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July 8, 2020

Sorry for the lack of posting here. I've been spending time this summer continuing my project to clean up Shirley lineages, verifying, adding more recent generations, etc. Also helped several people with their research queries. I typically use queries as an opportunity to add research items to various pages in the members' section connected to the family being researched. Usually small items, nothing earth shattering.

May 6, 2020

I posted the following original wills to their respective England county pages in the members' section

London and Middlesex

1617 Commissary Court of London Will of John Sherley laborer of St Mary Mat.(Whitechapel) Original will - 23/97 LW&T. The ninth day of October. I John Shirley of St Mary Whitechapel in the county of Middlesex laborer. To my wife Jane during her life and after her death to William Shirley my brother's son. His marke wit: Henry Mallory. Proven 1617

1643 Original Will of William Shirley (mentions his landlady at Poplar Stepney)

1678 Commissary Court of London Original Will of Alice Shurley, wid. of Limehouse Mdx. (page 2) O.W. 36 278 (23 40)

1678 Original Will of Standardine Shirley of Whitefriars London

1697 Original Will of Christopher Shirley of St Andrew Holborn Middlesex

1747 Original Will of William Shirley of Chiswick Middlesex

1828 Consistory Court Diocese of London Original Will of Andrew Shirley, Gentleman of Saint Martin in the Fields
(page 2)
Address: Northumberland Street, Strand; Microfilm Reference: X019/033 Folio/Page: 157


1698 Original Will of William Shirley of Waltham Abbey Essex

May 3, 2020

Northern Ireland Branch - I created a new Shirley branch for Northern Ireland


5. Robert Shirley of Caheny Townlands, Aghadowey Parish, Londonderry; Born about 1835 (age at death); He was Presbyteriran but his children were raised as Catholics; He died at Caheney in 1874, age 39; Married Elizabeth Hutchinson New

April 24, 2020

England Branch - I created a new Shirley branch for Lincolnshire England


1. Shirley Family of Grantham and Caistor Lincolnshire. This family were notable makers of windsor chairs

April 19 2020

I posted the following transcription to the Scotland page in the members' section


1881 Census Households

March 24, 2020

BREAKTHROUGH I have formally merged USA branches 26, 27 and 28 together. Long suspected and accepted as brothers based on family tradition as well as DNA match; But I now have significant evidence their surname was originally SHIREY (as also long suspected), and that the 3 boys John Daniel and Peter were the sons of John and Magdalena SHIREY of York Co PA.

26. Shirey/Shirely of York PA - John Shirey/Shirely b. ca 1778, wife Christina Youst. Came from York Co. Pennsylvania to Frederick Co. Virginia in 1822. Now includes Branches #27 and #28

27. Peter Shirely - b. ca 1794, York PA; wife Elizabeth. Branch merged with #26

28. Daniel Shirely - b. ca 1792, wife Anna Flynn. Lived Morgan Co. Virginia  Branch merged with #26

March 10, 2020

NEW BIBLE IMAGES - Thanks to Susan who has generously shared her research, photos and documents for a sub-branch of Shirley Branch #21

Branch #21

NEW (Thanks to Susan) Bible of Zachariah Shirley (born 1819, lived Shenandoah Co VA) Other surnames mentioned: Koontz, Norrel, Fritsch, Strachan , Kouder, Hoffman, Martin, Sauermann; Marriages, Births, Births (page 2), Deaths

NEW (Thanks to Susan) Bible of Christian Shirley (born 1835, lived Shenandoah Co VA) Other surnames mentioned: Andrews, Roller, Horner, Miller, Brumback, Rosenberger Births, Marriages, Deaths

March 7, 2020

I posted the following abstraced records to the Warren Co GA page in the members' section

Warren Co GA

1817 Warren Co Tax List

Capt McCrary's District 154

William Shirley 1 poll; 0 slaves; 153 ac Warren Co; Grantee: Brooks and others; Rocky Comfort River; Adj: Railey; Tax 00.57.8 1/4

Nathan Shirley 1 poll; 0 slaves; 125 ac Warren Co; Grantee: Stanford; Rocky Comfort River; Adj: Hall; Tax 00.40.6 1/4

1850 (couriously begins Aug 1848) Warren Co Estate Final Returns page 154 - The estate of Nathaniel Shurley and William Shurley in account with Charles Shurley admin [list of voucher payments beginning Aug 1848]

