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  Thomas Shirley (cont.)
b. 1740-50. Lived in Prince William Virginia. Family to South Carolina and Kentucky

2(v). Thomas Shirley born about 1796; He was living in Monroe Co KY by 1830 census; Named in the 1846 will of his father; Living without his wife and only with son Jefferson in 1850 Monroe Co KY; He died in the winter of 1876 In a letter from nephew Richard Shirley to James Shirley of Hendricks Co. IN in 1877 said, "uncle Thomas has been dead about 12 months."

married Jennie P. Bowles; She was part Indian according to family stories. She was ?dead prior to the 1850 census.


3(i). Zachariah Shirley born May 9 1824 in Kentucky; Living alone in 1860 Monroe Co KY census; He was a farmer and still owner. Zachariah taught primary school in Monroe county, and may have some education above 12th grade. He died 1877. Zachariah was buried in White Cemetery in Monroe County. Traditional story is that the Shirleys were moved from the Shirley Cemetery and put in the White cemetery.  

married 1) Mary Wheat (online source). Not alive in 1860 census?

married 2) Louisa Johnson about 1860; She was born about 1835; She was widowed and living in Turner, Monroe Co KY in 1880 census, age 39 widowed. She died 1934


4(i). Willis Turner Shirley born 22 November 1856. Age 15 in 1870 census. He died January 16, 1935 in Tompkinsville, Monroe Co KY, age 79y 1m 16d. (father named in death cert, mother unknown). Buried in the Old Soldiers Cemetery in Tompkinsville Monroe Co KY

married Sarah Elizabeth Simpson on 1 Jan 1880 in Monroe Co KY. She was born 18 December 1861, died 23 May 1942.

4(iii). Jennie Patie Shirley born about 1860. Age 11 in 1870 census. She died 1942; she married a doctor Thomas Bulloch in 1878 and moved to Florida   

4(ii). Frank Smith Shirley born about 1863; Age 7 in 1870 census. He was age 18 in 1880 census. He died 1938

married Betty Ann Johnson. They had nine children.

children: (known)

5(i). Zack T. Shirley born Oct 1890

5(ii). Hiram Zebedee Shirley born Aug 1892; he died 1947

married Velma Bailey 

5(iii). Lou E. Shirley born Oct 1894  

5(iv). Earl D. Shirley born Oct 1899

4(iv). Thomas Benton Shirley born Apr. 1864; age 5 in 1870 census, age 16 in 1880 census. He died 1915

3(ii). Thomas Jefferson Shirley born 22 Jan 1829 in KY; he was age 23 (sic) living with father in Monroe Co KY in 1850; age 27 in 1860 census; Living in Tompkinsville PO, Monroe Co KY in 1870, age 37; He died 23 June 1876, buried at Shirley Cemetery, Monroe Co KY next to his 2nd wife Mary.

married 1) Martha ______; She is enumerated as wife in 1860 census; ?died prior to 1866.

married 2) Mary J. Jackson May 8, 1866 in Monroe Co KY; She married 2nd Powhatan Martin


4(i). Thomas J. Shirley born about 1853, age 5 in 1860 census, age 17 in 1870 census

4(ii). Hezekiah "Toby" Shirley born about 1855, age 3 in 1860 census, age 15 in 1870 censusHe lived near Tomkinsville, Monroe Co KY in 1880 census; occupation: farmer; He died about 1883 in Ford Co Kansas (source: Gerald lineage at bottom of page)

Email 2005 - My grandfather's name was Cleo Shirley Born near Tomkinsville, Kentucky July 27th 1883 He Married Savannah(Vannie) Coffey @ Summershade K.Y. Cleo's parents Toby and Brocket (Geralds) Shirley My Great grandparents. Cleo Shirley lived in a town named Seymour Il. Most of his life.Thats all we know.

married Sarah Brocket Geralds on 14 March 1877 in Monroe Co KY; She married 2nd to Benjamin Howard. See her lineage at the bottom of the page

Monroe Co KY Marriages: Hezekiah Sherley m. Sarah L. B. Gerald Mar 14, 1877


5(i). Bettie E. Shirley born about 1879 in Monroe Co KY, age 1 in 1880 census

5(ii). Ida L Shirley born Dec 1881 Monroe Co KY; She married Hugh B Turner (source: Geralds lineage at bottom of page)

5(iii). Cleo Shirley born 27 July 1883 near Tomkinsville Monroe Co KY. In 1900 census, he was employed as a servant (age 17) in the household of William Hawker in Linden Town, Montgomery Co IN; He was married and lived in Seymour, Champaign Co IL at time of WWI draft registration (white, blue eyes, brown hair); lived at Colfax Champaign Co IL in 1920 census; lived in Scott Township, Champaign Co IL in 1940 - DNA participant ancestor

married Savanna (Vanna) Coffey at Summers Shade Metcalf Co KY; She was enumerated as Phoebe Shirley in 1910 census household. Her birth date was listed as 25 December 1888 in her SSDI listing, having died May 1977 at Seymour Champaign Co IL


6(i). Howard Shirley born 17 November 1912 IL, age 17 in 1930 census; He died 15 July 1997 at Champaign, Champaign Co IL (SSDI)

6(ii). Harvey "Cotton" Shirley born 20 March 1915 IL, age 15 in 1930 census; He died 10 November 1994 Champaign, Champaign IL (SSDI). Buried at Grandview Memorial Gardens

News-Gazette Obituary. Harvey was the son of Cleo and Vannie Coffee Shirley. He married Vivian Rambo on Aug 19 1937 at Covington Ind. She survives. Also surviving are a son Harvey "Ron" Shirley of Champaign Il. Two grandchildren: one brother Howard Shirley of Champaign Il one sister Ruth Shirley of Seymour Ill. He was preceded in death by a brother. Mr shirley graduated from Champaign High School in 1933. He was captain of the school cross country team. He worked for the railroad and on the farm until 1937, then ran a gas station with his brother Howard at Sixth Street and University Ave. in Champaign Il. He worked at the Jacksonville State Hospital from 1938 to 1940, then operated a tavern in Mahomet until 1943. He enlisted in the army in 1943 and served in the 3rd Infantry division and was awarde the combat infantryman's badge, two bronze stars and the French Croix de Guerre. Mr Shirley joined the Champaign police department in 1946 and was named chief in 1959 afer the death of chief Mark O'Neill. He was chief for 15 years until retiring in 1974....

