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March 16, 2018

I posted the following original wills and inventories to the Oxfordshire page in the members' section

Aston Rowant Parish, Oxfordshire

1630 Oxfordshire Probate - Sherley, Eliz wid. Aston Rowant. 1630. Page 2 W.I. 60/2/37 LW&T of Elizabeth Sherley of Aston Rowant, widow - to be buried in the churchyard of Aston Rowant, To sons Edward and John Sherley all goods and chattels equally between them. To son Thomas [money]. To my four daughters Agnes, Cicely, Elizabeth and Grace [money]. To grandchild Elizabeth Russell [money]. To Jane Russell and Grace Russell my two granchildren [money]. To poor of Aston. Make two sons Edward and John my sole executors 13 September 1630 <mark> Elisabeth Sherley. Wit: Wm Turner, Anne Pott, Thomas Budd (Inventory, page 2, page 3).

1667 Oxfordshire Probate - Sherly, Jn, yeo. Aston Rowant, Page 2 1667. W.I. 149/2/12 LW&T Sherly, Jn, yeo. Aston Rowant, 1667. W.I. 149/2/12 - Dated 13 August 1667. Buried at discretion of my executor. To loving wife Annis Shirley L20 per annum during life and L16 per annum paid to her by my daughter in law Mary Sherley widow in consideration of L350 which she holds during the life of said Annis. etc. To my grandchild John the son of Edward Shirley L10. To the 3 children of Charles Fletcher of Crowell L5. To my grandchild Elizabeth the daughter of Joseph North L5. To the poore of Aston. Crop divided equally betwixt my daughter in law Mary Sherley . to son John Sherley of Holton Bucks yeoman all my bill, bonds, debts, chattels real and personal whatsoever and appoint sole executor <mark> John Sherley Wit: Thomas Reynolds, Richard Belten (Inventory, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4)

1669 Oxfordshire Probate - Sherley, Edm, yeo. Aston Rowant, 1669. W.I. 61/3/32 Dated 1667 LW&T of Edmund Sherley of Aston Rowant, yeoman. First I give to my cozyn John Sherley of Holton Bucks yeoman 1 acre of arable land lying in Aston toward Kingston. also other land 1/2 ares in Kingston to Acknell Way. I give to my brother Thomas Sherley and his four children 20 shillings each. To my sister Grace 20 shillings . To the 3 daughter of my deceased Nephew Thomas Shirly 20 shillings each. To my nephew John Sherly of London L10. To my kinswoman Elizabeth North 20 shillings. To my kinsman John Rayner and Richard Rayner 5 shillings each. To my godsonnes Richard Cornish and Richard Belson 10 shillings each. To godson Filbet 5 shillings. To all my other godchildren 12p each. To the poor of Aston Rowant 40s. Residual to aforementioned nephew John Shirly of Holton my brother's son also appoint him executor. 14 August 1667 <mark> Edmund Sherley. Wit: John Linke, Thomas Reynolds. Probate 1669.

1677 Oxfordshire Probate - Shirly, Annis, wid. Aston Rowant. 1677. W. 62/1/3 LW&T Shirly, Annis, wid. Aston Rowant. 1677. W. 62/1/3. To be buried near my late husband and children in churchyard of Aston. . To each of my grandchildren and great grandchildren 5s each. To poore of Aston 12p. . To Michael Nash of Holton Bucks 5s. To William Russell of Meadle Bucks 5s. To Mistris Stopes of Crowell 5s for gloves. To my goddaughter Alice Chownes 2s6p. Whereas there is due unto me upon bond from John Shirly of Wicomb Bucks the sum of L15 I give to Priscilla the wife of John Shirly of London to be paid of the said monies. To Elizabeth Fletcher of Crowell Oxon L6. Bringing up the children of said Priscilla and Elizabeth. To Elizabeth House of London my granddaughter L3. To Mary Fletcher . To Elizabeth Fletcher. To Mary Shirley of Crendon widdow a barrell. To Mary the daughter of Mary Shirly a tubb. To Jane the daughter of the sd Mary Shirly a trunk. To the son of Edward Shirley of Holton pair of sheets. To the daughter of John Shirly of London my wedding ring and linens. To Frances Hewett and other friends and neighbors . My late husband John Shirly deceased left me L4 pounds per year to be paid by son John Shirly of Holton (but never paid), all too Elizabeth Fletcher of Crowell Oxon widow. To Priscilla wife of John Shirly of London L5. To Eliz House of London. Pewter to son John Shirley of Holton also appoint him executor. 18 March 1673/4. <mark> Annis Shirly. Wit: [ ] Hewitt [ ] Reynolds

January 4, 2018

I posted the following probate court transcripts to the Surrey England page in the members' section

Surrey England Archdeaconry Court

5 Oct 1500 [English] Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of John Plumer of Wandsworth, jnr. son of John, heir to my father and exec. to my mother (to be buried in the churchyard; to high altar 4d; to repair of church a ewe) to Anthony Nores a ewe; to Robert Nores a ewe; to John Syms a ewe; to Robert Scherley a ewe and to his wife Joan Scherley another; to John Hoy a ewe; all my father's tools to my brother William Plumer if he comes into the craft; to Harry Sandy 6s; to Elizabeth Scherley a sheet; to John Richardson a sheet; residue to Beatrice Nores and Robert Scherley, execs. and my houses and land that my father gave me, masses to be done until my brother William Plumer is of age Witnesses: Harry Plowgh, priest; John Smyth; Nicholas Barbone Proved: 26 Oct 1500 [DW/PA/7/2 ff.72r-v] Transcription

8 Jul 1558 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of Richard Maye of London, citizen and skinner, sick (to poor of St Thomas Hospital, Southwark 10s) to my son James Maye £25 but if my wife pregnant then £5 of it to that child with remainder to my wife and then to poor; to my wife a gold ring with a blue stone and a 'gemeure' of gold; to my son James Maye a gold ring with a signet; to John Tollesworthe 1s and to his wife 1s; to William Walbye 1s; to Sybil Jellye 1s; to Agnes Sherly 1s; to Ellen Bourne 1s; to Alice Cousen 1s; to Alice Warren 1s; I forgive Amy Crede the matron 5s 8d she owes me and to Alice Birch 1s; to Richard Swann 1s; to Margaret Thomas 1s; to Roger Bryce 1s; to Richard Herrye 1s he owes me; residue to my wife Ann Maye, exec. Overseers: Leonard Penyngton, skinner; John Watson (10s each) Witnesses: Richard Herrye; Leonard Penyngton; John Watson Proved: 21 Jul 1558 to exec. [DW/PA/5/1558/194]