1850 Dec 25 To Mahalay Parker receipt for her distributive share of said estate as per voucher 39 $144.50
1850 Dec 25 To William Dye receipt for same as per ditto 40 $144.50
1851 Jany 8 To Catherine Shurley receipt for her share as per voucher 41 $144.50
1850 Dec 25 To Mary Shurley receipt for same as per voucher 42 $144.50
1850 Dec 25 To Thomas Shurley receipt for same as per voucher 43 $144.50
1850 Dec 25 to Elizabeth Shurley receipt for same as per voucher 44 $144.50
1850 Dec 25 to Nathan Shurley receipt for same as per voucher 45 $144.50
Retained by the Admr [Charles Shurley] as his distributive share $145.50

March 6, 2020

New and ?Important I posted this very interesting tax record to the new Granville Co NC page in the members' section. The name David Shirley is quite rare in Shirley families, and a David Shirley appears for a few decades in the NC counties of Dobbs/Greene etc. The courthouses in those counties burned and so the new item may be the break in the brick wall long needed for families originating out of Dobbs Co NC (example: Darlington SC Shirley families)

Granville Co NC

1755 Granville Co NC Tax List

David Shirley 1 wh 0 bl 1 total

March 4, 2020

I posted the following abstracts to the Sumter Co GA page in the members' section

Sumter Co GA

1862 December 1 - Sumter Guardian Bonds Book 13 pg 79 - Henry Bradley with Alexander W Wheeler and Joseph a Cobb security; Henry Bradley appointed guardian of the property of Susan Shirley orphan child of Uriah Shirley deceased

1862 Sept 15 - Temporary Admininstrative Bonds - Joseph B Murphey with Jesse Hardy security bound onto Louis Bounes/Brines, county ordinary, temporary letters of administration on the goods and chattels of Matilda Shirley, deceased.

1863 January 10 - Temporary Admininstrative Bonds - Joseph B Murphey with Littleton P Dorman security bound onto Louis Bounes/Brines, county ordinary, temporary letters of administration on the goods and chattels of Bryant Shirley, deceased.

February 28, 2020

I posted the following abstracted item to the Houston Co GA page in the members' section

Houston Co GA

1857 Dec 7 - Guardian Bond Book A page 52 - Guardian: John R Jordon, Security: William Nelson, William T Scott; Bond: $6,000; Orphans: John A Shurley, Thomas E Shurley, Nancy A Shurley children of William T Shurley deceased

1858 July 12 - Guardian Bond Book A page 61 - Guardian: Ann T Shurley, Security: William T Scott and William Nelson; Bond: $8,000; Her minor children: John A Shurley, Thomas E Shurley and Nancy A Shurley

February 24, 2020

I posted the following original deed documents to the Orange VA page in the members' section. Note: the following James Shirley (married Ann) is not the same James Shirley (married Judith) of next door Culpeper Co VA, Branch 21. I actually theorize this James Shirley is the brother of Richard Shirley of Laurens Co SC and of William Stubley Shirley of Georgia - as described in old transcriptions of the bible of W S Shirley. But just a theory, no proof

Orange Co VA

1763 Orange Co VA DB 13 p 363 (page 364). (On margin "Exd an Deld to John Deer Dept 1767"). Indenture 25 Nov 1763 betw Uriah Garton, house carpenter and Mary his wife and James Shirley, taylor for L50, grant 100 ac bounded George Smith, Stephen I. K. Smith, Bridge on Beaverdam Run...Wit: Roger Bell, Saml. Brockman, Zachy Taylor. Recorded 26 Nov 1763. <Uriah Garton> <Mary Garton>

1765 Orange Co VA DB 14 pp 26-27 (page 28). Indenture 26 Sep 1765 betw James Shirley and Ann his wife and Uriah Garton for L50 grant all that tract formerly conveyed to Shirley by the aforesaid Garton, containing 100 ac bounded Mountain road, Beaverdam, Sam Kerchewal, Elijah Garton, Wm Moore, Mr Terrill's line..Wit: elijah Garton, Francis Garton, Rebeckah (X) Stevens; Recorded 26 Sep 1765 <James Shirley> <Ann (X) Shirley>

1766 Orange Co VA DB 14 pp 122-123. (On margin "Ex'd and del'd to Tho Gholson"). Indenture 8 Sep 1766 betw Uriah Garton and Mary his wife and James Shirley for L18 sell two tracts formerly conveyed by Uriah Garton to James Bradley containing 65 ac, bounded Stephen I.K. Smith, Larkin Chew. Wit: William Cooke, Stephen I.K. Smith, John (X) Bradley, Benja Cave, Mary Burrus, John Hobday. Recorded Orange Co 35 Mar 1767. <Uriah Garton> <Mary Garton>

