Thomas Shirley (cont.)
b. 1740-50. Lived in Prince William Virginia. Family to South Carolina and Kentucky

1(i). Richard Shirley born Feb 22, 1771; He died 1846. They had a large plantation in Barren Co.  The land adjoined that of his father. The house was large 4 story brick structure having a full basement, main floor, upstairs and attic that went over the entire house. In each end there was a design made of light colored and dark colored bricks, contrasting with the read of the main wall. A great crack came in one of the walls which made it necessary to wreck the house. In the early days, the stage that ran through this part of the country made a regular stop at the Richard Shirley plantation. The story told was about great stacks of dried pies that were kept ready to serve the travelers and of the great beauty of their youngest daughter , Fanny.

"On the headwaters of Marrowbone, Skegg's, No Bob and Glover's Creeks, settled ... [names] ... and Richard Shirley, who killed two panthers on his plantation; others were heard day and night, screaming around his home. In those days--1800 to 1804--persons carried their guns with them everywhere, even to meeting to protect themselves against Indians and wild animals." - The Times of Long Ago, Barren County, Kentucky, by Franklin Gorin. Published by John P. Norton, Inc. Louisville, KY 1929. - originally a series of articles in the Glasgow Times about 1876 p. 25:

Barren Co KY WB 3 page 264. (page 265) Will of Richard Shirley, dated 22 January 1844, probated April 1846. To my beloved wife Nancy Shirley full possession and use of my farm with all apertanences belonging to same. Also my negro girl, Mary, wagon, farming utensils. At here (sic) death my son George shall have the above. Wife also to have one horse ($40), one cow ($10), my flock of sheep and geese, household and kitchen furniture. My daughter Fanny to have my negro boy Nathaniel. William Combs who is living with me to have the bay mare colt forever. After just debts paid-property to be equally divided amont (sic) all my children which are not named, towit: my sons Thomas Shirley, Reuben Shirley, Henry Shirley, and James Shirley, and my daughter Sally Read, wife of John Read, and my daughter Elizabeth Thomas, wife of Alexander Thomas." Executors: son James Shirley and son-in-law John Read.

married Nancy Green. born about 1772; She was living with her son George Shirley in 1850 Barren Co census, widow.


2(i). James Shirley born 1805 KY; named in the 1846 will of his father; Living in Barren Co KY in 1850.

married Mary Shirley, daughter of Robert Shirley, son of James Shirley and Mary McMekin, and his wife Eliz. Shirley, daughter of Thomas Shirley and wife Mollie Grubbs.

Marriage James Shirley to Mary Shirley, March 5, 1825 Sur: James Shirley

children: (this family is generally untraced after 1850)

3(i). George Washington Shirley born about 1826 in KY; Living Barren Co KY in 1850. His father's sister, Elizabeth (Shirley) Thomas is living with him.

3(ii). Martha E. Shirley born about 1828 KY

3(iii). Albert E. Shirley born about 1831 KY

3(iv). Robert Lewis Shirley born 25 Nov 1834 in KY; Living in Barren Co KY in 1870; He died 7 Aug 1897 in Barren Co KY and buried in Old Twyman Cemtery, Barren County, Kentucky

married Elizabeth Ervin/Irving on 23 November 1868 in Glasgow, Barren Co KY

children: (untraced after 1870 census)

4(i). Harvey Shirley born about 1869; living with parents in 1870 census, age 1

4(ii). John B Shirley; he died 2 Oct 1932 in Barren Co KY, age 59; parents are named in his death record

4(iii). Fanny Shirley married McMillan; parents are named in her death recor

3(v). Lucinda Shirley born about 1839 KY

3(vi). Mary J. Shirley born about 1841 KY

3(vii). Richard Shirley born about 1845 KY

2(ii) Henry Shirley born about 1799 in KY; Named in the 1846 will of his father; Lived in Barren Co KY in 1850; He died June 30, 1855

married Sophia Reed 21 Jan 1833 in Barren Co KY

Marriage Henry Shirley to Sophia Reed, Jan.21, 1833 Sur: Levi C. Read Md: Jan. 24, 1833 by Cornelius Deweese [Reed or Read?]


3(i). Susan A. Shirley born a about 1837 KY; in 1850 census, age 13

3(ii). Mary A. Shirley born about 1847 KY; in 1850 census, age 3

2(iii) Gabriel Green "Gabe" Shirley He appears in Barren Co KY records with his father in 1823 involving land on Blue Spring Creek and also a slave. He was also suretor at the marriage of his sister Elizabeth Shirley in 1834. However, he is untraced in either the 1840 or 1850 census;

2(iv). George Shirley born about 1809; he never married; named in the 1846 will of his father; living in Barren Co KY in 1850, with his mother in the household, and a Fanny Shirley, born 1807

2(v). Thomas Shirley born about 1796; He was living in Monroe Co KY by 1830 census; Named in the 1846 will of his father; Living without his wife and only with son Jefferson in 1850 Monroe Co KY; He died in the winter of 1876 In a letter from nephew Richard Shirley to James Shirley of Hendricks Co. IN in 1877 said, "uncle Thomas has been dead about 12 months."

married Jennie P. Bowles; She was part Indian according to family stories. She was ?dead prior to the 1850 census.

2(vi). Rueben Shirley born about 1798 KY; After his marriage in 1826, he moved to Monroe Co KY and appears in an 1830 tax list there; Named in the 1846 will of his father; Living in Monroe Co KY in 1850 and 1860

married Lettitia Shirley on 4 Dec 1826 in Barren Co KY; She was the daughter of Robert and Eliz. Shirley. Living with daughter Nancy G Shirley in 1880 census of Monroe Co KY;

Marriage Reubin Shirley to Lettitica Shirley, Dec. 4, 1826 Sur: James Shirley Md: Dec. 13, 1826 by Ralph Petty


3(i). Elizabeth Shirley born 1827; living with family in 1850, age 21; She married 1st Will _____, 2nd Jack Nichols

3(ii). Anderson Shirley born about 1832 in KY; living with family in 1850 age 18; He was living alone in the 1870 and 1880 Barren Co KY census, farm laborer, age 48.

married Mary Ann Glass on 9 Aug 1855 in Barren Co KY

3(iii). James (Jim) Robert Shirley born 1835; living with family in 1850, age 12; He died 1877 (letter from Richard to James of Hendricks Co. See Branch #7)

3(iv). Nancy Green Shirley born 1830; living with family in 1850, age 6; She was named for Reuben's mother; She married Absalom "Ebb" Payne; Apparently never married and living with mother in 1880 Monroe Co KY census, age 37

A John B Shirley age 18, nephew was living with Nancy G Shirley in 1880

2(vii). Sarah Shirley born about 1811; she married John Reed and were parents of 5 children; named in the 1846 will of her father

2(viii). Elizabeth  "Fanny" Shirley; ; named in the 1846 will of her father; she married Alexander Thomas, son of Presly N. Thomas and his wife, Malinda Shirley, (daughter of James and Mary McMekin Shirley.

Alexander Thomas to Elizabeth Sherly, Dec. 30, 1834 Sur: Gabriel Shirley Md: Jan. 1, 1835 by Andrew Nuckols

?2(iv). Frances Shirley; living with mother Nancy in the household of brother George Shirley in 1850 Barren Co census, age 43; I'm wondering if she is actually the sibling known as "Fanny".


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