25 Apr 1610 Surrey Archdeaconry Court Will of Michael Dodd (X) of Caterham, husbandman (to our minister John Tatersall £5) my friend George Evelyn of Godstone, esquire shall be paid the £12 I owe him for sixty trees to be felled out of Abbots Whitfield and Ashfield in Caterham; my kinsman John Dodd of Tandridge shall be paid £21 I owe him; to my sons £10 each; to my daughter all my goods in the custody of Richard Snelling, William Heath, Robert Shurley and Richard Terry; residue to my wife Margaret Dodd, exec. Overseers: John Dod; John Tatersall Witnesses: JT; Edward Drew; Thomas Hoord Proved: 17 May 1610 to exec. [DW/PA/7/8 ff.126v-127r; DW/PA/5/1610/45]

27 Sep 1619 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of Richard Creswell of Warlingham, yeoman, sick (to be buried in chancel; 2s 6d to its repair; to poor of Warlingham: John Terrie's widow 1s; Richard Terrye's wife 1s; old Margaret ... at James Anderson's 1s; widow Shirly 6d; mother Warde 6d) to son Robert Creswell livestock; to grandchildren Richard, Avis Creswell and Robert £2 each when 21 or married; to Catherine wife of John Creswell livestock; to John Borrowdale, Thomas Borrowdale and Catherine Borrowdale children of Catherine Haywarde £2 each when they reach 21 or married; to son John Creswell 5s; to Catherine Haywarde 5s; residue to wife Jane Creswell and son WilliamCreswell, exec. Overseers: friends William Wood of Chelsham Court; Edward Wood of Morden (2s 6d each) Witnesses: William Wood; George Terry (X); Richard Creswell (X) Proved: 21 Feb 1620/1 [DW/PA/5/1620/37]

29 Jul 1625 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of John Shurley of St Olave Southwark, weak I owe Thomas Harisone £10, Richard Fowell £10, Nicholas Barnet £10, (Mrs) Townsend at the Cow, Southwark £2, (Mr) Rebelle £4, (Mr) Whittwell £3, (Mr) Hiller £3 10s, (Mr) Fellgatt £3, (Mr) Fillpott £1 13s, (Mr) Sewell £1 19s, (Mr) Gartone £2, (Mr) Mayche £1, (Mr) Crouder 16s, Edward Harrison £2 10s, (Mr) Prise £5; to my servant Thomas Butcher £5 Proved: 29 Jul 1625 by John Wilborowe, clerk to Elizabeth Shurley, relict no exec. being named, in person of Thomas Goldham, proxy [DW/PA/7/11 f.176r; DW/PA/5/1625/221] Transcription

19 Apr 1627 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of William Kinge of Tandridge, yeoman (to be buried in the church; to repair of church 3s 4d) to my cousin Richard Kinge of Tandridge my two tenements, one in occupation of John Shurley called Walders and other in occupation of Abraham Alford called Forte in Oxted; to Thomas Kinge £2 10s; to John Mathew son of Roger Mathew of Limpsfield £2 10s; residue to my cousin Richard Kinge, exec. Overseers: friends Edward Fuller, esq.; John Wood, yeoman Witnesses: Solomon Cole; Henry Medherst; Henry Muggeridge (X); Edward Terrey Proved: 27 Apr 1627 to exec. [DW/PA/7/11 f.413r; DW/PA/5/1627/65]

21 Feb 1637/8 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of John Spence (X) of Titsey, sick 5s owing to me by Edward Macham of Titsey; £1 owing to me by William Sherly of Titsey; 5s owing to me by William Briding; 7s owing to me by the parishioners of Titsey for service; 4s I owe to John Pane for malt; 3s I owe to George Lawrence for a pair of shoes; 2s 4d I owe (Mr) Stileman; 1s owing to me by my brother Giles Miggie; £2 owing me by George Bayes' widow; £2 8s I owe to my son in law Edward Quinden £3 5s; to my daughter Edward Quinden's wife 5s; to my eldest son Brian Spence £6 at 21; to my son Robert Spence £4 at 21; residue to my wife Witnesses: [none given] Proved: 21 Feb 1637/8 relict dying, to brother Giles Miggie in minority of Brian and Robert Spence [DW/PA/7/12 f.387r; DW/PA/5/1638/124]

Apr 1672 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of Ann Worsley of Bermondsey, widow end of Mar or beginning of Apr 1672 [nuncupative] considering the incapacity of my son John Worsley to manage his affairs being deaf and dumb all to him asking (Mr) Thomas Shirley and (Mr) John Allen to care for him, execs. in trust Witnesses: Ann Bacon; Thomas Cuckow Proved: 16 Oct 1672 to exec. [DW/PA/7/15 Q.10; DW/PA/5/1672/82]

10 Oct 1706 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of William Neale of Bermondsey, stapler (to be buried in the churchyard on south side near my wife Catherine Neale) to my cousin Jane Pearce £20 and all my wife's clothes; to my cousin Richard Neale, stapler 1s; to my cousin Richard Neale son of above £20 to bring him up; to my cousin Thomas Neale of Charlbury, Oxfordshire, tobacco pipemaker £20 (he is a cripple); to children of my late cousin William Ford of Sonning, Berkshire, boat builder to bring them up £20; to my cousins Austen Young and his wife of Hare Hatch near Reading, Berkshire £20; to my cousin Arthur Sander a 'singing boy' who lives with a hatter in Bermondsey Street £5; to Mary Lyons £5; residue to my cousin James Wiggins, tobacco pipemaker of Drum Alley, Drury Lane, London and cousin William Neale of Bermondsey Street, hatter, execs. between them Witnesses: George Berry; Henry Capell; James Shurley Proved: 21 Apr 1707 to execs. [DW/PA/5/1707/118] (died today at dawn)

28 Feb 1712/3 Surrey Commissary Court - Will of Woolley Symons of Chertsey, waterman, sick to daughters Elizabeth wife of John Butler and Frances wife of William Shurley 1s each; to son Daniel Board and his wife Mary (my daughter) freehold messuage in occupation of William Blake in Chertsey for life and then to grandson Woolley Butler; to daughter Margaret Symons copyhold messuage etc. in Chertsey adjoining freehold tenement in my occupation paying to my daughter Ann wife of John Butterfeild £10; residue to my daughter Margaret, exec. Witnesses: Thomas Millett; John Barber; Richard Hastler Proved: 19 May 1713 to exec. [DW/PC/5/1713/27]

