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May 23, 2019

Lineage Reviews Don't forget, just because you do not see an update posted here, does not mean I am not adding new info to our webpages. For example, I just performaned a major review and update of the lineage pages in Branch 21 James Shirley of Culpeper Co VA. I have been doing reviews periodically to other Shirley branches too.

April 29, 2019

I found a few more Kilkenny Ireland deeds. These are very hard to find. Indexes are grantor only, no grantees, and the grantor indexes were constructed in an inexplicable manner.

Kilkenny Ireland

1766 October 12 - Vol 254 page 137 Memorial of Indenture - John Deacon of Innisnagg co Kilkenny draper did demise unto John Shirly of Croan in sd co, farmer lands of Blackbogg then in the tenure of Martin and John Butler and party aforesaid John Shirley in as ample as sd Shirley then held. To hold unto the sd John Shirly heirs etc from 1 day May for the lives of John Deacon of Danganmore and John Deacon of Innisnagg and Dan l Deacon of Baysrath, yearly rent of 30pds. Wit: Jas Delany and Danl Connell, <seal> John Shirly

1768 December 10 Vol 271 page 307 - Lands of Castlehoyer (aka Carrickathana) - Memorial of an indented deed of lease between Patrick Rice of Ballyvishi co Kilkenny farmer did let unto John Shirley of Croan co Kilkenny farmer that part of the lands of Castle Hoyler called or known by the name of Carrickathana as was formerly held by Thos Comerford and was then held and enjoyed by the sd John Shirley situate in Barony of Kells co Kilkenny to hold for 23 years payable 8 shillings per acre half yearly. Wit: John Cole of Callen co Kilk gent and Bryan McInnerry of Castlehayle farmer. Mem'l wit: sd Bryan McInnerry age 28 and Bibby Hartford of Kilkenny gent. <seal> John Shirly; Regd 2 Jan 1770

1791 February 11 Registry of Deeds Vol 428 page 244 (page 246) - Lands of Whitescourt Ballyclare - Deed of assignment between Elinore Julian otherwise Lewis wife of Henry Julian of Callan Kilkenny gent of 1st part and John Shirly junr of Croan Kilkenny gentleman of other part, reciting dated 29 Sept 1777 betw sd Henry Julian of 1st part and Elinor Lewis then Julian of 2nd part. the Rt hon George Ld Callan by the name and addition of George Agar of Kellmarry in Killkenny esq guardian to sd Elinor of 3rd part and Thomas Flaherty of Castlefield and Patrick Welsh the younger of Newtown esqs of 4th part that sd Elinor was under the will of her father Foukes Lewis of the lands of Kerinehill called Newpark as Henry Cavenaugh held the same containing 277 acres (plantation measure) Barony of Kells under lease made to the sd Faulke Lewis by Harvey Morris esq dated 3 Aug 1743 for the lives of sd Foukes Lewis, Patrick Welsh and Richard Welsh , also one house and garden in the town of Callan...further recites that a marriage was intended to be between the sd Henry and Elinor that upon solemnization the sd Thomas Faherty, Patrk Welsh shoudl stand seized of the lands....death of Foulkes Lewis....differences arisin between the sd Henry Julian and Elinor his wife, agreed to a separation. Elinor should have all the benefit....Memorial the sd Elinor Julian for consideration granted sold released and confirmed unto the said John Shirley the said lands of Hivishill Arunise Newpark for residual of term....Wit Wm Gregory of City of Kilkenny surgeon and George Robbins of City of Dublin gent. Registered 14 Feb 1791