6(iii). Lawrence "Tag" Shirley born about 1917 IL, age 13 in 1930 census

6 (iv). Helen Ruth Shirley born 16 June 1922 (source: SSDI), age 7 in 1930 census, age 17 in 1940 parents' census household; She apparently never married, and died 5 May 2011 at Savoy, Champaign Co IL; Buried East Lawn Cemetery in Urbana Champaign Co IL

Helen Ruth Shirley, 88, of Savoy, formerly of Seymour, passed away at 8:03 a.m. on Thursday (May 5, 2011) at the Champaign-Urbana Rehab Center in Savoy. She was born on June 15, 1922 in Seymour to Cleo and Vanie Coffey Shirley. She was preceded in death by her parents and three brothers, Harvey "Cotton" Shirley; "Tag" Shirley and Howard Shirley. Survivors include longtime friend and companion, Vincent Early of rural Seymour and several nieces and nephews.

4(iii). Jefferson D Shirley born about 1868, age 2 in 1870 census

4(iv). William Smith Shirley born March 1870, age 2/12 in 1870 census, age 10 in 1880 census, as stepson in Powhattan Martin's household, age 40 in 1930 census. Lived in Monroe Co KY in 1940 census, widowed, age 70, living with son Fred Shirley and family.

married Betty J. _______ age 36 in 1910 census

1893 Monroe County Court Records File 311, no file date.
William S SHIRLEY vs Bettie J SHIRLEY. Married Sept 1888, separated July 1893. She charged with lascivious [s] conduct - she left him. Three children: a girl about 3 named Ella; a boy named Cloy about 2 and a boy named Hezekiah-no age shown. Asks for divorce. No resolution found in rescued file.


5(i). Ella Shirley born about 1890 in Kentucky, age 20 in 1910 census

5(ii). Cloy Shirley born about 1892 in Kentucky, age 18 in 1910 census

5(iii). Hezekiah Shirley born about 1893, age 17 in 1910 census

5(iv). Smith Shirley Jr. born about 1898 in Kentucky (age 12 in 1910 census, age 32 in 1930 census). The family lived in Monroe Co KY in 1920 and 1940 census. They were enumerated in Croawfordsville, Montgomery Co Indiana in 1930.

married Nora Russell


6(i). Wilson Shirley born about 1918 in Kentucky, age 12 in 1930 census.

6(ii). Boyd Shirley born 5 October 1921 in Tompkinsville Monroe Co KY. Lived with his parents in 1940 census, age 17. He was a resident of Louisville KY at the time of his marriage.

ancestor of DNA participant 207183

6(iii). Nellie Shirley born about 1927 in Indiana, age 3 in 1930 census, age 12 in 1940 census

married Elizabeth M Burba on 3 April 1943 in Clark Co Indiana

6(iv). Phyllis J Shirley born about 1934, age 6 in 1940 census.

5(v). Levy Shirley born about 1899, age 11 in 1910 census. His name is Evert in 1900 census.

5(vi). Fred Shirley born about 1901, age 9 in 1910 census

4(v). Elnora Shirley born 1872 in Monroe County, KY

4(vi). Samuel Shirley born 18 August 1876 in Monroe County, KY


Descendants of George Fitzgeralds (online source)

4 Sarah T "Brocket" Geralds b: 23 Jan 1860 Monroe Co,KY d: 26 May
1897 Monroe Co,KY Burial: White Cem,Sulphur Lick,Monroe Co,KY
m Hezekiah Shirley b: c1855 KY m: 14 Mar 1877 Monroe Co,KY d:
c1883 Ford Co,KS
5 Bettie E Shirley b: Aug 1878 Monroe Co,KY
m Joseph Grundy Gentry b: 27 Jul 1871 Monroe Co,KY m: 25 Jun 1896
Mud Lick,Monroe Co,KY Father: Edward B Gentry Mother: Louvisa E
6 Herschel Harley Gentry b: 25 Aug 1897 Sulphur Lick,Monroe Co,KY
6 Herman Edward Gentry b: 21 Feb 1899 Sulphur Lick,Monroe Co,KY
6 Madie Gentry b: 15 Aug 1901 Sulphur Lick,Monroe Co,KY
6 Demie Gentry b: 23 Apr 1905 Sulphur Lick,Monroe Co,KY
6 Louvisa Geneva Gentry b: 12 Oct 1912 Pawnee,Pawnee Co,OK
5 Ida L Shirley b: Dec 1881 Monroe Co,KY
m Hugh B Turner b: Dec 1879 Monroe Co,KY m: 01 Feb 1900 Monroe
Co,KY Father: Leroy Turner Mother: Sarah A Smith
*2nd Husband of Sarah T "Brocket" Geralds:
m John Benjamin (Ben) Howard b: 07 Jun 1864 Monroe Co,KY m: 18 Nov
1888 Monroe Co,KY d: 27 Sep 1915 Monroe Co,KY Burial: White Cem,
Sulphur Lick,Monroe Co,KY Father: John Webster Howard Mother:
Elizabeth Robertson


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