19 Oct 1717 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of Richard Pocock (X) of Chertsey, husbandman, sick to my brother Stephen Pocock £7 17s which I lent him; to my kinsman John Pocock 1s; to my sister Elizabeth Fuller 5s; to my kinswoman Elizabeth Fuller who lives with me my freehold messuage in Chertsey Town I live in etc., exec. and residuary legatee Witnesses: William Shurley; Thomas Stone; Richard Hastler Proved: 12 Nov 1717 to exec., sp. [DW/PA/5/1717/87] Transcription

29 Apr 1718 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of James Carpenter of Kingston, gentleman, weak and indisposed all messuage etc. in the occupation of Richard Hucks in Wood Street alias Horsefair, Kingston adjoining another messuage in my occupation to my wife Martha Carpenter for life and then to my daughter Martha Sherley wife of William Sherley for life and then to said William with remainder to my son John Carpenter; messuage etc. West Barnes, Merton in the occupation of Charles Newington to my wife for life and then to my son John paying to my daughters Mary Fray wife of Stephen Fray and Rebecca Carpenter £10 p.a. each; messuage leased from (Mr) Thomas Stroud in Kingston where my son John lives to my said son; to my daughter Rebecca bed, a bedstead, curtains and valence and its trappings in fore lodging chamber next the street and all furniture in said chamber; to my brother Joseph Carpenter and sister Ann Floyd 10s each for rings; wife, exec. and residuary legatee having all my goods for life except such as given to my daughter Rebecca Witnesses: Richard Hucks; James Arthur; George Charlewood Proved: 7 Oct 1718 to John Carpenter exec. of Martha, wife who died in testator's lifetime [DW/PA/5/1718/30] Transcription

30 May 1726 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of Sarah Fulker of Clapham, widow all to my sons George Fulker and Thomas Fulker between them; (Mr) Samuel Stevens and (Mr) Benjamin Miller of Clapham, execs. Witnesses: Bridget Shirly; Joan Holland; Catherine Davies Proved: 15 Jun 1726 to exec. Samuel power reserved to other exec. [DW/PA/7/20; DW/PA/5/1726/59] (died today about 3 p.m.)

30 Jan 1734/5 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of Joseph Shirley of St George Southwark, now in White Horse Inn, Southwark, citizen and cutler all to my wife Jane Shirley, exec. for life and then to my son Samuel Shirley and daughter Catherine Shirley Witnesses: Daniel Beale; William Mason Proved: 4 Jul 1735 to exec. [DW/PA/7/22; DW/PA/5/1735/96] Transcription

25 May 1740 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of James Gilbert (X) of Warlingham, blacksmith, indisposed to my son James and daughter Sarah Gilbert my two messuages etc. in Caterham in the occupation of Henry Davis and John Shirley; to my son James my stock of iron and working tools; residue to my son James and daughter Sarah equally, execs. Witnesses: John Humphry; James Bowyer; T. Saunders Proved: 27 Jun 1740 to execs. [DW/PA/7/24; DW/PA/5/1740/47]

10 Dec 1744 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of Ann Sharlo (X) of St Saviour Southwark, widow all to my daughter Elizabeth Crew, exec. Witnesses: John Emmott; Eleanor Emmott Proved: 30 Jan 1744/5 to exec. Elizabeth Crew, sp. [DW/PA/7/25; DW/PA/5/1745/67]

25 May 1751 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of John Shirley of Walton on Thames, waterman, sick and weak to my friends William Wealand and William Saunders both of Walton on Thames, execs. my freehold land in Sandy Field, Walton on Thames (9 acres) in the occupation of Starmer Tickner and all estate to pay my debts and legacies; to my brother Thomas Shirley £50 due on mortgage from John Benham of West Molesey, and to said brother my chest and bureau and their contents and all my clothes; to my brother Joseph Shirley £20 part of bond from him to me for £70; to my sister Ann Cole wife of Thomas Cole £10; to my sister Elizabeth Person wife of Thomas Person £5 and to her daughter Elizabeth Person £10; to my niece Susan Dalley £5; to my sister Mary Dalley all rest of household goods Witnesses: Thomas Palmer; Mathew Cookman; John Vanner Codicil 3 Jun 1750: to execs. £10 each; to my niece Mary Dalley £5 and residue between my aunt ... Clark of Walton on Thames, aunt Shirley of Chertsey and aunt Clark of Kingston Witnesses: William Brooker; Sarah Cooper; Joseph Bignold Proved: 26 Jul 1751 to execs. [DW/PA/7/27; DW/PA/5/1751/80] (died last month, bachelor) Transcription

23 Jun 1753 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of Ann Cole of Walton on Thames, widow to brother Joseph Shirely, waterman £20; to sister Mary Dalley 1 guinea for ring and to her daughters Mary and Susanna Dalley guinea each for rings; to Benjamin Dalley guinea for ring; to James Dalley guinea for ring; to Ann Dalley guinea for ring; to Thomas Shirely, carpenter guinea for ring; to William Shirely guinea for ring; to John Shirely son of Thomas guinea for ring; to Thomas Shirley, jnr. [from here Shirley] guinea for ring; to Elizabeth Shirley guinea for ring; to Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Shirley guinea for ring; to Mary Shirley guinea for ring; to Ann daughter of Joseph Shirley guinea for ring and large silver spoon marked AS; to Ann Cole pink coloured silk gown, red white linen gown and crepe gown and £2 2s at 21, also pair of stays, two quilted coats and two under coats; to Elizabeth wife of Joseph Shirley guinea for ring; to Mary Dalley, jnr. laced cap and handkerchief; to Susanna Dalley a laced cap and handkerchief; to Thomas Pearson of Walton on Thames, carpenter, exec. house of three tenements etc. in occupation of John Johnson, Rachel Holiday and John Goswel in Walton on Thames Witnesses: George Stone; Mathew Cookman; John Hunter Deposition of John Hunter of Weybridge, schoolmaster sent for by testator to make her will about 23 Jun last and changes made by him at testator's direction Proved: 11 Jul 1753 to exec. [DW/PA/7/28; DW/PA/5/1753/21] (died last month)