1791 August 3 Registry of Deeds Vol 441 page 113 (page 114-115) - Lands of Ballynacooly and Corbally - Deed of release between Wm Gleadow-Newcomen of Dublin Bt. of 1st part and Rt Honble Hen. Welbore Lord Vt Clifden eldest son and heir at law of James late Lord Vt Clifden now deceased of 2nd part and Jno Shirley Senr and Jno Shirley Junr both of Croan in the county of Kilkenny gent of the 3rd part. Reciting that Morgan Kavanagh of Ballyheal in the co of Kilk esq was seized in his demein as of fee simpleof and in one undivisded moitey of half par tof the town and lands of Ballynacooley and Corrobally together with the to sd last mentioned lands belonging situate co of Kilkenny and that sd Wm Gladow-Newcomen was likewise seized in his demein as of fee simple of the other undivided half part of the said town lands etc. That the sd M. Kavanagh and Newcomen had mutually agreed to make partition between them....Together deed of lease and relase dated 22 and 23 Feby 1780 between Kavanagh of 1st part, Newcomen of 2nd parrt and the sd Jas late Ld Vt Clifden of the 3rd part granted to Clifden the afsd lands 146 acres and also 65 ac sd lands of Ballynaacooley adjoining the lands of Ballyfinian and lands of Ballynehard. And M Kavanagh as to all sd lands of Corrobelly 130 acres together with the commons containing 30 acres and the [ ] of sd lands of Ballynacooly containing 117 acres in consideration of two thousand six hundrd and fifty nine pds 5 shillings paid by the sd Jno Shirley Senr and Jno Shirley junr and the Rt Hon W. Ld Vt Clifden at the request of the sd Sir Wm G-Necomen and in condieration of 10 shiling to him likewise paid by the sd Jno Shirley senr and Jno Shirley junr give grant bargain sell forever quit claim unto the said Jno Shirley senr and Jno Shirley junr in consideration therein all that town and lands of Corrobelly containing 130 acres together twith the common therunto belonging containing 30 acres and the remr of the sd lands of Ballynecooly containing 117 acres being the moity to which the sd Sir Wm G-Newcomen became entitled upon the sd partition to hold unto the sd Jno Shirley senr and Jno Shirley junr their heirs etc. Wit Jno Walsh and Saml Aicken of the City of Dublin gent <seal> Wm Gleadow-Newcomen in presence of Jno Walsh, Saml Aicken

April 23, 2019

Ireland/Canada I have been working for days and days (and days!!) trying to gather very early Canadian records, sorting out the various Irish Shirleys who migrated to Canada. Then I spent time all day yesterday and today cleaning up the Ireland lineages, better sorting them for their proper family groupings - then spent time analyzing the records previously gathered, trying to identify any overlooked clues.

April 18 2019

I posted the following abstracts and original deed/land grant documents to the Ontario Canada page in the member's section

Ontario Province Canada

Drummond Twp, Lanark Co Deed Index-

1824 May 26 Patent Deed Liber N (A?, No?) - Crown to William Shirley 100 acres; Southwest Half of Lot 11 in Concession 11

1825 April 23 Deed Lanark Co Liber A Memorial: 172 (dated 19 March 1825) - William Shirley yeoman of Drummond Township, Lanark Co to Patrick Henighan of same; 50 acres; L20.00 for front half of Southwest Half of Lot 11 in Concession 11

Huntley Twp, Carlton Co Deed Index - Concession 6, Lot 24

1828 June 9 Patent - Crown to William Shirley 100 acres
1829 Dec 15 #258 B& S Dated 3 Dec 1829 - William Shirley to Joseph Hagerman 100 acres

1831 Aug 13 Carlton Co DB 3, Mem: 498 - Leonard Stoneburner to Wm Shirley of Nepean Twp, Carlton Co, yeoman; L100; Lot 1 Concession A, 200 acres in Nepean Twp. Wit: M Browne, Jas Rose

1834 November 5 Carlton Co DB 4, Mem 810 - William Shirley of Nepean, yeoman to Daniel Fisher; L300 by mortgage; Lot 1 in Nepean Township; Wit: Daniel Kennedy, A J Christie (Shirley is mortgaging his land, see payoff in 1842 document)

1835 Oct 3 at Kingston Petition of John McAuliffe for mitigation of sentence against him [list of names] - Upper Canada Sundries : C-9824 (image 102)

Thos Shirly

1837 January 31 Petition of elders, managers, communicants and adherents of the Presbyterian congregation of Lanark for equality of the Church of England and the Church of Scotland [list of names] - Upper Canada Sundries : C-9824 (image 413)

