; He died 1701, He was a merchant of London

1701 Will of William Shirley of St Mary Bothaw London. - Fifteenth day of March 1699, William Shirley of St Mary Bothaw London merchant. Give and bequeath unto my son William Shirley. If sd William dies, to William, Phillip and Ann Dingley children of my uncle and aunt William Dingley and Frances Dingley, then to my wife Elizabeth Shirley. To my sister Elizabeth Needham wife of Robert Needham esq. To my uncle Drewry Shirley. To my father in law John Godman and friend Mr. Robert Diamond overseers. Wife Elizabeth executrix. Wit: John Raymond, Gilbert Brandon and Wm Cooke his servant. Proven 1701 by Elizabeth Shirley wife

married Elizabeth Godman of Ote Hall, Sussex on 16 Nov 1693 at All Hollows London Wall parish, London

1693 Nov 14 - Vicar General Marriage Licenses. William Shirley of St Mary Bothaw merchant bachelor abt 26 m. Mrs Elizabeth Godman spinster abt 19, Daughter of John Godman of St Mary Bothaw at St Savior Southwark or All Hallows in Wall London.


15(i). Governor William Shirley, esq of Massachusetts, Bahamas and Ote Hall, Sussex - Governor of Massachusetts; b 2 December 1694. bap 4 Dec 1694 at St Swithins parish (with St Mary Bothaw after 1666), London. He was admitted to Merchant Taylor's school on 2 Mar 1702.

William, who was born in 1694, succeeded to his mother's estate, in Sussex, and resided at Otehall. He received his academic education at Cambridge, and was designed for the bar ; but his superior talents and address bringing him under the notice of Sir Robert Walpole during his administration, the Duke of Newcastle appointed him, in 1741, Captain and Governor-in-Chief of the Province of Massa- chuset's Bay, in New England; and it was under his direction and immediate inspection that the expedition to Cape Breton in 1745 was fitted out. In 1750 (January 19th) he was appointed one of His Majesty's Commissioners, at Paris, for settling the limits of Nova Scotia, and other controverted rights in America. In 1755, he obtained the rank of General and Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's forces in North America; and in 1759 he was made a Lieutenant-General in His Majesty's army. It was during the time that Lieutenant-General Shirley had the principal command of the Land Forces there in that same year, and in the early part of the following year, that some of the misfortunes which afterwards ensued to His Majesty's service, but more particularly the loss of Fort Oswego, which he had built at the mouth of the Onondaga River, on Lake Ontario, were, at the time, unjustly attributed to him and his mismanagement; and from which his conduct, on this occasion, was most triumphantly vindicated in a pamphlet, published in 1758, entitled " The conduct of Major-General Shirley, late General and Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America, briefly stated." On the 16th of November, 1758, he received the appointment of Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of the Bahama Islands. While at Boston, General Shirley built a house for himself, with bricks imported from England, at a vast expense, which he afterwards covered, both within and without, with boards. The house, which still remains, is called Shirley House.

The General died at Boston, March 24th, his age at the time being 77 years;—and hewas interred in the King's Chapel, adjoining that city. This Chapel was- the first Protestant Episcopal place of worship built in America; and when it became necessary to build it, which was the case in 1749, he laid the foundation stone. At his death the following testimony of the respect in which he was held by the proprietors appears among its records, of the date of ] 771:—" Whereas, the Honourable Lieutenant - General Shirley, formerly Governor of this province, lately deceased, did for several years attend public worship at King's Chapel, to which he was a warm friend, and a very generous benefactor ; for his more honourable interment, and to testify their gratitude for his many services, the proprietors of the said chapel have this day voted, that John Erving Esq. have liberty to deposit the corpse of the said Lieutenant-General Shirley, or any other of his family or descendants dying in America, in the tomb numbered 18, under the chapel." The remains of his wife, who was Frances, the daughter of Francis Barker, Esq., of London, had been previously deposited in a vault under this chapel. She died in September 1746. A handsome tablet, surmounted by her bust, was placed by the General to her memory in this chapel. The inscription on this tablet commemorates also the death of their second daughter, Frances, who married William Bollan, Esq; and who died in 1741, upon the birth of their only daughter and heiress, Frances Shirley Bollan, who married Charles Western, Esq., of Rivenhall,; in Essex; and was the mother of the first Lor d Western. - Sussex Archaeological Society

married Francis Barker


16(i). William Shirley born 1721 Secretary to Gen William Braddock; He was killed 1755 in a battle with the French and Indians in the Ohio

16(ii). Capt. John Shirley born 1725, died 1755 at Oswego USA in the war against the French and Indians.

16(iii). Sir Thomas Shirley born 1727, d. 1800 Bath, Somerset England, He was Leiutenant General and Governor of the Leeward Islands and Dominica

married Anna Maria Western of Essex.


17(i). Sir William Warden Shirley, baronet. Died unmarried and without issue. The male lineage of the Shirleys of Preston ended here

16(iv). Ralph Shirley born 20 Jan 1734, bapt at the King's Chapel by Haywood and died at Braintree the 13th Aug 1737. buried on the 16th at Old Episcopal Cem. Quincy Mass.

16(v). Elizabeth Shirley - married Eliakim Hutchison, Esq by Mr. Commissery Price at the King's Chapel at Boston on Monday the 13th of November 1738. She died 1790

16(vi). Frances Shirley 1720, died 1744, married William Bollan, Esq.

16(vii). Judith Shirley 1723, d. 1754

16(viii). Harriet Shirley 1724, d. 1802, m. Robert Temple, Esq.

16(ix). Maria Catherine Shirley 1729, d. 1816, m. John Erving, Esq.

15(ii). John Shirley - b 26 July 1698. bapt same day by Mr. Clarke of St. Swithins Newgate, London. John Godman and Susannah French, god parents; He died in infancy

15(iii). Katherine Shirley - b 29 July 1696. bapt. Aug 11 1696 at St Swithin parish, London; She died on the 13th and buried on the 15th

14(ii). Elizabeth Shirley She married Col. Robert Needham, esq. of Jamaica


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