2 Jul 1832 Surrey Archdeaconry & Commissary Court - Will of Henry Wallis (X) of Blechingley, bricklayer to my wife Martha Wallis all my five messuages in Godstone in occupation of John Shirley, James Shirley, George Lock, Robert Shirley and James Titchener for life and then three messuages in occupation of John and James Shirley, and George Lock to my son William Wallis of Blechingley, bricklayer; after the death of my wife messuages lately erected and in occupation of Robert Shirley and James Titchener to my daughter Martha wife of Anthony Holman of Blechingley, bricklayer; to my wife all my household goods and after the death of my wife to my son William and daughter Martha; all my clothes to my son William; to the widow of my late son James Wallis of Chichester, Sussex 1s and to Stephen Burbery of Rabbitsheath, Blechingley husband of my late daughter Mary Burbery, deceased 1s; wife, son and daughter, execs. 2 Jul 1832 Witnesses: A. Broughton of Reigate, solicitor; Thomas Burberry his clerk; William Ween of Blechingley Proved: 27 Jun 1836 to execs. (died 25 Apr 1836; under £100)

Summer Research (All now posted) I posted the following Summer Research items to their respective country/state/county pages in the members' section


Archdeaconry of Buckingham court

1695 Buckinghamshire RO DAWe: 43/152 DAWf: 57/22 Will of Thomas Shirley yeoman of Ludgershall

1702 Buckinghamshire RO DAWe: 47/78 DAWf: 60/205 Will of Francis Shirley yeoman of Ludgershall

1739 Buckinghamshire RO DAWe: 75/38 DAWf: 82/163 Will of Jonathan Shirley yeoman of Wootton Underwood

1814 Buckinghamshire RO DAWe: 130/22 DAWf: 112/144 Will of James Shirley labourer of Marsh Gibbon

1836 Buckinghamshire RO DAWe: 139/157 DAWf: 118/215 Will of Stephen Shirley yeoman of Wing

1836 Buckinghamshire RO DAWe: 141/72 DAWf: 119/148 Will of William Shirley Dairyman of Lapland Farm Brill

Warwickshire - Records: Shirley of Ettington

Personal Accounts

1738 - Warwickshire RO CR 229/153 [accounts for other years exist] Household accounts of the Hon. John Shirley

1755 May 2 thru September - Warwickshire RO 229/156 Personal Accounts of Hon Sewallis Shirley

Personal Letters

1742 - Warwickshire RO CR 2131/16/51 [one of 7 letters] Miss A Graham to the Hon. George Shirley, 7 love letters written from Bury, Holbrook Hall and Grosvenor Street.

1747 July 6 - Warwickshire RO CR 2131/16/49 Hon Sewalis Shirley to Peter Bathurst: Advice on going abroad to Italy. "Lord Drumlandrich is now in Scotland raising a regiment of two thousand men for the service of the Prince of Orange."

1781 June 16 - Warwickshire RO CR 2131/16/133 Robert, 6th Earl Ferrers, to his son Robert Viscount Tamworth, later 7th Earl Ferrers, on trivial affairs, "Washington has a man to put on his wig for him - of no other use whatsoever, as he allows".

Legal Matters

[Date: before 1768] Warwickshire RO CR 2131/16/62 A bill of Indictment against Dame Stuarta Shirley", "the said Stuarta did feloniously steal...the heart of Sir Hugh Smithson, baronet of Stanwick..."

Ancient Deeds

[Date: about 1220] Warwickshire RO CR 229/Box 18/3; Item 1 - Sewal/Sewallis, son of Henry confirmed to the church the chantry of St Nicholas at Eatendon, founded by his father Henry.

Sciant psentes et futi qd ego Sewalus fil Henrici concessi et hac psenti carta mea cfirmavi in pura et ppetua elemosina offtia que pf meus Henric dedit. Videlt istas tras, mansum sciit qd Ricard Sprot tenuit. cu. crofta et dimidia vgata Pre ad pdcm mansum ptinente. et terra molendini cu crofta. et cu prato juxta molendinu, et cii tra que vocat Clives ver Haleford ad dcam tram molendini ptinentib . et cultam q jacet int Smethemedwe et grava in uno capo. Et cultam q jacet int Brockfurlong et Baldewinesclive in alio campo. et pastam ad qtuor boves cu bob et averiis meis ad sustinendu unu capellanii qui p aia mea et pueroa meoa et ancessoa et successor meoi missam celebrabit ad altare bi Nicholai qd pr meus Henr cstruxit ppiis suptib in Ecciia de Etindona. Seitt quolibet die p defunctis cii Dirige. et Placebo, et officiis ad obseq'a ptinentirjs defunctof. Exceptis die Jovis et festivitatib fei Xicholai. in quibs de bo Nicholao missam celebrabit. Pretea ad dci Capffi sustetacom ccessi et cfirmavi Q'nq. Solid: ad duos anni tminos pcipiendos de Scda Decimacone Feni mei. Scitt ad fest bi Michael Duos solid et sex denar. et ad Nativitate bi Johis Bapt. Duos solid, et sex denar. De q'b dcs Caplts quatuor solid peipiet ad usus pprios. et ad luminare Ecclie de Etindon duodeci denar. et decimu bucellii de tolneto molendini mei de Etindona. Volo aute ut Capetti substituti habeant dcas tras et res cii ptinentiis libe et qu'ete ab orni svitio et exactoe ad me vel ad hedes meos ptinente cu comuna ville. Cu au Caplls substitut mortuus fuerit, Ego et heredes mei aliu ydoneu psonis dee Ecctie psentabim . que des psona sine aliq dilatioe et machinatione ad dcam Cantaria admittet. Quicuq, v° Caplls ibide substitut fuerit . de indepnitate ecctie pstabit sacmentu. Et ut hec mea concessio rata et stabil pmaneat. psenti scpto sigillu meu apposui. Hiis Testibs. Wifto de Bisopesdon. Bardulfo de Cestreton. Rogo de Fulrithi Robto de Haleford. Symone de Stokes. Gilberto de Neubold. Ricardo de Castello. Robto de Vtelicot. Willo de Fulrithi. Gralfrido fre ej et aliis.

[Date: about 1200] Warwickshire RO CR 229/Box 18/3; Item 2 - Description of the following deed taken from Stemmata Shirlieana, pg 13 "We next come to the foundation charter (App. xxx.) of the chantry of St. Nicholas at Eatendon, granted by Henry about the reign of King John,t or beginning of Henry III. The description of the lands with which the chantry was endowed is very minute, and many of them can still be pointed out. The north aisle of the church of Lower Eatendon is supposed to be the chantry here alluded to, or possibly the south transept, having been anciently the burial-place of the family. According to Sir Thomas Shirley, the founder Henry was here interred. His words are : " Sir Henry de Etindon " (what authority he had for knighting him does not appear,) " died anno 1220, and received the honour of his sepulture in the chappel adjoining to the church of Etindon, which he himself had built, under a marble stone, with a plate of brass, the which bears his portraiture thereon engraven."