William Shirley

1838 January 10 Petition for a new district with Bytown as the District town [list of names] - Upper Canada Sundries : C-9824 (image 611)

William Shirley

1838 August 20 Address of people of Bath to Sir George Arthur [list of names] - Upper Canada Sundries : C-9824 (image 1061)

Thomas Shirley

1842 July 19 Carlton Co DB 4 Mem 1900 - Daniel Fisher esq to William Shirley - Satisfaction of Mortgage. Certify that William Shirley of the township of Nepean yeoman hath paid and satisfied all such sum of money as were due upon a mortgage made by the sd William Shirly to me bearing the date 25 May 1834

1836 September 29 Carlton Co DB 4 Mem 1241 - Wm Shirley of Nepean Twp, yeoman to John Robertson; 200 acres in Nepean Twp Lot 1 Concession A from the Ottawa River; Wit: James McIntosh, John Du--d

1842 March 16 Lanark Co Montague Twp DB (no number) pg 532 - Duncan McDougal to John Shirley

1852 August 5 Carlton Co Nepean Twp DB G Mem 5864 - Alexander Beaty to Edward Shirley of Nepean Twp, yeoman; L100; the West 1/2 of Lot 2 in Concession B on the Ottawa River in the Township of Nepean Edward [X] Shirley; Wit: Robert Lees, James Farley

1854 Dec 23 Carlton Co, Nepean Twp DB G Mem 8119 - Edward Shirley of Nepean Twp, yeoman to Robert Shirley of same place, yeoman and Thomas Shirley of same place, yeoman; L150; 100 acres in Nepean Twp, composed of the SW 1/2 of Lot 2, Concession B Ottawa Front; Edward [X] Shirley; Wit: Robert Lees, John Wade

April 3 2019

DNA Confirmation - The unusual Y-chromosome DNA test result obtained many years ago from a descendant of Berryman Shirley Jr has now been confirmed as an exact match with a male Shirley descendant of Rev Beverly Shirley. Both Berryman Shirley Jr and Rev Beverly Shirley were sons of Berryman Shirley Sr. This (almost certainly) means that Berryman Shirley Sr, head of Branch 38 shared the same "Shirley" DNA as the descendants of his 2 sons. And thus, all of his male descendants shown in Branch 38 should have the same "Shirley" DNA.

March 26, 2019

I posted the following registered will documents to the Norfolk England page in the members' section. I will abstract their contents when I get a moment or two

Nofolk England

1442 Nofolk Consistory Court page 170 Will of Nicholas Scharlye of Horstede Norfolk

1572 Nofolk Consistory Court page 643 Will of Thomas Shirley, mariner, of Aldeburgh, Suffolk (page 644, page 645)

1797 Nofolk Consistory Court page 11 Will of Thomas Shirley fellmonger, of St Martin at Oak, Norwich, Norfolk (page 12)

March 17, 2019

I posted the following original will documents to the Gloucestershire page in the members' section. I have abstracted a few of the Wills. The remaining probate docs will be abstracted over time

Gloucestershire Wills and Inventories

1545 Will of William Shurle of Little Compton, Diocese of Gloucester. In the name of God amen and in the yere of owre Lorde God. I Wyllyam Shurle wyke in body and holle in mynde make my last Wyll and testement in forme foloying. First I bequethe my sowle to all myghity God and my body for to be bureyd in the churche yearde of Lytyll Compton parva also I bequethe my mylle to John and Henre my sonnes and also thesyed John and Henrye for to kepe the repar all of the mylle and also ye shall remane to the longgar lyver of them bothe and also I gyffe and beqwethe to the forsed John and Henre a crop of Jerne and a spendell of a jerne to ocupye bytween them both and the longer liver ye for to enjoye I also bequeth to Wyllyam Johns sonne my byede to be standard in the howse also I beqwethe to Wyllyam my son my grette froth and jakett and my cotte and dobelelle also I bequthe to the byellorples and to the rodde lyght and also I beqwethe for to beoayd in Lyttle Compton for me and my fryendes and all the reseduye of any goddes bequethe I gyffe to my Wyffe whom I make my holle executor and also John Robert and Henre my overseers. This my Wylle to be formed. [not signed or proved]