1773 Orange Co VA DB 16 p 165 (page166). (On Margin "Exd and Deld. to sd Shirley Apl 1778"). Indenture 1773 betw Benjamin Cave and Ruth his wife and James Sherley for L20 sold 40 acres part of tract formerly belonged to John Wormley gent, bounded James Smith in old original line betwixt Larkin Chew, deceast, and John Wormley, gent...Plank bridge run; Henry Wood (no witnesses listed) Recorded Orange Co 25 Nov 1773 <Benja Cave> <Ruth (X) Cave>

1778 Orange Co VA DB 17 pp 60-61 (page 62) (On margin "Exd and Deld to sd Homes Octr 26 1780") Inenture 1778 24 Sep betw James Sherley and Ann his wife and Alexander Homes for L200 sell certain tract being part that formerly belonged to John Wormley gent now in possession of sd Shirley...112 ac bounded the road at the dirt bridge; Henry Wood; Stephen I.K. Smith: small branch; James Smith; Benja Cave; Beaverdam Run to a beach; Plank brodge...Rec 24 Sep 1778 <James Shirley> <Ann (X) Shirley>

February 22, 2020

NEW BIBLE IMAGES - Thanks to Susan who has generously shared her research, photos and documents for a sub-branch of Shirley Branch #21

Branch #21

NEW (Thanks to Susan) Bible of Zachariah Shirley (married Barbarah Keagey); He died in Madison Co VA; His descendants lived in Shenandoah Co VA; Births and deaths. Other surnames mentioned: Keagey; Marriages, Births, Deaths

February 14, 2020

SHIRLEY BRANCHES REVIEW PROJECT If you do not see many posts here, it's not because I am ignoring Shirley research. For the last 6 months or so, I have been systematically reviewing 100s of the various US and international Shirley branches featured in the non-members' section of the website. I am updating the lineages bringing male Shirley lines more toward the 1900s. But as I review each branch, I am also taking time to re-think brick walls and to check sources for overlooked documents and clues. You will see these updates, now with the header:

This Lineage page last reviewed and updated [date]

For example, I spent 4 hours or so yesterday updating US Branch #47. I also researched their residences in Cole and Cedar Counties Missouri and added a few documents to those pages in members' section

47. Nathan Shirley b. ca. 1805 SC. Lived in Greene Co TN in 1830 and Cole Co MO in 1840. Children lived in Cedar Co MO. Appears to be a brother of an Isaac Shirley and John Shirley who appear in Greene Co TN in 1830

The day before I reviewed and updated US Branch #51, specifically the addendum lineage on this page, that of Zebedee P Shirley of Parker Co Texas

51. William Dearing Shirley - b. ca 1800 TN, living Montgomery Co. IL in 1850 Census, wife Jane

January 30, 2020

Thank you to a historian who contributed some of his research that involved Warren Shirley, son of John, son of Ferrers Shirley of Branch 34. Warren Shirley apparently died on route out west

On April 25, 1849, William Z. Walker was traveling overland while en route to California. That day he was in or near Independence, Missouri and wrote in his diary "Shirley taken with the Cholera." On April 26 he noted "Mr. Shirley died in the afternoon at 4 oclk. appointed a committee to look after his effects." April 27– "Went to Kansas [City] & attended the funeral of Mr. Shirley."

The May 1, 1910 issue of the Boston Sunday Globe, p. 76, c. 1-5 has an autobiography of Brigadier General Nathan A. M. Dudley. In 1849, he also was en route overland to California and was in the Independence/Kansas City, Missouri area and wrote that "Shirley is dead. Cholera had taken him... conduct his funeral... coffin of rough black walnut... bier for carrying the body to the grave... pallbearers... deep grave... chaplain reading the 25th chapter of Corinthians..."

On May 21, 1849, the Boston Courier published an article by Robert C. Nichols which states that "Warren Shirley of Boston died on the 26th, after 15 hours illness."

One other 1849 newspaper account from Louisiana agrees with the forgoing facts.

From the above material and information from numerous other sources about deaths in that area in 1849, Shirley probably died near what is now Westport, Missouri (presently located in Kansas City, Missouri). Walker's words "Went to Kansas [City] & attended the funeral" are not clear if he went to Kansas City and *also* went to the funeral or the funeral was *in* KC.

January 13, 2020

WEBSITE TO GO DOWN TEMPORARILY? - I'm changing domain name hosting companies to save money. The Shirley Association website might go down briefly during the transition (so I'm warned)

January 2, 2020

England Branch - I researched and posted the following new Shirley lineage to the England section in the non-members' area


6. Shirley families of Ashbourne Parish. These Shirleys left wills in the late 1500s, early 1600s. There is some indication the surname was alias Cook. Not well traced as yet. NEW


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