Sciant praesentes et futuri quod ego Henricus filius Sewalli dedi et concessi et hac psenti carta mea confirmavi in puram et perpetuam elemosinam istas terras, Mansum scilicet quod Bicardus Sprot tenuit cu Crofta et dimidia virgata terre ad prsedictum mansum pertinente, et terrain molendinii cum prato juxta molendinum ad il'am terram pertinente, et culturam qua? jacet inter Smethe medwe et gravam in uno campo, et culturam que jacet inter Brocfurlong et Baldewines clive in alio campo, et pasturam ad quatuor boves cum bobus et averiis meis, ad sustiiiendum unum capellanum qui pro anima mea et uxoris
mese, et puerorum meorum et antecessorum meorum et successorum meorum missam celebrabit ad altare Beati Nicholai quod construxi propriis sumptibus in ecclesia de Etindoria, scilicet quolibet die pro defunctis cum Dirige et Placebo et officiis ad obsequia pertinentibus defunctorum, exceptis die Jovis et festivitatibus Beati Nicholai in quibus de Beato Nicholao missam celebrabit. Prseterea ad dicti capellani sustentationem concessi quinque solidos ad duos anni terminos percipiendos de secunda decimatione foerii mei, scilicet ad festum Beati Michaelis duos solid, et sex denar. et ad nativitatem beati Johis Baptiste duos solid, et sex denar. de quibus dictus capellanus quatuor solid, percipiet ad usus proprios et ad luminare ecclesiaa de Etendon duodecim denar. et decimum busellum de tolneto molendini mei de Etendona. Volo autem ut capellani substituti habeant dictas terras et res cum pertinentiis liberas et quietas ab omni servitio vel exactione ad me vel hseredes meos pertinente cum communa villa. Cum autem capellanus substitutus mortuus fuerit, ego et hseredes mei alium idoneum persona? dictse ecclesise prassentabimus, quern dictus persona sine aliqua dilatione et machinatione ad dictam Cantariam admittet. Quicunque vero capellanus ibidem substitutus fuerit, de indemnitate ecclesise prasstabit sacramentum. Et ut haec mea donato et concessio rata et stabilis pmaneat, psenti scripto sigillum meu apposui. Hiis test. Wittmo de Bisopesdon, Bardulfo de Cestreton, Roberto de Fulrithhith, Roberto de Haleford, Thoma de Etindon, Roberto Franco, Hug. de Welles, Olivero le Foun, Serlone de Mungey, Jordano de Cotona &c. et multis aliis.

December 30, 2017

Summer Research (see above) I posted the following Summer Research items to their respective country/state/county pages in the members' section


New Kent Co

Colonial Land Patents

April 23, 1681, Virginia Patent Book 9, page 79. Elizabeth Otey, 91 acres, New Kent Co., S. side Yorke River, Beginning by the Spring Branch; by James Wilsonn's; by the ridge path; by Mr. John Davis' Spring Runn; &c. dec'd, by vertue of the will of her father, Richard Sherley, and deeded to Elizabeth Otey as being heire of the whole blood to said Elizabeth Sherly, Junr.

Augusta Co


Grantor Index - Shirley

Grantee Index - Shirley

Prince William Co

Dettingen Parish Vestry Book

Oct 30, 1788 Prince William Co VA Dettingen Parish Vestry Book

to Elizabeth Shurley, a poor woman 6 pounds

to Richard Shurley for keeping William Shurley, a blind man, 12 pounds

Sept 1789 Prince William Co VA Dettingen Parish Vestry Book

to Richard Shurley for keeping William Shurley, a blind man, 10 pounds

Nov 19, 1790 Prince William Co VA Dettingen Parish Vestry Book

to Richard Shurley for keeping William Shurley, a blind man, 10 pounds

Oct 28, 1791 Prince William Co VA Dettingen Parish Vestry Book

to Richard Shurley for keeping William Shurley, a blind man, 10 pounds

Sept 28, 1792 Prince William Co VA Dettingen Parish Vestry Book

to Richard Shurley for keeping William Shurley, a blind man, 6 pounds

Sept 16, 1793 Prince William Co VA Dettingen Parish Vestry Book

to Richard Shurley for burying William Shurley, a poor man, 1 pound

King William Co

Tax Lists

1782 King William Co. VA Land Tax List

Mary Shirley

1783 King William Co. VA Land Tax List

Mary Shirley

1784 King William Co. VA Personal Property Hill's District Tax List, page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5

Mary Shirley

1785 King William Co. VA Land Tax List

Mary Shirley

1787 King William Co. VA Land Tax List

Mary Shirley

1787 King William Co VA Personal Property Tax List

Mary Shirley

1789 King William Co. VA Personal Property Tax List

Mary Shirley

1790 King William Co. VA Personal Property Tax List,

Ambrose Shirley

Mary Shirley

1793 King William Co. VA Personal PropertyTax List

Mary Shirley

1794 King William Co. VA Personal PropertyTax List

Mary Shirley

1795 King William Co. VA Personal PropertyTax List

Philip Shirley

1801 King William Co VA Land Tax

Ambrose Shirley

1802 King William Co. VA Land Tax

Philip Shirley

1803 King William Co. VA Personal PropertyTax List

Philemon Shirley

1803 King William Co VA Merchant License Tax

Ambrose Shirley

1804 King William Co. VA Personal PropertyTax List

Philemon Shirley

Ambrose Shirley

1805 King William Co. VA Personal PropertyTax List

Ambrose Shirley

1806 King William Co. VA Personal PropertyTax List

Ambrose Shirley

1807 King William Co. VA Personal PropertyTax List

Ambrose Shirley

1809 King William Co. VA Personal PropertyTax List

Ambrose Shirley

1810 King William Co VA Personal Property Tax List

Ambrose Shirley


December 22, 2017

I posted the following original Will documents to the Northamptonshire England page in the members' section.


1677 Northamptonshire Archdeaconry Original Will Ser 3 Vol G mss 81 - LW&T of Joseph Sherley of Boddington yeoman. Buried in a Christian manner. To daughter Ann Shurley 1 shilling; To daughter Mary 1 shilling; To daughter Elizabeth 1 shilling; To daughter Hanna 1 shilling; To daughter Joyce 1 shilling; To son Valentine 1 shilling; To daughter Shuzana 1 shilling; To son Joseph 1 shilling. Rest of my goods to my wife Dorkis who name executrix. <mark> Joseph Sherley Wit: Richard Davis, Edward Shurley, John Rooke Senr. Proven 25 October 1677.