1576 Will of Richard Sherle of Sherington Magna Gloucestershire, husbandman (page 2) 1576/ 23 (Ed: The closest parish name to Sherington with "magna" in the name is Shurdington Magna, or Great Shurdington)

1587 Will of John Shirley of Little Compton Gloucester husbandman (probate) date 1 Dec 1585, to be buried in churchyard of Little Compton, I give to the poor of Little Compton, to my son in law William Biggs, to my son Wyllyam Sherley of Lower Compton 5 sheep, I give to Rychard son of Wyllyam Shurley of Lower Compton 2 sheep, to Barbara Sherley great paine, residual legate and executor my son Wyllyam Sherley of Lyttle Compton. Overseer: Thomas Hecton and Thomas Brown. Wit: John Howse curat than and Wyllyam Blissard Proved 26 April 1587

1591 Will of Edmund Sherle of Maiseyhampton Gloucester yeoman (page 2, probate) 1591/31 (Ed: Maiseyhampton is near Siddington and Cirencester)


1615 Will of William Shurley the elder of Little Compton county of Gloucester husbandman dated 13 Sept 1610. My body to be buried in churchyard of Little Compton. I give towards reparation of church of Little Compton. To the poor of the parish of Little Compton, I give to Phillipp Shurley my son an inch boorde, to Robert and William sons of William Shurley my son, to John Sherley my son a lande of parve barleye. To Thomas Shurley my son a lande to parve barleye, to the two sons of said Thomas Shurley, to Margery my daughter. Residuary legatee and executor Katherine my wife. Overseers William Parsons and Thomas Spire. Signed William Shurley senior witnessed by James Whikfook clerk Francis Turpin William Parsons and Thomas Spire. Proved at Gloucester 19 July 1615 by executrix.

1632 Will of William Shearle Sen. Shurdington, husbandman 1632/156

1640 Will of Elizabeth Shurlie widow late wife of Robert Shurlie deceased. In the name of God Amen. I Elizabeth Shurlie of Little Compton in the diocese of Gloucester being weake of body but of perfect memory doe make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme as followeth Imprimis: I bequeath my soule to Almighty God trusting on the merits of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my body to be buried according to the discretion of mine executor. Item I give to my son Edward Shurlie in money nine pound two todd of ffleece wool Item I give to him a woolbedd a ffeather bolter and a feather pillow one healing a paire of blankets two paire sheets a table cloth 3 table napkins one brass pot one brass kettle two platters one bowel. Item I give to son Thomas Shurlie twelve poundes in money Item I give to him a wool bed a bolster one pillow two paire of sheets a paire of blankets a coverlet 3 table napkins a bord cloth 3 pewter platters one kettle one pott one joyne stoole one dumm mare. Item I give to my daughter Anne Weston three pounds in Mr John Hartleys hand of afsd parish . Item I give to my daughter Margery forty shillings and a cow Item I give to my daughter Barbara a cow if shee returns into England, otherwise if shee doth never return then my Will is that her son Thomas Hession shall have the worth of ye as it is valued. Item . I give to Elizabeth Weston my grandchild a cowe Item I give to her fower pounds wch money is in my Lady Elizabeth Cotton's hand sometime of this parish and the tother fower pound ten shill for which shee stands bound in a bond shall equally divided amongst the rest of my grand children. Item I give to Elizabeth Weston a pewter dish and one little kettle. Item my Will and meaning is that legacys bequeathed unto my children and grand children in moneys shall be taken in forme as follows viz that the two legaces bequeathed to my sonnes Edward and Thomas shallbe taken of by themselves without any trouble to the executor. Richard Shurley and Edward Shurley his brother sometimes of Little Compton both of them being debters with me the executor yielding them his chief assistance. and the legacies bequeathed my grandchildren to be taken up from Lady Elizabeth Cotton ye executor yelding his greatest assistance. Item I give to Elizabeth Weston two napkin and a bord cloth Item I give my grandchild Joan Weston a cow and a napkin. Lastly I make my son John executor of this my last will and testement and I appoint Giles Compton and William Savage overseers of this my last Will and testament. In witness whereof I have sett to my hand and seale the fifteenth day of February 1640. Elizabeth Shurly [her marke] I give to my grandchild Henry Savage the quart goblet. Sealed and delivered in presence of Henry Wrench minister. Giles Compton [his marke]