1690 Northamptonshire Archdeaconry Original Will Ser 3 Vol M Mss 97 - LW&T of Jasper Sherley of Rotherthorpe, yeoman. To my two daughters Susan Dunbly wife of John Dunbly and Elizabeth Bayly the wife of John Bayly of Rother Thorpe all message lying within Hanslopp County of buckingham in occupation of John Harris and Thomas Hines. To grandchilde Jasper Bayly and every one of my grandchildren. To Elizabeth Eaton the daughter of Lambert Eaton. Son in law John Bayly executor <mark> Jasper Shurly. Wit: Mark Howes, Francis Litchfield

1695 Northamptonshire Archdeaconry Court Original Wills Ser 3 Vol V mss 44 - LW&T of John Sharley of Loddington yeoman. Buried as my executrix shall see fit. Good friend John Terry and John Wood....daughter Mary. I give amongst my three daughters Anne, Elizabeth and now wife Elizabeth <s> John Sharley Wit. John Smith jun, William Rowlatt, Daved James, [ ] Pick. Proven 22 June 1695

December 21, 2017

NEW English Branches! - I constructed the following English family lineages and posted them to the Non-members' section of the website

Northamptonshire Lineages

1. Shirley Families of Upper Boddington Valentine Sherley left a will in 1644 in Northamptonshire naming his family and brother William Sherley and his family New

2. Shirley Families of Loddington William Sherley left a will in 1634 in Northamptonshire naming his family New

3. Shirley Families of Woodford William Sherley left a will in 1636 in Northamptonshire naming his family New

4. Shirley Families of Titchmarsh Various Sherley family members left wills at Titchmarsh Northamptonshire beginning with Nicholas Sherley in 1568 New

December 20, 2017

Summer Research (see above) I posted the following Summer Research items to their respective country/state/county pages in the members' section

Laurens Co

Court of Common Pleas (searched film pages 1-58, 17 March 1800 up to March term 1804)

Term October 20, 1800 - Lidia Shirley v Jonathan Forgy case - On motion of Mr Dunlop pltf attorney and by consent of parties orderd that this case be reported to the final determination of James Jones Abercrombie and Jonathan Downs arbitrators mutually chosen by the said parties with [ ]

Term March 17, 1801 - Lidia Shirley vs Jonathan Forgy case - On motion of Mr Dunlop pltf atty and by consent of the parties ordered that [ ] of reference made in this cast last October term be extended and that this case be referred to the [as before] to next October court.

Term October 21, 1801 - Lidia Shirley vs Jonathan Forgy case - We James Abercrombie Charles Allen and Joseph Downs in obedience thereto having examined all matters in [ ] between said parties in the said case do award that the defendant do pay to the plaintiff in the said case the sum of twenty five dollars together with the costs in the said case etc.

Commissioners in Equity Report of Sales 1825-39

1837 - pg 18b - M Shaw and others vs B Shirley and others - That in the case Martin Shaw [ex..] Aaron Hill and wife and others vs Benjamin Sherley and wife and others he sold at Laurens Ct House on the first monday in July 1837 one tract No 2 containing 2031/2 acres to Harry Fuller for sixteen hundred and two dollars. Tract No 3 containing 216 acres to Ransom Fuller for one thousand eighty six dollars [Note: Aaron Hill married Elizabeth Starnes, d/o Mary Ann Starnes so kin to Shirleys. No sign of a Benjamin. No sign of the deed as mentioned.]

Laurens Co Plat Book

1836 Laurens County Plat Book page 198 - Turner Richardson plat for 378 acres on Reedy River, surveyed by Israel Holt. Adjacent: Robert Wells, Joseph Irby, Jane Shirley, James Shirley

Deeds (Searched through DB Q)

1775 Laurens Co SC DB F: 212 Recorded 1797 (see below) Indenture. Jan 10 1775. Between Robert Shirley, planter and Jane, his wife, and Mary, his mother, of the one part to Andrew Cunningham, planter, of the other part for the sumn of four hundred pounds, hath granted 350 acres of land, it being the plantation on which said Robert and Mary now live, it being a part of the 500 acres of land which was originally granted unto Richard Shirley, dec'd, which was the said Robert Shirley's father and the said Mary Shirley's husband, situate in Craven or Berkley Co on Raburn Creek waters of Reedy and Saluda Rivers which land was granted unto the said Richard Shirley by Hon. Lord Charles Granville Montague, Commander and Chief of the Proviince of South Carolina..wit: David Cunningham, Godfrey Isbell and Joseph Pinson.

1788 Laurens Co SC DB B: 318 pg 319 1/31/1788 - 4/16/1788. John Shirley and wife Rebecca to William Mitchell for L70, 200 acres on Raborns Crek, originally granted 8/28/1767. Borders on George Wright. Wit: Aaron Starnes, Wm Goodman, Stephen Wood.

1788 Laurens Co SC DB C: 53 12/17/1788 - 6/29/1789. Dally Walker, planter, and Hannah Walker, his wife, of Burke County NC to Archibald Shirley, planter of Laurens Co. SC for $19 pounds, 200 acres, part of 300 acre tract granted Dally Walker June 5, 1788 on Walnut Creek. Signed Dally Walker, Hannah (x) Walker. Witnesses: James Smith, Morgn Hook who swore by oath Mar 10, 1789 before John Rodgers, JP.

1788 Laurens Co SC DB C: 121 2/20/1788 - 1/9/1790. John Shirley to my son Aaron Shirley for L60 stg. three horsekind of creatures...4 cows and their calves and two yearlings...threehead of sheep...about thirty head of hoggs...Likewise all my household furniture..Wit: Geo Hollingsworth, Marmaduke Pinson. Silvanus Walker J.P.

1811 Laurens Co SC DB J: 253b pg 254 10/5/1811 - 2/10/1812. Robert Shirley planter of Fairfield Dist to Robert Shirley son of John Shirley of Laurens Dist for L50 stg, 150 ac on Raburn Cr part of 500 ac originally granted to Richard Shirley 2/15/1769 conveyed to sd Robert Shirley of Fairfield heir of sd Richard Shirley. Wit: John Shurley, Elijah Shurley. James Powell J.P.

1831 Laurens Co DB M pg 198b F. B Walker to Bevely Shirley 72 acres on Reedy River, by the lands of David Anderson, Jacob Niswanger and the Reedy River. Wit: Geo Anderson, Andrew Rodgers

1832 Laurens Co DB M pg 243 William Middleton to Eli Shirley, land bounded S by lands of Jacob Niswanger ,E by Beverly Shearley's lands N by lands joining one James Shearly and W by Reedy River. Wit: George Shirley, Elihu Shirley

1832 Laurens Co DB M: 242b pg 243 Jan 14, 1832: Elie Shirley to David Anderson 75 acres east by Beverly Shirley, north by James and Jency Shirley and west by Reedy River. wit: Robert Boyd, Turner Richardson. Signed Eli and Elizabeth Shirley, dower.

Fairfield Co

Deeds (thru abt 1831, DBKK)

2 Apr 1804. Fairfield Co DB O pg 434. pg 435 Robert Shirley of Fairfield Dist to Robert Henson for $150 part of 520 ac granted to Robert Shirley. Adj Gray Briggs, John Henson. <signed> Robert Shirley, Jean Sherley. Wit: Moses Arledge, John King Jr, John Henson

29 Sep 1804 Fairfield Co DB P pg 171 pg 172. Robert Sharley, for $62 to John Pickett, for all the rest of the 520 a original grant to me except what was sold to Robt Henson and what was sold to David M. Washinton. Granted to Robert Shirley and Lewis Harden. Adj land sold to David Washington. Adj Ellisons Old Road. Wit: David N. Washington [Wellington], Robert Henson, Benj Burk. Recorded 5 Feb 1805

20 Jun 1810. Fairfield Co DB T pg 286. John Gwin Sr to my son in law John Sherley deed of gift 87 ac of land adj to the lands of Elijah Sherley, Moses Hill, Wm Jones, John Gwin Jr and situate on Beaver Cr and it being part of an original grant of 640 ac made to me 7 Nov 1785. Wit Richard Gwen, Elijah Sherley and John Gwin Jr.

20 Jun 1810 Fairfield Co DB T pg 287 pg 288 John Gwin Sr to my son in law Elijah Sherley 94 ac on Beaver Cr and it being a part of a grant of 640 ac made to me 7 Nov 1785 and by the lands of Jas Murdock, John Gwin Jr, John Sherley, Moses Hill. Wit Richard Gwen, John Sherley and John Gwen Jr.

20 Nov 1811. Fairfield Co DB U pg 227. Robert Shurley to Thomas Briggs, part of 520 ac granted to Robert Shurley and Lewis Harden. Wit: Elizabeth Shirley, Elijah Shirley. Genny Shirley relinquished dower.

2 Jan 1813. Fairfield Co DB W pg 125 pg 126. Elijah Shirley blacksmith to James Murdock 21 ac land and it being part of the 640ac original grant to John Gwin and the portion of 94 ac that came to my wife and situate on Lick Fork of Beaver Cr. Wit: Moses B. Hill, Ricard Gwin, John Joiner and David R. Coleman J.P.

29 Dec 1830 Fairfield Co DB HH2 pg 315. Elijah Shirley to Richard Gwin for 39 ac of land situate on Lick Fork of Beaver Creek and by the lands of John Gwin Sr, John Gwin Jr, Richard Gwin, Minor Gwin. Wit: James Murdock and David R. Coleman.

11 Feb 1831 Fairfield Co DB HH2 pg 367 John McWeir and Anna Weir (sic) to John Shirley 295 1/2 ac of land on Beaver Creek. Wit: Goerge W Hill, James Melton, Margret Weir

Abbeville Co

Court of Equity

1849 Abbeville Co Court of Equity Loose Records Box 12 package 352 - Nancy Shirley vs Polly Ann Shirley. Re: Partition of Lands of Nathaniel Shirley, dec'd.....allot one third part to the said Nancy Shirley widow of the said Nathaniel Shirley and the remaining two thirds in equal shares to Benjamin Shirley, Richard Shirley, William Shilrey, John Shirley, Reuben Branyon and Elizabeth his wife, James Shirley, GeorgeShirley, Polly Ann Shirley age 18, Lettice Mossina age 16, Nancy Arena age 14, Amaziah Nathaniel Shirley age 11. Land about 600 acres in Abbeville Dist.

Loose Estate

Oct. 4, 1832 Abbeville Co Loose Estate Records Box 110 pkg 3143 - Shirley Minors: On Oct. 4, 1832 Obadiah, Benjamin Shirley, John Armstrong bound unto Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $2,000.00. Obadiah Shirley made gdn. Of Loving, Catharine, Annis, Elizabeth Ann Shirley minor chn. of John Shirley decd.

an. 28, 1841 Abbeville Co Loose Estate Records Box 90 pkg 2227 - Shirley, Mastin: Ezekiel Tribble, Mastin, Nathaniel Shirley, bound to Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $2,000.00. Martin Shirley made gdn. Of John F., Margaret J., Mary Ann, Nancy C., Newton N., Lettice A. Shirley, minors under 14 yrs. Jan. 28, 1841, Mastin Shirley, Ezekiel Tribble, Nathaniel Shirley, bound to Moses Taggart Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $2,000.00. Martin Shirley made gdn. Of Benj. H., Elizabeth, Sarah C. Shirley, minor chn. of Mastin Shirley.

Sept. 28, 1849 Abbeville Co Loose Estate Records Box 121 pkg 3574 - Shirley, Nathaniel. admnr. Sept. 28, 1849 by Nancy , Richard, John Shirley, John R. Wilson, Wm., John B. Armstrong bound unto David Lesly Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $12,000.00. On Sept. 14, 1849 Richard Shirley showeth that Nathaniel Shirley died intestate leaving a wid. And eleven chn., 4 of whom are minors. Sett. made Feb. 26, 1851. Present Nancy Shirley, wid., Richd. And John Shirley admnr. And distributes, Wm., James, Geo. Shirley. Absent, Benj. Shirley, Reuben Branyon who married Luvenia a dtr., Polly Ann a minor, Lety M. Shirley a minor, Nancy J. Shirley a minor, A.N. Shirley.

Sept. 7, 1857 Abbeville Co Loose Estate Records Box 146 pkg 4136 - Shirley, Nancy, Sept. 7, 1857 by Jas. Shirley, Jas. H. Haddon, John R. Wilson bound to Wm. Hill Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $18,000.00. Was mother of said Jas. Shirley. Sett. made 1859 ment: Jas., Richard, John, Amaziah, B., Geo., Shirley, Polly Ann Branyon, Letty M. Callaham, N.A. Branyon.

Sept. 10, 1857 Abbeville Co Loose Estate Records Box 146 pkg 4134 -Shirley, Nancy Irene: Est. admnr. Sept. 10, 1857 by Benjamin Shirley, Jas. M. Latimer, Jr., Reuben Branyon bound to Wm. Hill Ord. Abbeville Dist. sum $1,500.00. She died May 1857. A sis. of Benjamin Shirley. Left 9 distributees viz: Benjamin R., John, Jas., Geo., Amaziah Shirley. Chn. of Lavenia Branyon, Polly Ann Branyon, Leety Callaham.