1646 Inventory of John Shirle of Cirencester baker 1646/59

1646 Will of John Shirle of Cirencester, baker 1646/61

1676 Will of Edward Shurly of Little Compton 1676/ 13

1678 Will of William Shurle of Swindon milner 1678/166

1694 Will of Anne Shirly of Little Compton [citation?]


1710 Bond of William Shirley of Siddington 1710/151 (need to check for a Will)

1720 Will of Thomas Shirley of Little Compton yeoman (page 2) 1720/241

1730 Bond of Joan Sherley of Little Compton (page 2) 1730/344 (need to check for a Will)

1735 Inventory of Mary Sherley of Little Compton 1735/ 33

1735 Will of Mary Sherley of Little Compton1735/140

1740 Will of Richard Sherley of Little Compton (page 2) 1740/ 79

1740 Inventory of Richard Sherley of Little Compton 1740/ 17

1747 Will of Richard Shirley of Cirencester 1747/ 79 (Need top of Will)

1767 Will of Richard Shirley of Little Compton yeoman 1767/140

1792 Will of Thomas Shirley of Little Compton 1792/ 81

1796 Will of Richard Shirley of Little Compton 1796/ 60


1811 Will of William Shirley of Moreton In Marsh butcher 1811/ 51

1815 Will of Elizabeth Shirley of Moreton In Marsh 1815/216

1822 Will of Mary Shirley of Moreton In Marsh (page 2, page 3) 1822/ 62

March 13, 2019

I abstracted and posted the following original probate documents to the Wiltshire England page in the members' section

Wiltshire England

1628 Archdeaconry of Salisbury Will of Edward Shorley of Bourton Maddington Wiltshire - Inventory - Probate - P2/S/443 - Dated 21 December 1627 - to be buried at the discretion of my executrix. To eldest daughter Ann Sherlie, sheep; To son Robert Sherlie 10 pounds; To youngest daughter Marie Sherlie, sheep; wife Alice to be executrix and to her all the rest of goods and chattels..bringing up of my said children; Brother in law Thomas Grange and [ ] Hughes to be overseers <s> Ed: Sherlye, Wit: Tymothie Hooper, Ann Hughes;

1588 Court of the Dean of Salisbury Will (Registered) of William Shorley of Wilsford with Lake Wiltshire (page 2) - P5/5Reg/45B - Dated 5 September 1588 - Bequeath to Edward "his" son 5 pounds 6 shillings, 8 pence in the hands of Willim Hamner of Shaftsbury. All the rest of "his" goods moveable and immovable to Agnes "his" wife" who he makes executrix. Wit: John Ginyllme clerk curate of Durneford, John Willms, the younger, Marrele Ames and John Sherley.

1596 Court of the Dean of Salisbury Will of John Shorley, senior, husbandman of Durnford (Great Durnford) (page 2, page 3) - P5/6Reg/119D - Dated 7 November 1592 - Buried in a christian burial; To the cathedral church of Sarum, to my parish church, bequeath to my son Thomas 30 pounds when comes to the age of 21 years. To my daughter Grace 20 pounds shall come to the age of 21 years. full age or day of her marriage; [more conditions] but if my children Thomas and Grace shall happe to dy before they.....then to all the children of my son John Sherley, each by Margery his wife divided between them; To son Thomas my best brass pot; To daughter Grace Sherley one brass pot, etc. All the rest of my [ ] to be divided between Thomas and Grace, the rest to son Thomas who I also make sole executor...shall committed to the [g]owment of my son John Sherley and not to any other person until sometime ...shall of lawful age. Appoint George Dyson and John Willim to be my overseers. To Arthur Mason; Witness Edward Younge


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