Spartanburg Co


Apr 1 1790 Spartanburg Co SC DB B pg 382 John Bullion of Spart. son of Thomas Bullion decs and his heir to Thomas Shirley of same: for L20 sterling sold 200 ac on both sides of Tyger R; border: W Andrew Thomson. S Thomas Moor E Charles Morre and N John Parker; tract was sold Jun 24 1774 by Charles Moore to Thomas Bullion; Condition of sale: sale is void if John delivers to Thomas on De 25 1790 200 pounds of good merchantable tob; tob to be delv in Charleston; after it is inspected, if tob doesn't bring L20 sterling at market then John pays the remainder in Indian corn delivered at Charleston at the customary price. Wit Charles Burton and Andrew Thomson. Signed John Bullion. Wit. oath Jun 17 1790 Andrew Thomason to Wm Smith.

Nov 22 1791 Spartanburg Co SC DB B pg 529 pg 530 William Shurley of Spartanburgh to John Skiggs for L50 SC money sold 100 ac on E side of N fork of Tyger R; E part of 450 ac grant Apr 17 1788 Gov thomas Pinckney to William Shurley; border: Tobias Bright. Wit Tobias Bright, james Bright and Thomas Shurley. Signed William Shurle. Wit oath apr 10 1792 Tobias Bright to Isham Harrison. Rec May 8 1792.

Dec 10 1803 Spartanburg Co SC DB L pg 44 pg 45 Thomas Shurley of Spartanburgh to John Martin of Union Dist for ____ sold 100 ac where Ignatious Surly lives; border: Tygar R, Andrew Thomson and E John Meadows, Samuel Shurburt and S N.fork Tygar R. Wit Ignatious Turley and Rachel Turley. Signed Thomas Shurbey. Wit oath Feb 4 1805 Ignatious Turley to Wm Smith. Rec Aug 3 1807. Dower renounced by Milley Shurbey to Wm Smith Oct 13 1804.

Edgefield Co


Dec 20, 1794 Edgefield Co SC DB 11 pgp 400 Bill of Sale: Nathaniel Shearly to Daniel Parker, both of Edgefield Co. SC for 7 pounds, sold 4 cows, 1 heffer, 1 calf, 12 head of hogs, 2 beds and furniture, 2 pots, 6 plates, 3 basins and a dish, 1 spinning wheel, 1 bed stead, 1 chest, 1 powdering tub, 2 axes, 2 weeding hoes, 2 pates. S/Nathaniel (X) Shearly. Wit: Peter Harper, who swore by oath Dec 29, 1794 before Richard Tutt, J.P., recorded Dec 29, 1794. [Is Nathaniel selling household items in preparation to move?]

Sept 18, 1794 Edgefield Co SC DB 12 pg 371 pg 373 Absolam Shirley to Ephraim Franklin, both of Edgefield Co. SC for 40 pounds, sold 240 acres originally granted Aug 7, 1786 to William Doby and was assigned by William Dooby to Absolam Shirley, on head of Courtches branch of South Edisto River including the plantation the said Absolam Shirley lives at the present date. S/Absolam (X) Shirley, Cloey (X) Shirley. Wit: Thomas Franklin, Richard Knowles, Benjamin Sutton, who swore by oath Oct 6, 1795 before Van Swearengen, J.P. Recorded Oct 13, 1795.

1795 - Edgefield Co SC DB 14 pg 464 pg 466 pg 468 Arthur Watson to Absalum Shurley . Lease and Release 27 Mar 1795/28 March 1795. pursuant to will of Michael Watson dec'd between Arthur Watson exec of sd will and Absalum Shurley of sd county. L13.5 paid 150 acres originally granted to Isaac Lindsay and conveyed to William Daniel and by sd Daniel to John Roberts and by sd roberts to Michael Watson decd on Dry Creek of Little Saluda River. Wit: Arthur Rice Watson, Adam Stalnaker /s/ Arthur (A) Watson. Proven 25 April 1795 by Adam Stalnaker; William daniel J.P. Recorded 10 Oct 1797 [note: Dry Creek, now in Saluda County, runs into Mine Creek and then into the Little Saluda River]

Jan 15 1810 Edgefield Co SC DB 30 pg 118; Absalom Sherley to John and Thomas Herring, Four hundred dollars, two plantations: the first of 130 acres on Indian Creek of Clouds Cr originally granted to Jacob Smith 2 Sept 1793 bounded NE by Bennett Arrington, SW by John Gosset and by sd Absalom Sherley, SE by Bennett Arrington, NE by Richard Howard. The second being 100 ac situate on branches of Indian Cr being part of 770 ac granted to John Tomlin 2 Jan 1792 adj Gossetts corner and lines of Richard Howard, the first tract, Bennett Arrington. Wit Briant Marsh, Henry Herrin <signed> Absalom (X) Sherley. Proven 15 Dec 1809 (sic) by Briatn Marsh. Elijah Watson JQ certifies relinquishment of dower rights by Delilah Sherley wife of Absalom Sherley, 30 Jan 1810 <signed> Delilah (X) Sherley. Rec 27 Apr 1810

Feb 15 1816 Edgefield Co SC DB 39 pg 244; John Shurley to Henry Padget. In consideration of Twenty Dollars pd by Henry Padget, Shurley sold the land which is coming from the estate of Edward Eidson decd to Edward Eidson Senr to Edward Eidson Junr. <signed> John (X) Shurley Wit Hardy Harris, Nathaniel Burton. Proved 25 May 1816 Recorded 7 Oc 1822.

29 Jan 1828 - Edgefield Co SC DB 43 pg 127 Delilah Shirley to Josiah Padget.....400 acres on Clouds creek known as Edward Eidsons old Mill tract, the one seventh part of above stated land. 27 Aug 1825. /s/ Delilah (x) Shirley. Wit A. Heron, Mark Padget, William Sawyer, Deed Books 42 and 43

Newberry Co


Feb 27, 1791 Newberry Co (96 District) DB E pg 542 Thaddius Sherley from John Robertson, Jr. and wife, Sarah, for 100 pounds sterling, 100 acres...fork of Enoree and Broad Rivers, Part of grant to John SR. Assigned by Thaddeus Shirley to William Thomas Linton on Jan 4, 1793.

York Co


Deed Grantor Index

Deed Grantee Index




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